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    Guys, it hasn't been reported yet, but to show you how tough & committed to the cause that Aaron is, he suffered a triple fracture to his cheekbone early in the second quarter and despite blood trickling continually down the inside of his nose & throat he totally downplayed the knock and kept playing. Was even the only player to go in and remonstrate with Stratton after the crude knock on Weid. You can see why the Coaches & teammates love him in the side.
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    Don't your dare equate the unacceptable and abhorrent racial abuse leveled at indigenous people & people of colour to the names that you have been called. Many times you have baited posters on here and you have been given a lot more protection than others. I have discussed this with you privately and yet you continually take a swipes at me and the mods. Please don't let this thread get derailed by inserting yourself into a serious issue which has nothing to do with you. Demonland.com strongly condemns racism in all its forms. Comments like the one on the AFL's Twitter would have been dealt with promptly and the poster immediately banned.
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    I could easily write about the performance of our Hollywood midfield. But instead I am going to make special mention of Oscar McDonald. I've been incredibly hard on this kid but he's proved me wrong and making me eat humble pie. He's a complete different player and it's no coincidence that May and Lever are back to their best. Well done Oscar, you've shut me up for good. Kozzie and Jackson are going to be something else huh...
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    Just home from the game. A very small crowd but it had a big voice! I have lost mine. A special mention to Umpire 20, probably the second best for the Suns after Rankine. His calls on Langdon were what i will call politely "surprising". From my perspective the holding the ball calls were just impossible to understand. The Suns had a handful of unbelievable goals and were gifted a couple. We were the better side on the night. What you probably didn't see on TV was how hard Langdon worked to get to position and create options that were often not taken. Max and viney were immense. Just brilliant being there with a crowd that was just Dees supporters. A big thank you to the club.
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    I watched some of the second half through the fence, was difficult to see what was going on at times but saw Weid kick at least two, one from a smart lead and nice hit up by ANB and the other from a well judged contested mark. Harley Bennell looked a level above and looked as though he was barely trying. Skills and running patterns were elite. The other stand out for me was Kyle Dunkley who looked really good in the middle and in the clinches around the ground. Can't offer much more than that unfortunately, except that I stood in dog [censored] as I was walking back to my car.
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    To everyone - enjoy it. While it's only a win during a long season, smashing the Hawks by 7 goals is something you can't ignore. They have embarrassed us so many times over the last decade and now it's our time to start paying them back. Trac was sublime. Gawny stood up as captain and dominated all day. Viney and Oliver were awesome in the engine room Jackson was the right pick and was terrific. Our backline made them look ordinary, and they have been building to this for weeks now. Everything is starting to come together and it is exciting to watch. Go Dees!
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    That game from OMac was better than Smiths whole career output. Experiment done. OMac is no superstar, but he can shut down a tall and allows others like Lever and Hibberd to get free and intercept and provide drive. Similarly, Weid is no superstar but he provides a target and straightens us up. Always chimes in with a few goals too. We look much better with them both in the side.
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    Really pleased with OMac and Weed - both had question marks against them but have been great.
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    Undefeated when this bloke is in the team...
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    Thought O-Mac was terrific, and is the reason he was one of the core in 2018. He is never going to be a superstar, but his ball use is solid, he competes and allows others (Lever) to play their game. Enough with the temptations to play the more athletic Smith, I think O-Mac had Day for large parts of game who has been handy so far in 2020. I don’t think I heard his (Day’s) name. Well done Oscar
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    Here are a few more that I missed: "I have defended our footy department, our coaches and players my whole tenure but I can't defend that. How can you defend that? "I said at the start of the year we are absolutely going to be a club of no excuses. I don't want any excuses. I started to hear about a four day turnaround... Well we have been talking about how ready and fit we are. Don't talk about that, even as supporters." "The players understand what it means when you wear the Melbourne jumper and we have done a lot, even over the last few weeks on that. They completely trashed it last night and they need to address it and they need to take ownership of if. I can't play full forward. Perty can't play at centre half back. There is no excuse for anything but results."
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    Here are some of the choice words he used: "It was disgraceful. When you pull on a Melbourne jumper, we don't give them out in Weeties packets" "You have to show respect for the jumper and the fans, and apart from a few blokes last night, it was an insipid performance. It wasn't Melbourne-like and it won't be tolerated going forward" "We pride ourselves on a tough, competitive brand of footy and on providing entertainment in the way we play. We were on the right track in the last three weeks but that was as soft as butter" "Not everyone (was soft), but it's a numbers game and I was scratching my head as to what I was watching as I'm sure were so many Melbourne fans. It was so un-Melbourne like and I never want to see that again" He didn't pull any punches!
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    I watched the replay last night. The first replay i have watched all year and since our last win 2019. When we win, and play ok it is something i really enjoy. It is a different experience obviously but its funny when you know the result and there is not the emotion and fear of losing how you can see things differently. i posted my reflections on the game earlier in this thread so won't repeat those comments. But here are some random reflections from the replay: I though the commentary was bad when i watched it live but it was actually worse than i remembered. Really just a joke. The model of having head play by play caller (hudson) and two ex footy jocks in the box just talking to each other about their own opinions like they were at the pub (and providing zero useful analysis), with a boundary rider whose job is seemingly to get injury reports wrong and make wise cracks to each other is just ridiculous. Look at the EPL. One commentator. Who often doesn't talk and just lets the pictures tell the story. Or the socceroos coverage. Hill as the main caller - smart, erudite, knows the game inside out and has a good voice for calling a game augmented with an ex footballer who actually provides helpful input, analysis and responds to questions form Hill. And then at half time have the panel of footy jocks guffawing. Perfect. The commentary mess was summed up for me at one point when Lyon and Brown were banging on about tacos and red mist, repeating a conversation that had 10 times already whilst the ball was in play. Rankine did something or other and Hudson, the play by play caller, said whoa look at that - and then apologized for interrupting! Sheesh Traccs kicking was poor (really Lyon and Brown, do you need to point that out again!) but he played much better than i thought - so powerful in the contest. On the cusp of becoming a true A grader and surely will be AA this year And actually a couple of Tracc's kicks were not bad as gaddy and browny made out For example the one where he burst out of the centre and went to for goal rather than pass to weed. As his second goal showed he can easily kick 55 metres and he was on the run kicking from about 60 so it was shot he could have well made. He just didn't flush it. And i have been wanting to see him take more of those sort of shots I was surprised to read after the game that Harley had the equal highest score involvements but his influence on the game was more apparent watching the replay - his talent is so obvious that even if you had never watched a game of football it would be evident. Uses his body beautifully, knows where to be and has that skill that only the best players in any team sport has - an ability to know what is around him, as evidenced by some of his handballs At the risk of banging on about brown and gaddy one those handballs was to max and they knocked him for being too hollywood and used it as an example of the team transferring pressure. Live i thought that seemed a bit tough and on the replay it was evident it was just nonsense. Harley was hot, if tackled he risks a free against and a shot on goal. He hits gawn perfectly but rather than take the ball Maxy decides to thump it forward. Which was max's error not Harley''s Two bits of plays summed up perfectly what Harley brings to the team (and what we have been sorely missing): Winning a one on one contest on the HFF, finding space and kicking the ball 50 plus metres on his non preferred foot to the forwards advantage to set up Weeds first goal The second, and more critical involvement, was his handball receive hard on the boundary on the wing, running 15 odd metres, balancing up and kicking with enough penetration and depth to get over the back of the contest giving hannan a good chance of marking it (and the suns players no chance - how often this year has the defender marked in that exact scenario?) but when he didn't, be able to run on to it and set up Weeds second goal. A goal that arguably won us the game No disrespect to any player who has played in the interim but Harley is in my opinion the most talented player that has played at the demons since Robbie retired. Hard to overstate the importance of Harley i reckon. If he stays fit and plays for most of the season we are a chance of making finals. If not i doubt we will. Melksham was better. Even though he did not have a stand out game the most important thing from my perspective there was none of the selfishness that has been so evident this year. Good move by goody to get him up higher and in the play. I''m really pleased he was better as we simply can't afford to have player with his skill and talent available but not playing seniors Lever was also better and great to see him involved more. Really like him playing higher as it plays to his strengths and he becomes a threat not a negator. Another good move by goody Interestingly in the radio interview with max he mentioned, i think (it was quick) that Lever and Melksham were added to the leadership group last week. If that is the case another good move from the club as the proof was in the pudding with their games In that interview Slobbo specifically asks about the influence of Omac - fascinating response I was perplexed by the decision to drop him as, as i pointed out prior to the blues games i think Omac is critical from a structural perspective, in particular his role of last line sweeper (a very tricky role - as noted elsewhere maxy said he is the best reader of the play in the team - a key skill for that sweeper role). However it is easy to be critical of the decision to drop him. But it may well have been a very clever decision by Goody and as shocking as it might seem Goody might have known things fans didn't. Maxy said something quite revealing - that omac is very important for the team, that the role he plays is super important, particularly in terms of allowing May and Lever to be more damaging. But that Omac also has to perform. I suspect goody and perhaps the leadership team put the acid on Oscar to say you are better than a journeyman and role player and we expect to see it. We need to see it. And that Goody reinforced this message in the tried and true way by dropping him and making it clear he was no lock to come back into the side. True or not Omac, as many Demonlanders have noted, played with much more confidence and much more aggression. Perhaps it is my rampant Omac confirmation bias but to my eye he also looked a bit quicker. King out marked him on the lead a couple of times but he is quick and omac was right on his tail. There has been a lot of talk about the back line for the last 2-3 years, but by in large the focus has been on our bigs. But as i have noted a few times over that period the real issue we have down back is not that the opposition bigs get on top of us, it is the small and medium forwards that hurt us. And again that was the case against the suns. The Suns only took 4 marks inside 50 (remarkably we took 12) and King and Day had almost no influence on the game - ironically Kings one goal was from a crumb. Eight of their nine goals were kicked by small or mediums - Rankine, Ellis, Fioroni and Weller. We need to sort this issue.
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    Went down and peered through the cyclone wire fence on Punt Road. Got there early in 2nd quarter. I’m not a training reporter like the more storied contributors here, but in the absence of other reports I guess it’s better than nothing. It was a relatively free flowing affair, not with the same level of contested-ness as you would see in a game for points. However, individual contests for a contested ball were still fought keenly. They seemed to have a “time out” in the middle of each quarter for a quick huddle with coaches. Richmond had Soldo, Pickett, Stack and Bolton going through the midfield, which is a high quality outfit at VFL level, and is worth bearing in mind when assessing the form of our mids. Harley was in another postcode in terms of class as he roamed the field getting possessions at will, having loads of time and using the ball well. A pleasure to watch. When I got there LJ was doing the rucking, and Preuss was forward with Weid; Preuss didn’t play after half time, and Oscar came on. Brown was playing in the backline early, then went forward after half time. Bradtke was in the ruck in the 2nd half. The best bit was that while Soldo and co pretty much monstered our rucks, our mids were excellent. JJ was in great form - good in the contest, working hard on the spread and smart and precise in delivery; went to half back later in the game. Dunkley also very good, with similar comments to the ones on JJ. Oskar Baker seemed to work his way into the game well after being quiet when I first arrived. Tom Sparrow was busy, and Corey Wagner was useful, including a purple patch where he was finding it, linking and breaking lines - several score assists. Nev was Nev and Nibbler was NIbbler, both being good contributors; Spargo was quiet from what I could see. Bradtke was at a disadvantage strength-wise against Soldo but he is good at ground level. Brown and Weid kicked a few each as I recall. Neither was dominant, but Weid was useful and provided a mobile target in an open game; there were intermittent showers, so the ball was not ideal for marking forwards. LJ was also a forward target in 2nd half, and was good at ground level on the occasions he was in the play. As I said, best bits were Harley and the mids in general, especially the young ones. And their head to head performance against more experienced opponents was excellent.
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    Dropping Oscar doesn’t make sense to me, thought with him the team it allowed May and Lever to play their roles a lot better
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    Terrific win. Yes we made any number of skill errors and poor decisions. But we got the job done. Top Rankine had a shot at goal that would have given them the lead with not that many minutes left and they had the momentum. We worked hard to arrest that momentum and critically scored against the flow, which is what good teams do. A three goal win is about what we deserved given we were the better side for most of the match. And a three goal win (in a game with 16 minute quarters) is nothing to sneeze at in a match that was even in the betting, meaning we beat our line by 18 points. I was furious after the blues win, not even relieved. After this win i feel both relieved and pleased. Incomparable. We were so much better that we were in the blues game and we played a much better team. Credit where credit is due for goody: in terms of selection he made the changes he needed to (though it is ironic that we ended up playing small forward line anyway) tactically we slowed things down a bit and looked for the kick on the angle much more and went down the line much less he made some interesting positional moves - Salem playing higher, Melksham the same, Max pushing back and May forward late i reckon he got in Weeds ear as he was much improved after half time in terms of intensity and defensive work. also clearly the message about looking for the right option inside 50 was heeded (if they miss a target so be it but that is so much better than kicking it to an out number) Maxy was huge as was Viney. That is leadership. I loved Oliver's effort if not his execution. I thought Weed slotting his two goals was huge. Great for his confidence after that miss last year in the Alice. VDB got the memo about impact players needing to have an impact and his tackling was a massive factor in that last quarter. Some very sore Suns boys And our second last goal was simply brilliant, on a few levels - Oliver making the right decision not to go long (which given the circumstances he would have been well within his rights to so), but instead choosing the hit up to Trac. The decision was the important thing but of course brilliant for him that he hit his target. And trac took a good strong mark and i loved that after a simply woeful kicking game he never looked like trying to give it off or look for a pass and instead took the responsibility. Again the decision making was what was most important. The fact that he executed was also brilliant, but in some ways a bonus. But obviously great for him to nail it in terms of his confidence. The last goal was fun. Clever kick by Kozzie (who i reckon would have been a bit challenged to be put in the shade by top Rankin, who played much the same role) And of course Harley was never going to miss it. He has such an economical, tight kicking action- it reminds me Wattsy's action. Unlike Tracc, very few moving parts. He didn't have an outstanding game but his class and balance shone. And how magnificent was the passion and emotion after he slotted it and the boys getting around him. This team is not going though the motions On that last point one of the players in the huddle who hugged Harley was a clearly emotional Hibberd (who was terrific again), as he was after kicking his goal and kissing his arm band and pointing to the sky in tribute to his brother (who by all accounts he was incredibly close with, his closest mate). It gave me a lump in my throat and reminded me that this is just a game. I was going to post some negatives but happy Garry Baker avatar told me leave it 'till tomorrow and enjoy the positives and the win for what it was. He also reckons i should watch the Goody presser now and enjoy Goody's sly smile and likely repeated reference to Melbourne footy and i think i'll take both bits of sage advice.
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    I love Melbourne. I love you. I love a win. It was one of the most frustrating games to watch in among some good footy and in among some horror football. But the last two minutes summed it up for me. The new Trac, kicking the sealer. Lever and May taking big marks when we needed it. Then Viney boots it forward to Kozzie who shows maturity in kicking in to Harley. Love it. There is still so much to work on but we won away from home against a side playing good footy. Love it.
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    Goodwin banged on that Harley needed to work on his defensive pressure. Melksham 3 disposal 0 tackled Hunt 4 disposal 4 disposal 1 tackle.. We are a garbage football club. Something is rotting at the football club. We have the talent on paper, but our coaching is a shambles.
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    A lot of threads complaining about the umpiring yesterday but I thought this really deserves its own one as it's a huge issue and was a big reason why we lost the game. And it happens week in and week out. It's the 'pre-tackle' where a player second to the ball starts his tackle early and isn't penalised. Gawn's ruck dominance is completely squandered. 4 out of the 5 centre bounces in the first quarter involved Brisbane players grabbing hold of us before we were first to the ball. (The 5th was won by Harmes who was caught fair and square). Petracca, Viney, Viney, Oliver all just grabbed before they get hands on the ball which makes it very difficult to get off a clean disposal. In the 2nd quarter it's Petracca with the saddle on and Oliver completely wrapped up. Carlton have put the word in to the AFL about the treatment of Cripps. I think we have to ask the question about why Gawn dominated and our mids got first hands on the ball but we were smashed in the clearances. Part of it is our fault but we're also getting no reward for being first to the ball.
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    Smashing Hawthorn makes the apocalypse feel way better. Oscar has come in and said listen [censored], don’t listen to what Simon says, this is my world and this is how you’re setting up. Petrecca is something else. The balance and movement plus explosion stands out likes dogs balls in an era of ugly footy. Really bringing the joy back for me. Gawn took the [censored] all day. Oliver and Viney were a driving force. Bullies. Brayshaw half good half awful. Which one is really him? Jackson played a better game than Tomald has for 12 months. Promising stuff. Bennell and Kozzie also played really well up forward. So good to see Weed making a difference. And Langdon played like what Scully should’ve become. Speaking of Scully, best part was when a 200 kilo Italian ran away from him like he wasn’t there.
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    Can't believe the amount of criticisms of Petracca's game. Sure he had an 'airey' in the goal square but for the rest of the game: 25 Disposals - Best Demon 14 Handballs - Best Demon 6 Clearances - 2nd Best Demon (Oliver 8 ) 5 Unontested Marks - Equal Best Demon with Lever 15 Contested Possessions - Best Demon 11 Uncontested Possesions - 2nd Best Demon (Langdon 15) 3 Marks i50 - Best Demon 5 Score Involvements - Equal 2nd Best Demon with Oliver (Bennell and Gawn 6) 2 goals (Equal Best with Weideman and Fritsch). There is no count of how often he broke a tackle but it was a lot. Rarely gets caught HTB; the ops just can't pin him down. Stats aren't the only thing. His was a high impact performance. The best midfielder for mine. And, he showed great leadership to wind down the clock before his last goal. Settled the team. I know people have their favourites and I also love Oliver and Viney but some folks are wearing blinkers if they can't see how good Petracca's game was.
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    Hibbered and Tracca were the only positives. And an even special shout out to Hibbo. Bloke has been through the hell the past 3 months and his last 2 weeks have been fantastic. Lever, Smith, Oliver, Viney, Hunt, Melksham can all GAGF
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    Look at this... Viney with the ball kicking inside 50. Left to right he has Hunt running to space, McDonald on his own with no one near him and Langdon on his own with no one near him. Where does it go? Long bomb to Fritsch in a 1v3 That not a problem with the forward structure. It's just taking the wrong option when going inside 50. Much as I like Viney, he is one of the worst offenders.
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    I'm not one for going over the top. I like to think I'm relatively measured in my responses. But there was something deeply, deeply concerning about tonight's game. It was almost like a car crash that you couldn't look away from. Every time I went to turn it off I couldn't bring myself to do it. I had to keep watching. Just what in the world was going on here? While we can blame the players and their skills and decision making, this one was lost in the box more than anything. Goody is a very stubborn bugger and tonight it showed. Example one - why, in such slippery conditions, would you play three tall forwards? What was he hoping to achieve? Was he trying to keep Tom happy by playing him? Did he just think our bombing tactics would work no matter what? By playing three talls, two of which are awful at ground level, he took away our pressure game somewhat and we got smashed when the ball hit the deck. Too often Port waltzed it out and made us look silly going the other way. It was a dumb, dumb decision. Example two - favourtism. While I think some players get a run over others sometimes based on their skills and what they can bring to the side, he has stuck by too many for too long and I can't work out why. Melksham stunk it up again. Brayshaw had just 11 touches. Hannan had no influence again. Jones looks absolutely cooked. By playing a few of these guys our team is totally out of whack. He is happy to cut someone like Tomlinson, who was no worse than those mentioned above, but he sticks by others who are in the same boat or worse. Why? What does he have to gain from it? It sends a horrible message. Example three - the gameplan. Now, our players can take some responsibility here. Their skills and decision making under pressure can be catastrophic. But good sides work us out and we have no comeback for it. For not the first time in Goodwin's time as coach, we went goalless in a quarter while having an absolute bucket load of inside 50s. We had heaps and didn't look like scoring from one. We kick to the wrong places, our forwards don't lead enough and we don't get enough numbers around the ball to keep it in there. He might have changed the personnel a little, but the game plan remains the same. It looks poor and we are our own worst enemy. I'm hurting, like you all are, tonight. I'm not going to call for Goodwin to be sacked, or to fling [censored] everywhere, but tonight was one of the worst performances we have put in for a long time. Some might say the four day break hurt, but Port had one extra day plus travel and they had to deal with injuries. We had to do neither. I'm really worried right now about the direction of the club under Goodwin, and for the first time under his coaching, I'm not sure he can get us out of it.
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    An absolute disgrace. Stripped all the enjoyment from the two wins and the half-decent game vs Brisbane, and replaced it with that feeling of dread and anger that we're all too familiar with. But somehow my anger at the club is being rivalled by my anger at some of the posting here. People getting stuck into Jackson and Pickett, who have played like 11 games between them, or calling out Lever when we was probably our best, or asking Goodwin to make changes on the field. The problems on show tonight are long-standing deep seated problems that we all know about, and they're not drafting, nor are they kids. The way we play is wholly dependent on winning CPs and clearances. When we don't win them, we cannot win. We require high level intensity at the coalface and across the ground. If it falls apart, we have nothing else. We want to play an aggressive forward half game but that doesn't work when you turn it over, and we turn it over an unacceptable amount. And we have a crop of leaders who disappear when we need them and fail to lift or improve us. So let's stop potting our first year players and put the blowtorch where it belongs: on Gawn, Oliver, Brayshaw, Viney, Harmes, Salem, Jones, TMac and Melksham. And on Goodwin, for his continued inability to stem the tide or make any permanent inroads into our failures.
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    Beat some decent teams consistently before talking like this I am so tired of potential. The team we beat on sunday have won 12 Flags in 50 years This team has got the potential to beat Brisbane next week That is all we should be concentrating on
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    Harsh. Was a very good player before his foot injury crippled him.
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    In unrelated good news changes I've made on the backend of Demonland are holding up postgame.
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    Question paraphrased: Can the issues be fixed and can they be fixed quickly? Jennings answer: It's a 30 second fix. That's just pure strategy and match day coaching. Pretty damning assessment of Goodwin right there!
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    Scathing alright. Never seen him react this way before. I am also glad that internally they're fuming big time.
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    I truly wish I never got into footy as a youngster, I really could’ve done without the misery this club has put me through over the years
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    Can someone shut down that weightman is better than kozzy thread ASAP. Everytime kossy gets his hands on the ball i wet myself. He offers so much more than weightman, i'm really glad we picked him up. The great legacy of the 36 lives on!!!
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    Obviously our best game since the 2018 SF. We won all four quarters. We weathered their initial storm, then we weathered their early third quarter pressure. Weideman growing with confidence (would have loved him to kick that final goal). IMO a clear tick for the two tall forwards gameplan. Gawn unbelievable, Petracca likewise. Our defensive zone is clearly working: sides are struggling to score against us provided we don't turn it over. OMac, Lever and May all worked well together again, can't deny that trio is working well. Langdon has been great all year and the more we learn how to use his gut running and space-saving on the wing, the better we get. I haven't enjoyed footy this much since 2018. Hawthorn might be a bottom 4 side this year but we outplayed them like a finals side should.
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    The clubs working hard to stay afloat, we’ve had new sponsors sign during difficult times and implemented the proud to belong campaign requiring supporters to dig into their own pockets. Everyone is buying in except for the players. Bartlett and Co. are rightly [censored].
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    Very harsh on Lockhart. He was actually pretty good tonight. Secured his spot for next week.
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    Tough on the travel for us but harder for our opponents. Rd 9 vs Port Adelaide sees us not travelling coming off a 4 day break. Port get a 5 day break but travelling from Adelaide. I'd say this is about even. Rd 10 vs Adelaide see us travelling to Adelaide off a 6 day break. Adelaide are coming off a 4 day break travelling from Brisbane. Win for us. Rd 11 vs North sees us travelling to Tasmania off a 4 day break. North are coming off a 4 day break travelling from Brisbane. I'd say this is par noting the flight is fairly similar. Rd 12 vs Pies sees us travelling to Brisbane off a 6 day break. Pies are coming off a 4 day break travelling from Adelaide. Win for us. So two pars and a coupla birdies. We definitely can't whinge at this fixture imo.
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    Special mention to the NSW Dees supporters, do not know the attendance at the game but sounded like a Pro Dees crowd. Great to hear the barracking from the side lines in these strange times.
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    Its honestly mystifying that it took until last week for the coaches to play Weideman. Our structure looks so much better with him crashing packs and clunking marks. Great to see him get on the end of a few goals. Probably should've finished with five. Also....Luke Jackson: 14 touches, three marks (two contested), three tackles and a goal in just his second game. Early days, but Action Jackson looks super impressive.
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    I am more of an observer these days of Demonland. Living as far away as I do and taking on other responsibilities means that I haven't been able to follow football or engage in fan communities as much as I did. However, reading this thread, I feel compelled to respond to some of the comments as I am genuinely flabbergasted by many of them. I'd like to add some perspective to contest the idea that racism is essentially a contest of that says whichever person/nationality who is perceived to have made the most provocative remark, made the grossest assumption or took the most aggressive positioning in a debate is the 'real' racist(s). I need to say straight away that I am not the font of all knowledge on this topic, and can NOT say I can completely relate to the experience of Black people. Quite bluntly, I think that this conversation also should actually have someone actively identifying as Black in it as the vilification of a Black man is what most of it has revolved around (and my apologies anyone on here who fits that description who I have overlooked). It seems that it's mostly non black people sounding off and the people affected can not speak for themselves. However, I think that I can add something to the discussion based on my own experience as it relates to an earlier post. This will be long, but there is a point if you are prepared to read through it. It was mentioned by @Grr-owl that he has encountered racist thinking during his years lived overseas. As a white male who has lived in Japan for 10 years now, I will agree that one will encounter stereotyped thinking that can be presumptuous and on occasion demeaning to one as a person. I have had a range of things said and done to me over the years ranging from: △ having a waiter at a pasta restaurant that I was on a date at be told by said date that I would order the bolognaise sauce because 'I was a foreigner' 🤨 △ being asked if I ate 'kangaroos' on my first day at work in my first year in the country 😳  △being asked to leave a pizza restaurant because of my close cropped hair cut (there had been drunk US servicemen who had trashed the place previously at that venue)🤬, △ condescending comments about how it's amazing I can speak Japanese at all (despite living a quarter of my life here) and can use chopsticks (imagine the reaction you'd get if you praised ANY nationality for being able to use a knife, fork or spoon) 🙄 △ being told to tell a group of students I was 'looking for a girlfriend' despite telling the teacher involved I am happily married (there is a stereotype among some that every foreigner is some type of hypersexualized skirt chaser)🙁 My experience is not an isolated one. Many a Western expat will tell you 100 different stories about the stuff they hear from locals and the comments they make about western gaijin (foreigners). However, one of these comments that caught my eye came on a Facebook comments section when someone wrote something in a thread regarding some of the goofy s*** they hear in their day to day life in Japan. It was 'now know what it was like to be a black man in the USA'. My response to that (and apologies to @Demonland for the censored semi-fruity language, but this does make me genuinely frustrated and angry): Are you forking kidding me? By the sounds of what I wrote above, some might come to the conclusion that this poster was vindicated in that statement. Indeed, taken without a broader context in mind it would seem to be completely validated. However, one needs to actually look at systemic racism to actually realize that racism isn't just a case of the perpetually offended yet privileged screaming 'They called me a terrible name related to my race. That's racist (ergo my suffering is no different to Black people, indigenous peoples or persecuted religious minorities)!' Historical context and societal frameworks, and the zeitgeist one is born into is the determining factor. To make my point clearer, I'd like to revisit the example of Japan. Do I and other white guys encounter unenlightened attitudes? Make no mistake about it, we do. However, I would then pose to the reader this question: How should I compare the treatment Anglo-Saxon males (many who actively CHOSE to come here and can leave any time they like) get compared to ethnic Koreans in Japan? Theywere brought over as slave labor during WW2, their women were used as sex slaves by the Japanese military (which still is not properly acknowledged by many in the Japanese government even today as many of those political big wigs had relatives make tidy profits off the work that was performed), their country's heritage was nearly wiped out when the Japanese military government moved in, took over most of their businesses and forced schools to teach Japanese language. With that being the case, one might have considered that there may have been some attempt at rapprochement (ala Germany) with those ethnic Koreans who stayed in Japan after the war rather than go back to a devastated and now unfamiliar home land (itself about to confront yet another war) or those born to ethnically Korean parents during the imperial/militarist era. However, the constitution was set up to ensure that all benefits in the post war constitution went to the 'Japanese people', which in this country is defined purely by bloodline. This essentially guaranteed that ethnic Koreans here were basically stripped of the citizenship rights to someone ethnically Japanese born in this country (and in some cases, not born here). Not only did they not get the right to vote, they were excluded from the government run social welfare and medical programs the government implemented and had to turn up at their local city office to be fingerprinted up until 1993. With no access to the type of establishment connections and social capital that generations of Japanese families had, they were forced to live in the most run down parts of town and work in either hospitality, pachinko (gambling parlors), selling food on the street or in the Yakuza (one of the few societal groups open to most regardless of nationality). It goes without saying that a plurality of those jobs at best aren't deemed as prestigious and the other have a stigma attached to them. At worst, they were a cause of shame and caused many here to consider them societal debris. Hence, when they had to turn up at the city office to have their fingerprints taken, many ethnic Koreans were outing themselves (many often used the name given to them by the Japanese government) and subjected themselves to the contempt and harassment of their neighbors. In addition to this, ethnic Koreans still receive verbalized discrimination and prejudice quite regularly (which appears to me to have been defined as some as being the only recognized form of racism that exists) to this day. The Japanese extreme right wing regularly target Korean schools (which receive no funding from the Japanese government to the point they often have to rely on the DPRK government for funds) to the point where certain schools have had to close due to online and in person harassment campaigns. A coworker of mine once told me her school life was accompanied by constant taunts of being dirty and a North Korean collaborator by passers by as she went to school in her traditional Korean school uniform. Hell, two years in a row before the local festival in my little country town, the guy who hosts a local get together of locals that I was lucky enough to be invited to spent copious amounts of time convincing me that Korean gang members are taking over Sydney because of what his Japanese tour guide told him on a trip to said city. As an Aussie, this was news to me. With all of what I just wrote in mind, who do you think has the right to feel that their existence is more threatened when they are racially slurred? The person who came over here voluntarily and lives with the warts and all of Japan's ad hoc approach to diversity? Or the person whose life story is intertwined with the story outlined above? It's absolutely vulgar and offensive to intimate to me that occasionally naive yet discriminatory and offensive statements are the moral equivalent to rhetoric that is often employed to justify societal oppression of those marginalized (as I can guarantee has been the case in the Korean example I raised as well). Now, team that up with what @binman so eloquently summed up before. When someone like Stefan Molyneux peddles phrenology and race science, are people angry because he is simply being 'mean and offensive'? No. it's because that kind of slander was used to keep African Americans in their subservient position due to them being 'genetically, intellectually and morally inferior. When Heritier Lumumba becomes offended at being nicknamed 'Chimp' is it because he is a thin skinned, agenda driven zealot? No. It's because Africans were compared to monkeys and viewed as less worthy of citizenship rights (it was a consistently used slur by the French during the colonial period in Africa, and black men were actually displayed in zoos up until 1906). Are ethnic Koreans just a pack of snowflakes when one kills themselves as what happened in one case where one was bullied by their classmates so relentlessly and told that they stink of kimchi and they should commit suicide? No. It's because that rhetoric has also been used to deny them their rights and in many cases deny them jobs. History, context and current sociological status DO matter, and it's disingenuous to pretend otherwise. P.S. I would recommend that people on here read 'Where to From Here? Chaos or Community?' by Martin Luther King, 'Bury the Chains' by Adam Hochschild and 'The New Jim Crow' by Michelle Alexander to see if being called a honky on the internet is as egregious a slur as being part of a marginalized community being disparaged. P.P.S. Did I mention that indigenous people had their land taken from them and African Americans (and Haitians and Jamaicans) were brought to their new homelands in chains? Just thought I'd mention that if it wasn't mentioned elsewhere.
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    Invasion. Terra Nullis - an empty land, no humans. No treaty. Colonization. Not recognizing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the constitution Stealing peoples land. Making fortunes (that exist to this day) from that stolen land State sanctioned massacres. Non state sanctioned massacres not punished. No recognition of ownership of land of the first people for 200 plus years Official government policy of genocide that lasted (scarcely believably) well into the 20th century. Forcible removal of children from their families as part of the policy of genocide Forcing children into slavery to look after white people's children and their homes Deaths in custody - and doing nothing about it Locking up Aboriginal children and their fathers at obscenely disproportionate rates Official government White Australia Policy (the name says it all) that was only replaced well past the mid point of the 20th century The first people not being able to vote in their own country until 1967. I repeat 1967. Mandatory detention and dehumanizing of 'boat people' as wildly popular government policy (and the lack of awareness of the irony of such a policy) Vilification of young Australians whose parents escaped war in Africa The One Nation Party and it increasing popularity as reflected at the last federal election A mining company legally blowing up caves that showed evidence of human occupation for 10s of thousands of years. The popularity of peanuts like Bolt and Sam Newman I could go on. To say Australia is not a racist county is patently false. And a common delusion that ensures we remain so.
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    Injury stuff aside, which is further proof of his toughness (although he is lucky he didn't injure himself further), I love having Vanders in the side. Yes, he isn't the best user of the footy in the side, and he doesn't necessarily rack up the big numbers. But you get the feeling he is the sort of player who can make others walk taller. He is one of the best tacklers in the side and he makes the opposition hurt. You wouldn't want him running at your from the other way. As he continues to get back to full fitness, he can be a real weapon for us who will fly under the radar while the more 'sexy' players take the spotlight. It's a credit to him that he is beginning to reap the rewards from the hard yards he has put in to get back into the side, and a credit to the club for sticking by him.
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    Hate this sort of rubbish, King didn't play a senior game until round 9 last year. So was not ready to go, then in his first 2 games had a grand total of 10 possessions,1 mark, 1 tackle and 0 goals. He kept his sport purely because Gold Coast had no-one else, since then he's come on a little but he's no star at the moment (certainly has potential to be). Don't see any need to pot Jackson because he's a young kid who hasn't set the world on fire 5 rounds into the season, when you're comparison player hadn't even played a game by the same stage.
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    I reckon we are in good shape for a tilt at the flag this year and here are my reasons; 1. Eight matches into round 5 we are sitting at 1-3. Improve our composure in forward half and we are likely to find ourselves at 3-3 by the end of round 6. 2. Our list is fit, with no injuries to our best 33 players. The expected compressed fixture will work in our favour with ability to back up matches every 4-5 days through fitness and ability to rest and rotate players across all lines. 3. Our contest work is a real strength and much better than last season. Defensively we are holding up well and despite some poor discipline re being switched on we are keeping teams to a low score. 4. Our ball use can be addressed through our team playing together more, playing more than two matches in a row tweaking game style and bringing in better ball users, e.g. Harley Bennell and Nathan Jones. 5. Goodwin's management style is very much process based, we saw this in 2018 where once we got going we were the most dominant team for decent parts of the season. The next 4-5 weeks will tell us alot. I'm confident we can turn things around and be at 6-4 heading into the last 7 rounds.
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    A white bloke claiming to understand the lifelong impact of systemic racism is like blokes saying they understand child birth. They don’t. We don’t. We can’t possibly. Be an ally, be compassionate, and call out racism, sexism, and all the other isms, but don’t say you understand it. You don’t.
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    Why would you even say this dross..? Enjoy the win. Ffs
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    How lovely it was to come on to the site after a pretty deflating loss, and find this thread. Lovely in the fact that there is no anger, just acceptance of the inevitable of the cycle of this club. I cannot be bothered to dissect individual players, critique Goodwin and the FD, or even analyse the game plan. It genuinely genuinely genuinely feels like we've gone back 8 years. Not that anyone knows me, or care really, but I'm opting out of the rest of the season, and the reason I am expressing this, is that I dare say I will not be the only one. Are we at our lowest ebb? Probably not, but jeez, as a country member who has only a few links to the Melbourne City itself... I seriously need to ask myself why would I choose to continue to fund an entity that gives very very little joy.
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    The positive (note the singular): A big shout out to Michael Hibberd. The guy is under way more duress than any other player in the team and still managed to shine.
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