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  1. God, don't tell me any of these 3 amigos umpired our Round 19 game against the Dogs.
  2. Volcano will be creaming his jeans over that Brownlow result.
  3. Mark Neeld comes back to haunt us?
  4. Who were the dumbar$e umpires in the Adelaide game? That polling is outrageous.
  5. Well if Weiderman wasn't offered a new contract by us, would Mitch Brown possibly get another 1 year deal as insurance should someone get injured next season?
  6. How do you know if you card is P2 or P3?
  7. Hey guys without reading through previous posts, is it just the numbers above the barcode or does the person asking need a photo of the back of your card with your name also included?
  8. Well that didn't take long. Kane Cornes has declared the Dogs will win the GF after they embarrassed that rabble team of his, Port. I'm sure, he has been on us all year right up until now.
  9. Not true. Dogs have to do 7 days as reported on Fox.
  10. Port should have played Geelong. We may have got a close game tonight 😂
  11. And is hoping for a new contract from Port. Good luck with that.
  12. Volkano will have some explaining to do for this pathetic performance. His love child Rozee is a dud
  13. Both teams had 20 scoring shots with the Dogs more accurate on the day.
  14. If l recall, last time we played Dogs we kicked innacurately & got within 4 points of them in the last before they kicked away. We can beat Dogs in 2 weeks just gotta take our chances.
  15. Port can blame the SA Chief Health Officer for p1ssing off Beveridge & firing up the Dogs for this outstanding performance.
  16. Libba looks like he's going to snot Drew in a minute.
  17. Amazing what you can create with a length of P50 pipe & some cableties. 😁
  18. I'd love Jones to be the sub in 2 weeks for a fairytale finish but Jayden Hunt would be stiff.
  19. I'm a self confessed Bowey lover😁
  20. We are going to kick our biggest score for the year!!!
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