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  1. Do the players of the winning team have an after the game celebration to go to? In Melbourne it's usually at Crown?
  2. Garry Lyon interview with Gawny hitting me on the feels 😭
  3. Amazing scenes.. Bloody hell can we bounce the footy right now!
  4. That's usually what a captain's run is day before the match.
  5. Yes I am aware all that. Perfect example is the Josh Dunkley case last year. See my post above. It's my biggest pet hate players having far too much pulling power over the actual contract obligation.
  6. Like when they put Tom McDonald up for trade last year when contracted? Or when they traded Jack Watts and Hogan when they also were contracted? Not in anyway saying Jacko will leave because it's pretty obvious he wont. But to say that he won't leave because he's contracted is laughable. It's the AFL landscape now days. Contracts are pretty much irrelevant now because we are seeing far too often now players have far too much power then the actual contract. It's my biggest pet hate. I loved seeing the doggies last year refusing to trade a contracted Josh Dunkley.
  7. Simon Goodwin and Max Gawn with be doing a live press conference. You'll be able to tune into Fox Sports News to watch it live.
  8. Pretty sure Chandler was emergency against Geelong and Brisbane.
  9. How did North Smith do it? Only won 6 flags by coaching from the bench.
  10. All these guys are worth absolutely nothing.
  11. Ross Lyon. I pay no attention to a guy that paid hush money for a sexual harassment incident that swept under the carpet. Up there with Wayne Carey as the biggest oxygen thief out there. I did laugh at this but..
  12. I know you've been banging on about this for the past week but you do know the doggies are getting their fair share of articles also?
  13. I wouldn't. I know both Sparrow and Jordon are rated extremely highly internally, but Cerra is better then them. Every year you need to find ways to better your list. Getting Cerra makes our list significantly better.
  14. With Carlton announcing their coach now wonder if this now plays a huge part in Cerra’s decision.
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