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  1. Sorry Cheesy, This particular discussion is useless without credible $$$ details. I don't have any better no's but I am not going to speculate without any knowledge when I know half of D/L will go off their brain with even the wildest figures for comment, This has the undesired effect of compromising all the good work of the List Managers and Footy Dept chiefs. If you had read my comment I disputed rpfc and indicated I believe it was a beat up as why would we really recruit 2 players at both the SSP and now the Mid Season Draft if we were under extreme Salary Cap pressure?
  2. By even suggesting Deans name for any position nearly 4 years on is in itself enough to comment on the thought process. MasH!
  3. This is about as speculative as a salary cap report as I have ever read. Done by an amateur with no credible knowledge of the figures of our list. Just pure speculation!! Based upon a rumour it seems. If we were so close to the cap how come we just added $160,000 for Kye Declase and Daniel Turner plus the SSP of Daw and Deakyn Smith ? I can list the following who will probably not be on our list next season Nev Jonesy Majak Daw AVB Marty Hore Maybe Joel Smith maybe Jake Melksham Bradtke Neitschke. Possibly Oscar Baker. Plenty of wriggle room and to rookie or li
  4. Sorry Mad as aHell are you delusional? Why Kent Talk about bringing back a list clogger? who was injured half the time. he can't get a game at the Saints now who would he replace on our list ? He us not our future and it's completely disrespectful to any of our HFFers to even suggest this crazy option. Was really never in our best 22 we moved him on at his request so move on FFS.
  5. Have you not moved on ?? Tommo will not be a regular winger unless switched there during a game or selected for a game such as last round to cover for Ed. Declase as a winger or floating forward would be an X factor hard for any team to handle just as when Rosman develops to be a regular for AFL duties.
  6. Turner the new interceptor has also been chosen but it's a smaller Locky that should be given a chance to kind the smalls of the opposition. Hibbo is playing well and warrants a year extension for 2022 some time this year..
  7. That's not looking at the team aspect DD. Rohan is a very skilled (if underwhelming at times). But with the 2 big bananas he has the third defender ( similar to Fritsch) and is hard to match.up on. He will have his best season this year and Geelong are right in this premiership mix due to Cameron and the flow on effect for the forward line. You underestimate Rohan's role and presence at your peril ( just like Fritta). Be warned the evidence is starting to look you in the eye.
  8. So right Chook that's what we want he will be smiling very soon as he adjusts to a huge opportunity of his lifelong dream.
  9. Depends upon who or where you would rather play (only if we have to play an away qualifying match if we lost form dramatically Which won't happen) Adelaide Oval (Port) Marvel (Dogs) possible MCG GMBH (Cats) probable MCG Gabba (Lions MCG (Tigers) Personally I would not be phased with any but Cats at GMBH straight after around 23 might be a double up opportunity to good to miss out on!!
  10. I suspect it's the total ( cumulative) audience for the Sir Doug Nicholls Round for all games.
  11. Look at the previous one and Daniels highlights Looks very nervous in the last photo so it's silly to firm an opinion on a photo how a player will go!!
  12. I believe we need a player of Locky's size and pace and run and carry for the really slippery crumbers like Betts Tippa and Cody Weightman and Daniels and Hill of GWS. Hibbo has done a great job on Martin Cameron and the Dogs forward types. Definirely another one year contract in 2022.
  13. Best they make the call now as it's so uncertain about the Board they can't even start plans go the future as the Coach position is uncertain. The results now if 10 games are irrelevant to 2022 and beyond but it means the issue of judging Buckley is out of the equation and players are free to play with no shackles or restrictions fir their futures!
  14. I wouldn't be rushing to sign him up look at the connection for about 5 years (2014/17 and 2020/21) between the defence/mids and his forward line and really the team did not in 2018/19 kick enough goals to win a flag.
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