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  1. Picket your ‘training reports’ are now the weekly highlight up here on DL! Entertaining, enlightening and elucidating. And accompanied by the ‘sensational’ sounds of the seventies and eighties. Keep up the excellent work!
  2. Perhaps being too liberal with the cooking sherry?
  3. That was a magnificent magic moment... , consider myself fortunate to be there and witness it. Tigers were literally stopped in their tracks, their aspirations of making the finals that year, evaporated at that instant. Back to the wilderness, they seemed perpetually obliged to inhabit back then. Of course Garry was the go to step-ladder guy for others including Sean Smith up in Brisvegas!
  4. In the D land of make believe looks like a classic "smokey". According to the online Dictionary of Australian Slang there are two possible interpretations. Smokey Smokey: translation 1. marijuana dried and prepared for smoking; 2. horse (substitute player) whose form has been kept secret; rort horse Of course 'punters' can make there own choices; but it appears that Chocco in the Harry Strang role has masterminded the late switch here. ps. Kye will indubitably appreciate the billiard like surface of Casey Fields comparative to the Montmor
  5. Some here may recall his Dad's debut game at the 'G' as being distinctly inauspicious as memory serves us. Do recall the rather 'comical' goal square incident, involving a very junior and anxious Wiz hand balling into the back of an unaware Garry Lyon in the goal square. After the officiating umpire had stopped play. He was allowed to take his kick so averted the ignominy of opponent supporters' mirth. Tim Lamb's assessment of Kobe's abilities during his interview on the live telecast was pretty spot on, his defensive game was basically sound but he has much work to do on his offensive ga
  6. According to these soothsayers is 8thbourne (at best) enough or is Goody already Gawn?
  7. Agreed on that performance can now see why Lockart was dropped last season way too many turnover balls or 50/50s at best.
  8. This thread may be running hot like the Tigs B team, but the the Dees Z team performance is as about as cold as Ice Station Zebra. Warming up ever so slightly. Nice pair Toby Bedford!
  9. DL administrators obviously using the opportunity for some 'practice' too! Game day thread closed just like Joseph-Ignace Guillotin designed. Second half was encouraging, especially the forward fifty entries which were much more cohesive and better executed. Midfield and defence also appeared to 'click'.
  10. Kade Chandler's miracle resurrection continues! Messiah like he has rolled back the stone and arisen from the long term injury list. Now added him to the Surprise packet list!
  11. Decision making and execution of basic footy skills? (So 2019) Tiggers game plan simply straight out of jonathan livingston seagull, patiently await delivery of football as the other mob will definitely turn it over. I know its an inconsequential practice game rant # ?
  12. True 58er. But it is the dworships' 30th Wedding Anniversary! Just wishing to respectfully suggest an upgrade to their weekend experience.
  13. Visited Tassie on a $40 flight Moorabbin to Launceston in a Cessna once. Arrived at the airfield which was over 20 km from town. Most of the savings got used up a in a taxi trip! But the silver lining was the strictly old school driver when asked about a place to stay, dropped your correspondent off at a classic old pub in the centre of town. Upstairs were rather rustic rooms with high ceilings and large windows with sashes and weights overlooking the main street below. Bathroom and toilets were communal of course. As was the TV lounge, with some comfy old club lounge chairs to sit in. There w
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