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  1. You have done a sort if reasonable summary RIF. Strangely my post earlier comes up with some similar thought's. I don’t have the apprehension most here have for our mids as I believe perhaps Goody will have to be creative no matter what. Perhaps he can also be as creative with the forwards as well. Out of the wreck we may find some rough diamonds who really develop quickly. Life is always full of opportunities and let’s put faith in the list to produce like youth and some experience can do. There is a few shoots there who can grab the bull by the horns maybe. Let’s hope, let’s see.
  2. While I believe any of the suggested examples would/could be good suggest the DA work in with the Vlub about its intentions on that day to honour him. I would think he would be offered a motorcade or walk around the ground at half time. At sometime Gus highlights on the scoreboard should be shown if he is honoured with the half time respects. Certainly the 10 minute clap is a popular one and banner tributes both sides perhaps if possible. Club should also promote It as a Gus Day and some item be chosen as a tribute or T shirt for fans all ages. no pressure but it’s only 3/4 weeks away!
  3. On second thoughts how about what you ( and 300,000 other Demon fans ) and I at Optus Stadium on 25/09/21 were thinking at the 19 minute mark of the 3rd quarter? Certainly not a dynasty or how we got out of that little hole with a bang bang bang twice split by the Brayshaw heroics. And that’s why I will never rule out our Club while we have champions like Trac, Clarry JV and Gawny plus a guy that kicked 6 goals in a GF. Oh and a stellar defense for the ages with 2 other champs!! Just remember Round 23 vs Cats 2021 44 pts down and vs Brisbane Round 18 or last season 27 pts down in final quarter 7/8 mins in. Both those efforts are not flukes as were against Top4 teams who have been around for 5 years or more! There is half a dozen or more new Demons waiting their chance to join our other 15 heroes to make another chapter in our history. How really do we know how well they will gel in this mix in 2023. Might just be as surprising as much as many are already predicting disappointing. That’s the great thing about sport no guarantees as those 2 examples of Demon heroism and magic in 2021 and 2023.
  4. That does not matter Premierships are not won with asterisks or SP comments. Ask our 1948 heroes and any Bombers fan still alive! Does anyone count the Hawks 2008 to be associated with the 2013,4,5 dynasty flags? Should be really as they were other than 2009 I think in the Finals ( Correct me if I am wrong please? )
  5. Your post na me is absolutely in song with your Petracca comments. Last season Trac was moved forward for one reason and one reason only. To try and solve our goal kicking problems. NOT because he needed a rest from the midfield. Boy talk about not spoiling a good story with the truth!!! If any Club has Trac Clarry JackV and Gawny the loss of one ( as per Clarry last season ) is crucial but it was handled with relative calm and good response overall. Sparrow seemed to go up a notch and the others ( admittedly Gus Brayshaw helped) were not completely beaten up by any means. ANB Riv Kossie and Salem bring skills and Laurie and Woe can step up with cameos as required. Our game plan and forward connectivity is the most important fact plus a fat list to chose from all our forwards. Perhaps some look at it half full and others persist in half empty.I am always had full and believe our list is still good albeit in transition if we are serious.
  6. It wasn’t just the forward line in 22 that had injuries while playing it was spread over about a dozen players. Some development and improvement will be vital from some players and new recruits a success in their roles in our system. Plus few injuries for good luck.
  7. I think this assessment is not really getting the role in all this by the AFL and Gus. Gus has been having treatment since the QF collision. He has been undergoing numerous tests ( go to our website for all the info) which have involved our Clubs medicos and a band of neurological experts plus the AFL. His recovery has been going well but recently he received a test result from one of the experts that has shown his brain has altered slightly from the time it occurred. After this he has realised to continue playing would be risking his future and on the basis he has after consultation with family his wife Danielle MFC and the experts and AFL who are now monitoring all concussion cases. That gave a Cttee set up to assess each case. Patty McCartin last year was retired by this Cttee who advise the AFL who then don’t give to r player a permit to play to protect their health and safety. It appears that Angus has beaten the AFL “advice” by making his decision once he learned of the deterioration even very minute in his brain. That’s Angus organized and how this represents his values and on what it means to him and the people on his life. Patty Mac was told he had to retire very officially and I think it takes a lot away from the value in your exit from the game and the people and club and love. Melb have indicated they will look at offering some way to be involved still in footy at the Club if Angus wishes to take that up. All the best to Angus and Danielle in the future and thanks for all the great footy memories you have left us with your courage bravery and infectious manner you played and enjoyed yourself. Special memories I have of me sitting in Optus Stadium at theGF on Angus’s wing whichI was lucky enough to see up close his brilliant and brave third quarter to help change the game. Amazing goal and celebration that I will never ever forget. Thanks Angus 10 ❤️💙🏆
  8. Coming from a poster that wants to turn over the list at the drop of a hat and not keep any one for more than 2 years if they are not embedded in the 23 or are injured that is a bit of a stab of yourself in the foot job. We would only have about 25 players left in your posts of recent ( after 2021) not up to it who should have been moved on! Even you couldn’t have predicted our mass of injuries among our forwards last year and an attempt to strengthen our run and carry and forward crafts has been specifically addressed by the trade of McAdam Billing’s ruck help Fullarton( injured ) and drafting Brown who looks versatile plus Windsor and Kolt for run carry and forward craft. As to the ten midfielders we didn’t fare too bad last year when Clarry missed. Sparrow is a tease and it is high time he lifted his consistency. But Kossie Riv Salem ANB at times and Laurie plus our wingers are all capable of role playing in short bursts supporting the stars who keep on giving. It’s not our mids who are the problem getting the ball it’s more their use of it along with whoever we have down forward to convert accurately. Tell us what we should go for to replace Angus in the mid season draft? Mid, forward, ruck help/ forward or defender??
  9. Well the mid year draft will be a godsend if we use it right.
  10. There should be flexibility in the AFL rules. You should be able to do a SSP signing at any time if a vacancy occurs. AFL could create this with a flick of a mouse decision. But it won’t. Only advantage is we have 3/4 mths to see which players we can consider. Should be look for another ruck support or perhaps an exciting goal kicker or possibly a key defender. Those 3 spots while either one could help us in time in 2024 if we chose the right one. We chose Marty Hore In a panic choice really and now a half back like Angus ( a winger and class on baller also) it’s difficult to replace him. Nevertheless we need one of the 3 hopefully a KP goal kicker who can also do a small support in the ruck and around the ground. I as m not in the camp that wants to totally restrict JVR from rucking. He is too good a player to not use him like he could be a top class defender later in his career. Part of him is his total commitment and competitiveness and he is an asset getting the ball in any capacity. IMO it is also a great strength to have JVR flexible. Put him behind the ball for 5/10 mins. If he is not getting it up forward. Goody has players at his disposal for cameos and changes that he could utilise if he broadened his thoughts and had the dare to do it. A little bit of Sam Mitchell and Bevo is what we need. Kossie’s start of a quarter cameo can be at any time or can be for 10 minutes for a change up just as him at full forward one out is a great move by Simon. Only Kossies lack of discipline also cost us in the Semi. So a mid year player get looking JT and TL. It may well be a game changer for our season Who knows. Expressions of interest D/Lers?
  11. If they can play we will make the 8. It’s really up to our new recruits plus trades plus youngsters and existing role players to improve and have best seasons yet. Little injuries of course especially Key positions and forward line super important. Wonder L if we can replace Gus. He actually is one of our irreplaceables due to his half back wing and on ball heroics. I still think we can put our stamp on the competition and overcome some of the negatives already we have encountered so far. If this doesn’t unite a few loose cannons on our forum nothing will.
  12. Absolutely weak as pi..theAFL Window dressing!
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