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  1. Only seem a little of him, 1 game and preseason games, but didn't make an impact after 2 years, so I would say no.
  2. Is this his partner or a "date" a lot of boys go with a model if they don't have a partner etc Always a glamorous lady who wants to go out for thew evening and get some publicity.
  3. Terrible game, eps. saints kicking at goal, robbed themselves of any chance. But you can see from the outset they could not handle the pressure that tigers bought to the game, could not adjust to the higher tempo as a team.
  4. For his development he needs to work with those setting the top standard at the club, people like Gawn, viney Trac seem to standout in clicking what it takes to be successful consistently in preparation and effort on the field (There are likely more but thats what standouts from the outside), help build that high demand culture of success in everything.
  5. Read Sydney has really gone cold on the deal from last year. Interesting to see where he ends up.
  6. Unfortunately I have to agree unless TMac can somehow fix whatever is wrong with himself physically, as watching him this year it's not mental. He want to contribute but his body wont follow his brain. I'm also under the assumption it wont be fixed for next year in any meaningful way and therefore we need a decent 2nd forward now. Whether that is Brown? Other than Cameron what other proven goal kicker is on the market?
  7. Yep, there are heaps in Perth...
  8. I'd be very happy with a Port v Brisse GF. As for other comments on Brisse getting a great run at it this year, take every advantage you can. None of it was their doing, blame covid. They still had to win games which they have done for 2 years now. They have a clear system they play to, we don't, we did for 1 season and then they changes the rules and it broke.
  9. Lions trying to be too cute at times, but controlling it well this qtr...
  10. Difference in tigers positioning around the ball, so organised and impressive. Great game to watch.
  11. They new they didn't have the class required and went and found it, good draft year. Great list management. Man if i was the hawks looking at Wingard's effort and then how Burton is developing, I would think they are way on the wrong side of that ledger in term of outcomes for them. Burton was great in his first final.
  12. I'm sure the club was working on this, having come back from different injuries it takes time to get confidence back.
  13. Unfortunate as I had hoped a longer career with us. Maybe the expectation of what was required to succeed by MFC standards (AFL today) in training, by burgo and co, was beyond what he wanted to commit too. If all his development at was GC, they may not have pushed him due to his natural talent. Bit like May when he first arrived, who did adjust to the higher standards and now reaping the rewards. If covid had not happened it may have been different, I'm sure at home point we'll hear something. But good luck to him and the family.
  14. As others have said, it is quick controlled ball movement. If you are moving the ball with little contest, your side looks quicker than the opposition as they are chasing trying to cover positions. Leg speed allows you too close or break from a contest. Skills to efficiently move the ball quickly is better than outright speed across a whole team. (Yes you seem speedsters mixed in) A game plan where everyone knows where the ball is going to go, really helps too, as they can move to position before the opposition know.
  15. Watching this year, a dominant centre ruckman has not had the same impact across most clubs (Another connection we need to fix) compared to previous years. But they ruckman get banged up pretty bad, the shorter breaks may be a factor in their decline in impact. GWS seems the obvious suitor as they need a semi decent ruck, as their two have really failed this year. Happy to keep him, but suited only to rucking on the field. I guess they see Tomlinson as a possible backup since he hasn't flourished on the wing. Or we can pluck a mature age one from a league somewhere with a late
  16. Never met her in person based I what I have seen on tv/media (Limited), her insights during games on tv, leadership for the women and her interviews, i would rate her highly.
  17. As long as we are learning and improving faster than other teams...
  18. Recruited later than most, obviously took time to mature and work out how to be successful at AFL. I gather some of that development happened at Subi. has they tend to have a mature side compared to other wafl clubs.
  19. Been for a swim in Antarctica in my boardies, does that count? Felt pretty warm when I got out of the water :)
  20. that's what they said, dropping later. just need to fix up their fwd 50
  21. positive start by dockers, dogs look a bit nervous.
  22. Why are they losing their forwards! He does get in Hogan's way a lot.
  23. We have simply dropped the intensity and thought it was game over...
  24. Dont see any value in Saad... no upgrade on what we have
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