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  1. gryan miers, kicked 1 early and then barely got a touch jetta's position in defence has been important all year
  2. wow that's an awful outcome coach in the presser said he was being assessed but he'd definitely be out 'weeks'
  3. may out petty in is the obvious change to make, but like others they may choose to 'go small' and bring hibberd in instead those calling for spargo to be dropped make me laugh
  4. 6: petracca 5: lever 4: gawn 3: oliver 2: viney 1: langdon apologies to salem, fritsch, spargo
  5. Should be miles up; same story as last three weeks There is a lot to like about the way we play and that we have been down a key back since early that quarter shows that our system holds up
  6. Conditions are perfect for footy today No rain currently, blue skies from the south east, chill in the air... Feels like footy more so than round 1 did that’s for sure
  7. When he got dropped early in 2018 after the failed switch to play as a half back, he came back into the side as a negating half forward - his first job was stopping JJ’s run off half back in the game in which Lever did his knee He was outstanding at the role as he was able to complement his defensive intensity with forward craft - his use of the ball is a weapon both passing and kicking at goal, particularly on the run I’m backing him in to play a role for us going forward
  8. Garry McIntosh from Norwood would have waltzed into any ‘All Australian’ team during the late 80s to mid 90s
  9. Brilliant defensive effort by Castagna - he cops a lot of knocks but his work rate is like ANB
  10. loving the positional uncertainty... rosman a wing? back pocket! mitch brown a tall forward? full back! petty a tall defender? named on the wing! bowey a caleb daniel clone? half-forward! smith a rebounding half-back? forward pocket! bradtke a ruckman? rover! quality work by whoever controls the clipboard for casey
  11. geez that's harsh on jones some of his i50 passing - i can think of one to jackson in particular - has been first rate
  12. i wouldn't go that far but he's definitely one player it's super easy to admire from afar
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