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  1. And of course this Basket Case of abominable proportions competitio schedules the game at a time slot that means 3 carry over Demons in the senior side will not be able to play. CARRYST can the AFL get serious and get an AFL reserves comp back up and running?? NOT HAPPY🤮
  2. Well I have seen snipperts of Brilliance albeit briefly, but they are there!🤩 Agree not there yet but I am extremely optimistic GO MAGICIAN!
  3. Now Werridee...THIS I CAN AGREE WITH!! 😄
  4. Yeah maybe, but whilst I will concede Clarry is not operating at the same "Stellar" levels as previous he STILL is playing very good footy, not exceptional but still very good! I'll double down on Laurie and say he won't cut it. FWIW I rate Woey as the big improver as he travels the journey!
  5. Should habe been 10 if Afl and Smithys basket case league were fair dinkum!
  6. Absolutely friggen laughable and Just insanity!! LAURIE WILL NEVER MAKE IT vs an Absolute SUPERSTAR of the comp! Cheezus there are some shiźen opinions oit there tonight
  7. Sooo missed by a poofteeenth! CLARRY STILL A MEGA CONTRIBUTOR!
  8. Augustus Gloop 🤪what are u guys smokin??
  9. EXACTLY!! Hang on, get Werridee a Doctor to certify him!! Here's one that will do it... Dr Hugo Hackenbush!
  10. Anyone who would even contemplate dropping Clarry needs to sign him or herself into a Psychiatric Ward!!
  11. Similar to me when I got home late after a night with the boys, wi fi was far from impressed! And I knew I was in strife!
  12. Woey needs to play for the rest of the season!
  13. Chandler was GARBAGE as he has been for a while now!
  14. No to Petty forward he gives nothing Plays back or doesnt get a game Cant believe Im saying this but Petty Back. Tomlinson back and T. MAC FORWARD
  15. We had the chance to re sign Jessie Hogan and we didn't!
  16. I know many on here will crucify me for saying this but JVR will continue to struggle with his trampoline hands, Petty aint a forward and is seriously overated on this site and Tracc will not get anywhere near superstar status till he nails gettable , clutch goals , when it counts! We have been CRYING out for a Gorilla forward for YEARS and the fact we still haven't been able to secure one really is starting to hit home. Other clubs seem to be able to haggle and trade aggresively but we seemingly cannot! End of rant, for now!
  17. QUESTION Why does Max not tap the ball to our mids??
  18. You must be joking??? ALL HAD A SERIOUS DIP?? Viney was very average!!
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