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  1. a question: the goal that was disallowed and ball returned to half fwd / wing for throw-in was it because: 1. ben brown marked over the line? 2. ben brown played on from outside the line when he wasn't behind the mark?
  2. i like the way you think, red can see why you are a lawyer
  3. i know who's doing the rutting and it aint rutten but sure is rotten
  4. with a bit of luck looks like the rain heading just north of the cbd (east to west)
  5. i can see mcg catering isn't going to get much out of you
  6. you get what you pay for and they were very well paid
  7. one step forward, two steps backwards afl will pay when the concussions claims start flooding in
  8. hoping the cameras don't take 30 minutes to warm up
  9. maybe the appeals board went home and forgot to give the afl the verdict?
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