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  1. Both Tom and Polec Salary are about $600/700,000 so could cancel each other's out instead of each Club paying say $250,000 Out on each deal over 2 years.
  2. We need a long term 50 goaler to assist Weid to become a 35/40 goaler as well. Ben B is a chance and Joe D also BUT the money asking may be prohibitive hence the discussion on Tom Mac as his salary is similar and each could offset the other at the two Clubs. Another Mitch Brown is only depth not a future FF for 2/3/4 years!
  3. Not going to happen No team wants a Sat pm fixture each week What's normal from the old days Sat arvo??? Only Twilight Sat And Sunday 6 pm are spots needed to be filled Gree with the two blockbusters but I would like 2 Thursday games as well and 2 extra Sat nigh or more Sun arvo 3.20 games for Free to Air blockbusters at G or interstate that our sponsors deserve esp if we are winning and in the 8.
  4. Not according to him KD who I believe is in a much greater position to judge than you or I!! Thank goodness for that and good luck with us or any team he aspires to join to attempt to regain his AFL career,
  5. Good list would add Saad and Will Brodie from Suns as a real gun is a top 10 pick not playing in Suns 22 best and they are realistic re his desire to play in AFL Withenden wouldn't be my choice not on ability but Lockhart is his clone in the back pocket so Saad fits the running bill of HB. Polec similarly on the non Ed L wing. Brodie is a HB Centre or mid is young and Woul be a great top up fir Harmes if he doesn't recover his 2018 form agsin. Plays tall and small I believe from memory. Don't know Cummings but Narkle looks promising as a HF.
  6. My guess or opinion is that our output this year was very good from our Guns Aand B graders ie top 10/12 in the B andF zBUT our last 6/8 in the team did not provide the depth and support we expected and needed. I class Hannan Harmes Jetta AVB ANB Smith and Oscar in this category. Hunt Has a level he can go to like the lady game Baker When tried was a pleasant surprise and other than his disposal on some occasions was a little ragged plus Spargo put together 2 great games vs Woods and Giants Where he hit the scoreboard but was not so prominent in a couple of the othersBut Charlie gen
  7. Sorry this list was supposed to be our Forward Line Brown Weid/Jacko with Mihocek and crumbers Kosi and Spargo/ Hunt crumbing. One could argue that Hunty really does not Or very rarely crumbs. Our top goal kicker not even included in the mix! Is that Ben or the bomber Brown we have got already ? Fritta is the glue that knits this lot together Anda potential 40 plus goaler.
  8. Really remember we have Jacko!!! Will alter the whole Balance of our mids
  9. No bottom side gets votes a lot although Maxy made it last year.
  10. Why not 2 Big Macs for Polec/Brown and both the Tom and Jarrad "over payments "cancel each other out. Maybe an exchange of say a third rounder fir a fourth by the Clubs with North getting the Third round would be fair to all.
  11. Yes agree AF Viney is all Melb and as with all players is a "work in progress". The Coaches must be more Ruthless and train him on kicking Right Foot and the first option. His disposal improved since earlier in the season and ALL Demons MUST develop this aspect of their game for us to go to the next level or two. Well done Jack all The best with your little one during the off season. Bring on 2021
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