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  1. Yes agree to a point BuT ONE person started a Trade Fritsch post. No apology yet to my knowledge. Its onward and upward for Bayley and the Dees in 2021.
  2. Got to be kidding What have we got Petty for? Deserves his chance.
  3. No Petty MUST be selected. His form is deserving also.
  4. Nice try ( actually a pathetic try BN.) Havent you seen the word "managed ""next to The player? If it is managed. Back to the drawing board!
  5. On the contrary Durango we will run the flag if by after the bye we start introducing BBB as FF, Bowey or Locky for BP, Petty in the regular 23 and Rosman when he earns it into the mix. Weid May challenge And be in the team but Jacko does so much more in the ruck and round the ground inc. up forward. A wonderful spare parts player is LJ and he enables Gawny to freelance back or forward! Thats the team That will challenge and Laurie may also be near AFL standard as well by then. Faster more skilful with all bases covered. A real dip in 2021 is not out of the question if we
  6. I want Sparrow S he will do the 1% ers and put his body in the line. The Melk of 2018 yes but it's 2021 and a new breed is Leading us up the ladder. No change yet !
  7. Well done like me no stone unturned for a drink or a parking spot!! Enjoy our win !!' Deestar
  8. Agree completely Mickey All in his head needs to Be a complete player with mental toughness added!!
  9. Thanks Kent med sub of course maybe Chandler Again or Petty?
  10. They prob don't Beever BBB does but Weed may have to wait depending upon Tmac form and team contribution. Only an id..t Coach would remove Fritta from the forward line He is the BEST forward ( Other than Kossie) with all the skills and is irreplaceable there. No Tommy for wing either as Gus us doing just fine. His shirt passing to forwards leads is elite and greatly under noticed. Reckon Jacko is a given as he does so much team things plus enables Gawny to peel off forward or back!! Play BBB and either Tmac or Weid plus Jacko and Fritta and 2 smalls. If its
  11. SPC You obviously haven't read The info on this season at the G ( or any where else for that matter). Have you ticketed correctly? Just asking ! Enjoy your new Covid 2021 experience you will be able to watch and drink at the same time BUT NOT celebrate our win after the game in any MCG Bar!
  12. D56 your enthusiasm is admirable but your judgement way off. Yes it's important for 10 potential AFL Melb FC players who happen to have been injured early in 2021 and are all in various stages of returning to full fitness. Plus some younger recruits development are also under the eye. BUT as important as the Dees vsCats game on Sunday really ????? There are 4 pts on this for starters and 23 players creating their own history for this famously under performing Club for over Half a century.
  13. Well how do our opponents find room to lead straight out and not in pockets. Its a bad habit where he leads and can be changed with practice and his accuracy and our score we I'll be the beneficiaries. Fritta is a very highly skilled player who With a few Tweaks can become an A grader. He is a 50 goal plus forward without doubt.
  14. I am not worried either but have a look at Christians figures for his consistency now. Is a real upside for our back/ mid/ forward connect. Flys under he radar now and we are the beneficiaries!
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