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  1. Really? If had you read my post properly you might have noticed that I wrote that he played senior AFL footy. The Suns of both last year and this year were a different proposition to Melbourne because they were off the pace and could afford to give the kids a game. His selection was a surprise to many of their fans including a mate of mine who lives on the Coast and disagrees with your statement that he “had a fairly strong VFL year.” In fact, he struggled to get his hands on the footy in many games as I wrote above. In my view, having a strong year entails being named in the best more than once in about 15 games. But don’t believe me, the Suns fans on bigfooty were less than impressed by him for most of the journey. Here’s an example.
  2. In Casey’s last game in the week before the Wildcard game.
  3. Yeah - he’s had a couple of disappointing games at the end of a long hard year for a young bloke but it’s worth reflecting that there were times last year when Mac Andrew was really struggling for a kick in the Gold Coast Ressies and he was a number 5 pick. The Suns were out of the running for the finals so they gifted him some ALF games late last season. He hasn’t set the world on fire this year but did enough for a rising star nomination. I’ll be interested to see how Jefferson goes with a full preseason under his belt.
  4. They’re making the news in Ireland too! AFLW round-up: Donegal's Kennedy makes history while McLaughlin makes debut and Mackin features in Demons demolition job
  5. 6. Jack Viney 5. Bayley Fritsch 4. Christian Petracca 3. Steven May 2. Angus Brayshaw 1. Alex Neal-Bullen
  6. That being the case I think Laurie will be the tactical sub and Tomlinson the travelling emergency in case a tall becomes unavailable before the game.
  7. How gratifying it was to see Demon Sam Weideman top scoring for the Bombers with two of their three goals. Imagine what it would have looked like without his contribution
  8. Precisely. At the time that Melbourne was being attacked for tanking, the fact that it sent some players in for surgery before the end of the season was Exhibit A in claims that the club was committing the major criminal activity of tanking. Today, it’s okay.
  9. No, the AFL won’t make the system fairer. It will most likely use the system to engineer outcomes such as to enable North Melbourne to get access to one of the best prospects in the country Ryley Sanders who wasn’t even on any Academy list earlier this year when the AFL put out their academy lists - Red-hot WA duo among this year's NGA prospects
  10. Great to see Disco rewarded with a place on the extended bench for his great first up effort at Casey after missing several weeks with injury. However, I’m not that sure that he will get a run against the Swans on Sunday because I believe he’s not AFL ready just yet. He’s listed at 194cm 88kg but with a big preseason and some extra kilos on him, I expect that 2024 will be his breakout year.
  11. First delisting. Essendon has told James Stewart that he will be delisted.
  12. Kynan Brown picked to go to the State Combine only. Is that a good thing?
  13. The problem is that nobody in the organization is responsible for running football. That’s where everything is falling down.
  14. Jon Ralph has an article in the Herald Sun online entitled “Wreck it Ralph: Every free agent - where is your club placed with its players“. This is what he says about our free agents - MELBOURNE James Jordon is a free agent after being delisted and then relisted, and clubs including Essendon, Gold Coast and Sydney are interested. The Demons want to re-sign him, but he would get a long-term deal and a more prominent role elsewhere. Jake Melksham had 15 goals in nine games before a goalless past two games, then bounced back with 3.4 against Hawthorn. He turns 33 in the next fortnight and would believe he can secure a one-year deal. Michael Hibberd turns 34 in January, so his age is against him, but in 11 games he is shown he is still a tight-checking defender in an excellent backline, so he's a chance to play on.
  15. 6. Jack Viney 5. Clayton Oliver 4. Christian Petracca 3. Christian Salem 2. Angus Brayshaw 1. Lachie Hunter
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