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  1. Jeff, just play Mothers Day in Tassie next year. Easy fix.
  2. The Weid is in surely. Hope he takes his chance. Max to go back to rucking 90%+. Weid and TMac to share the 10% Rest up Luke Go Dees
  3. TMac 2 touches in the first half playing forward last week. Weideman vital to our future success - will be in soon no doubt. Next week vs Blues is my guess.
  4. Jason Taylor would be sleeping well at night that is for sure. He has gone against the grain on some high picks and come out a star. Both considered risky at the time - Interesting to know what he would rate as a better pick - Kozzie at 12 or Oliver at 4?
  5. In: Petty, Weideman, Sparrow Out: Tomlinson, Baker, TMac, Jones
  6. Weid will replace TMac at some stage. Might be a few weeks but it will happen. Get the BBB, Weid and Jackson combo firing then look out TMac can be medical sub. He actually would be the ideal medical sub.
  7. I am guessing Weideman would have been in if Fritsch didn't come up. Going for the team that have got us to 5-0. Fair enough too. We are very settled. The Dogs are 5-0 and they made 6 changes
  8. In: May, Weideman Out: Petty, M Brown In the weeks to come - In: BBB, Fritsch Out: Jones, Tmac
  9. First few minutes of the match I knew we were in for a struggle. We had a quick play from the wing to inside 50 but there was no space to find a target. Credit to Clarko but we found a way. Last quarter was electric. Hibberd was awesome. Wound the clock back to 2018. Massive bonus, I thought he was passed it. Happy to be wrong. Go Dees
  10. Reported as up to 2 weeks - so still a chance for the Tigers I'd keep Sparrow in and only make the change for May. Max and Melksham to spend more time forward. Tommy Mac and Jackson to hit the scoreboard this week.
  11. Gee the Cats were so so lucky it was wet. We were all over them most of the day. Dry day and we would have really carved them up. Great win. Our tackling was awesome. We were physical and ferocious. Good signs. Big shame about May. Petty gets his chance. We will be ok.
  12. Brown to play at the G next week. Must be fit enough. Half a game and a few touches in the 2nds is enough.
  13. Kozzie for pick 12 what an absolute bargain! 3-0 feels so good. Enjoy. Ahead of the ledger and the confidence will grow. If we made the most of our scoring opportunities the last two weeks we would have had a couple of thumping wins. Look out when that clicks. Great time to play the Cats.
  14. Haha same here. Keep replaying it but just can’t see it. It was unbelievable! The only place I have seen a move like that was in the Matrix
  15. If Danger got 3 be good result for us....I am not a Danger fan but I am no sure..... Looks like he lined him up in slow motion but in normal speed he was charging at him to tackle. Kelly handballs then Danger can’t really avoid contact so he braces/bumps. Big hit. Poor Kelly. His Vlastin GF hit looked bad in slow mo also but nothing happened there Will be interesting
  16. Scrappy but I’ll take it. I can see where we will improve. Freo could have made us real nervous by taking some chances in the last. But in saying that we missed some real sitter set shots - could have easily won by 45+ Lever awesome. BOG easily. May very good. I like Petty but he will have to wait. Tomlinson was also good. Kozzie showed some really good signs. Rivers had some turnovers but also had some really good moments. Jackson that last mark was a wow moment. His body change from year 1 to 2 is quite exceptional. Credit to him. Mids struggled with clearances but goo
  17. I went to the Dogs marvel game and the whole herded like cattle into sections, specific entry and exit points, although understandable was a real turnoff for me. As a 5 game country member Freo at the G had little appeal other than being round 1.
  18. Good analysis of the early draw CHF, - looks favorable for us. Just hope the draw stays the same. We all remember the Cairns debacle but ironically we were supposed to play the Swans and Dockers in rounds 5 and 6 last year.
  19. After entering barcode - select/scroll down right hand side and select General Reserved (second option from bottom)
  20. Dogs had the ball yesterday we didn't. We were missing some key mids and it was preseason. I am not going to get that down about yesterday. Injury avoidance is the main thing in these games. Hope May is ok
  21. I wish this article was written when the start the year 8-1 and is sourced from what people see rather than us broadcasting it now. Communicating this now just seems to put a target on our head. Melbourne all talk again ect. I am a very positive supporter and I know positivity is good marketing but I just wish the positivity coming from the club ( been huge this week) would just be turned down a few notches until we actually do something.
  22. They play GWS first round at Giants stadium.....then Round 2 at Marvel against us being their first home game of the year making it that much harder for us to get a ticket I'd say.
  23. In the stream Friday Tim Lamb said Deakyn was training with the club as an NGA and could only train with us once a week due to that. I assume his NGA status has carried over to this year. Makes sense that it would.
  24. Not sure if this has been mentioned (haven't gone back through the entire thread) From Tim Lamb's comments on the live stream Friday and reading between the lines a bit - given the NAB league has gone to a 19 year old rule this year - Deakyn Smith will still be eligible for us to take as a NGA in next years draft. Can anyone confirm this? From what I have read and heard he looks like a good prospect but the urgency to take him in the SSP is not really there unless we wanted him to play this year. We can let him tick over in the NAB league and still have first dibs on him next year. ( Th
  25. The two players either side of Trac - any ideas?
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