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  1. Really stuck it up us that day. Little difficult to forget but we move on I guess.
  2. Wonder how Ben Kennedy would go in this forward line.
  3. True but the dimensions of the Gabba are probably the closest to the MCG than any other ground.
  4. Catching up on Footy Classified right now. That footage of Nick Hind coming off and not even looking at Rutten was cringeworthy. He doesn't have the buy in.
  5. You know something? You're dead right. He could have made a massive statement by respecting the decision and supporting the narrative that head high contact like that is not on. At the end of the day though finals was at stake, they were going to throw everything at it.
  6. How would you feel about buying me one as well?
  7. That a bit unfair, I don't see a guy who isn't trying hard enough or doesn't care. I do feel that at times he lacks a bit of football sense though and the number of times he gets caught under the ball with no contact has got me thinking he just doesn't read the ball in flight the way a Jake Lever does.
  8. I'm turning this around the other way, the optimists can say we're going to win every week or win the flag every year and on the occasion that they are right they can parade themselves around like geniuses. Not a bad tactic really, a broken clock ia right twice a day and if all it takes is being positive all the time to get that one major windfall of social veneer then I'm down!
  9. I can definitely see it playing a part for the start of negotiations and perceived value. If there's enough clubs interested then it can boost it. All comes down to how they negotiate I guess.
  10. Cheers! Zencaster looks darn impresive as a one stop shop program and a great way to get the high quality sound without all that painful editing! Does Zencaster handle the live streaming stuff too or is that a TuneIn thing?
  11. Yeah the salary argument doesn't make sense to me? If anything wouldn't you have less bargaining power if you're trying to move someone with a fat contract? Player value is determined by what the market is willing to pay.
  12. It is an awful way to treat your senior coach. The club has really lost its way and is a joke.
  13. The Charlie matchup is tough. Hibbo was excellent last time but it would be good for Hunt to get a crack. Glad we'll likely have both.
  14. Great post, some very fine points you make there.
  15. The break would definitely assist us in our chances.
  16. At this rate I'd even sign Paddy Ryder for a year if he became available.
  17. He had a brilliant season last year as well in my view. Keepers are allowed to have off days but he just had to be stronger for that first one I thought, one of the true shot stoppers but you're right you need a bit more to be a world class keeper at the moment. He can be a bit cautious, I don't mind a keeper that doesn't charge out every time but it's a physical league and most of the time you gotta go for those 50-50 challenges especially if you are able to use your hands! You’re only as good as the centre backs in front of you as well and I’m sorry to say but I am just not a fan of Harry McGuire. I’m aware I’m a harsh critic but he’s always struck me as a solid CB who heads the ball well in a team that sits back and counters. In a possession based team I feel he struggles. Worthy England international but not an 80m defender for me. You watch him more than I do Roy so you’d have a better take but that’s mine.
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