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  1. @joeboy - pretty good review Salem - looks somewhat inhibited (injury-wise}
  2. Agree, LN. She’s Public Enemy No.1 (or thereabouts, in a long list) in the Hird camp. It’s quite apposite that her podcast is called “Don’t Shoot the Messenger”. Does a good job.
  3. Tim - don’t wake me (Surely I’m dreaming...?)
  4. Not sure where “the undermining” is. It’s an interesting story, and correct from what I’ve heard. Personally, I was disgusted with Bartlett’s conduct of the last election earlier this year. It showed that we were sub-optimal in the leadership department at board level. I was worried that we might be faced with the exquisite dilemma of having good performance on the field giving cover for, well....sub-optimal board performance. That’s not a sustainable situation. Historically, board change generally comes on the back of on-field disarray; we needed the first part, but certainly didn’t wan
  5. I think it’s a column for teams that didn’t win the flag that year.
  6. My inner demons that have guided me accurately these last 57 years tell me that our next Norm winner hasn’t been born yet. But from the current crop I’ll nominate JJ, beating Trac and Clarry in a tight, mid dominated count. From an omen point of view....CP5 would be good, building on the legacy of the heroics of #5 from our last win (Neil Crompton); and Clarry would break an even longer number drought with #13, since Max Spittle collected in 1948. JJ could add his name to the storied locker of #23 with Graham Wise, Pop Vine (flag in his first game), Ray Wartman and Geoff Tunbridge.
  7. Don’t know about the lot on screen, but drummer Coxy is a keen Dee who was with them at one stage (not on this video though).
  8. I think in the Danners case the actual killer was Richmond, as we were flogged by them after they had been winless the first 11 games of the year (1 draw). Iirc, it was agreed after the loss that Daniher would step down, but in a highly unusual development was allowed to have a final outing as coach against Essendon at Docklands, where we had an agonisingly close loss. And btw, being at the top of that ladder is going to be a difficult “embarrassing record” to erase, or have erased for us.
  9. Absolute classic. Must have been one of the earliest live albums in the rock era, and is raw and driving, in contrast to Cooke’s sweet soul reputation; consequently the record company wouldn’t release till the mid 80s for fear of tarnishing his image. Liner notes won a Grammy for the great writer, Peter Guralnick. And fwiw, Let It Bleed is top of my Stones hit parade - dark, brooding, great! And love Ya-Ya’s as a live album. Saw them when they were here in the last decade, and while they were very polished it was not as engaging as early-mid years Stones. However when Mick Taylor joined t
  10. ...and Blease and Jones, iirc.
  11. I dunno...overnight in a glass next to the bed?
  12. Yes; according to the email “a portion of proceeds”.
  13. Red, he wasn’t at the Captain’s Run, and my understanding is that he’ll be playing at the Punt Road end of Yarra Park tomorrow. Perhaps, but maybe he was with the group today as backup for Fritsch, and Fritsch has come through today’s run?
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