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  1. Never gave up, Martinez saved Kuol’s shot with his bicep at the death.
  2. Hopefully we get 55k-60k to the game, would be a good start attendance wise.
  3. Dee Zephyr


    Commanders, Seahawks, Chiefs
  4. Agree Kev, was a very good day out there. Kids had a lot of fun and the players were fantastic, a couple of them even placed their premiership medal around the kids necks during the photos and signatures.
  5. Group H down the wire this morning. Uruguay had an hour to score another goal against Ghana which would’ve seen them through ahead of the plucky Koreans. Son with a quality run and through ball for the winner late on. Well done South Korea. Suarez in the dying minutes was very emotional watching from the bench. Been a terrific World Cup so far, high drama, quality football with unpredictable results. Cameroon becomes the first African nation to beat Brazil in a World Cup.
  6. Bugger, he’s been fantastic with his work at the MFC. A likeable character, good luck to Ben in his future endeavours.
  7. It really is a nice photo NC. Saw it in one of the articles in the AFLW forum. @Dees_In_October provided the links.
  8. I hope they choke again, can't stand their supporters.
  9. Indeed a wild morning Macca, it was terrific entertainment. Lukaku was one angry man at the finish, he missed some chances in the second half. For a few minutes there Spain and Germany were both out when costa Rica were leading 2-1.
  10. Dee Zephyr


    Seriously thought I got my first point in the comp. Thanks Ravens
  11. Lol, the first reply to that tweet is a classic.
  12. We should just grab the cup and sneak off the oval. No one would notice right now
  13. Gay might be a sneaky chance for the medal, thought she was awesome today.
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