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  1. Look lets be honest, Bernie is dumb as dog [censored]. Claims that the players would have been annoyed with the Bartlett comments and now says that maybe its the players? Which one is it Bernie? Contradict yourself much..
  2. Rivers has the Hibbered role sewn up. If he can't quite crack it at North Melbourne then why on earth would we target him? Last bloke we targeted that couldn't get at gig at North Melbourne is currently with us who also is struggling to crack in our ones also. Looking at his stats he last played against St Kilda back in round one and had 7 disposals 0 marks and 2 tackles from 80% game time. No more list cloggers thanks.
  3. Mate its his second year of AFL footy on the back of missing half a year through a knee injury last year and having no VFL this year.
  4. I like the selections personally. Would have brought in Hunt or Rivers for a bit of speed perhaps. But Adelaide arent a quick side either.
  5. Great call regarding McDonald being dropped.
  6. Well looks like he's job is not safe then because we sure as hell aren't making finals. I think we'll win maybe 7 or 8 games. Unless there are drastic changes internally, then cannot see how we'll just click when we haven't even been able to knock of some of the top 6 sides. Is it Goodwin? Is it the players?? Million dollar question.
  7. loved me some of the #pedomyths. He was a lion hearted player who gave his all every game. I'd easily have in the current side over fumble jumble in Tom McDonald.
  8. latissimus dorsi. Its the muscles in and around the the back.
  9. Yeah honestly I'm the same (I have a man crush on the Pruess). I have no idea what fitness work they've done since being away. But I do hope with news that Pruess dropped 8 kilos over the summer to improve his endurance that might hopefully help in some way. The other option is whether we do go agile and have Jackson and Tomlinson as a rucks. They won't win a lot of hitouts, but just being competitive around the ground is all we ask.
  10. Yes they're back with the full squad now
  11. AF, that's an insult to the 2nd greatest ruckman in MFC history in Cam Pedersen who was our number 1 ruckman that night...
  12. Nah he's been fine since April. I fact he played the last 2 scratch matches when the club was still in Melbourne. He'd be fresh and ready to go. Gawn being out isn't the end of the world. Might actually make our mids think twice and work even extra harder without the silver service.
  13. Mentally tough? Were they? Choked on the biggest stage of the year by 96 points. If they had brought the silverware home then yes i would agree. Any side that wins a premiership in my view is mentally a tough football club. We achieved some success during the Northey and Daniher years. But we weren't a mentally tough side.
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