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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden

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  1. Wow wee We’re back in 4th for now lol.
  2. How is Acres on his own there? There were 4 Blues at the fall of the ball. [censored] Carlton
  3. Oh…whatsa Marra with you friend.
  4. It was evident at the ground that Brisbane spread much faster from the stoppages and their ball movement was efficient and crisp on the follow up. This reminded me of our loss to Essendon last year where we simply couldn't cover the ground quick enough. Another observation was that some of our players were struggling to even run off to the bench. On the night they were too good for us.
  5. The quicker this one goes in the bin the better, just forget about it. Freshen up time. T Mac deserves votes.
  6. KOLT - A GREAT FUTURE AT STUD AFTER JUST ONE START Ok then, see you all tonight 🙂
  7. 45,000 would be a very good crowd tomorrow night considering the 38,000 last year was the biggest H & A crowd between us and the Lions.
  8. Good chat, not the technical guru like you guys, just a stat I saw. We’ve conceded 100+ points (I guess that’s a metric the statisticians use) 3 times from 2020-2024. Next best is Saints with 9. Regardless, that’s impressive.
  9. We’ve been contending now for 4-5 years and still blooding and developing some exciting young players. It wouldn’t be an easy thing to do, especially where we’ve come from.
  10. Crickey, this thread has become a little more than UM Rated
  11. Does it really cost 10k challenging the MRO at the tribunal? I thought the 10k is charged when clubs go to the appeals board challenging the tribunal’s decision.
  12. @goodwindees with good mail again, I think back in Feb he told us Blues were heavily into Hayward and Florent. I’d take Hayward.
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