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  1. I see this as being a bit like Boak and Gray at Port - they’re best mates and will want to stay together
  2. Never in doubt This side is committed to each other Salem next
  3. He’s RFA Would love him but can’t see how we’d have the $$ cap to pay him and keep Oliver, Salem, et al
  4. You have my vote @ArtificialWisdom
  5. And in 2022 and beyond it becomes no match inside top 40 Which kinda defeats the purpose of the academies
  6. interesting to see this all-african all australian side from the footy almanac last august: https://www.footyalmanac.com.au/almanac-teams-an-african-australian-afl-team/ i had no idea that jack darling was south african by birth
  7. the pert email was to core business units, i.e. goodwin, who mentioned it in his press conference
  8. they start the sydney academy at 12 years old to capture them as early as possible they grow up learning the skillset to set them up for success at afl level
  9. it's a write-off from a radio interview pure content-for-contents-sake piece
  10. someone i know on another club's board absolutely raves about kate roffey - reckons she'll be our peggy o'neal
  11. if we can continue to hit the scoreboard 25-30 times a game while the oppo is only hitting theirs 13-18 times a game we will win more games than we lose
  12. gryan miers, kicked 1 early and then barely got a touch jetta's position in defence has been important all year
  13. wow that's an awful outcome coach in the presser said he was being assessed but he'd definitely be out 'weeks'
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