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  1. it also comes back to this nebulous thing called a "duty of care" in this case there was a good chance of harm with a bump (instead of a tackle or something else) and therefore a duty of care to avoid a bump. The player bumped had much less momentum and was still in the process of focussing on the ball. He was very vulnerable and deserved some duty of care. this is why i thought it reckless and the bumper wears the consequences, in this case quite serious
  2. fair enough. I thought he chose to bump.
  3. i still think they were quite different and wouldn't use them in a comparison........jmo also for mackay, he may have started off to attack the ball ,but ultimately elected to shoulder bump at speed when he did have a choice..... imo
  4. the difference (big) in viney's case was that viney had stopped and then braced for the contact he couldn't avoid
  5. i thought it was dangerous and reckless he came in at speed and elected to bump and hit the head.....he had choices the afl have said repeatedly that if you elect to bump and head contact is made (deliberate or not) then you are in trouble so.....reckless, high contact, high impact.....apply the formula
  6. our vfl side has played 5 games this season. the afl 13 this weekend was an opportunity to catch up somewhat it's inexplicable
  7. not completely so, dazzle the vfl have many more byes in the season and the season starts weeks after afl there is a real disconnection
  8. they've already had 2 "byes", so lets give them another bye this weekend. just because we can.....ffs i really wonder about the intelligence of some afl/vfl administrators the vfl fixturing and scheduling has been a joke for quite a few years, especially given it is the development process for the supposedly most professional (and profitable) football organisation in the country words just fail me
  9. suppose this means there will be no mfc shop discounts this week?
  10. maybe not, but that view shows it was a lot closer to 15m than the view seemed to show on tv there were longer ones called play on during the game
  11. so you'd like another interpretive rule.....50 more shades of grey.....sheesh
  12. 7 min without a score but still time for giants
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