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  1. Hold it a minute. It was NEVER in doubt in my mind and can I just say........ GO CLARRY CHOO CHOO
  2. Ah, when Im around a closed session is always open
  3. As I wrote last week he did NOTHING to earn a call up and yet was selected!! Performed poorly! Clearly a Goody fav, and given your summation put in or get out, on what justification does he get a gig this week!
  4. It probably was me but I had a hat and long range opticals on
  5. Yep harks back in some ways to 2018 plenty of grunt but just lack8ng polish! If this improves..... look out
  6. Really,? Hnmm is not some recognition enough? Still needs to deliver..... comsistently
  7. Talking to two ex AFL/VFL legends tonight,it was universally accepted that BOTH Choco and Adem Yze have had a profound influence on proceedings at MFC. Also might I add... Simon Goodwin would have to have bought into the fact that these guys would and should be able to work autonomously!! Go Dees
  8. Add Extra piont * Oliver just eats Tags
  9. Hello Demonlanders, Unfortunately Family business in far Nth Qld this week means I can't do a report. If someone can get down there and suss out training that would be great! Cheers PF
  10. Given what I saw yesterday BB Is teasingly close very tantalisingly so!
  11. I was very outspoken about Melksham getting a Gig today and he is a weak link . Given the way we are playing you cannot have a bloke that is not of that ilk.As iterated he needs to force selectors to pick him. He didn't and to my mind he should not play until he displays the grunt expected!
  12. 6 Tracc 5 Clarry Choo Choo 4 Max 3 Lever 2 Viney 1 Salem
  13. Coz u just told her that a Pulitzer prize winner is about to visit????? Baring rare gifts?
  14. Melksham! was ordinary! But other than that.......
  15. Thanks Uncle, is the maid hiding or have you already administered a fearful thrashing, and If I ever am in fair Romsey it would be a pleasure to provide fine wine for entertainment at "The Manor"
  16. Spargo's new avatar From now on thats what I'll call him, Fair enough??
  17. Glad he has taken heed of my advice, was excellent today!
  18. No, I dont write notes but prefer to cruise around the ground, taking in different angles and scenes. I commit to memory, Notes??? No way!
  19. "Lines join in faint discord as the Stormwatch brews a concert of kings as the white sea snaps at the heals of a soft prayer whispered" Welcome to Casey Fields, weather report as above, ohhh hang on just got a bit of crossed wires happening via transmission some static about, .......%$(*&^$$$#@[email protected]#$%t*()))))) As we take the cricket commentary from the legendary John Arlott "As we watch fer the ferst time Lileeeeeee Long tall lean Australian Gladiator as he goes back to his mark from the Kirstall Rd end and as he turns just meters from the fence we hear the familiar tooot of t
  20. But at the end of the day players have to earn games,nothing Melksham has done so far this year even comes close, not training form ,plus he is coming back from injury. We will set a dangerous precedent and if Sparrow is dropped given his huge games in the bank and upside I will not be happy ,nor should he! Same goes for anyone else in a 3 zip winning team
  21. Melksham is coming back from injury, is underdone and has not played at all this season, plus was poor last season . HOW he can be considered is fantasyland stuff.Sparrow is hard at it fierce and has done that has been asked No Brainer he stays
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