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  1. Thanks George. The club will still function whatever happens here, but what history shows us is that we need to be the best club that we possibly can be from top to bottom, including the constitution and the board.
  2. We’ve just managed to get through the first 19 September in a very long time without having to mark it as the anniversary of our last flag. Phew! (And thanks to @Whispering_Jack for his 1964 video rememberance yesterday).
  3. When Gerard left at the end of 1985 (when we were shizen), he said it was so that he could play finals. He got his wish - 4 finals for 4 losses though. But had he stayed he would have played in winning matches. C’est La vie!
  4. Another achievement: breaking a premiership drought/winning first flag and making finals the following year. It’s more common in modern times (Richmond 2018, Geelong 2008, Swans 2006), but it used to be a thing to miss after a breakthrough flag - Dogs (1955, 2017), Saints (1967), Pies (1991), Hawks (1962). We were actually clubhouse leaders in this stat (1901, 1927), so good to do what we’ve done.
  5. Cue close finish in the count, with Clarry needing votes in the last round. Gill calls “Melbourne…C…” followed by interminable pause to heighten the drama as to whether it’s our #5 or our #13. And then calls out “Spargo”! Or alternative scenario with Trac needing the votes.
  6. @Demonland, this is same theme as similarly named one.
  7. Coincidentally I just went to the AFL’s Season Guide 2022 to see what our list changes were at the end of 2021; in the “ins” column is the rookie elevation of our #23, James Jordan. Seriously, from the AFL’s official bible….?
  8. Good points, George. We mighty be reigning premiers, but we aren’t Best in Show in terms of our Constitution. Many would channel Blighty in saying they couldn’t give a Fat Rat’s Tossbag about the latter in light of the former. And that’s a pity because we need to be the best performing club we can possibly be in all areas of operation from the board down. Now is the time to be making hay, and current board members should be overseeing a constitutional renovation which addresses George’s points. True leadership in this regard would embrace this and not see it as a threat to their positions. Other clubs have brought their constitutions into the 21st century along the above lines and a board confident in its own capability should be doing the same for us while we are riding high.
  9. Yeah, Shane Grambeau, son of Mick who played for North in the ‘50s. I just looked up Mick’s page on Wikipedia. Interesting read. After a loss by North in 1955, both he and Laurie Icke were sacked for apparently not trying. Following a big public furore they were reinstated, but had to sign statements that the club was right in sacking them! Amateur Hour. Coincidentally the sons of both Mick and Laurie ended their playing days at Melbourne, Steven Icke adding a Bluey to his 1977 premiership medal.
  10. The middle one of that trio had the probably unique feat of winning the game against us with a goal after the siren in his first game.
  11. Spoke to my mate Stan the Statistician and he said that since the Beginning of Time Melbourne was complicit in none of those streak-breaker games, which would surprise some. Clubhouse leader is Geelong with 5, followed by 3 each to Essendon, Collingwood and South/Sydney. Two things: it’s good not to be on the list, and Stan needs to get a life!
  12. That’s my understanding, and apparently the only club to do it at all, even once. Fair effort in 125 years of the competition!
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