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  1. already a thread on this https://demonland.com/forums/topic/51239-tom-wills/
  2. hunt or jordon......i'm not too fussed......as long as whichever one is fully fit
  3. would look good flying on top of tower bridge or if you can be bothered, on the face of big ben
  4. well we will just have to wait at least until after the gf let's just hope the mfc has worked out a process to satisfy everyone
  5. he would very much be guided by his management before making such a declaration it would certainly be in his manager's interests to extract the best financial deal, so why not create a bit of competition and delay to pump up his deal nothing to be gained by him in showing his hand at this early time
  6. and as i pointed out written 34 years after the described events. memory can play devilish tricks over time, especially when the details were second hand derived
  7. i'll still be very surprised if he goes top 20 (essentially any club's first pick) htf did they decide on 20? surely a first round pick makes more sense. maybe because of f/s, academies, pick swaps, first round picks might extend to pick 20 or beyond?
  8. i can believe the article in the 1895 chicago tribune newspaper is possibly accurate but i don't see how it can be corroborated. the source was from someone only identified as 'G' and some 34 years after the event. is this the truth?.........or will it boil down to what one wants to believe to me, at this stage, it just raises a question mark, albeit a serious one
  9. got a copy a few days ago for my birthday looking forward to a good read......but after saturday
  10. yeah, 1.25M per block doesn't look like great prices in today's property market. ok prices, though
  11. think your maths are a liitle bit out there, hff the site is the equivalent of 18 adjacent block sizes, given a value each of around 1.25m these adjacent block sizes all seem to be less than an 1/4 acre in size......more like 1/5 of an acre
  12. lol.....i saw thread title and thought it was about demonstone being a poser 😭
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