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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. So while Jeff Gleeson runs the tribunal it seems when the victim plays for Melbourne no penalty applies.
  2. Harmes' pass to Fritter to turn the tide gave me goose bumps. Always does.
  3. Chandler was clearly in some discomfort. Walking, sometimes limping and under observation by two physios. He was not hiding it and at one point was heard to say "that doesn't hurt as much". Right knee strapped from thigh to mid-calf. Melky fielded a few questions and suggested he was a couple of months away. Feeling very good. Was kicking sweetly both sides with his rehab group.
  4. Just like Hawthorn to let you down.
  5. To his benefit Koz is not looking at Soligo and had he not been airborne this would have been glancing contact and we would not be having this conversation. The talk on Fox afterwards was extraordinary for its lack of awareness of what happened in last year's finals. Not a mention of that piece of garbage, BM. While it is likely he is in strife I hold out hope for a fine given that Soligo was not remotely hurt and Koz's line of eyesight suggests no serious intent.
  6. This perception is at odds with mine. Tommo is in my experience usually out-bodied in one-on-one contests. A monster like Dixon for example, would have a field day with him. Tommo is strictly third defender material, especially since his knee injury.
  7. We've beaten two not outstanding sides and so have Port (Tiges and Eagles) so we'll learn something tonight. In my experience Port fans are pig ignorant but not aggressive (however they were flogging us at the time), whereas whatever happens there will be some niggle from Crow followers. (I won't call them supporters since they are too fickle for that).
  8. Correct. And sometimes he shrugs it out. Never penalised. IMO the umpires appear intent on punishing North for being rubbish by rewarding Carlton every half-free kick they can find.
  9. Toby Pink giving us a clear demonstration of the yawning gap between the SANFL and the AFL. He'll need a month of counselling if he stays on McKay all day.
  10. I had never rated Hipwood and then he went and had a breakout 10 minute spell against us that yielded four goals and turned the game. Ever since I have waited for a repeat performance but the best I have seen from him is a couple of "useful" games. Last night Eric was his typically useless self. Daniher almost as bad. The umpiring was however, worse than both of them. It was impossible to reconcile the decisions applied to both teams. Hopefully there is a backlash but it's unlikely because the post game talk the afl wants is the magpies are back.
  11. HTB decisions disgraceful. Magpies umpired in to this. Terrible performance from the maggots.
  12. So much hatred for Collingwood in our joint tonight. And Maynard...let's hope what goes around, comes around. Lachie Neale looking superhuman.
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