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  1. Let’s for a second say that that is accurate, they at the very least help get teams into the finals in the first place.
  2. Why keep KK on the list if we have paid him out? What’s the benefit for both him and us?
  3. You can have the best assistants in the game, but if the coach doesn’t listen to them they count for squat. Our biggest coaching change will rely on Goodwin’s willingness to listen and be flexible in his coaching
  4. This year he’s started to sook it up a bit too much when things haven’t gone his way on the footy field. Plus he has regressed over the past couple of years (apart from Trac who hasn’t?). Like I said, he can get bitter or get better. I’d like to see him adopt a more ‘if it has to be then it’s up to me’ attitude, instead of a ‘I cannot be [censored]’ attitude. This team is rife with it at the moment. Our best is good enough, they just can’t be arsed doing it for 4 quarters game on game. Clarry is definitely in this camp, and will have the biggest impact on team performance if he
  5. Clarry is becoming a little too petulant for my liking, and if he has been told some home truths which he doesn’t like, it says more about his attitude than anything else. Of course i don’t want to see him go, in fact that would just about be it for me, but Trac this time last year wasn’t happy, but instead of getting bitter he got better and put in a mountain of work over the off-season. Let’s see what Clayton is made of.
  6. 23 will also get pushed out to late 20’s after compo and bids are dished out
  7. To hell with a 45 goal/season forward. I want a 90 goal/season one. 😜
  8. You don’t want to make finals just to say you made it there, you’re there to win the flag.
  9. Neither would I. Clarry is on the verge of becoming an absolute A-grader. Keeping him is simply non-negotiable
  10. That could easily be amended to ‘no wife, happy life’ HFF 😋
  11. And nor should he. North are in for a world of hurt these next few years, and whatever mental ailments Rhyce has, the stress of being head coach would no doubt exacerbate such problems.
  12. Filth definitely brought out his inner bogan
  13. There needs to be a "shakes head in bemusement" emoji @Demonland
  14. They can take Goodwin off our hands if they want though.
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