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  1. Given how bad our forward line was at times this year. I would just play Weideman and Van Rooyen up forward next year, if McDonald can’t get back. We just need tall marking targets, who can kick straight, to compliment our smalls.
  2. You are entitled to your opinion but this is a coach who refused to play Luke Dunstan for most of the season and he would have had a huge impact when Petracca went down. We should have played him against Brisbane and rested Petracca. Petracca had little to no influence after half time. Petracca is one of the best players in the league when fit but he has a fractured leg. It is unethical and not in his best health interests to have played him in that condition. Sometimes player welfare comes above everything else. Goodwin needs to take a good long, hard look at himself and his part in this disastrous season.
  3. So if we had played McDonald and Van Rooyen for Melbourne then we would have beaten Brisbane. Just get rid of Goodwin and the Match Committee. Useless!
  4. Coaching was appalling in the second half Goodwin made no moves. Should have thrown Petty or Petracca forward and someone else into the middle. I can’t believe he is a Premiershio Coach. Fagin had him on toast.
  5. The booing is back. Are these Sydney supporters on day release?
  6. I think keeping Joel Smith on the list helps maintain links with our heritage. Whilst I know we are in the business of winning footy games, strong culture can be built around embracing the past. It can help foster a sense of connection and loyalty with Melbourne FC that is vital to on field and off field success.
  7. Love it. Cats and Pies can smash hell out of each other and tire themselves out.
  8. No. Close topic! Melbourne are a Finals team. That is when our offense kicks in!
  9. I do not care what happens regarding Rutten and Clarkson as long as Essendon keep missing the finals. They are the one team I truly loathe.
  10. The fact is we have the second stingiest defence in the league by 9 points. Fremantle is number 1 in that area. We are also in the top few for Points For. As you would expect we have had a lot of very tight matches, because everyone wants to beat the Premiers. I think knockout footy will be where we shine!
  11. Barring a miracle. The Bulldogs should knock the Blues out of the finals now. If we can win next week then we should secure a top 4 spot.
  12. How good is it to see Brayshaw out the middle!
  13. I cannot believe that someone in the Magpie Army has a banner that says ‘Get over it, Collingwood hates you too!’ Quality!
  14. Yes. I just wanted to let him know what a good player they had snared in Hogan. His email is [email protected] You can email anyone in the league using the same formula. Roosy emailed me too when he was coach of Melbourne.
  15. Peter Bell never learns. I sent him an email about the Fremantle acquisition of Hogan and he replied that they thought they had a really good player. They got next to nothing out of Hogan despite him growing up a Freo fan. Doesn’t the Jackson situation look kind of similar?
  16. The fact that Harmes was an absolutely dyed in the wool Demons supporter growing up, might just keep him at the club.
  17. Lever to come in. Tomlinson out. would move Brayshaw into the middle and rotate Petracca and Gawn through the forward line, spending the rest of their time in the midfield.
  18. Geelong could really destroy the Bulldogs next week!
  19. In Jake we trust! Go easy him and rack off if you don’t believe in him!
  20. I mean mentally on board. If Jackson does not have his heart in it, why play him?
  21. Drop Jackson to the VFL if he makes it clear that he is leaving. We need every man on board if we want to win the Premiership again this year.
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