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  1. Don't mind that Red. But are we losing an extra midfield rotation by dropping Jordon.
  2. Have been pleading with demon supporters for couple of years to stick fat with this kid. What you're watching now is exactly what he was showing at TAC level and why he was highly rated by our recruiting and coaching staff. Imo he is by far our best tackler in the team, and he sets the tone with his insane pressure and manic attack. Don't think I've seen anyone an opponent slip his tackles as of yet this year. While Kozzie might be getting all the Hollywood attention and rightly so, it's Spargo who the coaches would be just as wrapt with his defensive efforts and form. Worked
  3. Poor Maysie. Looking at the way his eye blew up, unfortunately it's looking like a potential fracture. Hope I'm wrong. Petty can step in and do the job. Has been in super form down at Casey.
  4. Very impressive. Looking forward to seeing her pulling some significant strings.
  5. Interesting article by two well credited journos. Pretty much confirming Bartlett had lost the some of the key board members in the past 12 months. https://amp.theage.com.au/sport/afl/glen-bartlett-to-stand-down-as-melbourne-president-20210410-p57i5s.html?__twitter_impression=true
  6. Yeah nah no one has actually suggested that at all..
  7. I'm personally excited about the Roffey appointment. Doing a bit of research on her I see she's got some pretty big connections and has done some really good ground work with other sports she's been involved. Good Luck Kate.
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