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  1. Menstration is a significant risk to injury. Went to a PD with eagles aflw team. (I coach junior girls) first day of period is the worst for injury, they do adjust demands on players to accomodate, yes in a game it’s harder. The period leads to softening of ligaments, amongst other effects. They also showed how it affects energy levels and performance over the cycle. Very interesting. They track the data and use energy peaks in the cycle to push development hard then ease off in other parts.
  2. Excuse my French, but who gives a [censored] about 186, we just won the GF…
  3. Thank you, I'll check it out.
  4. The most annoying feature of kayo is when you join the telecast after it has started (usually out doing kids stuff) and it puts the bloody score at the top of the screen. I have to block that part of the screen with my hand so I don't see it. Does the same with the big bash games. Otherwise best thing for me in WA, can see every game on the big tv and not have to pay for all that other Foxtel crap.
  5. Interestingly leading up to and after the GF, he was the focus of all the media for the bulldogs (Mostly likely by his flowing hair). The interest in him was intense, and that included his online activities. Not sure if its related, but wishing him the best and quick return to footy.
  6. As a rookie to see if he has the character in our environment. But in his current environment, he looks like a player that has not clicked to what is required beyond talent.
  7. I believe there is a large latent supporter base that has been out there but not active. In WA now I see kids wearing their Dee's jumpers to shops now, that didn't happen before. So we should see an active upswing. Giving away memberships is not a bad strategy. Membership is worth more than what we pay for them to the club. Like frequent flyers (Huge $ value for Qantas) is a known market that business can tap into. The argument is do we have really cheap membership and huge numbers or use them as a income stream as we currently do.
  8. How would having him change our structure maybe for the worse given how it turned out? He made his choice and I'm sure it more than a footy decision giving the stage of his career.
  9. Biggest non-football factor is on injuries and consistent message from the coaching staff. The coaching staff have managed to shoot the mindset of the players to a selfless games and how has it changed the team.
  10. There's me. Last arm holding the phone above the cup :) (The bald head guy below my arm was a dickers supporter) Hopefully everyone had a good day today.
  11. Thought the same, but he said in the interview the signal cut out, and it was when they handed him that phone he got the news. You see his excitement at that point.
  12. While I can't go, I got the email to buy tickets to the event today, an 1.5 hr after the tickets went on sale. Heard other people weren't getting email, that is pretty poor by whoever was contacting members. Hopefully everyone got their ticket and its a great experience.
  13. Omens, we had so many last year, I don't think they'll ever be topped!
  14. Jag would have been really happy with their exposure, not being in the media, but I wonder what the $ value of the exposure is compared to what they paid for the sponsorship. As for jag/landrover leaving. I doubt it they have a very lucrative segment of the market here, No shortage of land/range rovers in Perth (assume the same around most cities), plus a bit of a waiting list for their new defender model I hear. (The quality is far better than it once was, and they are owned by Tatar (Indian car company))
  15. I think this is great event to stop clubs screwing around with players. They'll think twice about doing that with a required player as the ice has been broken on how to pinch these players.
  16. Interesting on the digital membership. The physical one's are important for junior members, my son loves getting his and showing it off.
  17. When I saw the title, I was actaully thinking haircuts... there are some shockers.
  18. Is it the case of: Clarkson gone....mission accomplished?
  19. A stable presidency/board, what more can you ask for from a president and board.
  20. I think this is a great move.I would imagine he'll be working with closely Taylor Harris and how she leads and works with the other forwards.
  21. Every year teams will challenge those at the top, that's footy. Reviewing the finals and H&A, barely any top 8 side threatened us over the journey. Has any of the top 8 a new player that would change their chances, not in trading they haven't. But they might develop and refine a new system that can crack ours. Is saying that, our teams philosophy of total selflessness makes up for gaps in our players, but doing what the team needs first and they have learnt how it leads to success. Given our age demographic we should continue at least incremental improvements in playing decision marking and skills. This has already been flagged by Gawny. The next half decade looks very bright, but there are always challenges.
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