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  1. Maybe he was waiting to see if Clarko was going to the Baggers.
  2. I’m sure Clarry would rather a premiership medal than a Brownlow. The most overrated medal in the game.
  3. Reckon Stevic will get the nod as well. One of, if not the best umpire and he has GF experience too
  4. You can throw in Robert Findlay too. He has a hardon for the Dogs as well.
  5. I’ll be celebrating at the MCG, using the excuse that I’m getting in early for the vaccine hub.
  6. We were struggling for form back in round 19. Should be a good game, if the umps stay out of it, we should come out on top.
  7. Yep, some are not enjoying the fact that the Dees are in the GF. CW has never been one to get onboard the Dees. Of course she is going to try and rock the boat. Obviously she is not achieving her goal, so is trying to play her hand on the national stage. Getting a bit desperate there Caro. As for Ross Lyon, he’s probably upset that the spotlight is no longer on him. Haters gonna hate.
  8. Is my favourite player by some margin (and at the moment I have a lot of love for all our boys - but Kozzie is streets ahead)
  9. Ahh, a premiership medal is much more valuable than a Norm Smith one.
  10. The club should unveil the cup at the MCG, and all us supporters can just happen to be there by coincidence getting our COVID jabs at the vaccine hub. Surely Dan would not deny such good press about how 50,000+ people went to get there jabs.
  11. Always wanted a WEG premiership poster. Bring it home Dees
  12. if we were to go all the way in 2 weeks, the 2021 draft would be the biggest free hit any recruiter would ever have had. Such would our delirium be, i dont think any supporters would have recovered, let alone care who we drafted come the end of November.
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