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  1. I’M YOUR HOOCHIE COOCHE MAN The gypsy man told my mother Before l was born l got a boy child’s coming He gonna be a son of a gun He gonna make pretty woman Jump and shout Then the world gonna know What this all about Cause you know I’m here Everybody knows I’m here Yeah you know I’m a hoochie coochie man Everybody knows I’m here I got a black cat bone I got a mojo too I got the Johnny Concheroo too I’m gonna mess with you I’m gonna make the girls lead me by the hand Then the world’s gonna know The hoochie coochie man But you know I’m here Everybody knows I’m here Yeah you know I’m a hoochie coochie man Everybody knows I’m here On the seventh hour On the seventh day On the seventh month The seven doctors said He was born for good luck And you’ll see I got seven hundred dollars Don’t you mess with me But you know I’m here Yeah you know I’m a hoochie coochie man Everybody knows I’m here Song By Willie Dixon Recorded by Muddy Waters 7th January 1954 Chess Records
  2. When you’re channeling a bunch of choir boys and constantly attempting to. hijack the decision making process or appealing the umpires ruling karma applies.
  3. An absolute second half goalfest. LoLo may be a stylish way to get your lockdown home delivery but the floating rear suspension is so passé. Pump up your shocks! Enjoyed the Browns' contributions, Mitch unfortunately out with an inopportune injury, Ben showing something up forward and Campbell would be a major improvement in the big league. Talks common sense with more than a hint of authority. Plenty to like about from the guys that played, both veterans and rookies. Is Aaron Vandenberg a chance of a recall at some stage? Body and Soul player at his best.
  4. Chocos out there doing his thing. Encouraging the next generation.
  5. 6 Angus Brayshaw 5 Steven May 4 Jayden Hunt 3 Jake Lever 2 Ed Langdon 1. Tom Sparrow Honourable mentions; Max Gawn Christian Petracca Christian Salem Overall performance; ? After an at times proliferate exhibition turned the defensive screws to take the four points.
  6. Stanley Laurel Harmes and Oliver Hardy show is not amusing. Clear message at half time... Dump the Hollywood nonsense now!
  7. Time for some old school footy at the "G", give this mob of recalcitrant schoolboys a spanking. There's Darcy Parish, first/18 material we're told, who after a lengthy and indeterminate traineeship, is showing signs he about ready to matriculate. Trouble is there's a fly in the ointment. Clayton Oliver whose blue collar on the coal face approach, is guaranteed to heat up the contested ball contests at centre and boundary clearances. Too hot we fear for donish dilettantes. Keeping with the school analogy we fail to see any enforcer or school yard bully. But Jake Stringer best keep his Angus Young costume in the wardrobe and stay well clear of the school gate. With school hols starting its free passes to Luna Park. Demons 'home' deliver six of the best and send these pretenders packing.
  8. The Age may have shrunk from a broadsheet to a tabloid but fortunately the bean counters overlooked Realfooty. Where quality niche journalism still resides. Oscar may be back on the farm but Tom clearly has unfinished business in the big smoke.
  9. Its dinner time up here Rab! After lockdown #4 and now the bye, admittedly missing your pre-match Game Day culinary and hostelry bloggings.
  10. Any egg and bacon rolls sighted?
  11. Rinse Spin and Repeat Nathan Buckley revisits the crossroads Mark 2. Sells his soul to the devil, miraculously his team arises from the dreary depths of the AFL ladder and the demons comply. Presto! Bucks' reputation remains intact and the mythology persists. Last time El Diablo (Eddy) rewards Bucks with a new coaching contract. This time who knows but 'success' does have its own intrinsic rewards...
  12. 6 Luke Jackson 5 Max Gawn 4 Christian Petracca 3 Christian Salem 2 James Jordan 1 Jayden Hunt Honourable mentions; Ed Langdon Steven May Jake Lever Clayton Oliver Overall performance; Beaten by better team on the day. Mid-Season break an opportunity to rest and reset.
  13. Under utilised in OO too. Meanwhile the ‘Ugly Step Sisters’ get all the DL column space. Post ‘her’ brief but spectacular appearance at the Hawthorn Ball, Cinderella (MB) patiently awaits for Prince Charming (Goody) to get the second tall forward position ?properly fitted. Hopefully the horse and carriage doesn’t’ turn into a ?.
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