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  1. What a stupid negative comment bringing up a 3 year ago mistake by the Coach. Unnecessary for both and Bailey and Goody have both had great seasons.
  2. I'm with you Dazzle and Durango why the changes when it ain't broke. Some moves mid game are ok if needed BUT you dont implement changes like you suggested. Dazzle is correct and you may need to hold the brain fades for 2022. Sorry but enjoy the game snd our combined pressure and form will see us win by between 12 and 30 points depending how accurately we kick.
  3. Really Great and all that Daisy is comparing her contribution to Melb at this stage it would be an insult to Neiter Stynes Todd V Schwartz and many others Hassan Mann included. Glen Bartlett is already in WA also. Let Daisy shine in the AFLW at this stage please and maybe play in a flag this year. I also include her role in propelling W footy greatly but plenty in AFL have deserved this honour prior to our much loved No 1 AFlW star.
  4. Riv played a good last half. 10 possessions. He's fine.
  5. Tmac down back I reckon and Maxy up forward more if Maysie can't come up. He Will though.
  6. Give me Bowey for he is a better footballer than Hunty or Smith. Did well in the last 3 quarters in Qual Final and has played 5 good games. No need to drop him. Smith might just stay in for his size etc but Coaches value Hunty's run and carry,
  7. Whst about our back up ruckman Dogga??? We can get better with skilled fast and outside players and also who finish off with goals.
  8. Good luck but get your MFC ticket for Prelim if possible and await for advice re GF when and if available.
  9. Vics NSW and ACT are not likely to get SA access unless it's very "essential " but other states are treated fine generally.
  10. How exactly is Bowey vulnerable? Looked pretty free and calm and composed in the last quarter last week Good game overall started with a couple of errors. On day scale he could not be dropped or even thought of being dropped.
  11. Ring the MFC Membership Ph no and ask. During Office hours. You may have to wait a bit or sometimes it's quite quick. Good luck PS It might pay to read my previous post earlier on this page 4. Before you ring.
  12. I understand if you spend 14 days in SA and wish to go to WA you must apply to WA three days before for entry date. But getting into SA is the catch. Victorian's are basically refused entry now but other states eg Qld are ok for straight forward entry by permit to SA. And flights back from WA toQld are open as well. Check each states Covid travel restrictions and entry and permit plus QR code arrangements prior to applying so you understand each states arrangements. I have found contacting and speaking face to face over the phone is easiest and you can double check with any questions. Ringing in non peak times is advised to save waiting times. I have also checked my Grand Final Guarantee which is a No1 priority and is guaranteed. Category Priorities Nos 2,3 and 4 may be subject to a ballot. If in doubt call our Membership Department who don't have a lot of info but have advised twice of info in this paragraph. Just also check that they have you marked which Category. You are then advised of your opportunity to purchase your ticket if you are eligible.
  13. They didn't perform like these 2021 warriors!!
  14. Was 4 seasons ago now Clarry was 19 !!!! How long can anyone be retrospectively condemned?
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