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  1. Meanwhile, Essendon has jumped in and signed 18 year old South Australian prospect Kaine Baldwin who is expected to be a gun once he gets over his injury woes.
  2. He played for their Colts team not seniors.
  3. Notice how shifty Richmond are when they list Derek Eggmolesse-Smith without using his full name. :)
  4. Good to see that our footballers, like the tennis players, perform an "essential service" so the game goes ahead.
  5. That's true but because of the big wraps about his ability as a junior and his character, I thought he would have been a good selection to bring in, not for immediate impact, but to be an understudy to Ben Brown for as long as it took - two years at Casey if necessary. Still, no club has picked him so there's probably something we don't know about him that's keeping clubs from taking the risk.
  6. It’s reported in the article which WJ linked. The ins and outs etc are as quoted from the article. So potentially we have 5 picks in the draft and will possibly hold one back for later drafts.
  7. Now that KK has retired and is off our books, Jay Lockhart gets uplifted to the Primary List and Aaron Nietschke can be automatically rookied, this is the scenario - • 34 players on the Primary List (max 38) • 3 on the Rookie A List (maximum 6) • 1 on the Rookie B List (max 2) We have some additional options in the drafts depending on how the picks fall.
  8. Radio talk. They sounded convinced it was St Kilda.
  9. People are saying Higgins will nominate the Saints.
  10. Silly boy - apparently is going to nominate St Kilda.
  11. I've always maintained that if Nev and TMac could have played out just average seasons we would have finished top 6. That' just a win or two more than we got. My main problem would be to see Nev in the black and white.
  12. 6. Christian Salem 5. Mitch Brown 4. Christian Petracca 3. Bayley Fritsch 2. Max Gawn 1. Jayden Hunt
  13. Bryce Gibbs, Matthew Kreuzer and Connor McKenna have all announced their retirements.
  14. Melbourne doesn’t do 8 point games very well but it will have to if it wants to remain a contender. Simple as that.
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