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  1. First live women's game really entertaining. Don't seem to flay around and play for free kicks like the boys. They just get stuck in
  2. Taking my 5 year old girl along to her first alfw game today. Secretly hoping her watching the demon girls strut their stuff makes her want to start playing... Great to have footy back!
  3. He isn't a free agent until end of 2022
  4. Also not sure if Brisbane are as good as people think. They had an amazing year (2019) but let's be honest they had the opportunity of a life time this year to win a flag. If they play 5 more games interstate this year I see them losing 2-3 more games and then just scraping into the 8. I really you can put a reason for anyone to drop the out of the 8 except for the tiges
  5. I think the Eagles may slide, not too sure about the saints, their best was pretty bloody good but their worst is pretty ordinary I can see them need a few years to build where they hover before launching for a flag. Interesting to see the dogs dynamic next year. Geelong will be 2-3 injuries away from being cooked for the year.
  6. Our improvement needs to come from the coaching box more than the list. Goody hasn't got it right consistently yet, he is IMO a bottom 4 coach. This doesn't mean he can't improve but that is where we take our next leap.
  7. I think we can all breathe collective sigh of relief that Nev won't be joining the filth. That would have truly hurt seeing him in a Collingwood jumper.
  8. Give Mahns a break he is just following Goody's game plan when it comes to trade time. "Oh [censored] plan A didn't work?" "There's always next year I guess" Repeat.
  9. Hopefully we can settle him in to that half forward/ forward pocket role. Has genuine pace and great goal sense.
  10. Potentially, or the club just simply has a chance to bring in a true full forward who has shown a consistent ability to kick goals and sees Tom (more so Tom's salary) as being redundant.
  11. Demons players traded out in the last 5 years... - Jeremy Howe - Jimmy Toumpass - Jack Fitzpatrick - Lynden Dunn - Jack Watts - Dean Kent - Jesse Hogan - Dom Tyson - Sam Frost Really hard to argue that it's "so Melbourne" to trade out a player and then they become a star as literally only 1 player out of 9 have carried on and played decent consistent footy at their next clubs. Most of these players we got maximum value from both on the field and then in trade.
  12. Is it? There aren't many ex dees players that to onto other clubs and become a star. In fact most flop
  13. This guy deserves a flag more than anyone in the AFL. I hope we can provide him the fairy tale ending.
  14. Pretty sure he did his ACL late in 17 and didn't play the granny.
  15. This one is a bit different. There is something clearly NQR with Hogan, sure if he gets to the tigers turns his life around and lives up to his potential it will hurt. But he certainly isn't moving at the top of his game and he hasn't got too many teams lining up for him.
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