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  1. Clayton. The bigger question is - will he feel the need to apologise for a "sh$t speech" again, or has he been working on his presentation?
  2. I don't think the issue was that we didn't recruit from other clubs. For mine I'd have liked more senior game time into the young developing players like Chandler, Bowey, Laurie and Turner. It is true of every coach. They have players they trust and those they trust they give extra opportunities to find form and these kids (mostly) haven't been give the opportunity. Petty to move forward and Turner to be the developing third defender with Bowey distributing the ball off half back appeals to me. Obviously JVR is going to come in to senior calculations although like others mentioned it's overdue. Hopefully he stars and we all have to eat our words as the footy department is vindicated by his readiness to compete at the highest level. I'm less keen about Grundy he is not our need but the brains trust knows plenty I don't. Baker has been mentioned here but he has not shown enough to be part of the discussion IMO. It was encouraging to hear Goody talk about changing the game plan. In hindsight we do seem to have been overtaken by several clubs.
  3. This is so mistaken. We routinely did what Geelong did in the first quarter - won contested footy, won clearances, and won inside 50s, but we could not turn it into the sort of domination the Cats had with Hawkins, Stengle, Cameron, Smith all threatening to score. And they did it with Hawkins only 50% effective. Forwards matter and so does efficiency and that's where we have to make up ground.
  4. Very dignified speech from Dane Rampe. Tough job very well done.
  5. Best game I've seen Mason Cox play that wasn't against us.
  6. Woods showing the value of efficiency. Should be almost out of this.
  7. Partial screenshot from the Demonshop. For more about the book see https://www.betweentheflags57.com.au D-lighted with the club picking this up and running with it.
  8. Cannot see enough of Zorko, Berry and McCarthy right now.
  9. First heard of him 30 years ago so he's grounded in SA journalism, and is reputedly a Power fan as overt as Caro is a Tiger fan.
  10. As well, as I indicated above, the lack of will to work others through the group so that by the time the finals came around the idea of the 'unified group' meant the walking wounded remained. (Some of course, like CP5, are simply irreplaceable.)
  11. Probably more reflection of the fact that you can't stand still, and maybe we did. Teams like Collingwood took on our style and outworked it. Remember the two starting players off the back of the square pre-666? You do need to develop changes each year or you're overtaken. There was not much innovation in us this year. We certainly stayed fixated on the same group as well. It's only a guess but I think the lack of new players, or relative novices like Bedford and Bowey being given a chance in the last third of the year cost us in terms of energy and enthusiasm. Goody possibly stuck with the known factors too much. If at the start of the year you'd told me Laurie would not have played a senior game this year, and that Chandler would not resurface I'd have figured long term injury hit them. But no, they just did not get a chance.
  12. JVR looking the goods. Turner good judgement, reads it well. Bowey's skills shining. TMac roaming like a battle cruiser. Casey will take this easing up.
  13. One debutant all year. Makes the best first year player an easy call. But I would have liked to see some freshening up.
  14. Must disagree. I was there and the Sydney noise second half amazed me. Even Robbo had to try to gee uo our mob at 3/4 time.
  15. Agree entirely. We have seen that performance too often
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