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  1. well there is no community on three sides and for the eastern side you have to cross about 8 lanes of hoddle street, so its not that great a community asset anyway. those on the east can get to yarra park almost as quickly. with a new development i'm sure they can provide as much or more public amenity anyway
  2. speculation? he claims he is running as an independent do you have any pertinent information?
  3. wow.....from boiled lollies to chocolates thanks, watchers
  4. one knew someone who named his kids Evan and Elle and no, sadly wasn't a dees supporter
  5. and the grossness of content to people he never met
  6. there....fixed it for ya, doc.......makes better sense now no need to thank me
  7. what's twisted wire services on nbn got to do with patton?
  8. who was the biggest drop kick to play for us? i'm guessing wacko jacko. any other contenders
  9. cheer up, od. you can always enjoy a voyeuristic view of bucks and dimma's social life and fast eddie's pending resignation, whilst you wait for the real footy to commence
  10. seems so tarax, he was a hip-pocket player apparently
  11. recent photos show him to be taller than his father
  12. i think the filth fans win the dropkick award, closely followed by the ferals
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