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  1. 100%. We were very unlucky to lose against the Blues. 2023 was an unlucky year with injuries at the wrong time. What happens in the last game against the Cats in 2021 if Close doesn’t punch the ball over the fence? Sometimes you have the luck and sometimes everything goes against you.
  2. Nice work Dees, he was easily one of our best against Pies in the QF.
  3. Harley-lujah No serious damage to him in the end.
  4. Didn’t we have one or two of theses pre covid? I remember some smart azz getting up and slagging O Mac to the coaches.
  5. Lol, reading the header I thought we picked up some guy named Young Core.
  6. Dee Zephyr


    Colts, Lions, Dolphins
  7. The pic of Rivers diving for a smother is an absolute ripper.
  8. Yeah yeah, we are a rabble. 9 losses in 2023 for a total 79 points combined. It’s a game of fine margins these days and the luck in our forward half disappeared late in the season. Most consistent Melbourne team I’ve seen supporting them. A few tweaks here and there and we are in it up to our eyeballs in 2024.
  9. Get the slip and slide ready in the middle of Gosch’s.
  10. I think my irrelevant comment has been misunderstood. I’m not sugarcoating or excusing our last two finals campaigns and I was disappointed as everyone else. When Top 4 comes up in conversation at a pub or at home I’ve always associated it with the end of the H & A and not after finals. That was the point I was trying to make.
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