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  1. not only that bub, but there are two ways to elevate your knees. the best way is to raise the knee but tuck it sideways. this way you protect yourself but can still gain elevation without spearing someone. the other way is the thug's way by raising your knee directly out and in front of you so it becomes a weapon. this is mason cox's speciality. it is obviously dangerous and should be free kicked, if not reported. now in darcy moore's case i'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. i might be wrong but that's my gut feel
  2. Simon Goodwin dismisses reports of Christian Petracca's family unrest, backs Melbourne Demons medicos (afl.com.au)
  3. bub, it probably had 0% banana, but otherwise i agree
  4. the liver takes over ... though not as efficient my brother has been spleenless for over 50 years now
  5. I can attest to how serious spleen injuries can be. Happened to my brother. Head trainer told him to not be so soft and play through the pain. He played out the game, got home and collapsed. If my sister hadn't been at home he would have died on the spot. Took him to er and straight into operating room. Spleen totally removed. missed rest of season.
  6. what a horrible display of afl man on man congestion tackleorama holding the ball lotto umpiring fantasies i hope this in not where the game is heading with the new rules
  7. he didn't build the mcg in 6 days though and as far as the sins bit goes, he obviously forgot about afl house and umpires
  8. nah, bit of a coaches pet. not a patch on his old man.
  9. yes, definitely take them with you can teach them the art of snake catching at the same time
  10. what would you do if jesus christ came to hawthorn? (sign outside hawthorn church) move peter hudson to centre half forward (graffito response - probably demonstone)
  11. geez, i'd settle for anyone who can play within 20m of their opponent
  12. wonder if there will be any learnings out of today?
  13. has the whole team got the flu or a food bug? so bad ... gotta be a reason
  14. fanning must have been pretty special too. left vfl too young as well
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