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  1. i don't know how you factor in those %s of wins for me there's 1 of possible three results for every match-up; win, lose, or draw footy is a funny ol' game...
  2. it will be interesting to see whether, now josh mahoney is at the peptides, we're as much of a wheeler-dealer club as we have been lately as i've said before, i would like to think we could use them both to get maynard; if not, i think we should be targeting footscray's first round pick at the moment that sits as pick 17 - undoubtedly it'll slide back a few places in the actual draft, after father-son and academy selections, but it is little value to the dogs as they have luke darcy's son who will, undoubtedly, command a pick in the top handful when the push comes to shove, and after
  3. that's a shame if he is homesick and wants to leave but, ultimately, we have to show him the value in staying
  4. still happy to give our 2022 first rounder for him gun
  5. i thought we looked really tired both physically and emotionally; been a big 4-6 weeks seven players played who are 21 and under played - petty, spargo, sparrow, jordon, pickett, rivers, and jackson - and only one of those (spargo) has played more than 30 games we were younger and less-experienced; while the defeat was a disappointment, it's not wrist-slitting stuff like some make out
  6. doing a ladder predictor, got us finishing 3rd behind geelong and footscray; prelim against the dogs and i suspect it'll be played at the mcg over the docklands carpark because the cats will play a 'home' final on their own dung heap against either the pear (which is what my predictor mocked out) or the bears
  7. harry mckay has signed a two year extension with carlton; takes him thru to free agency
  8. we definitely missed someone with 'smarts' around half forward to kick it i50 i'mma second those changes, but it'll be interesting to see who would be the medi-sub...i suspect one of melksham or jordon, given that viney will start straight away as an inside mid option
  9. tbh i'd prefer to just name the first two, but if 6 must be called... 6: lever 5: jackson 4: petracca 3: salem 2: gawn 1: jordon that was an ugly, ugly watch
  10. just haven't looked like it all game unfortunately too many passengers today too much hollywood football
  11. they're playing much smarter, more disciplined defensive football than us
  12. petty, unfortunately being given a bath filth playing much smarter football
  13. filth's pressure better than ours early days
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