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  1. Difference between us and Dogs was that we were the best team all year, they were the best team of the finals. They did it for 4 weeks, we did it for 26.
  2. He retires as a premiership player. An MFC premiership player no less. His 2nd & 3rd quarters were immense in the GF. And that diving mark, goal and celebration ❤️❤️❤️ I hold no hostility towards Maynard, should have he been suspended? yes, but it’s not his fault how spineless the AFL are. You are MFC royalty Gus. Go in good health.
  3. Wow, our absent list has ballooned lately. #noinjuries#
  4. Unfortunate for Turner, but he is another whose body seems to struggle with the rigours of AFL level training. He hasn’t been overly impressive in his senior games, and with Petty injured and future uncertain our KPP stocks start to look thin (especially factoring May’s eventual retirement). We really need the likes of Jed Adams and Matthew Jefferson to step up these next 2 years along with Roo as our generation next in our bigs department. Fullarton becoming a mainstay would help too.
  5. Peter Bell must’ve been heading their trade table 🤮
  6. I can’t be the only one that thinks letting Harry go mightn’t be the worst idea. The money he no doubt will command is much too high from his output so far. Throw in his penchant to get injured, why not go and get someone with more runs on the board, proven fitness record and for the same or less $.
  7. Forward line issues will be solved if we deliver the ball into the middle of the 50, as opposed to pockets and flanks.
  8. I agree, I think we will drop……… …….the hammer
  9. Have to disagree with you on the hunger. whether or not it was unsustainable or that the playing group has dropped off or a combo of both, our pressure for near 4 quarters was simply manic and outstanding - everyone bought in and played as a team, now too much is left up to too few. 2021 was truly something else and I’m bloody glad I got to see it.
  10. What were our odds for the flag prior to round 1 2021? No one saw us coming then, nor could the fathom us saluting in 2024. IDGAF.
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