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  1. Whoever started that rumour about him going to Carltank needs to have a good hard look at themselves.
  2. That player clean out by The Filth is looking so good now. Hahaha.
  3. Jayden Hunt was awesome tonight. Should never put his hair in a ponytail again!
  4. Hunt has been outstanding. Like to see him or Trac have a ping at the goals when on the run.
  5. Clearly incorrect disposal then. Giants turning head high tackles into an art form. Umpiring pathetic.
  6. Same old same old. Should be killing this mob but we haven't turned up to play. Umpire's pet Greene getting everything. Sick of it already.
  7. And let's hope Oliver doesn't get any ideas about wanting to join that rabble next season.
  8. Blues to make the 8? No chance. Still too many duds on that list.
  9. Harmes should go to Fyfe & get Hunt forward. He is hopeless down back.
  10. That Jones never hit a target all night. What a liability.
  11. Well Kingy is excited so they must be good.😀
  12. Might bob up next to Frosty at The Dawks. Seems Clarkson likes to draft our defenders. Good luck OMac & thanks.
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