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  1. Well it did mention midfield and that seems more urgent with forward connection than half back of which we have Bowey and Salem and Ticers who all had poorer seasons in 2022 than 2021 largely due to injury returning too soon and ongoing fitness and Bowser eho should have come back in in Rounds 20 on when he rediscovered his form.
  2. But their hearts were beating true and their Demon Spirit alive and well and that grit enabled us to out tough the Lions. Great win Dees Premiers AFLW S7
  3. Most are complaining about the announcement "colliding with" the Socceroos!! Really in fact the AFL had arranged the Round1 announcement clearly before the FIFA game occurred and is committed to two further dates this week to complete up to Round15 by Thursday. What did the complainants do while the soccer game was on? Presumably most were at home watching somewhere and had access to a phone or newspaper with a casual glance sufficient at first and in-depth read after the game. If fans can't separate 2 items in their life like earlier today I hate to visualise the mess their diaries are in. For the record we play Western Bulldogs on SAT 18 March 2023 at the MCG a Home Game at 7.25pm. Now all of us can go back to our tapes of Tracey Grimshaw's last show oh No I just realised I taped over it with the last race from Dapto Dogs on that night. Life is just so complicated with all these modern devices like recorders and iPhones!! No wonder they say we men can't do 2 things at once!!! Just get there in Round1 folks when we spoil Bevo's extended contract news and enable Hunter and Schache and Brodie to play freely in their first games for their new Club. Wonder if their recycled No3 ( Cody W ) is still ducking his head?
  4. Your just guessing FTB might be correct you have about a 33.3% chance as 6 out of 18 Clubs we play twice. Care to predict some other morsels for us during 2023?
  5. While I don't agree that the kick to the forward pocket plan worked like you say it was how it got there in 2022 snd who was there that determines the result most often. Didn't help us win those 8 matches after Round 10 this season. When Harry Petty was moved belatedly for 10 mins vs Lions he played at FF not the pocket. We would have won that game if Goody had moved him at 3/4 time I believe. And in choosing correctly our 2021 and 2022 teams over any others ie 1994 snd 2000 it was not the forwards fault but the fact was we had an inferior defence which when the two or 3 top sides played us could punch holes through it. From 2020 onwards our defence has been the first ( not only reasons) and major reason that we have contended and won the Flag and in '20 improved our football. We need to come up with a better plan in 2023 even though I believe we will have some better and more skilled players down forward to convert successfully. And Harry Petty still might be needed to be switched early in 2023 for us to catch the Cats this year.
  6. So Thursday becomes Gold Coast vs Port Power at Townsville? where!s your sense of theatre!!! ???
  7. Optus unavailable due to Sheerhan Concert recovery time lapse. Dont know why didn't have a Derby on Mon Night!!! Or play at Cockburn Oval.!
  8. Yes RD But Will more than 5/10,000 Dogs fans come to MCG though? I reckon we will need 40/45,,000 Dees to top 50,000.
  9. Certainly it deserves 50,000 plus given both ours and Dogs excellent recruiting and where both Clubs are at.
  10. Agree with you Picket F That's probably the MAIN reason we went for him at the death of trading. Knew his troubles personal and Coach wise and we needed another class disposer yo add to Bowey and Salem for our forwards. JT etc all view LH as an upgrade in style for us to Match Lingers on the other wing and to sort out Gus JJ and our half backs inc Riv once training etc starts.
  11. Um I'm not so sure. Breaking into a Premiership side is one thing BUT coming off an underwhelming season for your Club having coaching and personal issues are all major career points, however there are vacancies in our AFL best 23 that weren't there last season ( until after Round11). Thats the way many supporters view it now but do the FD, Selection Cttee plus Simon see a need for replacing and tweaking our Brest team, by updating the list on game day. Our trade of Hunt Weid and Toby while not all our doing does indicate that some extra players are needed on our list. I believe if given a chance some of the following are possible ( not all of them together) in Round1 vs the Dogs. Grundy Hunter JVR Bowey Chandler Schache Tmac Joel Smith Dunstan JJ, Tommo if injuries and form warrant consideration. Others like TajW, Howes, Laurie and our 2022 and this season recruits are possibles for down the track later in season on good form or fast track development above expectations. In essence no one should be ruled in or out of the best 23 except say the best 17/18 from last year. This may not happen but I believe if we are to challenge Geelong seriously we need sbout 5/6 improvements to our team in the Finals including our fitness!
  12. Be more exciting than a trip to Blundstone Arena.
  13. Well at this stage I reckon Blake Howes might get him as a player in the end (perhaps a winger) and a half back is by no means an urgent issue with about half a dozen in the mix for our mids and smalls. I would still watch Rosman over the next 2/3 years at Port as he may develop quickly there.
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