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  1. Judging by the good business we've done this year I'm happy to back the club in here.
  2. Tell me about it! It is all I'm hearing. Anyone gonna make the slightest suggestion that this might kill the Dogs momentum? Ross Lyon even said that although we did well after the QF bye that it now grows exponentially the need for intense match practice. I'd like to hear how the Dogs would have had nothing to lose but with another week to think about it the pressure is now on!
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    Having a crack at this, ignore the fact that we're 1 week in. AFC North: Browns AFC East: Bills AFC South: Titans AFC West: chiefs Wildcards: Ravens, Chargers, Patriots NFC North: Packers NFC East: The Washington Football Team NFC South: Bucs NFC West: Rams Wildcards: 49ers, SeaHawks, Saints AFC champ game Bills vs Chiefs NFC champ game The Washington Football Team vs Bucs Superbowl Bucs vs Bills Bucs win 34-17 Superbowl MVP: T. Brady Season MVP: P.Mahomes OPOY: C.McCaffrey DPOY: M.Garrett
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    Broncos, Bills, Saints
  5. Thank you legend. Who knows where we would be without you Mr Jones.
  6. I've run into a physical copy of this in the last few years after my great uncle passed. Real fun flicking through that, loved the big deal about Waverley and how a thriving metropolitan hub was in the eastern suburbs future!
  7. I did find the words "Not being included in the team" as opposed to "not making the team" a little eye brow raising. It can be construed as her thinking the club let him down which I'm sure is not the case. From all accounts she was incredibly supportive of Nathan going over to Perth and chasing the dream.
  8. I’m clinging to anything like this that will help! I hope it kills their momentum while we just start again. Heck our team looks so mentally sound we could play in a month and look as switched on as Fri night.
  9. This one will will start from the middle. Any edge you can get there could make the difference over the journey. Small forwards and x-factors here and there will be secondary.
  10. Any Perth DLers who were there on Fri night know what song they played straight after the Melbourne song? I really want to know but can’t quite hear it on the coverage. Has a nice beat :)
  11. The force would be one of the few things that would really turn this to our favour.
  12. Trying to find another device to get both on!
  13. I'm gonna start watching Rangers play I reckon. This stinks
  14. Port are a disgrace to the people that have to watch this. They shouldn't be wearing prison bars they should be behind prison bars.
  15. Stop, stop, they’re already dead
  16. You’re a big boy now Dixon. Swallow it all
  17. This Port team is flakier than a pack of Special K
  18. Just make a game of it at least Port
  19. Same here! only had to walk to the end of the street before seeing an apartment block with a scarf draped over the balcony. Will try to get to the Maxy house in the area on my second walk.
  20. That's a nice reach back to March 2021 there Monoccular! :p But in all seriousness he has taken his forward craft to a new level this year and I agree I don't think you'll see a better captain's game than that. Behind the ball, forward of the ball, put him where he's needed and he'll deliver.
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