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  1. Martin Tyler would’ve been good to listen to. Special voice.
  2. Yep…you might know someone that had a direct chat with the organiser about this a couple of weeks ago SWYL. Not at all interested in this.
  3. Dee Zephyr


    Chiefs, Panthers, Saints
  4. Wow, big news Macca…huge blow for connections. Buffalo River’s scratching in the Crystal Mile leaves Elephant very short now. Would have loved to hear Matt Hill get creative calling Elephant, Buffalo and Rhinoceros over the line as the first 3.
  5. I’m on Sneaky Five Gorg. Good luck on the weekend fellas.
  6. Best Bet Saturday Moonee Valley Race 6 No.5 Elephant (W) $3
  7. I thought the umpiring was very good on the night, happened to be watching the replay when i posted and was only channeling a game-day thread.
  8. That sounds good for the double. And an intriguing field contesting the Cox Macca.
  9. Was just looking at it Gorg. Noticed a bit of money has come for last years Derby winner in Johnny Get Angry. $51 to $41…not racing well but this isn’t as hard as his last few. Sneaky chance for a place. I fancy the 14 Hasta La War at each way odds. Also, mate’s horse is going around at Naracoorte tomorrow in R6 El Magnificence. Horse has a bit of history here, doesn’t win out of turn but has managed two in a row and his latest win over 1200 was his first win over that distance in 17 attempts. Much travelled horse and onto his 5th trainer. Early career looked promising, even got within 7 lengths of Nature Strip in one Flem race a few years back. Looking back 7 lengths is not too bad lol.
  10. Just saw footage on the telly of a few boys training at Goschs today. Trac, Tomlinson, Viney and T Mac.
  11. 5 mins to go in the 3rd quarter replay. Kozzie stiff not to get a high tackle, Harmes equally stiff just prior. Also, I wouldn’t have paid the mark to JJ over Bowey, Bont clearly touches the ball first.
  12. That interview post-match with Garry Lyon was another unforgettable moment. ” Our Club” Amazing desperation all game.
  13. Spargo was on right from the start. In the R1 win which could be described as dusting off some cobwebs his quality with ball forward of centre stood out.
  14. That was amazing by Incentivise Macca. It will be interesting to see if they run it in the Cox, you would think the Valley would suit especially if it gets an easy lead and dictates. I did hear just prior to the race yesterday on the TV from the connections that they’ve trained it specifically for a back-up into the Cox if need be. Earlier markets had it as much as $16 from memory and now into $6 for next week. There were some good runs in the Cup by a few horses but always enjoy seeing top class salute in a big race. Kind of reminded me about our boys heading into finals, a few questions were asked then bang, bang, bang.
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