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Welcome to Demonland Lachie Hunter


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Didn't want him at the start purely because of his serious off field matters. Really hope we've done our due diligence here which I trust we have.

On a playing perspective, he was easily one one the best wingers in the club only a few years.

He was one player that would worry me the most because he was such a big accumulator and would punish us with his outside run. 

His inclusion means James Jordon goes back into his natural position of inside mid. He's far better valued there then Tom Sparrow imo with his inside and outside work.


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Just now, DemonOX said:

Didn’t Stengel have issues before going to Geelong and look how that turned out. 

Let’s hope we get the same result with Hunter. 

I said that about 2 weeks ago when Lachie's name came up. Has something to prove to plenty of new people now.

Angus is just now putting the stamp on Lachie's invitation envelope to the Wingers Club next meeting at Lingers Bohemian Pad in Fitzroy!

Also To the outdated D/Lers NO Tmac is not getting any Wingers Club invites. His time has run out and he never was a true winger, cameos don't count. 

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1 hour ago, DeeZone said:

Jeezuz he can run all day, take a mark and is an excellent kick to boot, Tim might have done alright with this one. Just need to get him in with the boys and get his head straight and look out in 2023. I trust our FD to get Lachie firmly into the fold.🙏💕

He will respect Gawn and our culture, he's seen how dominate our best looks like up close and personal, he's here to win premierships.

All false bravado down at the dogs, he's obviously had some issues with Bevo, he comes under no false pretences.

Stating the obviously he is a hard working skillful, damaging left footer, the perfect compliment to Langers on the other wing 

He'll be playing for a coach that has his respect and I'm sure Lachie will reciprocate with performances, head down, bum up proving the doubters wrong.

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11 minutes ago, Supreme_Demon said:

Here's some highlights of Lachie Hunter.

As long as he is over his personal issues, I think he will be a valuable contributor to the Demons.

I'm sure he'll look a lot better and in a Melbourne Demons jumper too! 😉



Our forwards will be licking their lips after watching his highlights. Beautiful, accurate, left foot weapon.

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10 minutes ago, Supreme_Demon said:

Lachie Hunter had a few good highlights from his 2021 season with the Bulldogs as well.

He is definitely a goal kicking wingman who is pretty good kick inside the forward 50.

We can easily play him on the opposite wing to Ed Langdon or even on a half forward flank.

That was mainly him kicking goals from a pocket. We don’t kick goals from a pocket, we kick to a pocket in an attempt to not kick goals.

Would have been better to see some kicks along the wing from him but you watch what your given.

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1 minute ago, DubDee said:

Alright I've gotten over the shock of Lachie being a Demon

He was a gun back in 2018, seemed to play more midfield.  Does anyone know his positional changes over the years?  moved to full time wing later?

Obviously the major risk with him is the issues since 2020 and where is head is at. But we risk almost nothing.

Excellent trading by the demons

He didn't play many games this year but last year he played heaps more up forward due to Treloar coming in, they seemed to rotate Treloar and Smith on the wings a fair bit which took Hunter out of his permanent wing role 

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We are following the Melbourne tradition of going for left footers. Schache is a lefty too!

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