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  1. Her kicking for a 19 year old is great, she gets to that many contests as you say. I used to tell some ‘could be jets’ to not wait for their opponent to decide where the next contest was for them. McNamara dictates that. And her confidence is just so refreshing. Also Ally Brown really impressed me. Weird that she has bounced around the last 4 years. Reads the ball so well, decent mark and skills.
  2. McNamara my new favourite player. Great skills and @Chookis spot on with the Langdon comparisons. She seems up and about with the girls tho - like a spark plug. I hope they can keep that midfield group together for a few years - they are all in the 21-24 age group. Great to see Harris playing like that too - so unselfish and she got a bit of reward. But that was great fun! Go Demons.
  3. The NBA are getting around this constant issue of unavailable players through what we would consider ‘3 game contracts’. That would be the more cost effective way of supplementing as needed. expand lists from the season for all clubs would mean base wages per annum of >$100k for each player. Some clubs will escape too much disruption during the season and some will be decimated. If I was the FD, I would identify 8-10 Casey players that could fill in roles and begin to bring them across those roles.
  4. Word on the ‘pharmacist street’ is that the PCR testing requirement for domestic travel will go Jan 1. Don’t know if it will happen but he is has conversations with those that can make those calls.
  5. Could have said the same thing about McDonald who stuck around because nobody wanted him in any realistic way. And, ironically, I think Weid can get above TMac quickly in the pecking order. The only thing TMac has on Weid is that he has actually done something… another reason why Sam didn’t move on - he has got no runs on the board at a new club that picks him up on the cheap. They would not hesitate to discard if things aren’t happening quickly.
  6. Santa came early for us. It’s been great and awful virtually hanging with you people for the past decade and a half. rp
  7. ,,, is not an ellipsis. It really annoyed me and any self-respecting Australian…
  8. You are forgetting his greatest crime… ,,,
  9. Already returned. 83 with the last ten mins with May, Lever, Oliver, Petracca, and Gawn on the bench. That’s humiliation. We kicked them over the cliff.
  10. That’s utterly ridiculous and you should not entertain purchasing this confusing placard.
  11. Your tv a smart tv? See what is available. AFL app on phone has replays.
  12. Much better to embarrass them and their whinging leaders in a prelim.
  13. The previous president wanted to oust Goodwin from my reliable sources and it was a non-starter from the board and particularly Roffey. Not many cardboard cutouts can do that.
  14. Langdon does both. Look, I am not going to sit here and criticise Angus because he is now a champion Demon but the winger role is one that requires defensive positioning and mindset and Langdon did that and was able to link up in the forward half too. He was that good. Angus had games where he was able to do that and the GF was an absolute willingness by him to make the dogs pay whenever they wanted to avoid Langdons wing, which a number of teams did in 2021.
  15. Of the wings, Langdon was superior. Bradshaw had an amazing GF and sacrificed for the team to play defensive wing but he still did struggle to perform offensively. Not a criticism coz someone has to do the hard work but I can see why he’s outside the top 10.
  16. While I share the sentiment that we are far superior as a team; the bulldogs were only a goal down with 1 minute left in the third qtr. The game was over in the next minute - but up until that point it was a pretty good GF…
  17. Ah no, you now go for a club that transcends venue and opponent; we will win in Perth and Geelong, in Adelaide and in big games. The only thing we have to fear, is our own hubris… That, and injuries…
  18. I remember going to the loo at 3 qtr time thinking that there would be little chance for WB to come back from 4 goals down to win a flag… …but my next thought was ‘Melbourne is always breaking records’…
  19. My wife has told me to bring down the ‘PREMIERS 2021’ flag from the front of the house. I said to her ‘they haven’t even got a new premier yet?!!’ My lawyers will have a field day.
  20. Our injuries and ‘hangover’ will determine whether we finish top four, not the fixture.
  21. Or Canberra. Although you did get the Lions and QB clash in a Flag year so maybe ease up.
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