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  1. jon ralph, who tends to just re-write media releases, says that the afl - unsurprisingly - doesn't have a protocol to deal with a player medically retired with a significant amount of time left upon their deal BRAYSHAW UNCERTAINTY The AFL is expected to have discussions with Melbourne about the salary cap implications of Angus Brayshaw’s retirement given he has five more seasons left on his contract. The league medically retired Brayshaw and while the Demons spent Thursday farewelling their premiership star, his position will clearly set a precedent for all clubs. Brayshaw could agree to accept a smaller figure on a contract of between $700,000-$800,000 as part of an agreement with the club or the AFL could grant the Demons some cap relief. Rival list bosses agreed there was no set protocol for medical retirements given most players to retire recently including Marcus Adams, Paul Seedsman and Paddy McCartin did not have long-term deals. The AFL’s intervention into Brayshaw’s career will give the Demons the best chance of reducing the cap implications of his deal until 2028. reads to me like we're going to be carrying the hefty salary in our cap for the extent of the remainder of the deal - that would be very, very annoying indeed
  2. he had a heap of opportunity and was shown to be good but not good enough to be an a-list midfielder good depth, which is what he'll provide at the swans too
  3. throw the chequebook at these free agents in order of preference: hugh mcluggage (bears) ollie florent (swans) tim english (footscray) andy mcgrath (peptides) will haywood (swans) cam zuhaar (north) ben ainsworth (gc17)
  4. There seems to be a significant misunderstanding between ‘forward connection’ and ‘goal kicking accuracy’ The latter is the biggest issue, for mine
  5. it's not like we're claiming a moral victory after the 8th worst test loss of all time
  6. mebbe if we'd been beaten by 100s of points that'd be true
  7. 5-13 for mine, but voted 5-8 to show some relative optimism too many injuries in the pre-season
  8. prior to this last three years, no one born before 1962 has seen the dees finish top 4 at the end of the home and away season in three consecutive like everyone, i want to 'bank' this successful era with another flag (or four) but to at least see us being consistently competitive is a far cry of anything we've witnessed over the last 60 or so years
  9. there's a clear difference between a player performing strongly at under 18 level as a tall forward and doing the same at afl level
  10. i think kornes says a lot without thinking jvr + petty = the ideal tall forward structure the fact that petty is signed up until the end of 2025 gives us the whip hand; if the crom offer of ~7m for 7 years is still there at the end of 2024, then we can re-assess our trade options accordingly
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