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  1. yeah agreed they hold onto him, fight like billy-o to keep him to help with the development of sheezel, wardlaw, mckercher, phillips, smillie (presuming they draft him with pick 1) etc., and then if worst comes to worst they either accept a band 1 compo or they match and force a trade that kangas midfield is gonna be stacked for the next decade
  2. yeah, but he's under contract north won't get him leave at the end of this year unless they get overs he's a restricted free agent at the end of 2025 fwiw - so even then the kangas can match
  3. some big clunks tonight was great to see i think we have persevere with as a forward, as he's a big bugger and he works hard to get to contests, and takes the #1 key defender i sure would love him back in defence tho...
  4. and the rest i think offers would start at two first round picks, and north would want the 2024 one to be in the top 10 tomlinson is an unrestricted free agent, and has my blessings to give someone else grey hairs
  5. i found that to be the most demoralising win i think i've ever seen but i'll take the 4 points why do you think this season is so even, sydney aside?
  6. it was more a comment as how de goey is 'k mart dusty' i would love ldu in our side, but i can't see north letting him walk at the end of the season for anything 'reasonable', but instead trying to convince him to stay as they continue to get better he's a helluva player
  7. after watching him get out-bodied and out-positioned by smaller opponents, the final straw for me tonight was i think in the last quarter where they were on the break and he had the choice - go to the contest or stick with his man, and instead he dithered - something he does all too regularly - and failed to impact the contest and got caught in no man's land so that his direct opponent was able to be goal side with no oppo near him he's one of the dumbest and most frustrating footballers i've seen since frost played for us, and i think he's actually worse as a player 1:1, which is a key requisite for a key defender he has some positives - he gives his all and you can't fault his desire, and he can definitely kick it long to a contest / no one in particular down the line... and obviously i'm being facetious with the last comment, but i just don't trust him to do the basics right, let alone some of non-negotiables of what would make us a decent side i wouldn't ever have him and may in the same 23 if possible
  8. in: lever out: tomlinson i would be very tempted to start pup brown and have chandler as the sub - tbh, it's what i would have done this evening
  9. i tipped them to win based on their form coming into the game they've got some super talent other than the first quarter and a patch of the third, they were on top
  10. Trying to think of the last time I felt so demoralised by a win Perhaps the Trapper masterclass vs Baggers in the Kreuzer Cup But this game made me feel so hollow about the four points
  11. 6: Viney 5: Gawn 4: Rivers 3: ANB 2: Langdon 1: May but really give all the votes to pup brown for his tackle
  12. As you walk up the intonation of “level 4 seating is closed” it’s all a bit grim
  13. who we still got a 2nd round pick for, which was about his worth
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