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  1. Our "karma" payback for Mac Andrews. Only thing is I think the AFL in their wisdom are going to change this Pick40 rule so some Clubs ( us) as usual have been affected already snd Gold Coast still don't have any restrictions under this rule and have got 3 Academy players lined up in this draft. Perfect op for AFL to allow one msybe but restrict the other two under the Pick 40 rule. Too darned logical and fair for AFL thinking. If you are not Cwood and Carlton ( tribunal) or GWS or GCSuns (rules) bring favoured you are just joining a totally abhorrent bordering on corrupt organisation that makes rules on the run!!
  2. Without Trac we would have been lucky to beat Swans in last round. He Didn't get votes on the end Gulden 3 for 42 disposals with Fritta and 5 goals the 2 botes and not sure of the 1 vote but not Trac. To be fair instead of Clarry sideswiping Trac for votes Jack did a great job but thoroughly deserved his top 10 finish. His best season yet and I think the way our Coaches vote he will win the Bluey this year. They vote according to roles played and their instructions. Either will be a worthy winner whoever tops the Players Night of Nights Awards.
  3. You are on the money Dees in Oct AFLW Dees to beat AFL Dees of 17 wins in a row.
  4. Fullerton is Lions and Holland's was BOG in Suns VFL premiership yesterday.
  5. I think you are playing tricks with the word dysfunctional Star !! Results don't lie !!
  6. That's the gold standard vs Bottom 10 teams snd wr need more practice vs some Yop4/8 teams for us to work it our no doubt. But I am a half glass FULL person and really believe we could get those flags if we could get our completely defensive approach and also get our young players from CAsey plus trade and draft choices this year it can happen in 2024. No injuries to speak of of course.
  7. Despite I agree with lots you say Star it's no excuse to abandon attacking and snd just play an almost dysfunctional forward line. Proof is in the pudding. 2024 has hot to change and those close losses wins with positive forward team play.
  8. I say that that is no excuse. You have to train players to a plan not just accept we have recruited poorly or wrong style snd make it as defensive snd crowded as possible. We are shooting ourelves in the foot and confusion reigns on the field snd in the decisions made in quality ( or lackthereof) to finish off our scores etc, and of course our horribly Inaccurate results.
  9. The Hawks are a product of Bec Goddard and very lucky to have such a knowledgeable and experienced coach. Didn't like her with Adelaide ( very abrupt I felt) but credit where it's due she has this group while vastly inferior along their beginners trail you can see the discipline and skills some girls have already learnt at this stage of one and a half seasons. Also the standard of play is improving dramatically. Our team is up there with the Adelside and Brisbane teams of Season 1-7 now ( actually past them but tough to beat like them and no passengers) . Just advhoog to watch also. Their Captain Tilly Lucas -Rodd is a bit if a stirrer snd is as physical as her slight but tough frame allows. No doubt plays her role as an example to not let bigger and more senior classy teams lord over her young charges. Typically an unsocial Hawk really. Mick Stear now thst he has a forward line and 30good players to use is a superb coach snd the team and Shia Sloane also are so much a product of 7 years in the system. All credit are we had a lot against us in early seasons but our grounding and lessons are the reason we are the Champs at the moment. Great flexibility and all the skills to rely on. Too bad we are not at all play wise missing Daisy ( How the other teams hoped we would ) but we also learnt well off her smarts and team and Club ethos) ( Best Ch 7 commentator pity you have to put up with that BT ). Can't wait till we play North Brisbane and Crows snd Cats to see how our game stacks up. Ho Dees Boys did 17 do sgnleDt sim yo beat those wins in a row !! Go Dees girls.
  10. Not sure what you are alluding to configuration??!! but Harry only played about 3 games forward snd vs Tigers found his way around quite well. Think JVR kicked 2 or 3 also that day when forward line kicked 19/20 goals. Yes unfortunately not often due yo injury.
  11. That's 5/6 years ago. And is over reacted to. He is abetted kick now anyways amd I also believe defence would be worth a try.
  12. That's a slight on our playing ability and is the same excuse that Binman excuses Goody for this game plan that causes us so much confusion snd Nightmare as 30 players descend in to the arc and clog up our forward line. This is all self inflicted and lazy coaching IMO. Next year surely JVR snd Petty deserve with the crumbers room to operate. it's not playing to win and no wonder we fail to score under this defensive attitude. And what's more I think some supporters have woken up and decided not to go to the Finals while this charade is practised. We badly need a positive coach philosophy and get back to the players enjoying their footy rather than treating like our forward line needs a wall to defend for us to score, Wr have some creative players but their football is being sabotaged by an outdated and boring game plan. One way to start the takedown of a potential dynasty. It must be altered by the Coaches and Footy Dept selecting elite skilled athletes who run on the outside and are known for their finishing skills and disposal up forward and padding to those teammates.
  13. Same here JB was there but MCG Flag beckons.
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