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  1. Time to unleash The Kracken. Bring in the Weid.
  2. Never saw that. Perhaps you are right. Don't get upset, we shall see next week.
  3. We miss Viney in the centre bigtime.
  4. With Viney out why won't Goody put Brayshaw back in the middle where he played his best football? Seems an obvious move to me.
  5. If we have a free hit we should take it & appeal.
  6. Hope Frisch doesn't get suspended.
  7. The way Geelong had kicked for goal last night there was no guarantee Cameron would have kicked the goal anyway. Too bad, so sad😆
  8. Chris Scott looked like he'd just swallowed a [censored].
  9. That result makes our win over the Toigs all the more impressive.
  10. Would love to send a truck load of chicken poo down to Punt Road. 🤣
  11. Must be sooking it up big time over at Puntroadend. Hahaha.
  12. And sniffing, disgusting individual.😁
  13. Why can't Joel Smith play like this in the firsts? Looks very good down back.
  14. BB doesn't look to be troubled by his knee sprinting to the boundary just then.
  15. Whoever started that rumour about him going to Carltank needs to have a good hard look at themselves.
  16. That player clean out by The Filth is looking so good now. Hahaha.
  17. Jayden Hunt was awesome tonight. Should never put his hair in a ponytail again!
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