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  1. I watched most of the second quarter whilst on break today and I only saw Richmond goals and us not so clean with the ball, I left us around 19-20 down. When I next checked the scores we were up by 14 around the midpoint of the 3rd. Still a busy a day and I’ve only quickly skimmed through the thread and apologies if it’s been mentioned already, what were the main reasons for the quick turnaround?
  2. Boys’ alarms should have gone off by now. Score updates would be greatly appreciated for those of us that can only quickly sneak a look in on the phone.
  3. Good luck to O Mac today, he’s been named as a ‘train on player’ to play for the Blues. Hope he impresses and continues with an AFL career.
  4. Good luck to Ryan ( don’t think I’ve ever heard the name) but this comment made me laugh after clicking on the op link/tweet. “Essendon supporters will be stoked. You can tell the Bombers really struggled last year with digital marketing, especially in the third quarter.”
  5. There was an also an email from the club about scarf collection next week. Perhaps the Demon Shop could have been added as a place to collect the scarf along with the Jaguar retailers and MCG. Might have added some more traffic through the shop during the week. Interested to see if many members actually visit Jaguar to go pick up their scarf. Just don’t fall for the come back home with a Jag and no scarf trick.
  6. Dee-lightful headline Mr Crompton. Go Dees!
  7. I think the club’s communications in terms of injuries has been good so far this preseason od. They were quick to inform us on Viney, Brown and Weid. Not sure when the Melksham injury occurred but the club might still be assessing the damage before informing us. I’m more annoyed at the tweet, it only tells us Melksham has suffered a set back/injury, nothing else. If Browne had more info why not state that also.
  8. Well, still waiting to hear from any source what the damage is. If it’s your standard hammie, he might miss the first two rounds max as we’re still a month away. I was also disappointed with Jake especially defensively last season, but he is one of our better kicks forward of centre and think he can still have a positive impact for us this season.
  9. Is this a standard pop or one of those long term ones?
  10. There’s a few wins in the last 30 years that stand out and I revisit, but I’d have to say the last quarter of the qualifying final against Carlton in 2000 gave me the biggest buzz at a game that I can remember. For individual brilliance, Wiz’s 9 goal second half blitz against the Pies also in 2000 has the most views here I’d say.
  11. Come on, bounce that ball already! I know we have a few injuries but this time of year is when most households are excited and hanging to watch their team.
  12. Have to feel for Shae Sloane, was browsing the club site only to read she ruptured her left ACL this time at training over the weekend.
  13. I was reading an article on the AFLW site a short time ago and the details were in there.
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