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  1. I like this as a possible makeshift option up forward. We are up [censored] creek and the club is trying to find a paddle and some of you are like ‘nah, I will wait for a better paddle... meanwhile, have you tasted the chocolate water?! It’s a bit nutty...’
  2. That would have been made as 186 happened and Neeld was put in place; you would have got some good odds... What a great way to spend $1000.
  3. A 'feasibility study' is not progress. lol Where I come from in ICT we literally do similar 'discoveries' to avoid doing something... Ah well, at least we have Casey. Who knows what the future holds. Good to have a fall back.
  4. There is no issue with having a creed, or a vision or a mission statement of it is something that drives and defines everything an organisation does and has the sincere backing of a majority of the plebs at the frontlines. If it is ‘shelfware’ to impress idiots on forums then nah - I’m good. Ask Gawn and Lever and May and Oliver, et al - what gets you doing the extra thing, what makes you selfless, what pushes you to be involved at the club - that’s your creed/mission statement/meaning of life.
  5. We have stars in the midfield and down back and we should be pushing top 4. For those that don’t think this - you’re just trying to make failure more palatable.
  6. I feel some of you confuse MFCSS; blind hope is part of the process for ultimate disappointment. So you are exhibiting one of the symptoms... Fair thee well.
  7. The ‘dunking’ on Spargo in this thread is a tad unseemly. It’s also a self-own as Charlie will play more of a role in the team in 2021 than this kid...
  8. Evidently the split in structure from the review was not to last - and probably only in place to placate parties who were at the club. I expect this to change once again to align list management with the FD once again.
  9. Oh dear. Such fundamental questions. Further back than I thought...
  10. So many in this thread really betraying their ignorance. Speaking of an experience with such certainty that isn’t yours to do so. An uncomfortable read indeed.
  11. I cannot believe how much crap @Hogans Demonsis getting over his crummy meme... If you have ever called a player a ‘spud’ you have done worse. People need to get the poles out of their [censored] right quick.
  12. Calm down. The only crime @Hogans Demonscommitted was by not being able to put together the meme properly and inserting the text into the panes.
  13. Feel so sorry for the bulldogs who have to deal with the fit issues of having so many good midfielders... They really should have traded away good midfielders. Ya know... coz... the fit and all...
  14. I’m sure the AFL stepped in with Treloar, the CBA allows for grievances to be lodged but it sounds messy especially when so public.
  15. Neither of those teams are good teams.
  16. Hey so I know about all the points stuff (kinda went real deep just before Mahoney did his best work to get Oliver way back when) BUT... In no way does 12 = 26 + 33 Higher picks are worth more than two middling if you know what you are doing when drafting and recruiting. This points discussion amongst fans has got beyond cute - it’s now pretty dumb.
  17. Good teams that are well coached are not put off by midfield depth. Like actually good depth as opposed to what some on here consider ‘depth’... If Goodwin can’t work it out, Adem Y should get a go late 2021. No time for screwing around - we have never had in my lifetime such midfield talent - to squander it or to trade it away because of ‘fit’ is absurd.
  18. The split in football and list management is odd to me. If it was admin and footy split I can understand it better but list management and trading and management of the cap goes hand in hand with what the FD are thinking. I know they will talk to each other but where the buck stops is important and has endless implications. Isnt the end of the world, just don’t think it will last.
  19. He’s a good player and depending on cost would bring him in. Also would be fine letting Collingwood sit and twist.
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