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  1. Wow @Macca, my idea? And because I’m an ‘original’ I should force people to add extra picks? Wadda suggested something, some didn’t like it and that’s where it ends for me. Was fun while it lasted here, good luck for the spring mate. No hard feelings.
  2. Firstly Macca, I don’t class myself as an original here. I have not suggested we add extra picks. All I did was put my 2c in and say I didn’t mind the idea. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with people making suggestions. Some will like them, some won’t. You and others have made the points of why you think it should stay at one pick each and they are valid points. I also said I’m happy to stay as is which is what most on here prefer, so there’s no need for me pick to pick a race, organise everyone and get to it.
  3. Personally, I didn’t mind Wadda’s suggestion of maybe taking it up a couple of picks. Any suggestions or input is appreciated. Also happy with the majority to keep it at a single pick each if individuals feel it complicates matters. To be honest I don’t put a lot of thought into F4s, they are like a ‘quickpick’ to me. Chances of getting it are the same whether I box the 6 numbers here or go on my own, that’s the way I look at it anyway. At the end of the day like stated above, we do what we please with the selections. I might have decided to back a runner in a particular race early
  4. There’s still 8 minutes left for the Dogs to accidentally put 19 on the field. Hang tight folks.
  5. Lol, we’re still getting pinged for down the field
  6. Might as well take Fyfe out too and we can all go to bed early.
  7. Lol in the back. The pus continues with the umps.
  8. Yep @Maccamy selections were based on back markers making ground thinking there would be some fast pace up front.
  9. I reckon you could be on the money @JV7, feeling we will snag one this spring. Some great choices. I didn’t even think to take a % of the tri. Had an almost day today, 3/4 in the quaddie, Tagaloa short by about a neck for the F4 and 2/3 in a multi. It’s Me, Dame Giselle and the last leg well, the less said the better.
  10. We did what we had to do AF and whilst most of us were panicky in the last, that attempt at a tackle by Melksham with game in the balance was unacceptable imo. That had me off the couch. Just thought a leader should be throwing his body in at such a crucial stage.
  11. Melksham’s tackle attempts were more infuriating than the Ess comeback. The tackle attempt late in the game on the outer wing was pathetic.
  12. So close for the F4, thought Tagaloa might just hang onto 4th.
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