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  1. yes, i'm sure epl, nba, mlb etc don't get a 3.5 month break. they are after full time professionals on big dosh. a constrained pre season is going to lead to another compromised and unpredictable season next year (along with the other covid restrictions)
  2. i agree the fa recipient gets too good a deal. something along your lines or similar is required to "even" it up a bit i also don't think father/son or academy picks should get a 20% discount. just getting the player and only having to pay in pick values is benefit enough
  3. Edit: after reading on i see this has been argued extensively, sorry for adding to it
  4. with all this wee and poos stuff i thought i must have stumbled onto the dorks forum site by mistake
  5. or maybe edmund is peddling a mixture of rumour and fact or trying too hard to join the dots?
  6. just concerned for your mental health, ht 🙃
  7. the bit i don't get is edmund blames the grog but then states he tested under .05. as anyone would know being <.05 is not very much grog at all (even if you had been off the grog for a while)
  8. you are thinking too hard, ht Thinking too hard can strain your brain
  9. afghan currency is afghani, afghan people are afghans.
  10. just a bit of fun, ds. but you are probably right, he has looked a bit slower
  11. so you reckon he's fat like petracca, ds?
  12. just a strained ligament 3-4 weeks off
  13. please.....can someone shove a length of 4x2 down mcavaney's throat?
  14. it's not new, auto renew occurred to me last year too, after explicitly requesting it to not happen the previous year. i rang up last year and complained and was assured i was registered as no auto renew. now it has happened this year again (not by email but by snail mail this morning). i'm wondering if this might be an afl thing rather than a club thing. it seems to me all the clubs share a lot of the processes of membership renewal and registration.
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