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  1. Correct. Zurhaar is gettable because he's out of contract, and has delayed talks till season end. If Clarkson doesn't end up at North, Zurhaar's chances of leaving are more likely.
  2. Gawn took Cameron apart and we lost. Finlayson got completely dominated by Draper. Hit out numbers were something like 60-10, and the Bombers lost by a trillion. A dominant ruckman is only as good as his midfield, and can be easily neutralised.
  3. The person you are talking to is clueless. The mil a year was a bad contract, and has nothing to do worth his current worth.
  4. He hasn't been an AA ruckman for 2 seasons and currently has a long term injury. And the salary dump is totally relevant to his worth. Pies are trying to offload him for multiple reasons. I wouldn't give up a 2nd rd pick for him.
  5. I don't see Grundy as being a more consistent target down the line than Jackson. That's Grundy's weakness. Gunston for 2 years has less downside than Grundy for 5. Grundy's contract could become a problem if he can't perform a role the club hopes he can.
  6. They'll get good service with Brody Grundy in the ruck.
  7. Whoever has been producing these training reports recently needs to find another job. The idea of background music during an interview is bizarre. I think I heard The Deliverance at one stage, so I took that to mean that we're up sh#t creek without a paddle.
  8. I'm waiting for Bombers supporters to start calling for the messiah James Hird to return.
  9. The fact that this is a realistic possibility makes a mockery of those who espouse to the idea that loading impacts our results to any degree. To suggest that we lost games because we were only at 75% optimal level, is suggesting that we botched our loading program. Even if we do beat Brisbane, get the double chance and win the G/F, no fitness department would cut things so fine that it comes down to this. The reason it has come to this is twofold IMO. Firstly, we've had injuries to key personnel, who have struggled upon returning to the side. And secondly we've become too predictable in the way we play, and our opposition have pulled us apart at times. After starting 10-0, missing the top 4 would be a bad result.
  10. Watch the replay. Lever meant it. He actually turns his body to kick it there. Trac was wrong with his assessment unless Lever went against team rules.
  11. I didn't see today's game, but I don't think Goody will so quickly forgive Weid for his last AFL outing. If he is picked, he must be the forward leading up to the wing, and BBB must stay deeper.
  12. But isn't that the issue? Spargo doesn't suit our game style, so either we change it, or find players who can play the role.
  13. I saw that stat and it's based on percentages, not volume. If he only has 2 inside 50's a game, that stat becomes irrelevant. And how exactly do you get Spargo the ball more often? The game is all about contests. It's up to him to find the ball. And his weak effort on the boundary line which cost us a goal, does him no favours.
  14. Agree with everything except that scoring has been a problem. Our scoring should be comparable with our inside 50 numbers. In that respect we have been inefficient for quite some time, and it's cost us games. Spargo has been a failure as a relief wingman, and isn't contributing as a crumbing forward, so has to go. Bowey in for him.
  15. Yep, we've got some seriously good kids coming through. Shame that Howes got injured when he did because I think he may have got a chance this year.
  16. Goody singled them out for praise in his presser. That's why I think we still need to make changes to the line-up.
  17. You seem a bit thin skinned. There is nothing wrong with banter or goading the opposition supporters, regardless of where they're sitting. As long as there wasn't incessant swearing, or aggressive behaviour directed at individuals, that sounds like a normal night at the football.
  18. Plan C. Kick to the top of the square. In both cases, Carlton had the numbers but panicked.
  19. Doesn't this go to show that getting Grundy doesn't make us better. It's not difficult for opposition coaches to plan for their side losing the hitouts. We won a game with a ruck tandem of Weid and Mitch Brown.
  20. Just on your last point, the ball was knocked from Silvagni by the Melksham tackle without prior opportunity. It's play on every time. That's the rules. The Elliot free kicks were different. The Melbourne players slightly hesitated. With your first 2 points, it's utterly stupid for any player to get involved in a scuffle when we are having a shot for goal. There's nothing to gain and everything to lose. It's false bravado. There was nothing in the Melksham one, and the Carlton player should cop a fine for play acting.
  21. Silly comment. Based on our form over the past 11 weeks, we've won 5 and lost 6. Is that the form line you want from a team contending for a flag? Every week we hear Goody say that we need to get better with our connection up front. The only thing we've changed, whether it be game style of personnel, is bringing Melksham in and playing him as a defensive full forward. That's helped, but will still have massive issues with our forward synergy.
  22. Cripps did the same thing and didn't get pinged.
  23. Our last bad trades were in the Roos era, and quite a few involved Collingwood. Traded Howe for Ben Kennedy. Basically gave them Lynden Dunn for nothing. And we traded for Heritier Lumumba. I don't want us to add to that list.
  24. No, bring JVR in for either of our 2 non contributing forwards in Spargo and ANB. We win enough contested ball, clearances and inside 50's to be winning games comfortably. Our dysfunctional forward entries, which are by design, should mean that Spargo and ANB should have plenty of opportunities for ground balls. They're nowhere to be seen. In the dying minutes, ANB has clean possession a metre and a half inside the boundary, and just runs over the boundary before trying to kick it. His thought process is 2 seconds behind the play. He needs to be dropped, but it won't happen.
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