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  1. Not entirely sure why it makes sense? He's purely an inside midfielder who lacks speed and his disposal let's him down at times. Where does he improve our team when we have a plethora of inside mids that would be well ahead of him in the pecking order? There is a reason why he missed out all together. Slow inside midfielders who lack speed and have disposal issue aren't exactly the flavour of today's game.
  2. Great insight. Cal Twomey really putting himself out there as one of the best journo's in the land when it comes to the draft. Will be very interesting to watch if we target Humphrey's in the future when he comes out of contract.
  3. Could mount a case that even this is the wrong hypothetical. A husband beating up a wife has nothing to do with race, it's a general society concern as a whole which is a completely different topic of discussion.
  4. Think this is incredibly harsh on Garry. Think it was handled as best as it was from a professional manner, especially as it was put right on the spot. He immediately tried to divert the conversation back on his footballing ability which should have been the main topic of discussion all along. Why wasn't there a threaded started few weeks back when Sheezal was called far more horrific names from social media trolls? Can't pick and choose.
  5. Correct. There was no dust up, there was a photograph of him talking to the security guard and that's it. Honestly, what 20 year old ratbag kid hasn't been refused into a club before. Saying he has "history" of behaviour is now just laughable.
  6. Must be surreal for Mark Williams. Coached his dad to their only premiership and is now a development coach of his son. Looking at his highlights I reckon he would make a great running half back.
  7. Yes I'm sure he'll work hard. Let's pull the breaks but, he could very well be the next Leigh Williams.
  8. Yep.. But hey, let's re-sign him to a new 2 year deal as a reward..
  9. I think it was more so for Bailey Humphrey's. I'm the bit the same. He certainly shows some talent and I'm slowly starting to maybe come around to him, but I'm not fully sold. He's years away from at least competing physically with the bigger defenders of the game. I honestly see him as the Jack Watts floating 3rd tall and not the key position forward some are hoping for.
  10. Great to hear. I believe he is actually related Kozzy?
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