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  1. Ouch. Backed the wrong horse there.
  2. This. We're stuffed when he's gone.
  3. How anyone is posting in this thread yet without spewing I have no idea.
  4. I think we did what we had to do in committing long term to our A graders who were all 23-26 at the time of their deals. From all understanding these contracts were done in the best possible way to keep the list together and protect the club at the same time. I can't really fault it to be honest. Impossible to know the exact financials but from the outside it seems good. Apart from the situation with Brayshaw which was completely unforeseen we've done a pretty good job there.
  5. At least back then we'd win some contested ball and clearances.
  6. Yeah, selection should fix this right up..
  7. To be fair to Binman I reckon he'd have done the segment exactly the same if it were this week.
  8. Yeah I was hoping no-one would vote out of protest.
  9. We should make a rule that any drastic posts on this thread don't count until tomorrow.
  10. 'Bin diving' did make me chuckle. This is more than a new contract, it's a signal of his intentions to commit to our footy club for the foreseeable future after what we all heard over Summer. People may not want to admit it but this stuff is pretty common. It hasn't been the best season from Petty but for him to decide that this is the place to be goes a long way. We now have the chance to get his body right and have him bounce back in whatever his best role will be, who knows maybe a return to defence could be on the table in future. Great news out of a terrible day.
  11. Who hates Tom Morris now? Lelele
  12. Did he sign in the rooms or something?
  13. I think you make a reasonable point. In a game like that I'd have preferred us to send an example and have one of the leaders take one for the team. There were a number of them who could have taken the short straw. Was it a game Tholstrup would like to forget? Yes, but you need to be careful when dragging kids in this way and consider the effect that it can have on their confidence.
  14. You're not wrong Kev, it's not the end of us as a competitive team. We do however have a lot of work to do.
  15. Can you remember an MFC game in the last 5 years where we were 'controlled' at the stoppage as much as this one? If they weren't flicking it to the back and getting first use with their eyes closed they were manhandling us and slicing us right through the front. It was scary, and like window shopping with a significant other there's nothing you can do about it. You simply have to get hands on the footy more.
  16. So how are you going Andy? Did you have a good trip? 🙃
  17. We can say that we're our best two players short but it's a bit of a moot point where Gawn is concerned. We went into this year knowing full well this could happen and we needed to have plans in place to nullify the loss of Gawn and make sure we could at least compete in that area. I don't blame the FD entirely for this as they took a risk on Fullerton but that's what it was, a risk. They do need to take some responsibility there. Midfield depth was always going to be an issue right from the start of the season. Anyone who thought our depth was sufficient is kidding themselves. Again though, not totally anyone's fault, we did try to get Reid but it was an issue. Sometimes you're just in a rock and a hard place and thats where our list is. Still a bit to play for but I will be looking forward to re-tooling this list end of season.
  18. I don't think you can win many games with that clearance and contested ball count, but the score from turnover count was what made a 15 goal loss possible.
  19. The clearance count lost us the game, the score from turnover count made it a mauling.
  20. What cost us the game? -32 clearances or score from turnover? I believe no matter what gamestyle you play getting belted in clearances like that, it puts you on the back foot in any game, you don't win too many games with that figure. I will say though that the pressure that Freo brought was off the charts and while we're not the best in executing under pressure, we failed miserably to prevent some of the turnovers that they scored off.
  21. Nothing short of insipid. Second to every ball, -32 in clearances, -36 in contested ball, -29 in uncontested. We sucked.
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