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  1. The TBC, VIC sounds promising, typo or are they seriously considering to play it here?
  2. Nope, not at all interested in playing anyone that finishes 8th a month out from the finish. Certainly won’t be cheering them on the assumption we drop out from the top 4 just to play them. Finish 5th because you think they’re an easy kill, no thanks.
  3. Up to the Giants to salvage the weekend somewhat, Netflix until then.
  4. Has this game officially being moved to the Gabba? According to the AFL fixture it’s listed at the Gabba without a date or time.
  5. Frustrated but not panicking. Each to their own, no one likes losing and we’ve been in every game this year right until the end. Round 20 upon us and we have 4 losses and a draw, I certainly wasn’t expecting that. Fix our forward issues, start lowering our eyes again like we did early in the year and we can still do some major damage this year. Plenty to play out.
  6. Getting hard to predict changes with the way the VFL is at the moment. They showed our bench during the telecast and it looked like an underage party at times. Rivers, Jackson, Spargo and Jordon spent significant time on there. As good as Jordon has been he looked really sluggish last night. Captain Sub Sparrow is probably the most likely to return maybe for Jordon. Melksham would be a handy addition if only they use him in his preferred position, in his last game against the Lions he had 1 kick and it came in the last 4 minutes of the game. A young guy at our work plays for Werribee in the VFL and if he’s [censored] off at the current VFL set-up and lack of games imagine how our boys trying to get in our team are feeling.
  7. We worked hard to get back into it in the second half, every time we got close they answered with goals that would sap anyone’s confidence. The most disappointing thing apart from given them a start was the way we finished after getting back to 4 points with all the momentum. From there on they were so much cleaner and we gave them too much space. We butchered some kicks late in the game and the pressure won’t die off in finals. We need to get better at that.
  8. Thought we started to get the better of them in the second quarter then Brown misses a chance to bring us within 4. Killer when they convert afterwards.
  9. Oh man….that’s hard to swallow.
  10. Still not convinced Carlton have a good list, on this showing they need a lot. And Davies-Uniacke is becoming a serious player.
  11. Weather prediction sounds frightening for tonight. Just bloody win anyway possible and put a 6 point buffer on them. One thing I want to see is Gus back on the wing for this one, he was instrumental early for us last time we played them with some crucial intercepts and positioning. 70% of his possessions last week came in the forward half with JJ getting more wing time.
  12. Let the games begin, very interesting. Like Harmes back and Demonland’s much loved Ump number 22 might be getting some comments come game day I’m guessing.
  13. Maybe they should move the game to Marvel. On the Gus & Gawny podcast with Spargo as guest they said Marvel is better to play at without crowds than the G. The G just feels weird. I believe we are winless at the G without crowds over the last two seasons. Interesting to also hear Gus use the word psychology when we were a few goals up at quarter time against the Hawks. Something that hasn’t happened all that often this season although we were up by a few against the Dogs last time we played them.
  14. Up to the individual to choose between listening to ANB mention the word ‘ lessons’ or view the background where Kozzie is working under Stafford’s tutelage for better goal kicking. Not a long clip but a bit of something nonetheless.
  15. Either way our opposition analyst can get straight to work, only has to view one tape from yesterday’s Suns Dogs game. A top two clash with no crowds possibly again, bugger.
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