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  1. Thanks, LH. Am actually looking for the full list, but guess our family comp might have to make do with “Results Lite” in keeping with a our COVID reality.
  2. Has anyone seen the full breakdown of results? Am looking for it so I can score a family tipping comp on the best 22 for the year.
  3. Tim

    Liam Ryan

    Bump. This thread has been at the back of my mind since it was first posted, and it makes interesting reading now. What a star he has become; maybe the most watchable player going around, just does everything so well and so coolly. Well spotted, Goffer! Have you seen any other gems in the bargain basement?
  4. Indeed. Good get, dice. Looked like something oldtimers might have seen at Festival Hall wrestling, with Jack Little spruiking “Come on down, watch 5 on 5 - see who hits the mat!” Except they were fair dinkum.
  5. Pickett - good pressure involvements Hannan - forward pressure important
  6. Went down and peered through the cyclone wire fence on Punt Road. Got there early in 2nd quarter. I’m not a training reporter like the more storied contributors here, but in the absence of other reports I guess it’s better than nothing. It was a relatively free flowing affair, not with the same level of contested-ness as you would see in a game for points. However, individual contests for a contested ball were still fought keenly. They seemed to have a “time out” in the middle of each quarter for a quick huddle with coaches. Richmond had Soldo, Pickett, Stack and Bolton going through the
  7. Where the Dees played the undercard to the Beatles in town for their only Australian tour.
  8. I’ve had a look online at the data on AFL Tables for this time, and it’s intriguing. It’s like a Gothic Horror. After round 8 we were top of the ladder, undefeated and the reigning premier. Apart from giving lowly Fitzroy a touch up the wins were pretty much unconvincing and narrow. Round 8 was one exception, and that match was the first against Barassi; we won by 37 in front of over 41,000 at Princes Park (Carlton kicked badly: 6.22). Rover John Townsend was emblematic of the day, taking a towering mark over John Nicholls as we asserted ourselves around the ground. The following 2 w
  9. "Possessions" was not really Jako's kind of stat. That day his 11.8 came from 22 kicks and 0 handballs. I reckon those 3 non-scoring kicks would have been well represented by oob's on the full. His approach to his teammates seemed to be: why give off when you can have a ping yourself? I looked at the AFL stats site for that year and in 14 games he kicked 71.57 for the year, with 10 handballs for the season. And 3 tackles! The handballs were probably mistakes or handballs to himself. A truly exciting footballer. The thought of seeing him strut his stuff gave Dees fans an extra buzz
  10. Meant to post this around Easter, but have been so flat out doing nothing in COVID-land that I overlooked it. Paul O'Brien. A blond-haired half-back type who showed a bit as a youngster coming through. On Easter Monday 1983 his brother Dallas won the Stawell Gift. On the Saturday afternoon in round 2 at the G as Dallas was winning his heat at Stawell, Paul was on show as we knocked off previous year's grand finalist, Richmond. Unfortunately he did his ACL, and it was his last game for us although he did go to North (0 games), and then to Essendon for 3 games in 1988. A quirky aspect
  11. Looks like it, LG - judging from the photo of JN on @Demonwiki
  12. Corrie Gardner. 1900 premiership player, but gains his obscurity because he was the only person to represent Australia at the 1904 St Louis Olympics, thereby ensuring that Australia is one of a very small number of countries to have had a competitor representing it at every summer Games. I reckon that’s on the podium in the obscurity stakes.
  13. Mr Wines Port, congrats on a big first post. A Marlion Pickett-like first game performance, generating a tish-load of discussion so far! So is that really you, Ollie...? Sledging your old mate, both stepping back to the vice-captaincy at the same time; hard to shed the habits of a lifetime. On the other hand...is a bit subtle for what I'd expect from the Ollie we see on the field. Anyway, look forward to your next contribution as a conversation seeder, Big Fella. And, for the record, can't wait to see JV back to his ballistic best in 2020.
  14. Jamie was handy (esp the Sticks effort) but I reckon that the job on Dermie was done by another good import, Peter Rohde, in 1990.
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