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  1. Nice article on Gawn getting Trengove GF tickets. https://www.perthnow.com.au/sport/afl/trengove-relishing-demons-afl-flag-tilt-c-4034130
  2. As a trained historian I will state relying on one source is not good practice. Though his account of the event, which they did print an extract of did no specify his actions only that he was present at the massacre, which is clear multiple sources. This is an area that trained historians may spend more time investigating to a greater depth to interpret what did occur. Given the interest in understanding the events/massacres of the period and the conflict between different parties I'm sure we'll hear more details in the near future.
  3. Gee I don't remember him playing for 4 season. I guess they also include time away towards the end before we delisted him. Like many with great natural talent that were led astray by factors outside football. I do wonder what sort of footballer he would have been over a career.
  4. Yeah, it was a weird set of votes overall since we were the easy winners. But a GF win is more important that any Brownlow. Really good results for the club overall in the voting though. But gap between Bont and the rest of his teammates though.
  5. If Gawn has another massive game next week and we win, 11 could be evaluated above 2/31 for this generation and a few to come.
  6. It'll be a closed session at laithlain, eagles home base. I doubt they'd get access to Optus at that time if its twilight? The oval they re using is partially viable from around the are if anyone does know the time. I'm sure the dogs will send someone. Though it pretty clear how we play, so is there much value in the cloak and dagger anymore? They are following the same program between the QF and PF, the staff know what they are doing.
  7. Nah just the neighbour from home improvement (For those old people here)
  8. They are going to put this pictures on the club site for members to download. I can see me :)
  9. No, This was at Joondalup (West Perth home ground) near where they are staying.
  10. Nothing to add to that report. Very light session for the cameras. Unfortunately not signing or any contact allowed with supporters, despite them being out in the community. typical AFL. It was Tommo's first session of joining in with the starter soccer game at training and looked like he was moving really well in his set drills. Pert also spoke to the crows, said they had sold 10,000 of the road to the GF (waiting on mine to arrive) and cleared Melbourne of blue t-shirts. My friend should be on AFL tonight and possibly the cover of The West tomorrow, after being interviewed by both.
  11. One outlet state at its peak the queue was 180,000, most likely people logging in after when I did, not knowing about the queue feature. At the in-person one at crown only the first 8 people in line got a ticket.
  12. Logged onto the public queue today to see what it was like for the remaining 10,250 tickets. It blew me away. I joined 15 minutes before it opened (Yes late) I was 117,000 odd int he queue. Looks a screen shot a few minutes after it opened. (Whats with the 47k limit on images?) queue2.heic
  13. Going to have to go into work late, (Also in the wrong forum 😶 ) Going to be great.
  14. Thats I heard came out after his exit. Maybe one of the reasons for the change.
  15. Glen was removed as president as he was the only one on the board who didn't back Goodwin, the rest did.
  16. They are also training up at Joondalup HBF arena yesterday, so I say they re splitting the venues including going to Optus when allowed.
  17. Honestly if we win I wouldn't care, it could be Donald Duck and I'd still be cheering mad... Most likely Garry Lyon since he is here in the west and the most high profile. There are a few of the old premiership players living in WA but they aren the most famous :)
  18. yeah, we normally park over in East Perth and walk, which is also nice and less cramped.
  19. No idea, never been to a GF. Most likely double check my tickets for the next 2 weeks (Its my tiny OCD for things like that, i.e. plane tickets), work out the best way to get to the game, go early, pray to god and my fellow supporters we win!
  20. Sadly yes it was. Congratulations. We would have been the first for our club too, our other girls lost their 9/10 GF by 2 points. But very proud of my team, they won 1 game last year to make a GF this year. What did you guys think of playing on the big oval which I normally for yr 9/10. Taking nothing away from Duncraig, it disadvantaged the way my team played. We rely on a running/ground contest game being a short side. It was just too far for our girls. Our full back normal clears to the centre on kick in, she was only making the 50 mtr mark. hence the girls were buggered from the extra running.
  21. Just quoting myself. Thank you for the follow demonlanders as I have P1 tickets I need for my family to sit together. Not sure if i can name them, they are the best and know who they are. For my P2 barcodes I have contacted the WesternDemons supporters group here in Perth, which I belong to see if we have members in that group that need a ticket. Just waiting on a response if they need them.
  22. We have 12,000 tickets allocated. I doubt there are 12,000 P1 holders. Normally about 500 WA demons at games normally and many of those are members. So you would think P1 and P2 will be good as we get first say on the tickets (After AFL members today). Not sure how many AFL members in WA, I doubt there would be many.
  23. HI I am after 2 more P1 tickets so the family (4 in total) can sit together, thank you to the person who gave me 1. I will pass on my P2 tickets to other demon supporters in WA. Pm if you can help. (Yes we are all massive lifetime supporters of the Dee's, except for 1 daughter but she's not going!) Plus my local team I coach lost the GF today, need a cheer up (me on the right end) .
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