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  1. I hope Yze gets a senior coaching gig but a word of advice, stay away from the hangar.
  2. Finn played well in a badly beaten up side last night in the NAB League GF. His stats were 14 kicks, 3 handballs which was one disposal less than the best for the Stingrays (Jaxon Binns) and strangely enough, the most kicks. He disposes of the ball very nicely and could do with a couple of pre seasons at AFL level, possibly as a rookie.
  3. Great start from the Dragons leading 25 - 0 in the first quarter.
  4. I wonder what our injury list would have looked like immediately after Friday night’s game?
  5. From memory, Callow was one of Knightmare’s big favourites but he missed out altogether in his draft year and was finally selected by the Hawks in the mid season draft of 2021. Was there a problem with him that led to him being overlooked by every club in 2020 and why was he discarded at the age of 20?
  6. Thanks for a great read. I think we can expect 8 out of those 9 young players (Rosman out with concussion) to take part in the VFL Grand Final on Sunday. A great experience for them and may it hold them in good stead for the future.
  7. It stands to reason that the clubs with the more experienced lists will also rank higher in the above list but we are definitely travelling okay at the moment as far as injuries are concerned.
  8. Please tell me they're still not loading?
  9. I’m guessing that we’re done with loading for this year.
  10. I agree that while country zoning was a big help if the zone was productive, it was clubs like Carlton, Richmond and North who also recruited well from interstate and from other clubs who prospered the most. At the end of the day, it was still about the clubs that had the most professional approach to recruiting that won out - we were well behind.
  11. Point is that is he considered draftable by AFL clubs? You only get invited to these combines if a certain number of clubs are interested.
  12. Apologies - so the Suns had him in their best 6 in Round 3 in a 10 goal defeat. The competition is into Round 19. How many votes do you think he’ll get in the Liston Medal?
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