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  1. Or just simply remaining loyal to his team..
  2. Yeah I know mate it's really frustrating and it's just unfortunate that the week that VFL is scheduled back, it's also the week where our AFL team has it's bye. I'm just trying to explain the demographic side of things even though I don't agree with it also
  3. The inexplicable part with that the VFL round 1 didn't even start until AFL round 4. Bizarre scheduling.
  4. But that they have been doing this during the covid period. Our fringe and rookie players played in a practice match in Sydney last weekend and also the week before where it was reported Kade Chandler kicked 4 goals. So players are still going to get rewarded on that form also even though it may not be VFL intensity.
  5. Mate look at the other teams that have got byes in the VFL as well? Their respective AFL clubs all have byes this weekend also. Are people not understanding that it's purely the fact that it was mandatory that during AFL byes every player on the list were given extended time off from the their footy club to rest and reset. They didn't want senior players having time off and then fringe/rookies still coming to the footy club to continue to train while their AFL boys who had played, were on their 6 day time off from the footy club.
  6. No you've missed my point. They've got the VFL bye aligned with the AFL because AFLPA wanted all players to be using that as an extended break from all things football. This is why our playing list is not due back at training until this Saturday morning, instead of the normal week routine. During the covid lockdown our 2nds players were still playing intra club matches with other clubs involved. So players will still get picked on that form as Goodwin publicly stated on his post match conference. While it's not the same intensity as VFL it's not like the fringe players haven't
  7. My thoughts exactly. Could see us easily dropping the essendon game but then beating West Coast or Geelong at their respected home grounds. Adelaide, GWS, GC and Hawthorn are non negotiables.
  8. Yes and I should clarify that they're only working off interpretation set by the AFL which is difficult in itself.
  9. The umpiring is the worst I've seen. I've accepted that regardless how much backlash they cop from the media, 5hey won't change anytime soon. They've ruined watching footy for fun.
  10. Please @Dr. Gonzo save yourself the time and energy and don't bother explaining. You'll only stoop to low level IQ. Me and many other normal supporters understand exactly where you're coming from with your comment.
  11. Think you'll find VFL byes are aligned with their AFL clubs who also have byes this weekend. This is so to give everyone on the list a complete rest, or chance for players to use the extended break as an opportunity to go home to be with their families. And yes I've taken into account they've had a couple of weeks off..
  12. Not my material mate, just something I stole from bigfooty.
  13. Our other NGA prospect in Andy Moniz-Wakefield has been selected for the under 19s Allies squad. https://www.afl.com.au/news/632076
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