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  1. You make a good case on logical grounds, Macca. However, I have in mind the St Kilda move to Seaford which was reversed because the troops were not happy campers down there, and Moorabbin is a lot closer to Seaford than Casey is to the Inner City Central of Swan Street etc that the players like to spill out into. Would be wary of getting a similar outcome, even if it means treating players like princesses.
  2. Yeah, those too....😉
  3. Born in the same month as RDB, and were great protagonists. I remember journo Michael Horan writing that as an 11yo the Weid took him to a game when he was captain. Parked the FJ in Johnston St, went into the Yarra Hotel and they both had a steak counter lunch; and 2 pots for the Weid. Then carry the Gladstone bag over to the changing rooms, preliminary to leading the Pies to another stirring home game win. Different days!
  4. Dwayne-pipe just embarrassing himself on SEN, saying it’s worrying that Melbourne’s bringing in Majak, after bringing in Mitch Brown and Ben Brown over the summer, and why not play Luke Jackson and Weideman. Face palm....
  5. Gee, to quote the great Basil Fawlty, it’s not a proposition from Wittgenstein, although some on here seem to want to elevate it to that..... As a member you are entitled to cast votes for between 1 and 4 candidates in order to register a valid vote. That is, a valid vote is either 1,2,3 or 4 ticks. It you especially want one candidate in particular to be elected, the most effective way of assisting that is to vote for only that candidate. It’s just maths - if you give votes to other candidates it’s just a little less likely that your particularly preferred candidate will get up. In
  6. Thanks for the report, Deespicable. Any intel/observations on JJ?
  7. Thanks for the info, GWD. While the coaching group is now necessarily smaller, it looks like they speak with more authority, given the addition of Yze and Choco.
  8. Thanks for the reports! Any sightings of Kade Chandler? He was tracking well 12 months ago before injury derailed his season.
  9. Nice second effort, Ron - looks like you’re “training the house down” in the pre-season, administratively speaking!
  10. I have heard a number of people wondering which one they would leave out, given they wish to give a vote to a particular candidate. The thing is, if you especially want one candidate to get on, you can maximise the effect of your vote by only voting for that one candidate. You don’t have to vote for 4, a valid vote is up to 4 votes.
  11. Thanks ‘Master. Sounds like Greg Stafford.
  12. Many thanks, TK. Anything on JJ and Aaron Nietschke, including in what group they were?
  13. Yeah, nah - I am not Peter Lawrence. (A reverse Spartacus....)
  14. I know Peter. Very strong and keen supporter of our club (men’s and women’s teams), travels for nearly all interstate games; would bring a strong skill set to the board as indicated in his profile. Very personable as well. No doubt the others have similar good points too, but Peter would be a good addition to the board at an important time for us. As an aside, I note that Brad Green’s profile is written in the third person, which I found a little odd.
  15. Nice! An observation as insightful as the accuracy of the spelling of his name.
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