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  1. Hamish Brayshaw as a potential rookie/delisted free agent is interesting..
  2. With Footy officially finished for the year I am guessing trade talks will really ramp up. Got anything for us @Dr evil
  3. Unfortunately we don't see those bumps and hits anymore. Loved Byron.
  4. Yep, giddy up folks! Just a glimpse of what he could potentially do for us.
  5. Would not have picked you for a IPA drinker @Elegt 😲
  6. Sam Edmund on SEN pretty much going with Ben Brown is looking likely to be a demon. Has already done a medical and has had two meetings and by all reports went well.
  7. Agree, Longmire is big on players being versatile, so I can see the appeal there for them. I like tmac, but he needs a fresh start just like Ben Brown needs a fresh start with us.
  8. My post was Tmac, Pruess and next years first round pick for this years GWS first round pick compo from the Williams trade, which could potentially be 9.
  9. Doesn't worry me that we are getting little back. The compensation out of this trade will be the signing of Ben Brown.
  10. With Tom McDonald potentially touring GWS, i wonder even if we could package up Pruess and Tmac plus next year's first for GWS compo pick which most likely pick 9?
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