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  1. And Richmond wanted to offload him several years ago...your point?
  2. The last board challenge was Jimmy's takeover. Not one to recommend given the outcome, but no-one could have predicted the main guy was to be struck with a fatal illness within a year of taking over. As for B Green he does have some business background but that's not much relevance to being football director. Most clubs have someone with recent on-field experience to enlighten the Board on footy matters. Leoncelli was football director for a while. Not sure when he finished or who replaced him.
  3. I cannot think of one thing Samuel did in his "public service life" that was a success. He gave us Docklands FGS, a planning disaster without continuity or soul.
  4. I'm not sure any of that is true. Also, he seems to suggest in the article he has realised he was overrated by it.
  5. Sounds like that is the MCC stuffing up. They like dual members to pay them for both memberships. I choose to pay the MFC part direct to the MFC.
  6. Yes but...Goodwin was a kid in those flags. A punk.
  7. Nothing strange about the third quarter. Cats shut it down so there was no chance of a come back. Pies hope would have been to make up four goals in the third, then try to make up the rest in the last but they had nothing. Cats now turn it on in the last to tune up for next week.
  8. I think you're looking for problems. When he speaks of players being unselfish and working as a unit I read it as he includes himself in that. There is no hint of him taking pot shots at others by my reading. I did like the fact that he sounds impatient for success, and there's no doubt the midfield is taking some management and players, like Oliver did somewhat this year, need to refine how they play. The main take away for me is that stuff we heard this year from some posters about how Goodwin had lost the players is BS so far as this leader is concerned. Viney's comments about being a
  9. Crikey what does Robbo want? The bloke already opted for the big sleep once before. Reckon he has to just make a life now.
  10. Port are snarky. Hopefully they'll give those snipers Cotchin-Lynch some of their own with interest.
  11. Brad is managing director of GMH Fire and Safety (not connected with the former auto manufacturer). The company supplies fire extinguisher systems and does safety audits and servicing. I am delighted with Yze's appointment and as for BG, it must be good for the board to have the insights of a 200+ game player and former captain, as ordinary as Brad's year leading the group was. His role I guess is as a liaison between the football department and the board and he at least has paid his dues on field. I know many have lamented the lack of "Melbourne people" around the club but it doesn'
  12. Good pick up. My defence? I was lying in bed about to kip. Otherwise you got me. PS: McQueen's done it again with "fella's" but it's way too pedantic even for me to go at him again. This thread has been waylaid far too much thanks to the Coq Tete.
  13. Very good McQueen, I fully support your post - except there's no apostrophe in 'its' as a possessive article.
  14. Ditto. Would have enjoyed more images of the crowd leaving though for a thorough gloat. First time I can remember not minding seeing the Pies win.
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