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  1. Ribs is partly to blame was good on Sat though.
  2. Read para 2 above in my post OD those are some reasons and the ticketing issues further down the post. But I have given up accepting any of these as a reasonable excuse They are copouts from at least 10,000 fans each home game we are missing.
  3. Absolute rubbish about the crowd noise at the G. First you have to make the noise JCB and compared to other clubs we are not the loudest. Due to lower numbers in blockbusters more often than not and conservative barracking.
  4. From 66,000 members we had about 20,000 it felt like for our biggest home game on a Friday night in years. Too many members have bought a membership this year ( thanks but no thanks) but are not attending using night games twilight Covid cold weather ( winter sport guys) and now Old Dee says 5 decades of failure produces poor response. Bunkum. We are now a TOP club with Premiership ambitions People don't seem to want to go but just be happy saying I am a member!!! Our Corporate and Coterie type members on Level 2 are embarrassingly absent with gaps in level 2 Southern Stand.everywhere and the red section Level 1 the same. All sold out !! Where Why no fans ??? The above reasons are not valid IMO as other Clubs fans are turning up with little hope of success. By the end of 2022 H and A games I wil have attended 8 MCG games and I live in Brisbane, Plus 2 Qld games and vs Freo in Round 20. That's 11 games because this group of players deserve support ( as Trac said). Take a look at Geelong Home games with only about 21/22,000 seats available NO T any seats visible unused. We would be embarrassing in that scenario with theReserve Seat Holders half absent. EPL Soccer in England is the same all seats taken at most venues. Lastly the excuse about tickets processing is lame and lazy. The system has not changed since Round1 so ONE effort then and you are able to go with it ALL season!!! Get your kids grandkids and neighbours to help if you aren't a techno. I'm over 70 but that's not stopping me from going. Bet some will expect to get Finals tickets now not having seen ONE game. Good luck !! Very disappointing wonder if we can get 35/40,000Dees fans with our double chance on the line on Sat night. Just get there no excuses please. PS A few will self justify by replying about their non attendance all season or last week don't bother as you are only fooling yourself. The Club ( and Trac) wants and deserves greater support than the season so far. Let's see if the MISSING 10,000 fans each game turn up for Round 22 or Will the Blues fans outnumber us like the Pies did last week.
  5. Totally agree Was a flip back to the old Clarry wasting the ball and mucking around almost lairrising in fact!
  6. Part of the 2nd tier syndrome problem is that no real new players have been introduced in place of the 2nd tier players from last year that have not "produced " in their roles this season. If you go through our list there have also been injuries so about 2/3 of our list have not improved nor have some been given a chance to succeed in the firsts. I personally think Goody has protected and favoured Premiership players to an unhealthy extent that is providing almost an impossible chance for recruits and younger guys to be given a realistic chance of succeeding. Some players That have been overlooked too often are IMO Chandler, Laurie and Dunstan especially after high possession and goal scoring games. In addition others such as ANB Spargo and Even Harmesy might benefit from runs at Casey when not in top form. Then there has been the Fritsch and now Kossie selfishness vs team play which appears to have cost us wins and goals along with Maysie's restaurant ranting perhaps not being solved in an efficient and team spirit manner. Also it appears that after nearly 2 seasons The defence is not handling the strict May/Lever standards if 2021. Having all of the above it's not beyond us to weld together a la 2021 and produce our best under pressure and also get our other nemesis under control so we kick with greater accuracy in set shots. All our 30 players with ability are good enough and so are the Coaches it's up to us to solve these mostly changeable parts of our game up once again to be the hunted who relish a challenge and a hard battle to succeed grandly again. we have played in fits and spurts with no idea of how to win when the pressure has been on in the last quarter. Back to basics is always the best in this situation. We knew it wouldn't be easy to go back to back and the footy gods are not on our side but we can do better and drag this our way with good old fashioned heart and soul footy all on the same page. Go Dees!!!
  7. You don't understand Tom's role and he had kicked 15 goals plus makes room and strength for the smalls. Was playing fine in his role and badly missed.
  8. Crazy reaction Because we all are posting largely irrelevant stupid and untruthful comments is not Jacko's fault. Its our right but we are so keen to post our 3c worth it's become a free for all rubbish topic. We don't need to read most of the offerings as they are off the mark anyway.
  9. So you don't discourage members/ supporters to NOT attend our games? I suppose this will be retorted by you OD saying what you say is fact when it is up for opinion to the world. The only FACT is that your postings are negative. Half glass EMPTY OD.
  10. Nice round up of experience and development after his years with Clarko. How many more years do you want him to do an apprenticeship? Not good for us but Ooze deserves a gig at the top.
  11. No one said what the Lions think yet have they? And he can replace Mc Stay at a goal per game in 2022!
  12. 2 goals per game average each for Fritta (18) and Kossie (19) games, and getting better as season progresses!
  13. Quite obviously star forwards are harder to recruit and when you have a world class defence with Disco and Bowsa still not regulars ( how long till though!! ) and JVR is tracking nicely with all the other Weids BBB Tmac etc either in a possible time warp or confidence crisis let's leave him as a potential star goal kicker. JVR has many good qualities that will Make him develop into a fine footballer and let's see a star light up the G to go with our 6/7 year champion mids in their match winning ways for us to rejoice. Leave the future to Disco etc.down back. PS we can always swing Harry Petty up forward and JVR down back to change things up!!
  14. More freakish and far better to watch than JW or Stef. Is an X factor to a midfield and runs faster than both. Reminds me of a young 3yo colt ready to run in the Derby. Hope we can get 2 more years out of Dogga. Who knows might be a four peat!!! Is still something special and no matter what happens I had the privilege of watching LJ live ( plus others) turning the GF our way with a bang bang bang! Will never ever forget it!
  15. It's obviously a favourite of Charlie Cameron's in case you have missed the song in celebration after a Charlie goal.
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