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  1. Watched the last 2 mins of the Carlton win & Hunt was sensational. Would be sad to see him go.
  2. Yes now they have a 500k boat anchor around their necks at Sydney.
  3. Swans won't get anywhere near the GF next year if this is the best they have to offer.
  4. Danger throws the ball. Geelong another goal. The Swans aren't up to it. Horrendous GF.
  5. Excuse me if this has already been asked but what is our 1st pick in the draft?
  6. Just wait for that peanut Hutchy to start banging on again about WC walking Jackson through to the preseason draft so they can pick him up for nothing
  7. At least he has left his options open to either WC or Freo. Hopefully we can have a Dutch auction & get the best deal for the club.
  8. Just reported Milkshake should be eligible for Casey next week. Peed off about Bowey, though.
  9. TMac & Bowey going back to back next week.
  10. Lonhman kicks their 2nd goal and celebrates like they had just hit the front. Up & coming [censored].
  11. He looks like a player who has completely lost interest. I think he is gone.
  12. A stubborn Goodwin clearly missed the boat not making changes to last week's losing side. I would rather have seen Joel Smith & Bowey play down back & get rid of Rivers & Salem who were both ordinary again for the 2nd week in a row. No recognised CHF has killed us so we should have played either a half fit TMac or JVR as another tall marking option. And even selecting Weid would have been far better than watching another horrible performance from Jackson.
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