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  1. Let Trac just focus on becoming the best footballer for our club without the extra weight of captaincy (I also think Max has suffered a little from this too, but apparently I’m in the minority on that). Viney relished in the role of captain and took his game to his best level of footy, but unfortunately he is just way too injury prone. Give it to Lever in a year or 2 and let Max just worry about his body and footy in the latter stages of his career. The poor bugger gets nothing from the umps game after game.
  2. Brown has way more of a presence and attracts several defenders. Weid is lost at sea. Easy swap for mine. We have Jacko as a tall who can also provide ground ball pressure.
  3. Won’t be after the dogs play next week and we have the bye.
  4. If it was our call to play the game at the SCG, it was a very bad call. Ground is way too small for us to open up teams with our run (though we would’ve lost by more today given our lack of effort).
  5. They can have him. Has to be the softest KPF in the league.
  6. Weideman has absolutely no presence as a forward target. Needs to be dropped. Give Brown the rest of the year to see what he can do.
  7. Yep, time for Trac and especially Clarry to take a good look at themselves. Not playing team footy at the moment.
  8. This is on the entire footy department. Playing group too arrogant to even turn up thinking it’ll just happen, coaching group unable to get the guys focussed/refocused during the game.
  9. Never seen him turn the course of a game. Never seen him turn his form around during a game when he is having a mare.
  10. Said it before and I’ll say it again, Gawn is not captain material
  11. Generally it’s not the ones they pay, but the ones they don’t. They are very inconsistent with their decisions.
  12. Ross Lyon is a list destroyer. Picks his favourites and gets the best out of them, but cannot develop any up and coming players to save himself. Would love him to go to the Filth.
  13. 5 days until the game is played, so if the filth players’ build it up they will be mentally drained. If they love him so much, why have they played so poorly for him. Should’ve been doing it for him the entire time. No doubt they’ll play more aggressive, we’ll just get them on the counter (it’s how we split open the Lions in the 2nd half). If our boys turn up to play, we bank the 4 points.
  14. Admittedly I am not Goody’s biggest fan, nor will I think him to be the ‘right’ coach until he wins the thing, however, watching TMAC on the footy show yesterday, he said that for all the criticism he has faced over the last 2 years being head coach, he should also therefore equally be receiving the plaudits from the naysayers (including myself) for how the team is travelling this year. I cannot disagree with this. Do I think he deserves a contract extension? Ask me again in 4 months time. If we achieve the ultimate, forget the contract, cos he’d deserve instant immortality. Long wa
  15. Unfortunately for a coach, you are not the right coach until you win the damn thing
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