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  1. Rod Carter - toughest guy at Macleod High School
  2. Makes a nonsense of the Sorrento meeting which agreed that trash talk would be stopped between the players on the back of Vander’s comment, ie respect your teammates. Hogan, Watts, Sylvia were talented players who got moved on supposedly due to the “new” standards/culture. Maysy will need to be very careful, as no matter how good he is as a player, he doesn’t meet the new standards, just listen to Kate Roffey et al, and particularly after the Narrn round, say no more….
  3. Impressive interview with ANB. He won me over last year (aside from his on-field performances), when asked what would he like to be his legacy from his time at the MFC? His response was “to try and ensure that club was in a better place than it was when he joined” I loved that selfless response
  4. If you listen to the Bruckner/Burgess podcast there was a change of strategy with Darren Burgess as high performance manager, including no more “resting”
  5. But they didn’t. The previous week we beat Gold Coast by 93 points after we flew to Queensland and back - 10 hours on the plane. After the Perth trip that’s when I thought “we can this flag” because of the fortitude shown by the team to win both games. Years gone by there might have been valid excuses for a loss
  6. I reckon that GWS should appoint an experienced senior coach, rather than a first timer. The list might be ok (although perhaps some tensions between the players), but it would be a lonely job as GWS well and truly flys under the radar here in Sydney. Very few care, and the initial hype of Sheedy etc has dissipated. Sydney does enjoy AFL - see Swans, Buddy etc, but not too much love for GWS, and the support for a first timer would be minimal.
  7. I agree with the surreal feeling. The way the MFC goes about it’s business on and off the field, media reaction and the Dees being the benchmark. It all feels very odd, but in a nice kind of way. Feeling serene on a Monday morning, not despairing when we fall behind, trusting in Goody and the players. I have not had this sense of well being for 57 years, and only Demons supporters will understand!
  8. Or the fact that we actually won the game
  9. Interesting that as one of the older players Gus recognising that Peter Jackson’s appointment ( at Demetriou’s request), and Peter recruiting Paul Roos started the Dees turnaround. Nice of him to recognise this
  10. Easily the best interview on Gus & Gawny - Choco very entertaining and obviously has many connections in sport to draw on for stories - a great asset for the MFC
  11. Thanks Matt Demon for posting, I wasn’t aware of the podcast. Very interesting episode - Gawn and Fritsch 100% training attendance, which I’m sure was reflected in their performances. Great when the Captain leads, setting the example taking on higher, more intense training/match simulation sessions. So, no “fluke” that we were the fittest team, with the best second halves over the whole season.
  12. My partner recorded the GF ABC Offsiders program and made me watch it (I don’t watch ABC), and in the interview with Kate Roffey, she mentioned that following the Premiership win, the Demons could be a “challenger for the next decade”, and be “back in the epicentre of the football world”. While it’s hard to dream of back to backs or a dynasty I hope she is right. As for being in the epicentre, while the Pies and Blues are on their knees, I think the club has a great opportunity to regain the respect in the AFL that it once had in the VFL. In the Gary Pert interview with Andy & Co, he mentioned having finished the season on top, the AFL says “where do you want to play the finals?” Thanks for asking, we’ll take Adelaide, then Perth. This means for the 2022 season that we should get a decent fixture and TV slots which should reward our current loyal sponsors and attract new ones. Together with the asset sale, and strong membership growth from younger fans who can now be proud of being a Dees supporter, the future looks very promising. I say this without any hubris, just consider that it is the future the club can now work with, for the first time since I started supporting the club in ‘64.
  13. Loved watching him grabbing clunkers, maybe get him down to Casey to coach Sam?
  14. Correct, I seem to recall it was a pretty miserable day all round at Waverley. Opportunity missed as we could have snatched a flag as I thought the Magpies were a pretty ordinary premiership side. So maybe we were thinking a week ahead against WC
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