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  1. but you'd hardly call dear ole uncle bitters a 'strange man' on second thoughts......
  2. errrr..... re "the mud covered toilets at moorabin".......it wasn't mud 🥴
  3. now you are not going to believe this......but i actually started at the base of the handle.......you see, i was hacking pieces off, mixing it with molasses ........then putting it into my shisha on a a bit of alfoil on the coals. it burned and tasted terrible until i woke up to what i had done and that is how i mistook a cricket bat for a cigarette........dinks (c) Dc
  4. yeah, happened to me once, smoked half way down the blade before i realised
  5. world's first. ......woman in australia mistakes cricket bat for cigarette lol
  6. and iirc watching the sydney swans on tv . my neighbour was a swans supporter and it seemed like they were on every weekend, but it was probably only swans home games
  7. a 3:nil season vs cats and a convincing premiership has heralded the dawn of a new dynasty, the demon renaissance 186 is now passe and has now been relegated to the history of the demon dark ages long live the dees!
  8. probably the irish man who saved a leprechaun from a rabbit trap. In gratitude the leprechaun offered him 2 wishes. "dat be too easy" said the irish man "for me first wish, o'il have a a baileys and for me second wish o'il have anotha one". So said the leprechaun "thad'll be a baileys and baileys den". i'll let meself out
  9. bananas must have been off the tea menu at the scg......poor decision
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