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  1. kylie getting too old for you, stiffy?
  2. hmmm .... i'm trying to work out how we fit 2 full sized training grounds into the southern stand, along with all the other stuff. then the first time a big function is being held there we get booted out for a week sounds like a well thought out idea, but
  3. surprised a robbo article garners any comment oops
  4. of course he bumped, and illegally corrupt adjudication system but, you already know that
  5. a bump that hits the head is already banned and incurs suspension
  6. wtf, just saw luci has gorn 😖 now there is only 1 sane demonland poster left get well and back soon, luci
  7. still waiting for justice-has-been-served to wade in with his big mouth
  8. i don't think you'll ever get a satisfactory unequivocal answer. bit like the old resignation vs pushed or the no choice option officially it was ultimately his decision but i don't doubt there was huge pressure from other sources including especially the afl. i wouldn't be surprised if there was a confidential agreement/settlement that you'll never get to see in entirety
  9. mro officer - ex filth player tribunal chairman - filth supporter afl - dreaming of $$$$s media hacks - out to lunch after checking if their bread was buttered
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