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  1. Why drop Thommo if he us in good form ? Tmac should be in defence and Petty when fit on the forward line. I have this feeling Petty is never the same without May. Never as confident. Any one else feel that way ?
  2. Yes 3031 I remember it was in the third quarter around the arc area at the Wellington St end. Hats off to Fritta who didn't play his usual classy game but worked in nicely at the end for his 3 goals and had other opportunities. He will be cherry ripe for next week for a big bag vs the Swans
  3. Agree got the bad one out of our system early in the season. Midfielders very poor until last stanza.
  4. Hopefully the person saying Clarry is not a game changer has been earmarked for a remedial football institution where he can learn what true champions are to a team as Clarry was last night and has been in every game he has played in his outstanding career. Two of the best examples are Round 23 2021 in our famous comeback at the Cattery and also in the GF from the 3rd quarter on when we made our move in bang bang bang etc. it usually starts on the ball and Clarry is front and centre many a time.
  5. If that's the case ( and I am not certain that you are completely correct ) then maybe he should restart in the Casey VFLers. I actually think his comeback games from injury Vs Port in 2017 and I think In2018 vs Cats in the Elim Final were very good.
  6. That's right no supply we are on the back foot all over the ground. Seemed to me at the game we did not man up or mutually respect the opposition at centre bounces throw ins or ball ups. We thought we could outplay them at any time and backed ourselves in for far too long. Yes Max off etc. did not help but we had the same excuse last year when Maysie got injured vs Freo. We don't seem to have a PlanB. Would have been a perfect opportunity to switch Tmac and Petty halfway through the second quarter. The reason is simple and clear Harry is not the same defender when Maysie is not out on the ground "helping him " both physically and mentally. Up forward he can restart and go for marks. Tmac was not threatening and we looked small and out gunned in the backline. Tmac could have solved that by going back. 2nd Last point Harmesy should have been assigned as a tag to SOMEONE or he perhaps is not that valuable in any other role in the team. Would Jordon or Dunstan or Rivers do any worse as our 5th mid? 15/18 disposals plus tackling and a goal is all that is expected from our 5th mid not a Clarry or Trac special. PS If I misread Harmes role tonight then sorry but he is a good tagger Last point It's mind boggling to think that we probably would have won this game if ONE of Maxy or Kossie or Maysie or Salo had played in the team for the whole night. But where were the leaders to step up from our players when Maxy went down missing? JV usually does step up and none of the "leadership 3 or 4 or5 or 6 or more did not either. We have had a scare early doors please don't ignore some lessons we can learn from like last year. We have too much ability to waste another 12 months not trying to be bold and creative.
  7. With respect Nicko the votes are not a 1,2, and 3 "best in Show" (or On Ground) tacklefest. Yes some players did not look like they were up for a tackle inc. Fritta. Tackled poorly. Still earns his 3 goals to prove his class.
  8. Stupid overreaction. As long as we give him enough training time and Casey games Christian can make a successful comeback before the bye. Agree that we have a wealth of HBFlankers lining up to take his place.
  9. Well just like Beard in this forum who predicted all doom and gloom about our crowd last week vs Bullies ( a very respectable 48,103 with at least 38,000 or more Dees fans ) WCW the fact is nearly all tickets have been sold. On AFL 360 Monday night GW mentioned that over 30,000 tickets had already been sold and only 2,000 remained. While no doubt there are some fans that attend both codes there is not necessarily a huge crossover on nights like this. Also a reasonable % of the sold out Lang Park crowd are new team Dolphins new fans as it is their home game. Broncos fans have ensured its capacity of about 53,000 reached no doubt. ( 3 weeks ago the Dolphins drew 34,000 to their opening game at Suncorp I believe) WCW Brisbane's population is over 2 million people and if you add Gold and Sunshine Coasts at least 2.75 million. They are very enthusiastic about quality sport in their city even though their Test Cricket crowds are probably behind Adelaide and Perth. All in all about 85,000 could attend both games tonight so that is equivalent to the 86,000 Which attended the Cats/Pies blockbuster last Friday night. Pretty damn good for about half of Melbourne's population. The wash up of fans could well be Broncos 30,000 Lions 29,000 Dolphins 23,000 and Dees 2/3,000. A balmy 25deg is predicted at first bounce just hot enough for you to be on top voice WCW and our team in peak form to trounce the home team who generally are not tough enough against our champion bulls on the ball. PS I have lived in Brisbane 30 years on 28 April (which it has doubled its population in that time ) after moving for work in 1993. Didn't stop me from being at the G last Sat to enjoy one of the best and most enthusiastic Demon crowds support our team and start their redemption ride in 2023 for the 2023 Flag. Go Dees and HP will be alright .
  10. Why Chandler ??? Weren't you happy with Kade? I thought he did well and again could have kicked at least 2. Probably Laurie but round have liked him to have another chance.
  11. His disposal is first class shortish or longish very quick. Jayden ran with the ball differently looking to bounce at least once and often hold the ball up not getting it on to a teammate.
  12. Yes that's true I guess I just want to give JVR a chance sooner than later! Patience is a virtue!!
  13. Agree Binman at this stage JVR is a possible replacement for Fritta. To be honest thought it might have been a chance to make JVR the sub vs Dogs to give him a chance especially if Tmac had to be moved back for a stretch. We had plenty of flankers etc. I thought. Suppose it's also great for Melky to get nearer to his 200th game.
  14. Sometimes we have to be patient RIF. If you waited 57 years of your life in 2021 like me then patience is a virtue and I look forward to whoever the next 23 or 44 players bring us our 14th Flag ASAP.
  15. Some very good points made and like Geelong last year and us in 2021 thanks to no or very few ( Maysie and Holmes) both had all bases covered. geelong did some deliberate and Smart Selection of keeping their oldies fresh we snuck Staphie in by stealth ! However this year is different we are in a good position not too rush players back. Salem should be at least at Casey. Jack and Fritta replace Kossie and Laurie much an all I would like to keep Bailey in for his benefit. May prob replace Harmes or Tommo. Will be fascinating to see if Lions start players as they finished in the Semi having been changed after half time. Great game anticipated and Will again be hard but one we are very capable of succeeding providing our defence holds up.
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