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  1. The umpiring was meh like every game. Certainly not the reason we lost. I too however was shocked that Pendles could swear at an umpire and winge until a decision was reversed when no more than 2 minutes prior we had a 50 metre penalty against for swearing coming out of our forward 50.
  2. [censored] calm down with the "good bye top 2 [censored]" We are 11-2 still a game clear on top of the ladder at the half way point. We have shown up against our real tests. We were off, super poor today. Credit to the pies, they played out of their skin for bucks and we just didn't match it today. Changes will be made, a rest will be had and we can attack the end of the season. If we are really going to mope around and [censored] after every loss what's the point in being supporters. WE WONT WIN THEM ALL, WE WONT PERFORM AT 100% IN EVERY GAME. Today was the pies grand f
  3. This one is primed for a pies win for bucks we just don't seem on today
  4. We look like we dont give a [censored]
  5. I'd go as far to say it's impossible. 😂
  6. To be fair, 2 of the bottom 8 sides they are playing in their next 9 games were finals teams from last year. When the draws were created it would have been 4 of 9 games against top 8 sides
  7. Another umpire goal. This is [censored]
  8. Took his eyes off the ball and ran straight at him
  9. That kick was lucky to be 10 metres
  10. Two different sets of rules for htb
  11. [censored] daniher has a ugly mug
  12. May needs to run through hipwood
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