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  1. Seemed to struggle in the repeat running routine. I think he still has some work to do on his fitness base, but that's without any real study, just a casual observation. Too soon to judge him.
  2. Looks very fit. As I mentioned a nice contested grab and a measured-for-the-wind goal from about 40m. Seemed to be in a lot of action and was singled out for special instruction with Stafford (thanks Tim). Moved nicely in the handball drill. The only spill/miss was one of Stafford's.
  3. My first visit to Casey since the Saints preseason game maybe three years ago. The place has changed enormously, all for the good. Match simulation was well underway when I arrived at 10.30 (Note to self, arrive by 9.45 if possible).It’s not easy watching since the arena is sealed off and a grassy knoll, yes one of them, obscures vision at certain points. I cannot claim to have gained much from the match sim witnessed except Gawn and TMac were opposed in marking duels: TMac as a forward and Gawn defending. Of the five or so contests witnessed they broke even, both marking strongly and bot
  4. Usually in these situations the incumbent board can drum up enough votes from its own networks to ensure their chosen one is elected. From their perspective the favoured nominee has been vetted and will provide a good fit with the existing members. The board can also rely on most members not bothering to vote either because they don't care or they feel they don't know enough to distinguish one candidate from another, so the board's networking gets the job done. Odds are that is what will happen here regardless of my vote (see above).
  5. Reckon that might have been De'ath which is pronounced Dee - Ath. Sounds very different but does look...err...striking in print as in Mr De'ath.
  6. Voted. Included Lawrence because we so rarely have a vote and he looks authentic. I won't say who I omitted because I think they all have something to recommend them and it's not for me to try to influence others. Make up your own minds but I did vote for Brad. Every board needs some footy input and someone who can liaise with the boys.
  7. If it were left to Kennett and the Hawthorn club, the deciding factor I think would be how his rehab was going, how positive his preparation was and how much future on-field value they saw in him. But with Clarko, I tend to agree with you that he would let his standards rule. JP must be very nervous waiting to see how the allegations stand up.
  8. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/teams/hawthorn/more-women-accuse-hawks-star-jonathon-patton-of-sending-lewd-pictures/news-story/f5e586aaf8746a886bcc78b2aaa7f005 They are only allegations which the Hun is levelling against Jon Patton and I have absolutely no idea of the truth or otherwise, so innocent until proven and all that. But I am not above some schadenfreude at the expense of the Family Club. Any pain for the Hawks is good for the soul. The pity is they did not give up much to get him.
  9. No, you're on your own there. I received my pack pre-Christmas, but I paid separately. Paid the MCC in October and the MFC in November, in case that makes a difference. (I prefer to give my money direct to the club.)
  10. It was a special designation for the Covid Test. The ground was divided into 7 (I think) seating zones - spectators were confined to their one zone and could not move out of it. All I know beyond that is that zone 5 was in the Southern Stand.
  11. Never had a game plan under Goodwin? Never? You really must back that up or it goes into the special catalogue of Ridiculous Statements That Make demonland So Addictive.
  12. Twelve of those behinds were not shots at goal but Hawthorn carrying the ball over to minimise risk and regain possession I seem to remember. Smart tactically and no longer allowed.
  13. Yep, the self-regard of some members is simply astounding. I find myself asking (rhetorically) where do they get off?
  14. Simply having them out there will do it for me.That and a win. Besides, the opening round usually throws up some surprises.
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