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  1. Add Todd Goldstein to that list. 32 and still going strong.
  2. Can you pm me the full article please.
  3. Love it! Well done Maxy. If his game is to go anything off from last Friday Friday he's in for another all mighty year.
  4. I know right.. he's embarrassing with some of his comments. Needs to kick 25 goals this year to justify his place in the team but the bloke who's a plodder that finishes 13th in the best and fairest in his 4th year of AFL football gets a pass mark. Typical @Dr.D style though. Even if Picketts kicks 50 goals this year he won't admit it. It'll hurt him too much to admit how wrong he already is.
  5. You didn't answer my question. Where did they both finish In the BnF last year?
  6. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/low-key-return-planned-for-majak-daw-as-demons-identify-round-one-smoky-20210303-p577jb.html?fbclid=IwAR0rfg1JY-8F-oEMVw5Qcaj2CwTzwcSP2T4LWRrW8kz3tx6RJcC-Z6ZVh9M He has trained well but remains unlikely to be match ready in the early rounds of the season although Melbourne will look to give Daw some game time on Monday provided he gets through training this week without any hiccup. The deadline for the supplemental selection period (SSP) is Tuesday March 9 and although the club is happy with his progress to date, it’s unlikely they would make a dec
  7. Talks about Majak Daw and also James Jordon being In line for a round 1 debut. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/low-key-return-planned-for-majak-daw-as-demons-identify-round-one-smoky-20210303-p577jb.html?fbclid=IwAR0rfg1JY-8F-oEMVw5Qcaj2CwTzwcSP2T4LWRrW8kz3tx6RJcC-Z6ZVh9M
  8. Hibberds barely done a pre season. Won't be ready for round 1.
  9. Gun Dee in uphill battle, Goody's heartbreaking chat to ACL victim Goody speaks about Gus and Viney availability and also Kozzy as well. Brayshaw to start playing VFL and Viney touch and go for round 1. Looks like Kozzy will come straight back into the side in round 1. Shows how highly rated he is by the coaches.
  10. Kysaiah Pickett is also expected to feature in that round one clash against Fremantle, with the exciting small forward to return to Victoria on Sunday having flown to Perth last month for a family bereavement. "Kysaiah will be back Sunday from Perth. Obviously, it's really tragic circumstances with his mother. He's been doing a lot of training away from the footy club, with some help over there from some people that are specialists. We're really confident that 'Kozzy' will be up and available for round one." Good to see the experts rate kozzy highly enough to let him slide straight
  11. LOL so he played 18 games in 2017 and didn't finish top 10 in the best and fairest in a team that didn't play finals. Played 23 games in 2018 and was worse by finishing 13th. That on average is a poor finish by someone that played all year. Again proving how silly you look here. Finishing 11th and 13th in a best and fairest is not something to be proud of. Me like many other on here see great potential in Kozzie because he showed talent in his first year of AFL football on the back of a season where there was basically no VFL team to develope and living in a suitcase. If you want t
  12. So many things wrong about this post that again you need to be called out once again. This also proves time and time again your lack of footy judgement and knowledgeable I find it bizarre that you continue to pot a first year player in Kozzy Pickett, yet more then willing to accept a plodder in Alex Neal Bullen the benefit of the doubt. He is a average player who like Oscar McDonald has been gifted far too many games time and time over the journey, and one of the key reason we've been an average side of the last few years because we continue to carry average plodders like ANB and Oscar.
  13. A few more information. https://wyndham.starweekly.com.au/sport/kye-declase-shows-his-class/ https://www.werribeefc.com.au/football/player-profiles/item/15-kye-declase
  14. Well you sir are a sad man if you think that's the case with 1st round draftees.
  15. Exactly what we need... How accurate is your source?
  16. He was a first year player.. Temper your expectations mate.
  17. Does he? If he has 'serious talent then he'd be on a list by now. A 'serious talent' does not get overlooked in a national and rookie draft, then get overlooked by a father son club in Freo as well.
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