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  1. i understand and agree......was just saying what i did
  2. i just moved seats to under cover.....no one stopped me plenty of spaces all around
  3. yes, the afl should.....it's costing them money ultimately
  4. didn't see in article that she had any connection/support for AEC seemed her main concern was the EWEP project itself and complaining that she (council) was being kept out of the loop
  5. maybe it's the "shocking, damning, dirty secrets" 60 minutes (tonight) have been spruiking all week?
  6. he hasn't looked well recently i blame bagdad bob
  7. but they cheated, ds, and used a very wide angle lens which adds the curved effect
  8. most people get one in the bedroom, od. statistically it is the most frequent location carry on
  9. i use a free streaming service but i don't think i'm allowed to give details here
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