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  1. Who cares! I don’t really see Richmond figuring much in September this year. I think Port, Melbourne, Bulldogs, Swans and Brisbane May have gone past them!
  2. It would appear that the MCC is booked out tonight so is it going to be a big crowd?
  3. Weideman had a pretty serious off season injury. Why would they rush him into the senior side? He might be happier to play from about round 12 and peak in the finals.
  4. Just scrap the stupid Trubunal. Let the players sort it out between themselves. It is a contact sport and should be treated accordingly. It is not soccer!
  5. Maturity and experience in the right number of players. Adem Yze and Mark Williams being at our club.
  6. I feel sorry for opposition supporters when they are humble and true fans. When you see their disappointed faces leaving the ground, it reminds me of how I have felt too often! But not when they are arrogant and aggressive. Those are not the true supporters!
  7. Tigers supporters soon pull their heads in once you stand up to them! They are flat track bullies!
  8. Melksham traditionally plays well against Hawthorn. Please note! He did when he was an Essendon player too.
  9. At least Jack Watts could kick straight. He has skills.
  10. Petty or Hibberd for May. Otherwise, no change!
  11. I am looking forward to seeing Melksham perform against the Hawks. I have a feeling he will play well and maybe the coaching staff do too!
  12. Talking of injuries. We have destroyed the Giants season. Dangerfield out this week and Rohan. Prestia injured and Jack Gunston. We should go hard at the next 3 games.
  13. When our players tackle like this we tend to win. Back when Cameron Bruce wore the 32 we had a season as the number one tackling side in the league. I believe it may have been the year Troy Broadbridge passed away.
  14. There will be no changes. I think Goodwin will not make any changes against Hawthorn either. I see him changing it up,against the Tigers though. You don’t change a winning formula. Team balance and all that!
  15. I have noticed that over recent years, when a team loses to Melbourne, they seem to go on a losing streak for a couple of games.
  16. I still think Essendon suck!
  17. Oskar Baker. Is he he a late addition to the 22?
  18. https://www.afl.com.au/video/176056/draft-prospect-jake-patmore?videoId=176056&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1506752045001 Looks like he can play wing. A position we have a specific need in. Might be worth a look. Would get him for nothing. He also has a bit of pace and can evade a tackle.
  19. Jordan Galluci is a bust then. How about we rookie Jake Patmore from PAFC then? Sometimes these guys who have had bad luck can turn into good players.
  20. On a needs basis, I am sure we will pick up Brayden Cook. We are desperate for a winger and more outside run.
  21. Is Jordan Galluci from the Crows worth a look. He is a DFA. He certainly has talent. Is an ex first round pick, but had a bad injury in 2019.
  22. I reckon we are going after Brayden Cook. He is a tall wingman predicted by Cal Twoomey to go at 16 but may slide. Hard at it midfield/forwards may be our other need that pick 19 nets.
  23. Weideman is going to be dynamite with Brown and Fritsch. We cannot trade him, he will be a great big game performer in years to come.
  24. I don’t think that there is much wrong with Oscar McDonald. With Roos in charge he would have developed well with all that mindfulness stuff to build his confidence. I think he is a good athlete but lacks confidence because of a variety of things, including injuries. Joel Smith is an incredible athlete and with a good preseason and no more injuries, he can be a very capable player at both ends of the field. Good coaches can bring the best out of players. I think if Goodwin gets help, then both these players could flourish.
  25. Would Nik Cox be a possibility at Pick 23 for us? 199cm Key Forward. Could be a good option for us.
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