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  1. Spent quite a lot of his first year at Casey at half back, so wouldn’t be out of place in the unhoped-for scenario of a back going down.
  2. Tend to agree; I think JJ covers more bases than Hunt which makes him a more flexible candidate for medi-sub; if they think Hunt is ready he’ll be in the actual 22 to do his usual specific role. Seriously underestimates JJ’s body of work.
  3. Another one from the Olden Days with Demon connections - the late Jim Keays of the Masters Apprentices. Suitable listening from their oeuvre: Dead and Buried (now an homage to the Norm Smith Curse) Undecided (current state of mind) LIving in a Child’s Dream (another aspect of current state of mind) Think About Tomorrow Today (ie, thinking about next Saturday today)
  4. Indeed. Precision in projection down to the umpteenth decimal point, and missed it by miles in the actual execution. Talk about smoke and mirrors! That day in 1964 was not only our last premiership, it was also the last day that the ‘G was solely our fortress - the very next game there was Rd1 in 1965, Richmond’s home game against us. There’s a sort of eerie symmetry in seeing the program for that day trumpeting the League’s stalking horse for moving the emphasis away from the Home of Footy, while we were about to start a journey of finals wilderness.
  5. Was thinking the exact same thing as I wandered along those paths taking those photos. Robbie epitomised the very best qualities of our great game, and it would be fitting to celebrate his memory in that way in the vicinity of the place where his brilliance was so often on show.
  6. Indeed, ‘Bug - congrats to that person!
  7. Yep, remember that. Final round 1992, in the first minute Richmond end, northern wing. We kicked 20.10.130. And lost!
  8. Nice choice, ‘Stone. Some Demon-infused offerings would be David Bridie’s bands, My Friend the Chocolate Cake, and Not Drowning Waving; and Mackenzie Theory fronted by Rob Mackenzie. TISM with Ron Hitler-Barassi out front would also provide “suggestion of Demon”.
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