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  1. Maybe he could be a player coach and help give Max a chop out 🤪
  2. Fully agree with you Dazzle. Enough is enough. Goodwin has to go. The tripe we are currently serving up is disgusting. We have had how many years to fix our forward issues (delivery, set shots & personnel) and have failed dismally in all 3. Stafford can go, so can Mark Williams. Then there’s our coach who has managed to turn an awesome team into a pile of garbage inside of 3 years when it was all there to go again and win another flag. His game plan is ugly and boring that doesn’t value scoring. Now for the board. They have overseen all this with an arrogant iron fist. They were/are so afraid of change or a different opinion, this is on their heads too. Don’t get me started on the farce that is the promise of a home base. It’s been 3 years since Roffey came to power, and we are no closer to finding a new home. She needs to go as well. I remember at the start of 2022 of all this talk from the club about not becoming complacent. Well mission accomplished, the coaches, board & players are all guilty of being just that these past 3 years. Kudos for ruining a once good team who gave their all, into one bereft of skill, guts and determination.
  3. I’d have him in our forward line.
  4. Rachele is contracted until 2029. Good luck prying him out of the Crows who know they’ll only have another year to wait to get Petty.
  5. Max as much as I love him, is almost too nice on the field. I don’t want him going out of his way to hurt the opposition, but a bit more physicality needs to be shown from him. And how many times have the opposition hit him and such? If he had a bit of mongrel in him, they would do it far less. As for his leadership, well it’s being tested now more than ever, and he needs to lead from the front for more than 1 game in a row but a good string of them. He’d be leading our B&F by a fair bit atm, but that says more about our other players and their poor form, just as much as Max’s good run. We need more from him, but we need more from everyone too.
  6. He’s always been a lazy player. Doesn’t demand he give or get 100% out of himself.
  7. I may be in the minority, but I reckon he’s worth it.
  8. He is such a lazy footballer. And a bit of a pea heart. Trade him come years end. He gives us absolutely nothing. I also reckon Turner isn’t much chop either and is a list clogger. JT has no idea when it comes to tall players.
  9. We have issues all over the ground. Forward line is well known, midfield yes absolutely, along with an aging ruckman who has no connection to his midfield. Our backline now though is starting to seriously crack. Too many simply don’t gaf anymore. Our time being a competitor is well and truly done. Bring on the changes.
  10. Freo evidently. Not too sure if any MFC players are on the ground though
  11. At least you got to see a premiership. How about all those that passed before 2021 who were long suffering.
  12. Who do you think is responsible for generating and developing that list?
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