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  1. I hear his man bun gives him special powers! #grundymyths
  2. Good thing they got that Senior Coach with Senior Coach experience that their Prez said he wanted, hey?
  3. Yes, we’ll be the Greater Melbourne Demons. Always wanted to be a regional AND city club. Seriously though. I don’t care any more. I know we can compete from Casey and I know that it will grow and be an elite facility and we should lean in to that side of the bay and be done with it.
  4. Yeah, must have been PowerPoint again
  5. @Rhino Richardshave at it, RR. A facepalm only days so much…
  6. Yes, and how a culture can fester even when it is winning, sometimes because it is winning. They need to stop litigating this in the press; but that email response from the Prez to that person in pain was heartless and hopeless.
  7. Of that top 10, only White, Munro and Buntine are journeyman VFL players. That puts pay to the argument about our kids not being able to shine enough at that level. Chandler, JVR, Laurie, and Woey all top 10. Plus Dunstan and Baker. Seems like a perfect alignment to me for sustained success from our VFL feeder team.
  8. Why would we do that? We have one of the best coaches in the game; proven to be able to win flags. He’s young. Probably the best players coach since Clarkson and we are going to just throw that away for an unproven Yze? Unless Goodwin is done with it all, we will keep him till the end of the decade surely.
  9. Yeah, I think we all hope that the truth is somewhere in the middle so that we understand the reaction and the bad blood but that we can see some humanity in people that are at the centre of this… Such a depressing mess. And again, well done to the club that had this culture that has waited to better itself so it only ruins 3 other clubs and head office. Hawthorn is a disgrace of a club.
  10. We won’t be able to move him. All good. He is fine back up for Grundy/Gawn.
  11. Who is attacking the accusers? Have you been on social media or are you above it? Our society has built itself around an ethos of marginalising those alleging mistreatment of those in power. At the risk of ‘triggering’ people, the #metoo movement was a reaction to this ethos and that is the shift that we need to make in reacting to those who are alleging wrong doing like this. I presume innocence (in fact I wish it is all a big misunderstanding as a family friend is caught up in this), but I am past assuming lies and deceit from the accusers. Nor will a failure to meet ‘the burden of proof’ in whatever investigation/litigation make their claims false or condemn their behaviour in looking for justice.
  12. I know you never want to argue with someone on the merits of what they are saying and prefer to build a easily defeated straw man so I don’t expect anything better than the above… But just for the record, I don’t assume guilt and those accused will get their right to ‘natural justice’ but I am past the point of where society has been where we attack the marginalised that have been brave enough to report the assault on THEIR justice. But it’s great to see you back from BigFooty, there’s only so much enjoyment you can get from agreeing with 14 year old Tigers supporters hey?
  13. I don’t want a recent retiree near us. If we lose Adem and Williams we need to replace with experienced assistants and dev coaches. We are chasing flags, we are not here to be a teaching hospital for neophyte coaches.
  14. And are we to infer the testimony of the players and their families are not sufficient evidence? Whose testimony will be sufficient? Or do these alleged heinous acts need to be recorded, or written down? There will be two versions of the “truth” that will never get near each other…and god I hope we can get near a clear awareness of what happened but I just don’t see how it could… Absolute mess. And whatever you think about these allegations, for that club to let this get this far with so many former players is a [censored] indictment on that club and those involved - even if the specific heinous acts can be explained away.
  15. Naughton is a contracted FF who is 22. If we can give whatever we get for LJ to the Dogs for Naughton - we would do that in a heartbeat. Firstly he is contracted and secondly he is exactly what we need right now.
  16. I swear my Physio said it wasn’t superficial? And couldn’t be that? But idk. To answer your question, yes, but it effed with my brain and spent a year weirdly not pushing off properly and landing from jumping like an 80 year old.
  17. Maybe I wasn’t listening properly to my Physio when I told me what I had. Jake just gave me flashbacks the way he reacted. I constantly played with this desire to take my boots off it was so painful in the muscle underneath my foot leading to my heal. Sorry for the diversion everyone - I just want Webber to diagnose my issues.
  18. I will push back slightly on the hindsight proviso to make such comment but I agree there are no easy decisions when it comes to playing your best players when they are injured. We either play through and possibly lose and be banged up or we rest en masse and get beaten and be fresh to finish 9th (I would have strategically rested a couple in the middle of the season but that is neither here nor there). But I was more defending Lever in that, with the midst of having so many of our better players pushing through injury, Lever’s in particular looked hard to play through. And he often looked like he couldn’t push off his right foot and that would impact his form and ability to compete. I thought it was deeper than the fasciitis and the plantarus muscle? I am no expert but I had this a couple seasons back and it made it hard to walk after a game, painful during a game and then I took a month off because of that uncomfortableness. This is just a long way of saying that people shouldn’t criticise Jake for 2022. Just one of those things.
  19. It is funny, but don’t hex it. It supposed to end with him having an ironclad contract with St Kilda that he gets the balance of one year in after he’s fired for attending burning man and being filmed snorting Wizz Fizz with Wayne Carey…
  20. Yeah, he ain’t great but role players need environment and an achievable role. It is the literal difference between ANB 2021 and, well, ANB any other year. Or, and here is a controversial take - the difference between Stengle 2022 and ‘just another FP’.
  21. I’m always excited to see the little @Demonlandfigure next to a thread because I know that the boss has linked to a relevant news story or revelation. Hows that for pandering. #cantbebannednow
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