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  1. Quietly cheering for the Blues (yuk), two games clear if they win, plus it might attract a few of them to attend next week.
  2. Watching it again Oliver was another that could’ve certainly closed the space down on Lloyd but I saw May give Melksham a mouthful only. A few players threw their arms up in the air due to that breakdown.
  3. CHEESE THEY’RE GOOD... Latest headline from HS, keep em coming....bloody tasty cheese though.
  4. Not only did he wear Buddy like a glove, May demands perfection Ox. He’s as vocal as any player I’ve ever seen before during play. Go back to Lloyd’s goal for Sydney in the third that started their run. How does a guy that takes their kick-outs find himself all alone inside our 50? If you watch the replay Melksham sees him but just jogs casually, Lloyd uncontested turns and goals. May let Melksham know all about it in no uncertain terms.
  5. He won’t be getting dropped anytime soon. I think you need to watch the game a little closer Doc. His game has a lot to do with the team rather than gaining a truckload of possessions. The amount of running he does to get back and set-up in our defensive 50 is incredible. Yes, we all would like our players to hit targets 100% of the time but it won’t happen. He’s a big reason why teams are finding it hard to score against us. Half his possessions came from intercepts last night.
  6. 35 tackles in forward 50 for the Swans?????Must be some kind of record.
  7. That was one brutal game from ground level and conditions were fairly slippery all night. The hits were hard and our boys just kept fighting on and on. Pure G & D! Such a professional outfit are the Swans and they have tormented us for a decade, absolutely ecstatic we got the W. Oliver’s last quarter has been highlighted already but he literally was everywhere in that quarter. Harmes ran his backside off all game and was very pleased with his return. They all did their bit at different stages but a big shout out to Jordon. Kid is meeting every challenge thrown at him. Coaches
  8. There’s a fair amount still streaming in, they were just having a dart and enjoying some hot jam donuts.
  9. Thank goodness for a half time melee in the Suns game. That was the most entertaining bit so far.
  10. Daisy giving us a plug. On ya Daisy!
  11. Probably in the minority but not perturbed. Weird to feel like this when it comes to changes as the season goes on.
  12. Bugger, Jesse injured again. Wanted him to kick a bag against the Bombers.
  13. I just read on the AFL site this game has been postponed with more info to come next week.
  14. Just heard on SEN Swans might now be flying into Melbourne 24hrs before originally planned. If the Lions v Freo game can go ahead with a crowd at the Gabba this weekend surely ours can have attendance. They are expecting more cases in Sydney due to the man being potentially highly contagious yet one of his immediate family members has returned a negative.
  15. A cheeky little dig at Robbo in the 360 interview.
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