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  1. Do you reckon we are a chance on Saturday night? The bookies don’t see us as a realistic Premier this year... #believe
  2. A well executed game plan the players believe in. Assuming our midfield is good enough. And it is.
  3. Fritsch was a stop gap FF this year. He needs to realise what @Pollyannais intimating - there is no role for you unless you adapt your game to the skill set required. He needs to get out of the square, get up the ground, show defensive pressure, and deliver to forwards well if he is to stay in the 22. My 7 (in Brown scenario) Weid CHF up the ground. Brown FF Lead up Jackson isolated but outside 50 (Gawn deep when resting) Petracca/resting mid Pickett Spargo Fritsch/Hunt/Melksham - whoever can be good enough at delivering, pressuring, and getting out o
  4. We have had trouble understanding today’s player let alone prognosticating tomorrows player. So maybe yesterday is where we should be heading - 4th dimensionally speaking.
  5. Same. If I am reading tea leaves it’s at the end of a very gritty tea experience.
  6. Good idea for a thread. Having Stars May, Lever, Petracca, Oliver, Gawn, Langdon, and Viney are comforting group of players to have as a base to work from. We should be in every game. Genuine Small Forward Pickett is a genuine talent and if he can calm down his final two steps with the footy he will be amazing. Has a left foot, super quick, good closing instincts and can tackle. Genuine Full Forward [Text Missing] Desperation Everyone will be under the Sword of Damocles and I think that is healthy for our progression back to relevance to not be
  7. If I see that effing Jack Nicholson GIF again I am going to earn another warning point...
  8. If this guy gets Fritsch out of the effing square then I am all for it. Balancing Brown and Weideman may be an issue, it may mean Weideman further up the ground which I think suits him. For the right price it is worth doing.
  9. 3 top 3 finishes in the B+F in the last 4 years. Quibbling over him getting $50-100k more than you think he should get is not worth pushing him out. He’s a leader, a CP machine, and will always give first use. He allows Oliver and Petracca to be more outside, and if Clayton wants to be as damaging as his mate in the 5 was in 2020 - he might want to take the assist that Viney provides.
  10. Goodwin got great seasons out of: Gawn, Oliver, Petracca, Viney, and May. Good seasons out of: Lever, Salem and Langdon. That is 8 of our best players and we still can't make the finals? I am hopeful for next year but FCS if hear another person saying 'we improved on last year' I will scream; we had very few injuries - we had a great platform to make the finals and we serve up what we served up against Sydney and Freo. And the quarter we went to sleep against WB was emblematic on ow the season ended up today. I have no ill feeling toward him and wish him the best
  11. He's not soft but he is a dumb footy player. He is the most infuriating player we have; it's not his fault he is the main forward alot of the time but he rarely leads at the footy, he tries to body out too much, he goes up for speccys with a childlike cadence, and he looks like a terrified kitten when lining up for goal. Apparently, he takes 50 shots before the game. It isn't helping - he should stop doing that - he is obviously putting the weight of the world on himself every time he lines up for goal. And he shouldn't put that pressure on himself - if he is the difference betw
  12. Wilson is a [censored] stirrer. And with us - there is a lot to stir... The thing I can't abide is the faction nonsense - making/keeping enemies is only self-defeating and it reads quite petty. I don't want change for changes sake but if removing any of Bartlett, Mahoney, or Goodwin gets us a better option then we have to seize the moment. Yes, I am looking at Clarkson but similarly for a President that unites or a football manager of higher quality and experience.
  13. I don't think those two views are antithetical - it's a third of the team. The only reason I am not on here ranting and raving is because it is a 4 day break but make no mistake - we stank against the Swans and 7 changes doesn't fill me with confidence for tomorrow night. We should win well, but we should have won well last game...
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