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  1. The only way that free agency can work is that the club gains as much control as the player when it comes to trading IE in the NBA. Teams need to be able to trade without player consent. The way we do it is have essentially anyone who isn't happy at their current club a free agent no matter their contract situation. By allowing teams to trade freely they can then make legitimate plays for free agents. It makes me sick that a Coleman medalist will be joining the potential premier for free whilst the rest of the comp have salary cap issues by being told they need to pay x% of their salary cap on
  2. I would have loved to have this guy on the list. The rich get richer.
  3. I really think Mitch has the ability to make it as a player. Would hate to lose him
  4. If he is on our list and kicks 60+ goals I couldn't give a [censored] what he looks like
  5. Medium sized forwards and inside mids are what we have an abundance of. We need a key forward.
  6. Pretty much got laughed at for saying anything less than an early 2nd and we lose this trade. It's bang on, he is a required player on our list (doesn't mean he is best 22) and contracted for 2 more years and we have 3+ teams wanting him. An early second is a fair trade for all parties especially in this [censored] up draft.
  7. It's weird... Would have been so disappointed if he left, but I feel like we need to make bit changes to our midfield for balance and for me he is the most one dimensional mid we have
  8. He is an athlete, not a footballer. 6 years in the system and is still not one touch with his possessions.
  9. The way they lift the arm up should be deemed prior opportunity and these flogs should get pinned every time. Selwood won't get a kick
  10. You do that and your left with Matty Eagles as your ruckmen for a flag tilt. Answers the question why there are 3+ teams pushing for the contracted Pruess signature. If your in the window, you need a ruck.
  11. For a ruckmen, who notoriously take 5+ years to develop and fill an immediate need on many lists right now.... Yes early second rounder will be a minimum. Take a look at the Rhys Stanley trade 5 or so years ago. Something like P60 and stanley for P20. He too was contracted and he too filled a ruck void for Geelong. Midfielders and flankers grow on trees, 200 cm big men who possess some sort of football ability (all be it limited) do not.
  12. I'd guess we weren't expecting to bottom out last year and have Jackson on our list. No way we let him go if Jackson isn't around.
  13. Given he is contracted and certainly a required player.. Anything less than a early second round pick is a big loss from our point of view. Watch Mahoney be the good bloke and get him to where he needs to be for a swap of third and forth round picks or some [censored] like that.
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