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  1. Geeze bont has cracked the sads.
  2. Clarry isn't catching bont now.
  3. So many 3 vote games in losing teams this year 😳
  4. Petty for mine. I think he takes and flogs naughton, allowing may and Lever to intercept everything keeping the dogs to under 60 points.
  5. What's the use of naming emergencies if they can be replaced less than 24 hours after being named?
  6. Don't care about the cats to know if they were doing this more last week than ever before. But they were playing against one or the most inexperienced forward lines probably ever exposed to a semi final. This week they are against the best f50 pressure team in the comp. They do too much of that thus week expect lots of repeat entries from our boys and shots at goal from HTB decisions.
  7. Their 2-9 record in preliminary finals is atrocious in the last 18 years. Like good on them for putting them self in the position to make a grand final every year but [censored] they clearly have mental demons taking that leap to make it through. Demons by 47 tonight, cats completely cooked by half time for mine.
  8. I feel so ill....it makes it so much worse that we are the favourites. My missus has invited a heap of people over tomorrow night too so I need to behave... *within covid guidelines of course*
  9. Smith strained his hammy reported by Tom Morris. Hibberd set to return.
  10. 19 for weid is a fantastic deal. I really would be stressed about our lack of back up key forwards however.
  11. Not sure how much more they will get, he is 29 and been on the decline this year. If it means they can clear his salary, pick up a first and two seconds and take Parker with the cap space I feel they pull the trigger. As long as we make 2 selections in a 4 year period we are good. We made 2 last year and 2 in 2019.
  12. Here's a trade hypothetical for those who think we dont have currency. Trade 1: Melb give p42 and p52 (p30 in points) to Coll for p34. Win/win coll need points. 3 way trade with Freo and Brisbane: Melb Give: p33 & p34 (p16 in points), 2022 first round. Melb receive: Cerra & 47 (brisbane) Brisbane give: neale & 47 Brisbane recieve: p33 (melb), p27 (freo) & melb 22 first. Which values neale around pick 3 Freo give: cerra & 27 Freo recieve: Neale & 34 (melb) Which values cerra at 5.
  13. Haha embrace it!! Although I was so much less on edge in September when we were [censored] and wondering what big fish we were going to land with our yearly top 5 pick.
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