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  1. Do you think he wants to be a defensive wingman the rest of his career? He must be looking at a 300k paycut if he stays.
  2. Good players don't come cheap and we will need to give up something to get this done. You need to give to get. Brayshaw to me is the one that has some currency and may look to seek opportunities elsewhere. He signed for 4 years on the back of good year in 2018. He is probably being paid as one of our top 5-8 players where in reality for the role he is playing he is more in the 15+ bracket. His next contract if he stays will reflect this. He has a call to make.
  3. Always been a fan of the Weid but his inabiilty to take those one grab marks has me worried if he will make it. Hope he comes good.
  4. Don’t think Gunston is a free agent?
  5. If Kozzie was eligible where do you think he would finish?
  6. IIRC Smith played on Cameron in the round 22 game last year at the Gabba Happy to see how he goes against the Cats. We know what Hibberd can do if we need to bring him back in for finals.
  7. Jason Taylor what a star - the bloke has had more hits than the Beatles
  8. As professional as the AFL is the lack of integrity as a 'competition' is mindboggling. (How you can have a 22 game season for an 18 team competition). The 2021 finals series will be another example of this. In spite of this I still follow the game closely. I guess the enjoyment I get from seeing the Dees win trumps it. Go Dees
  9. If only you could mute the commentary and still hear the sounds of the game. You need to hear the umpires whistle I think. I have it as quiet as I possibly can.
  10. From his commentary Joey Montagna didn't think there was much in it....
  11. Suns play in Melbourne round 21. Marvel would have to be odds on to host this one.
  12. Going into a hub was always going to affect the Bombers. How many times can you get a vaccine shot before it starts to look suss? Obviously had to wind things back a bit.
  13. In: Melksham Weideman Sparrow Out: Harmes Jackson Jordon Think we are playing one too many mids with Viney and Harmes now in. Jackson needs a rest and Weids can back up ruck and is more dangerous forward Jordon needs a rest and Sparrow needs a run
  14. Not concerned at all by that loss. It is July lets see what happens in September. That is when it counts Just need to do enough to finish top 4
  15. Looking at the lineups our bottom 6 is far better and to be honest our bottom 6 is very hard to identify these days which is a great sign. I know we are full strength and they are missing 2-3 but still. Just need a solid team effort. Playing at the same time and same empty stadium as last week will help us. Dees by 19
  16. Draw against Hawks 17th on the ladder. Sure reads bad. They did beat the Swans by 38 five weeks back. Beat GWS recently and were close against bombers. So yeah they are 17th but on their day they go ok. Hawks seemed to outnumber us in our F50 and we were often happy just to bomb it in. Some of our ball movement was a bit safe. Maybe the conditions. Hawks kicked at least 4 goals that I remember from free kicks inc the 50 meter penalty. 2 def were not there. We missed some sets shots. Flip this and we win pretty easily. No injuries and 2 points which keeps us 3 wins ahead of 5th with 5 weeks left. Top 4 is all we need given top 2 will likely be Vic teams. Lets see what we can bring in September. Petty looked good last night. Looked strong in the contest. Very pleasing.
  17. Interesting...... I think it will still be at the G. QLD and in particular WA are happy for a snap lock down too.
  18. Take the win. Important 4 points. Messy last quarter. Could not win a clearance. Played well in the 3rd but missed a lot of chances Gus played well. Best I have seen him kick the ball for a long time. Think we need to bring BBB in and give him a good run at it
  19. Majak is good insurance as he can play back, ruck or forward. Petty has done ok since Tomlinson went down but he doesn't have the size of Tomlinson where Majak does. I have a suspicion he might have a role to play here at some stage.
  20. Cats will put the 16 min quarters back on the agenda this week
  21. Interesting not replacing the tall....I guess we did go 6-0 with the Tmac and Jackson as the only talls and Fritsch the hybrid. Max will play more forward in this setup and Jackson more time in the ruck. Arguably this may be our best setup. Glad Sparrow has been kept in. Was good against the Lions. Interesting to see Jordon named in starting 18 on wing. Gus on bench. Love Jack back in. He just brings intensity. He will crunch a few. Bombers won't be thrilled to see his name. You would expect our tackle count to be high this week. Go Dees
  22. I don't miss hearing " X player hurt his knee in marking contest, spoke to docs, walked slowly back to AAMI park. Hope it is not serious........' Then I proceed to stress unnecessarily for days until I hear the player is at training 2 days later. Appreciate the reports but I am sleeping much better just waiting for the teams to drop on a Thursday night and assuming everyone is training like a champion.
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