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  1. does anyone really listen to sen?
  2. but if you watch the clock, it went to 00 just as the ball bounced before the boundary line so it didn't go oob in game time
  3. personally, i'm a bit [censored] off that maxy texted bernie vince before demonland
  4. i wouldn't have thought this, but cats had 6 more i50s
  5. yeah, definitely better than the real thing 😂
  6. they would have to go through a re-education plan first, of course
  7. bet he got a good real estate deal and a high paying job lined up for next year. he's not a charity, just flexible
  8. lol, ernest, you must have turned over a new leaf! well done 👍
  9. with a potentiometer of course 😂
  10. viney.............successfully but yeajh, we typically don't
  11. i think you meant to say without.............lol
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