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  1. He's been averaging around this game time for the past 7 weeks.. so in other words since Gawn has come back in.
  2. Yeah weird flex. Collingwood are set on all lines of the ground and play a brand that fans know what to expect. Their ball movement is so much more superior to ours. We had forward issues right from the very start and it never got rectified. In saying that, I think well beat the pies.
  3. I've fancied the pies all year but i have this weird sensation that i think well beat them. Reckon there'll be some fired up lads from last year.
  4. McKay is actually listed at 204cm. It's a significant difference and that's where I thought Tomlinson battled well even though he was beaten. I'd play him on Brody Mihocek.
  5. I think Smith has to stay another week. In fact I would give him a stretch of 4 games. His stats don't look great but he at least launched at the ball and created a contest. There was some nearly moments there. Goodwin has to back this experiment in and not drop him immediately like he did with Schache, that's just [censored] poor development. He's also versatile. If a defender goes down then we can swing him down back. With that in mind it's simply non negotiable that a tall like Ben Brown simply has to come in. I am having massive anxiety the amount of intercept marks Darcy Moore will take when he's manning up on our CHF players of last night in Kozzie and Spargo. Make this happen Goody
  6. Also, it was great to have Lachie Hunter back. Reckon there's been some unfair criticism on here lately. He was sorely missed against Freo with his work rate and ability to cover space. He's tap in the 3rd quarter that set up the Fritta goal. That pure experience right there when Catlton were coming hard.
  7. I'll give Tommo credit. Came straight in playing several weeks in the VFL and did a good job imo. Look he was probably beaten on the night but McKay is a gun forward who is incredibly hard to stop when it's laced out in front of him and has that long reach. He was also stiffed for getting pinged for holding McKay. Nothing in it. No coincidence that having the 3rd tall defender we see Jake Lever and Steven May replicate their 2021 form. Now leave it this way Simon.
  8. Having the extra tall defender helped Lever and May tonight. Now can we get a key forward in please...
  9. The Gawn and Grundy combination hasn't worked unfortunately. Having an extra ruckman is simply robbing us of having a tall forward. Our CHF right now is either Pickett or Spargo. Bizarre coaching.
  10. Um why did we start Petracca on the bench 🤦‍♂️
  11. [censored] me we're playing at a bottom 6 club standard. Gawn is cooked
  12. Brayshaw is having a dead set shocker. Looks very unfit
  13. Their tall defenders are cleaning up every entry.
  14. This is what happens when you don't pick a tall forward
  15. I think we definitely win. But I expect them to come out pretty fired up with the media build up during the week and a fired up Patty Cripps
  16. Wasn't a fan of the Jefferson selection at all last year, still not, but I'm not willing to write him off straight away. The games I've seen him play this year has so far been disappointing with his output
  17. Don't mind tge changes. We needed the extra big defender. The Smith forward experiment will be so intriguing to watch.
  18. Gobsmacked he was allowed to play again. I really do feel for him but a part of me says he was fully aware of the risks and education around head knocks around the time he chose to resume his career. He knew well and truly what he was getting himself back into and for that I don't know whether I can fully sympathise with him. AFL should have at least stepped in and advised kindly not to play.
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