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  1. Out of all the garbage today that last 20 seconds was unacceptable. How do you concede a goal there?
  2. Rampe subbed out, little Papa down the to the rooms. Injuries hitting the Swans.
  3. Was tongue in cheek about Petty breaking Draper. But he was nowhere near as bad as the Petty haters are saying. He busted a gut last week. DL right now reminds me of early 2021 when all people looked at was stats. Brayshaw was no good then cause he wasn’t getting 25-30 touches on the wing, but a lot were clueless about his role. Same goes about Petty and Sparrow now. But I guess when the team is winning we must find something to hate.
  4. No EO, interstate teams always seem to pull goals out of their azz when playing at home, to me anyway lol. More the bounce of the ball. You can throw umps in there if you like.
  5. Not hard to see us winning. It’s a difficult task, but the way we are playing lately we are every chance to beat them. To me, you always need luck interstate. Let’s hope it goes our way.
  6. Just keep building on the last few weeks and we are a big chance to win. Petty broke Draper, now Darcy and Dogga’s turn.
  7. These commentators are on drugs if they think Pies can come back from here.
  8. I’m so glad i don’t put myself in tipping comps. I thought Pies would win this.
  9. Well done Red, the above is post number 5000 by you in this thread. Surely a DL first in one topic. Deserves a celebration.
  10. Agree Nasher, a very enjoyable contest. He was the match winner for sure. In the last 5 mins he won a few critical contests that looked impossible to win.
  11. Just rewatched the last ten mins, Keays was unbelievable the last 5 mins.
  12. Keep em coming until today’s games.
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