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  1. pfft, what a beat up from the little paper re jackson going nowhere
  2. at the start of the season, the plan was sideshow bob and weed as the key forwards with plugger mac as the defensive wingman a lot can change in the space of a few weeks and a couple of injuries good luck to him in 2022 and beyond
  3. the beauty of this sort of deal is it gives both the player and the club some security he has two years to get back to full fitness and deliver accordingly
  4. oh, i can sort of understand it - they, justifiably given their ladder position, wanted larkey to be #1 option, which is what sideshow bob was always going to command by dint of the way he plays, as he's their 'future' going forward cam zurhaar is their fritsh equivalent, they're getting callum coleman-jones as their jackson facsimile
  5. guy rigoni (and james harmes for a couple of years) did him proud
  6. it's amazing how he's gone from our key forward to depth for us and absolutely zero interest from outside parties in the space of a single injury-interrupted season he's got two years to prove he 'belongs' at afl level
  7. no, there's no demand for weed whatsoever at this point
  8. little interest for weed now that coleman-jones has nominated north and krueger wants to go to the filth i reckon he'll stay on a one year deal with us, similar to that which narkle is signing at the cats then it's make it or not in 2022
  9. no, there's absolutely no guarantee that will be the case win on saturday while the opportunity awaits
  10. i have learned to embrace the stereotypes as a glen iris-residing, 4wd-driving, cheeseboard-eating mfc member only thing i can't claim is mcc; i'm an afl member
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