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  1. If 90% of the game is played above the shoulders... GFC sports psychologist has still got her/his work cut out!
  2. Erratum by omission; Angus Brayshaw + remainder of team
  3. Mitch Brown - met expectations honourably Christian Salem - match fitness improving
  4. 6 Christian Petracca 5 Clayton Oliver 4 Ed Langdon 3 Christian Salem 2 Jack Viney 1 Steven May Honourable mentions; Jake Lever James Jordon James Harmes Tom Sparrow Alex Neal-Bullen Sam Weideman Adjudication; 💩 Opposition hyperbole watch; Tex Walker should hand in his star and transition quickly to his post-football career. His stint with the Selwood Academy during his long layoff last year was on show this evening. Umpires' pet. Future prospects include roles in Kids Pantomime as Judy and at the Umpires Association Xmas party as Santa. This will give him the opportunity to reciprocate the largesse received from the adjudication fraternity in his footy twilight season. Broadcast; Fox Footy's equivalent to the 'Odd Bunch' , irrelevant. Overall Comment; A meritorious victory; despite the selection challenges overcame a hostile crowd, an improving crows outfit and partisan umpires.
  5. Crows first goal upfield free for running into opponent head first Tex tackles May without ball in front of maggot play continues goal Second.goal Tex jumps all over Mitch Brown all his Chrismasses come at once joke decision.
  6. First Quarter Demons 5 goals 1 behindz Croweaters 2 goals Maggots 2 goals
  7. Yes can recommend the 'fresh air' and exercise at the nearby Queen Sirikit Park. You can hire bicycles and do the circuit.
  8. Herald Chun(der) feed announces Robbie Williams as part of Grand Final 'entertainment' this morning. We'd much rather have the ghost of the great Don Williams personally grace the 'G at half-time. Speaking of Weed "pound for pound" would rather our #26 than the blues #1 in the faux-ruck. If a soufflé can rise twice, thrice, multiple times, Sam can do it. Careful observation by astute footy watchers has revealed despite the online 'fugazi', Weed did contribute manfully last round by playing a serviceable team orientated game. Rupert shell-shocked apparently has Roxy Music 'Siren' on high rotation this weekend.
  9. And not a 'whipping boy' amongst them...
  10. 6 Adam Tomlinson 5 Mitch Brown 4 Luke Dunstan 3 Kade Chandler 2 Jake Melksham 1 Jayden Hunt Honourable mentions; Jacob Van Rooyen James Munro Riley Baldi Taj Woewodin Judd McVee Roan Steele Bailey Laurie Oscar Baker Jack Bell Adjudication; pass (just) Opposition hyperbole watch; Suns like Giants building up a surplus stock of draft picks that will wither for lack of opportunity. Given Suns 'VFL' side had a definite outnumber of AFL listed players over Casey. Broadcast; Commentator had an irritating fixation on Jake Melksham's "gloved right hand". Repeatedly mentioning it when Jake came into the play. Was he running a practice call for his audition to "Golden Gloves"? Overall Comment; Given the projection of the Casey Demons this season a number of unlisted players have the potential for promotion to the big league.
  11. Mac Andrew looks at this stage of proceedings to be a speculative late draft pick with ‘potential’. Craig Cameron seemingly still takes a sneak peek at the demonworld boards. All that rampant hyperbole and an exclusive thread ‘appears’ to have swayed some of the draft order decision making. JVR alternatively is by nature a more natural footballer.
  12. 6 Jack Viney 5 Luke Jackson 4 Jake Lever 3 Angus Brayshaw 2 Christian Pettacca 1 Clayton Oliver Honourable mentions; James Harmes James Jordan Kysaiah Pickett Toby Bedford Charlie Spargo Michael Hibberd Adjudication; Umpires were fair and without favour overall less is more. Broadcasters; Got the picture soon enough MFC were the story. Fox footy team astute and amusing. BT keep doing Macca’s JR do Dallas. Overall comment; Demons lead by Jack Viney emphatic victors.
  13. joeboy - "accentuate the positive"
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