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  1. Part of me is a bit concerned on the load those three carry
  2. Just realised Spargo only had 58% time on ground. Wonder how bad the ankle really was.
  3. His draft highlights are really impressive, explosiveness we've seen only in small glimpses at AFL level so far. Will be an interesting next 12 months to see how he progresses from here.
  4. Midfielder with serious pace is still a need. We'd be stuffed if Langdon went down. Project tall/ruck.
  5. Kozzie 12th with 40 goals! Will be interesting to see the top 10 in the B&F.
  6. Great skills for a guy his size. Can't imagine him playing in his first year though given how skinny he is.
  7. They will, they're essentially forced to aren't they? No first round pick this year, and a late second rounder. They probably try to pickup a couple of free older players as per usual cause it's literally all they can do.
  8. If players want out that badly they request trades, contracted or not. Dunkley the perfect example. I have no doubt he was ****ty post season. An end of season capitulation missing finals & hub life probably not a good combination.
  9. Finally the distraction of footy is over and we can get on with the real stuff
  10. Need to concussion test anyone watching that show too
  11. Put Gus back in the middle, could have had 45 touches
  12. I'd keep it short & sweet, i.e: Target Bont's left knee Libba's ribs And Treloar's feelings
  13. I heard from someone that dogs bigfooty has the highest rate of meth use per capita in the southern hemisphere
  14. Yeah probably too ambitious isn't it? I'll change me prediction to 15 & 3
  15. Dee's by 50 odd. Stef Martin subbed out in the first quarter. Treloar's retirement announcement in the post game presser. Clarry BOG, but T Mac close behind him with 20 & 3.
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