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  1. Over at the Saints circus, the coaches carousel has another merry-go-round at the Linton Street roundabout. Rats is gone but Ross returns. At the end of the coup, one imagines Ross scratchily wondering where is Luke? During the meet and greet the new guy. Or was that grownup Halloween for the the whole troop? "Luke's at Batman Avenue Boss" some newly appointed factotum whispers in his ear. The penny has dropped as the cobwebs momentarily clear. The Saints already deficient list, stuck between the gas gone out of the moneyball party balloon and yet another painful rebuild (short term according the recent saints members' media spin) is definitely more deficient now. If Goody's 2023 new year's resolution is to truly give those showing consistent form at Casey a fair go, Luke Dunstan deserves a shot. Maybe the new flexibility for that extra spot on the pine will provide him due opportunity.
  2. Gibbo’s gracious contributions will be missed especially on Gus & Yawny. All the best Ben.
  3. Thank you Big Kev. Marvelous!!! You are our 'go to guy' at Gosch's Paddock. Just add UFO's Aliens and Martians you'll soon rival Picket Fence out there on the *Outer Limits!
  4. Par contre, it suggests more humble origins and most importantly a great sense of humour. Love to be a fly on the wall when Jed and Max first get together. Vive le gars différent.
  5. Young bloke just bustin' to give it a crack. Deservedly elevated after patiently awaiting his opportunity. Trust he really gets a fair go at it next season and beyond. Good luck Kade!
  6. Yawn who are the premiers? Officially most boring ceremony all the awards but not the Flag.
  7. Qccentric interpretation of rules re:holding the ball. Do NRL rules apply north of the border? Rest of the country knows this is an AFL game. Send the clowns back to Lang Park!
  8. Straight shootin' Demons to trump Banana Benders in the Moonlight Sunshine State.
  9. If venue selection is with the ‘minor’ premiers and AFL approved the banana benders ‘appear’ to have bent over the national body.The ‘choice’ is provincial at best, and smacks of ‘feeding the chooks’ . Joh Bjelke-Petersen should. smiling down or is smiling up from Hades? If a cozy humid 35 degree Celsius is acceptable, a neutral venue like Marrara would be fairer. [Rain is bucketing down here]. If this is ‘show casing boating’ the Womans’ game the AFL has again triumphed. Despite the impediments Give ‘em Hell Demons!!!
  10. When Young Jackson first came to Melbourne there was a spontaneous reaction. As soon it became clear in his debut year he was so energetic and athletic in action. His third quarter spark on the Grand Final Park silenced the Doggies' bark. Though none of us can accept blame when he chose to turn his back on fame. To return to old Freo for a pot of gold so Mum can curl his hair with ribbons of aurelio reo.
  11. Demonland exclusive: The 'missing' Demons Holiday Gallery tapes... Jordan De Goey eat your heart out!
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