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  1. Agree that Clarry should not go anywhere near a football for at least a fortnight. Just keep him clocking up the miles in the legs for fitness. we need him cherry ripe for the start of the season, he doesn’t need any more improvement with his footballing ability that’s for sure
  2. Here’s an idea, just get rid of the friggin 50m penalty for encroaching the ‘area’ all together. A stupid rule that never should have been brought in in the first place. And get rid of the farcical “stand” rule too whilst we’re at it.
  3. DMax X Terrain 🤤………..things must be going well for you picket 🤣 Surely you got it in volcanic amber orange?
  4. I’d imagine that he’d camouflage into the barricade
  5. Given he’s your avatar, should that not read like an adonksi? 😁
  6. The whirlwind that was 2021 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️ meant that we finished the season as late as possible and in order to ‘catch up’ on pre-season fitness for 2022, most of the players kept up their training over the off-season. Throw in the premiership celebrations going well into December, there was very little down time for the group mentally. Then to show the comp respect as reigning premier, we started 10-0. This is the first genuine time that the boys have given themselves the necessary mental refresh that they need before another serious shot at a flag. It’s the mental exhaustion that trips up most teams gunning for a flag, as the long season allows fears and doubts to creep in. 2021 we were just so maniacally determined to break through, it’s like we had tunnel vision. varying factors of course will come in to play, but I give us a better chance this year mentally compared to last.
  7. This is the reason why I reckon Viney has really improved on-field, he doesn’t have to burden himself with the captaincy. It can be a poisoned chalice to some, others the magic elixir.
  8. I’d be happy with just another one if I get to see it at the G
  9. 20 days into the new year…………….sounds about right 😩
  10. Haters gonna hate. All social media does is provide the chance for the lowest ebb to mercilessly troll behind a veil of anonymity. We as a country still have a lot of social problems and I fear it is only getting worse.
  11. She should be the first of our AFLW player's inducted into the MFC Hall of Fame. No one is more deserving of the honour than Daisy.
  12. remind me again how many premierships Buckley won as a player or coach? Now compare that to Goodwin………..,…….yeah I’ll be sticking with Mr 3 & 0, not Mr 0 & 3.
  13. And here I was thinking it was going to be a thread about our great CHB Anthony Ingerson
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