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  1. Most of the draft experts in the media and on the ‘net are saying this literally in the same breath as they are pumping him up as a top 10 draft pick.
  2. Welcome to the world of the sceptics AJ. When Melbourne drafted Luke Jackson with pick three in the 2019 National Draft, there was some criticism about us picking a ruckman that early. Even elite young ruckmen take time to develop, sometimes years, we were told and it was always a risk to project too far into the future. I don’t think it’s panic that’s causing all the excitement and hype about Andrew. Perhaps, it’s the shortage of ruckmen available - demand and supply lifting his price?
  3. Apparently Shifter Sheehan said on SEN that there would definitely be a bid for Woewodin. Compared him with Mitch Duncan - “a one touch player”.
  4. Not knowing for 2 to 4 years if players are any good can apply to first round picks these days according to some judges of draft prospects these days.
  5. People are complaining about the rule change that prevents clubs from matching bids for their NGA players. If that wasn’t the case, Melbourne would have to expend almost all of its draft points to match the Suns at 5. It simply wouldn’t happen. Happy to take Sonsie who is a class above and is ready to play from day 1.
  6. Still think there’s a lot of ducks and drakes going on to put people off the scent. Especially so in these times of Covid when clubs have less to spend on recruiting staff and can’t get around the country like they used to be able to do. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few smokeys picked up in this draft.
  7. Didn’t play for WA today in the Under 19 game vs SA. Pity.
  8. And if he goes to the Hawks, he’s “Box”.
  9. WA win an exciting game by 10 points - 9.14.68 to 9.4.58. Agree that Sheldrick was BOG. - he ran through and kicked the winning goal. For WA, Jack Williams in ruck and up forward looks a real prospect. SA fought hard but lacked the midfield grunt. Lucas Cooke kicked four. Taj gathered the odd possession and took a nice mark late but most likely stamped himself as a late pick in the draft at best.
  10. 3 quarter time and WA lost the lead but a late surge has them 9 points in front. Taj got a few touches but the WA midfield is on top. Sheldrick continues to do well there for WA while Burgoyne for SA looks a definite player to me. Lucas Cooke for SA has 3 goals - should have been 4.
  11. Even second quarter with WA 4.7.31 heading SA 4.1.25. Taj had a quiet quarter and was beaten to a few contests. I think he was on Burgoyne at times who is a pretty slippery character. It’s a bit windy out there and the standard is a bit ordinary. I like young Sheldrick who is a tough competitor and Williams of WA is looking solid as a forward/ruckman.
  12. Taj leading the disposals with 7 at quarter time. WA dominated the early part of the game but missed a few they should have gotten. Lead 2.6.18 to 2.0.12.
  13. Pity that some of the cream from both states are going to be missing including SA’s number one draft candidate Jason Horne-Francis and Arlo Draper and WA’s Neil Erasmus, JVR and a few others.
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