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  1. As long as you are speaking for yourself OD. Not all oldies are ambivalent about attending like you. Rest assured the plans for crowd numbers and style will have to be approved fir Covid health rules. Any one is free to wear a mask to any game if they feel threatened.in any way also on the train or bus there. Lets get as big a crowd as we can to start the season with a win urged on by a pro Dees loud and excited crowd to give the team a real boost.
  2. If the crowd allowed is 50,000 ie half Then each area is opened up but PRE SOLD not on the day at the ground but online at home or on the phone,
  3. More of the sections would be available fir larger crowds but if 50,000 are allowed for each week the seating the same fir each game Would most likely apply. Remember Covid distancing will be applied in some form. In Brisbane some areas have had tickets Sold in twos with gaps of two or one.Later groups of up to six have been sold also at the Test match last week.
  4. There will be some areas not opened up depending upon the expected crowd remember you have to pre purchase tickets prior to turning up so can only purchase Tickets from those offered at the agency (ticketec or Ticketmaster) Your scenario will be tested at games like The Round1 as with vs Vic teams the Southern Stand would normally be needed To fit the crowd in. The Premium Area sounds Like a reserved seat aree whic could be smallish do no problem but as for opening up all the top tierr of the Southern Stand I would forget it.
  5. Light on in the middle? No one coming through ? Sparrow JJ Harmes (back in mid field )plus Bowey and Laurie can play outside runners. Defenders may need Tommy Mac for depth and Brown (Mitch) can play Down back plus If Petty is fit it will lift our stocks immensely up forward or down back.
  6. For information of D/L I was in touch with the membership Dept last week and our membership is about 1,500 behind last year at this stage. From memory 28,000 was mentioned as a figure Last week. Easily matched or beaten with 1 or 2 good wins in the first few rounds. I have a good feeling for 2021 both on and off the field so let's get signing up Dees fans, there is a lot to like ie. BBB Jacko Kossie Riv snd the newbies Bowery Laurie and Rosman plus a rejigged Tommy Mac and our A and B graders led by Trac Maxy and Clarry all under the new Coaches Ooze and Chocco!
  7. Didn't you read the response re the procedure as an AFL one? Or is that not true? Stop being a drama queen How much has COVID Resulted in more/less sales In the market place as a result of in many instances cash only or no cash only card. For instance where I sit in the members at the Gabba the food and drink sales would appear by numbers in the queue to have plummeted over 2020 and at the cricket last week. Method is card only!! So explain that please FITP?. BTW I have never found the membership Dept hard to contact or difficult to deal with. They are always Poli
  8. Wdee Ejo minds the opposition small players ?? You continually overlook Lockhart snd indeed place Hore in the team ( now out and Locky still not in for that role) None except Salem who I like on the wing or HFF. Are small minders and we continually get burnt by oppos smalls viz. Daniels (GWS) Rivers has the ability but Lockhart brings the pace and aggression I think we need down back to break lines. PS They May be grooming Hunt agsin but I think wing or HFF could still be his position. Reckon Spargo Will make Round1 as he further improves and have a feeling Rodman might grab
  9. Lockhart should and will be BP minding smalls and Smithy a seventh defender possibly fir X factor and agile players ( fitness permitting). Thought his last 2/3 games in 2020 he started to look as if he was much more comfortable and was adjusting to the team play on the backline far more. Spargs I agree will be in Round 1 as he continues to grow his game and impact with greater involvement.
  10. There is no doubt that Fritta is one of our best players and will be even better this year with greater muscle and skills on display. Where he plays should not be a bone of contention as he could play wing or defence BUT with our forward line needing the biggest boost for theta miss out on team to go to another level He must be retained on a flank alternating occasionally in a forward pocket In bursts. His potential for 40 (plus) goals a season With greater marking and improved conversion is too much To miss out on for our team. His duel with Haynes vs GWS was a great insight to his pot
  11. I believe that our leadership despite Max's suitability for many of the Roles and his ability to carry out most it is the footy (onfield) which is the almost gaping hole that still eludes us. Exsmple is a great teacher but good teams are all the better fir honest and at times critical leadership where the Captain runs things on the Field in tight last quarters With words and advice at The crucial times. We have lacked this for years since Neita IMO, despite James MAC's efforts. Clearly the best leader who demands and earns the right to lead at this most critical time is Steven May.
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