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  1. Jake Melksham must be in some red hot form on the training track Doesn't even play any footy last week and gets named 1st emergency. Kade Chandler has 29 and 5 snags and doesn't even get a nod on the Em list. Poor fella lol
  2. Yeah I got sucked in by that comment.
  3. He hasn't shown much in his career alone. Just thought they would have used him as a forward alongside Brown. All good, just means more opportunity for Bedford.
  4. Honestly thought they would have kept Weideman in to play up forward full time.. Guess not.
  5. What are you on about? 34 goals for a 19 year old in his 2nd year of AFL level is an fantastic achievement. You're kidding yourself if you think otherwise. Take off your red and blue glasses off for goodness sake. The Weideman comparison is laughable to begin with.
  6. Interesting. I've watched majority of Casey games this year and I've found Moniz Wakefield has been far more impressive then Rosman and Smith.
  7. Wrong. Hawkins was 23 years of age when he kicked 62 goals in a season back in 2012. This was backing up from a near BOG performance the year before in the grand final at 22 years of age. Even in his 3rd year at AFL level Hawkins still kicked 34 goals in 2009 Hawkins was far more advanced into his career then what what Weid is at similar age. I also think the comparison to Hawkins is a bit strange considering Hawkins was far more physically developed.
  8. I stole the quote from Clint Stanaway. Either way, I think we all know Goody has told a white lie in the past. Christian Petracca playing sick against Fremantle is a prime example. He left it to Christian to make the decision on the day and it back fired. Goody contradicts himself there. In saying that, I'm glad both LJ and Gawn are playing this week.
  9. Hearing the presser I reckon Weideman stays in the team. Could be Bedford and MBrown as the outs.
  10. "We wouldn't play them if they weren't 100% fit" Well that's a lie Goody.....
  11. Still remember around draft time when it came to this selection that I thought we were about to gain a steal in Jack Carroll who I was a big wrap for. Bit deflated when we overlooked him, but quickly jumped on board in support of Rosman. It was always going to take time with Rosman and while there is certainly athletic traits there, I too question his overall footy IQ. My thinking is there they're embarking him for the role similar to Joel Smith. Someone who is tall and got genuine speed to play on both talls and smalls. Not only is speed a big asset, but he's probably the fittest player on our list. Probably the perfect prototype player to play on someone like Jeremy Cameron. I think he'll get another year on the list imo.
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