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  1. Chip is yesterday's burnt offerings Smith's Crisps anyone?
  2. Treloar's kicking is a bit like the trajectory of a North Korean rocket, sporadically launched without the guidance system. Made a similar observation at the last Queens Birthday Big Freeze match and a Carringbushie totally supported that view. (Demographic of the modern Collingwood supporter is no longer that stereotypical beer swilling, toothless yob, yelling obscenities). Would much prefer Stephenson, Thomas or Crisp as prospective trade targets
  3. ... add Dr.D and drdrake to that auspicious list. But not Dr Stephen Dank as it seems he is now a fugitive from justice. Back on topic; Smithy will indubitably add a suave, urbane, ever so slightly debonair edge to wing play at the 'G just add the red V and navy blue long sleeves.
  4. Warming to the debate on one of the current threads on this forum Trade & Draft in the Time of COVID re: MFC as a destination club. We think Demonland may be a destination footy blog for members of the sports medical profession as well, with the good Doctors Evil and Gonzo immediately springing to mind. Sure there are others out there too but memory presently eludes us...
  5. Surely they'd offer him a SAAD SAAB?
  6. Would that be Darren? Round 6 1991 at VFL Park v Collingwood. Midpoint in a stellar purple patch. Young fella absolutely destroyed the pies. Seven dynamic goals. The Sun was shining... a great day at the footy! ps. Gary Lyon 100 games, Todd Viney BOG.
  7. DeeZone shall defer to your re-collections of that era! There may be an alternative universe 'sliding door' moment hidden in there somewhere. Ronald Dale misses the Route 19 Swanston Street tram to Princess Park and than instead purchases a train ticket to Westgarth Station. He walks down a familiar inner Melbourne suburban street and enters a single fronted terrace. He rings the doorbell and is greeted by a familiar face. Over a cold fosters lager (it is now cricket season)...he confides that he conflicted about his footy future. By the end of the evening "the magician" (stage name Reynard R
  8. Was Chloe in the blokes only public bar? Foster's lager I can almost taste it now...
  9. Appears to be a rational well thought decision by the AFL given the rigours on players and their families during this COVID year. Rather than the annual racketing up of the rapacious all consuming beast, tame overwhelming and often unrealistic expectations to a more appropriate human dimension. Refresh and re-invigorate.
  10. Is that OsCar or OsKar? the later definitely showed some maturity and poise on the wing. Upwards and Onwards!
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