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  1. Wasn't this one of the big reason we brought in Gary Pert back in 2018?
  2. Nothing. Extremely poor by the club that he is in a position to be considered.
  3. He's been doing it for years so i don't have sympathy for him. Its disgusting behaviour especially some of the content that he was displaying. Glad he's been finally caught. Lesson for young footballers all around the country, you're not invincible.
  4. Yeah I'm keen to see some evidence. He's had a lot more wrong then right imo. But happy to be proven wrong if he has hard solid facts.
  5. Two more girls have now come out and said they've received inappropriate picture from him. There seems to be a Patton going on here. Thank you very much..
  6. I'm in the boat and have voiced this quite strongly that I would only want him on the list if he's got the talent to contribute strongly in the future and not based on name. The fact some on here want him on the list purely on name shows exactly where the mentality we are as supporters and that's accepting mediocrity far too easily. In your time of watching him @Pennant St Dee what are the things he needs to work on from your point of view?
  7. Not aimed at you at all @old dee. In regards to an earlier post.
  8. We all knew it was Goodwin all along. Stating that he's been unfaithful is plain stupid on the base of no facts or evidence.
  9. Stupid comment to suggest this is the case with the unknown 3rd coach.
  10. Lol Andrew McGrath? You do realise Salem was a good few years older then McGrath.. Andrew McGrath is going to play absolute 0% in whether Salem goes to the bombers or not, 0. No link whatsoever except that they went to the same school.
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