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  1. Our boys gave everything and then some this year. If ‘supporters’ aren’t happy, blame the coaches not the players.
  2. Barely 24 hours since he has indicated he will submit to the coaching process and he has the gig. Very thorough indeed.
  3. Gunston couldn’t dream of having the talent of Fritsch.
  4. Only problem is that they pick and choose which questions to answer. Where’s the transparency?
  5. The board, especially the president and our facilities specialist CEO need to be held to account and inform us members what on earth is going on. Kate Roffey came in espousing the need for quality training facilities (as several before have done), yet we continue to remain in the dark, at the behest of the board. Time is well overdue to disclose the entire situation, otherwise step aside.
  6. It definitely feels like a tremendous weight has been lifted since becoming premiers. Sure going out in straight sets was frustrating, but the warmth and pride of winning it in 2021 definitely helped lessen the blow. Ill forever be content knowing I lived to see a Melbourne premiership.
  7. A great night. I only wished I’d set up a camera taping myself watching the game. The highs of the first quarter, followed by the next 1.5 quarters getting further and further gloomy……………………and then
  8. Sorry @A F, but our small forwards proved for the majority of the year (especially in the 2nd half), that they cannot be trusted to bring the heat required. Our forward pressure was woeful this year, so too was the midfield’s. Our back line did well to hold up for as long as it did. It ain’t going to be as easier a fix as you suggest. Goody also needs to stop playing favourites and give chances to those who earn them
  9. Maybe 12 players not 100% or with niggles, but I doubt we’d have had 12 injured players take the field
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