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  1. Didn't catch the live show, was it an on-air filter as well or did we get the full glory?
  2. It really stuck out to me because they usually manage to be in striking distance for the 4th. Anyway all eyes on the 3rd quarter this week!
  3. This one from the Matterofstats website isn't bad. Especially in relation to scoring shot differentials, conversion rates and quarter by quarter performance and rankings. Collingwood and Melbourne rank no lower than 5th other than in 3rd quarter performances (Collingwood actually rank 12th in this area).
  4. Got a decent turning circle as well which gets him into good positions to kick faster than others. Probably why he looks like he has more time.
  5. Great name, like one you'd see in an NFL/NBA draft! Sound like he has the smarts and a reasonable kick.
  6. Certainly got depth, it's just depth in specific areas where we lack. Hopefully some opportunities the get games into Turner, Woewodin, Howes, Laurie in the back end.
  7. Nice mesh-back chair there.
  8. That Rd 18 spike is what we're looking for and what everything is presumably geared towards. Hope it works out.
  9. Oh boy, someone get a can opener for these worms! 😄
  10. It's actually an extremely easy thing to love a team's playing style but despise them at the same time.
  11. Don't want Sparrow making way, he's proved his worth in the last couple of weeks.
  12. Can't believe Andy swore on the show!
  13. For sure. AF is right though, there seems to be even more of an urge for people to get up from their seats and nick off to the bar. I literally had a guy coming back and wanting to get through during one of our set shots early in the last quarter when the game was in the balance. So annoying.
  14. Sorry it wasn't a question to you. Should have been "Why would they?". I'm in full agreement with you. I couldn't give a stuff about food and beverages or entertainment or any of that prima donna garbage. And I don't want to go get another round, I go to watch the game, that is that and precisely the stuff that drives me crazy.
  15. This is the same with me. Every now and then I might have a few drinks or catch up with people but that's not common and I'd prefer to do it at non MFC games to be honest. I even cringe when I'm there with my mate and get sucked into buying rounds which requires you to go and stand at the bar during the game, I'd honestly rather just wait till the end. There's two things in life I want completely uninterrupted from start to finish: 1) At the Footy 2) At gigs. That means no asking me to go buy stuff during the event, no suggesting other seats or areas to go move to because we don't like this area for whatever reason, no being late and no stuffing around. For that time period I'm parked here and that's it. And I totally agree, most people wouldn't go if there wasn't food and beverage as the attraction. Why would you, Kayo and a well stocked fridge! For a select few of us though the game itself is the attraction. As for the MCC, I use it about 3 or 4 times a year and it's a bit of a waste to be honest.
  16. Chandler has a big game coming soon, might bag hatful.
  17. His achilles is stuffed as well, will definitely miss games here and there.
  18. Does this mean I have to watch 360 tonight? *Groan*
  19. I know just making a silly joke!
  20. I would never! besides it's usually always Thursday! I got a rough idea 🙂
  21. I'm just assuming it's like when people say they will see someone the following Tuesday.
  22. Completely uncalled for, hope they got banned.
  23. Great to hear mate, sounds like some much overdue catchups there.
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