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  1. Key today 1 Hard tag on Liberarore= Harmes 2 Harder tag on Daniels = ANB THE REST SORT THEMSELVES OUT Result = DEMON PREMIERSHIP
  2. "Leave that crap to Hawks, Bombers etc" And guess what.... You win premierships!.I know what corner I'm in!
  3. DO DEES DEESTROY DISHLICKERS DONT I dont want to think about that😬
  4. Its our BEST Chance ever! Not for one minute advocating thuggery, but it is a Grand Final and therefore if someone gets a chance to exert ultimate physicality, then go for it!
  5. Cant tag everyone, Liberatore an Daniels tagged with Harmes and ANB respectively. The rest go head to head
  6. Exactly why he should not be in the team! We dont need "Workmanlike defenders" we need pace,run and carry to match Dishkickers on the spread. Hunt just has to be in somewhere even 23rd man! Huge error if he is not in.😬
  7. Would much rather Hunt than a slow and fumbly Hibbo. I HOPE THIS DOESNT BITE US ON THE ARRRRRRZE
  8. I hope not!! Need Hunt for his run and carry and Pace , something Jordan just does not have
  9. Given we haven't many choices in draft I would keep Mitch Brown on as Rookie! Same with Majak!
  10. Well why just dont we "Do a number on Bontempelli" just set out to totally get physically stuck right into him!
  11. Would not be adverse to us doing what Essendrug did to us in 2000. Just rough up a few ( legally of course) 👹
  12. I believe Earthquakes occur there most nights ! TRIPLE when we win
  13. Oh Gawwd THE SKY IS FALLING! 😵 Soothsayers, Mystics, Smoke and Mirrors and Harlots in hell! Err I dont believe in Omens!
  14. Nar he's much worse than that!
  15. Thanks Little Goffy appreciate the support but as I have always maintained everyone on this site has and is entitled to an opinion! When I first saw Clayton Oliver at Casey fields and after having seen his highlights reel I thought Shheeeit I love this bloke already🤩FWIW I do watch a bit of footy and look at not just the obvious. Dazzle Davey 36 does it better than most and knows what he is talking about. I DO get carried away on occasions coz I just HATE to lose and I can be over the rop with comments but.... thats me. I enjoyed bringing Demonlanders Training reports from Casey and sought to enlighten and entertain in these Shizen times! GOOD LUCK AND GOOD HEALTH TO ALL GO DEES JUST WIN THE FRIGGEN THING😃
  16. Macca, I went on record when Toupas name was first being mentioned as NEVER wanting him at Dees. He ran like a duck and could hardly get contested ball. Similarly when Neeld got the coaching gig I almost walked away then. Many on this site disagreed and history has now proven that some terrible decisions were made by administration of the time
  17. But the best butchers always deliver the choicest cuts!
  18. The clincher for me is the last paragraph! I'm also LIVID at the Politicians that allowed this to get so out of hand.😱
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