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  1. “Us and Them” from Dark Side of the Moon. Dick or more formally ‘Richard’ Parry (to pass muster here) blowing up a storm.
  2. Six6Six superb! You’re really back in town with a splash!
  3. … the meltdown on Demonland will truly be epic.
  4. Norm Smith John Lord Tony Sullivan Peter Giles all worthy wearers of number 4.
  5. In retrospect probably a victim of our increasingly gentrified or is it geriatricfried(?) list. Not naming names but there are a few gents nearing the superannuated end of their tethers. Trust Goody has the Tardis tuned up for a career defining retrospective.
  6. Deakyn deserves another go at Arden Street. Clarko, Todd and Co may sit up and take notice. Kids got talent!
  7. Is Josh going the Full Monty in order to be Max’s understudy? Or putting his faith in primate reversion therapy to revive his AFL career? Wishing him well for the upcoming season preseason and beyond.
  8. PD my purpose when using of the word ‘pedigree’ was being rather loose with the language, more akin to the hyperbole of draft ratings than genetics. But in keeping with my canine theme more scatological than etymological. My knowledge of Carlton United products is rather dated. But Foster must have a special exemption, as l was under the erroneous impression that Fosters lager was only available offshore, especially in cans.
  9. That was my strong impression too PD. Duursma may have a better pedigree, but Kynan at Casey was snapping around the packs like a terrier. He appears (albeit on a brief showing) to have inherited Dad’s dogged determination.
  10. Too early to call a change of 💔 from the AFL fixture Tin men. But a premium position given the local interest and venue. Demons can Fly in and Fly out with the Grange Hermitage. Crows can warble 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow', as a lament, accompanied by ukulele from the Adelaide Oval dungeons. Blues can tip toe thru the dewdrops seeking a humility transplant.
  11. Serendipitously watching post breakfast from afar. Had me totally engrossed, some excellent speeches, anecdotes and memories covering Ron’s life and footy career. Highlights Lou Richard’s joke about God aspiring to be RDB on the footy field. The interaction between Ted Whitten and Ron in Adelaide during an interstate footy carnival. “Who is Mr Football?” and Ron’s son Ron Barassi lll ‘s eulogy to his father. Tony Jones referred to the expected maximum temperature in Melbourne today at 31 degrees. Channel 9 timed out unfortunately as Mike Brady commenced playing. When l became aware of the darkness outside and the first rains of the wet season. Veni Vedi Vici Vale Ronald Dale Barassi.
  12. Gil’s apparently booked him and the JB’s for his final farewell appearance as the outgoing AFL CEO at this year’s National Draft Ball. Highlight of the evening will be a medley of JB originals as a tribute to Gil’s career and contribution to footy. Songs believed to be in the medley selection include “Papa Don’t Make No Mess”, “It’s a Man’s Man’s World”, “Please Please Please” and as the finale a stirring rendition of “Give It Up Or Turnit Loose” * James Brown was unable to attend the recent AFL Draft Combine but this exert of his highlights video got industry recruitment insiders excited. As his agility testing was literally thru the roof blitzing Jimmy Krakouer’s long standing record. * “Hot Pants” and “Sex Machine” were considered but not included as these numbers were deemed inappropriate for this audience.
  13. Kynan Brown’s debut as the work experience kid at Casey this season gone was nearing auspiciousness. After kicking one goal, fluffed his lines on a second certainty, kicking to the left side of the goal post. Virtually on the goal line under perceived pressure rather than an opponent breathing down his neck. Suggesting an ‘excitable nervousness’ got the better of him. Dad Doggie was not the most polished player going round but never took a backward step. Young Kynan did not appear overawed on his Casey appearance and seemed to be a deceptively solid build for his age and inherited physique. More tyro Weimaraner than Whippet.
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