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  1. He'd been stinking it up for about 6 weeks. He needs to be dropped. His turnovers are killing us in the F50. Stats or no stats.
  2. Effective disposals: 1. And that's being generous.
  3. Out: ANB, Jordon, Jackson, Harmes In: Melksham, Jones, Weiderman, Bowey.
  4. Neal Bullen is a huge liability to this team. Get rid of him for Melksham.
  5. Daniel will end up with 50 disposals at this rate. FFS.
  6. Goodwin has let him run around all night unaccounted & he has killed us. Pathetic coaching in
  7. Dogs throw the ball more than Melb Storm. Frees 4 to be 14 in a half of football is a disgrace. Game over.
  8. Everything went pear shaped after Hogan didn't take that shot at goal just before halftime.
  9. Great effort by the Giants tonight.
  10. ANB always goes to ground way to easy & then he is out of the contest. I'm over him.
  11. Out: ANB sick of him prancing around with shocking disposal. Viney with 32 ineffective disposals but Goody won't do it. In: Melksham & Harmes.
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