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  1. No, nowhere near the likes of Ron Barassi or Robbie Flower. Not even close afaic.
  2. Don’t forget the pet memberships either DMMA
  3. Great to see AVB at training (going by the photos),. thought he would be away a bit longer due to border issues.
  4. Looking at that, we won’t drop a single game 🤪 Too early to be called flag favourites?
  5. Next year is a win/win situation. We either play finals or Goody gets the sack. I’ll happily take either outcome.
  6. If we don’t come out breathing fire to atone for our monumental ****up this year, then 2021 will be more of the same mediocrity.
  7. Might’ve struggled to kick it over 40, but he could handball it just about that far (and off both hands too). Tough.
  8. Either that or they cannot recognise it.
  9. The lack of info regarding a new home base and how far along it potentially is doesn’t fill me with confidence. We have a group that will hopefully challenge over the next few years, the much needed ‘elite’ facilities will be a couple of years too late.
  10. Choco helping Fritsch will net us another 1-2 goals, alone, a game (such was his inaccuracy from his opportunities)
  11. Obviously we didn’t rate him as highly
  12. Agree with going for the small forwards over a winger, getting it in hasn’t been our problem, keeping it in has been
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