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  1. Pretty sure it comes down to your browser history. I just quickly had a look at what ads was popping up on mine and it was a popular online clothing shop that I was only scrolling through this morning. Might want to delete your history...
  2. Max had all the attributes of a solid ruckman that had potential. What he's showing now he showed at VFL as well as winning a best and fairest for Casey. I haven't seen anything from Varrell that suggest he's got those athletes attributes that he can bring to AFL level. On a side note AMW was very impressive.
  3. I'm not entirely sure if Will Varrell will make it. He struggles to hold his marks and there were certainly moments there in the last quarter he should have held onto a few grabs that came directly to him but soft hands meant he dropped way too many. If you're not at least a solid enough mark as a ruckman then you're going to struggle at the elite level.
  4. Good lord no.. Absolutely horrific by foot and constantly butchers it. His career average disposal for a midfielder is 11 which is rated as below average. No thanks.
  5. We had Trac play against West Coast and Fremantle and that made no difference. The overall game plan is cooked.
  6. Another ugly, North supporters were incredibly loud at the ground where as we heard crickets from our fans. Ouch.
  7. Meh. We are an absolute shadow of our former self and its a sad state of affairs watching perform the way that we did. I'm scared for next week.
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