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  1. Yes I can just see it now, best of mates Jesse & Dusty getting on the [censored] together.
  2. Worst player on their list. Gets picked as a forward & plays the position as a defender. Clueless.
  3. Could also be in the slammer this time next year.
  4. The no DH policy prevents us from drafting him.
  5. Posts over at Bomberblitz have never been so entertaining to read. Hahahaha.
  6. Hunt should be a keeper. His ability to kick goals when we need them is a real asset to the team.
  7. Why do we need a King when we have a Jackson?😀
  8. No, why would you? The guy is a gun & our midfield will have injuries at some point in the season.
  9. Just goes to show he's not interested in going to that crap club Geelong. Well done Jack.
  10. Josh Wagner can consider himself very unlucky to get cut from the list before Smith.
  11. Just listened to the AFL site. Sure Viney has a decision to make but a long way off going to Cats. No need for us to panic just yet.
  12. I don't think that would be the case as we need both of them playing well if we are to push for a top 8 spot next year.
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