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  1. No.... people since the Ancient Greeks about 500b.c. new the world was round, not flat, simply observed from sailing ships going over the horizon. They even had a good go at trying to calculate the circumferences, quite accurately as well considering the technology. The idea that the world was flat is from an early modern play in London that was taken seriously (Human ignorance nature doesn't change, does it). Copernicus big breakthrough was placing the sun at the centre of the solar system, not the Earth. Know back to the topic :). Yes they didn't directly address the comment, but according to the article did explain how good the kid can be for the club.
  2. Good article and the decision is a good one. The assets portfolio they are building is great. "The club is debt free and, after the sale of the Bentleigh Club was finally realised in November, Melbourne has about $36 million in cash and investment assets."
  3. With another preseason by Voss they will improve more. I see a lot of summer work on fitness and game control for the 4th qtr. It cost them a lot this year. Baring some horror run with injury they should play finals. But who drops out to make way for them?
  4. Just watch the game as I was out all day. Great win. I was thinking the same thing, they should produce something and a ream photo like the boys should be sent to members. Then it may only go to AFLW members (Which I'm not one)
  5. Great game but the girls, but now they would rue that 1 point :( We can winner anywhere and we tend to like QLD. The game yesterday was great with the pressure and the backline held up very well. They'll need to be on their best next week. I think we'll be better prepared compared to our H&A game against them, they smothered us and we could get our game going for 4 qtrs.
  6. As long as the structure doesn't have JVR as the 1st forward, that is important. So we need one of the other big forwards to be there to take defender no 1.
  7. I agree. The cats seemed to manage player loads far better than us to be healthy at the end of the season. But I think it is part of a learning curve, it was the first time we made a GF in 20 years and how players are managed the following year was a new process for the club and as far as I'm aware the support staff as well. We'll be better for it in 2023.
  8. What was good by the team, is our game plan got us on top as the game progressed. Adelaide like many "ageing" experienced and skilful sides came out really strong, but could not sustain the intensity while we adjusted then over powered them. I assume we'll play the prelim at Ikon too? Hopefully we get a few training runs on it over the next 2 weeks to learn about the ground, like the bounce :)
  9. Zanka... that should seal it, we look on top after a slow start.
  10. I'd say it bounces different compared to Casey, they should know the bounces are going to be high and read them better. Hopefully with our pressure we can bring this home.
  11. Great goal out of the ruck!!! Last 5 minutes has been great finals footy...
  12. Better effort so far this quarter... just need some scoreboard pressure to make it count.
  13. Crows are setting up for the linking/exit handball and covering the switches. That initial stopped our run. Their play seems to kick it forward quickly to space and pressure again. How did Taylor not get a push int he back for the ruck contest for that goal. blatant two hands in the back with a visible push.
  14. With 34secs to go and her distance from goal in the wind, it was the right decision but from what I saw on tv the leading player misjudged and ran under it or Daisy kicked it too far. Over the course of the game we has ample opportunity . They said before the game, the team focus was defence (getting ready for finals), I think they achieved their goal.
  15. yeah. most likely finished 2nd, unless the girls have an amazing game. need to win by over 105...
  16. How did a 50 from the square, end up in the centre?
  17. Top spot will be decided next week, Brissie are too far ahead after yesterday's win. Hopefully the pies next week kick a big score, even if brissie win.
  18. gee, can't the underwood work out what team is what! bloody annoying calling the opposites constantly.
  19. Yeah the 6 month contract has bene in for a bit, I assumed it went to all clubs not just those assisted. In the reports today their "leaders" said Ratten didn't have the structure within the club to help him succeed. Then why did they sack him and not fix the support/structure problems. Bit like when everyone wanted to sack Hardwick (Me too) they reviewed and changed his support and assistances and the rest is history. While places are limited why would you go there to coach.
  20. So they didn't like his answers in a 7 hour meeting. They've said they don't want to be a 6 - 10 club. So I'm guessing he too blunt on what really lay ahead as after being resigned, when they were winning he thought they were on the same page? What do they think caused their late season slump? Draw, injuries to key's like Ryder etc. The players trust him. As for being "tough" or demanding enough. You can't demand more effort out of players if they don't trust you and according to reports they still do. I'm guessing this the a case of the board over estimating the list and what it can achieve, or is the list manager saying they should have gotten more out of the group this year. I guess after 2019 they expected to push deep into finals.
  21. Nah, I think his name is the first thing that pops up whenever a coaching job appears. At least he's knows his way around the place, might still have his keys.
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