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  1. Not sure how you can name Salem, Rivers and Kozzie as 'bloody good midfield' options when there is still a lot of unknowns on whether they can step up when needed. Sparrow I would say to some degree hasn't exactly taken the next step in proving he can become a quality midfielder in years to come. He's a role player who needs to lift his numbers and input and not continue to live off averaging 16-17 disposals per game. Based of what I saw against Richmond I saw nothing in his game that suggest he's improved. Now I'm not using that as evidence to suggest that he won't improve this year but he absolutely needs to step up now with Brayshaw gone. He's got all the tight athletic tools but we barely see enough of it. Rivers has only had minor spurts in there and taking him away from our backline does leave it vulnerable because he is just as good down back. He's the one out of the lot I see transitioning well into full time midfield role similar to what Elliot Yeo did when he started off as a defender in his early days. Kozzie is very unknown still. Barely used there last year and doubt he has the tank to to play big minutes in there. Good for short bursts, but against the top sides like Collingwood who are elite at two way running then he'll need to step up in that area. Like Rivers, you're also taking his strengths away being an elite small forward because no one else in our teams comes even close to his level up forward. There is zero evidence to suggest Salem can step into the midfield role and be successful. Goodwin has already trialled Salem as a starting mid in early 2018 and he was pretty ordinary so they had to move him back in his natural position down back We've also trialled the two tall defenders thing and it simply does not work. One of the most bizarre coaching selections moves I saw was certainly not the not using Josh Schache sub but going into our first final against Collingwood with May and Lever as our only tall defenders. What was even more bizarre is that Goodwin admitted sometime last year that he prefers the 3 talls down back as it gives some like Lever to be released as the roaming 3rd tall. That final against Collingwood we butchered up that team selection that badly that they had no other choice but to play Rivers on Dan McStay all night which completely took away his running game because he had to play a full lock down role. Never again.
  2. Would be throwing everything at Finn Callaghan at the end of the year. Big bodied midfielder who's going to be a star of the competition.
  3. Zero compensation. Missed the SPP deadline by a few days unfortunately.
  4. I have zero care factor what other anonymous posters do on here, so not sure why the need to bring others into this conversation. You putting down every single loss to loading phase is genuine champagne comedy and classic Binman. You don't learn. Not only have you failed to back this up with facts time and time from anyone you've also been proven wrong when you've boasted that loading will have us primed and ready September action. But whatever helps you sleep at night.
  5. Genuinely taking the [censored] with this comment right?
  6. Getting slaughtered on the transition once again. Nothing has changed.
  7. I rate Darcy Moore as one of the best captain in the league. Marcus Bontempelli is overrated as a leader imo. Champion player but..
  8. One of your best posts. @Mach5 you called this right from day 1 regarding Pert and Kate.
  9. Jumped on twitter to have a pointless scroll through and the first thing that pops up is this [censored]. It's almost like they film this and go "this is exactly the content the fans want..." We are dead set bottom 4 in the competition when it comes to media and communications. Say what you want about Collingwood but after watching the Harry De Mattia stuff, I absolutely loved it! It was a fascinating insight into a first year players experience starting in the AFL system. Collingwood just do it so well and I could name half a dozen clubs that are in the same boat. The GWS giants for instance posted this early this year. Why not do similar of all three of our new boys? Kynan Brown is a son of a former demon, do a short doco on him on what it means to be in the AFL level that not only his old man represented, but the club he grew up barracking. Instead we've got trash content such as the above and Daniel Turner pinning washing pegs on his teammates at a team photo shoot.
  10. Ollie Florant, Will Hayward and Tim English would be my 3 targets.
  11. I'm guessing the 20 minutes was pretty much the match sim.
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