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  1. I don’t disagree but I know that comedy is layered. When Ricky Gervais steps over the line he does it to point out hypocrisy and tries to avoid ‘punching down’ but it won’t be free of consequence whether it is funny, rude, offensive etc and that is progress. ‘Cancel Culture’ is just the end of silence of the people like in your story and them (and others) saying “I don’t appreciate you making fun of me/my heritage/my sexuality/etc”
  2. Happy to keep playing the Heart of a Nation game even with the finances sound. As @daisycuttersaid, this is what we should expect in a good year. But when we are back down you know where - we have to be able to weather those years. And I don’t care about new training facilities flight of fancy but I know others see this as a white whale.
  3. And you just know people are going to say “that’s not red, it’s burnt orange!”
  4. The behaviour you walk past is the behaviour you accept. And for those that are trying to argue that ‘comedy is where we need to be able to say anything’ - ok then. But radio prime time isn’t ‘stand up’ or a ‘sitcom’ and if the ‘joke’ misses the consequences now reign as they should. The Australian cultural twinge of “why are you making a thing of it?” In reaction to reaction is an archaic albatross around the neck of our immigrant-built and indigenous-guarded country.
  5. Same question. As a follow up from that link; what’s “Bursty” he referred to?
  6. ‘If player X, taken in the 30s, turned out like a generational talent - I would be happy’
  7. TBH, when I saw that ‘Thickett’ post - I thought that it was unfair and mean and brought unnecessary attention onto his physique especially considering skin folds are an important metric for the start of pre -season.
  8. Off those two highlight packages
  9. Yes, good attack on the footy in the air. Bigger [censored] than MJ - I reckon he is more ready than Jefferson to help out in AFL.
  10. I think this is a fine investment in the Dees circa 2027 and beyond. We have our new forward structure to work through with Gawn down there now. I hope we can turn the picks next year into immediate help though.
  11. What a brutal game. The conditions made it the 4 goal contest that just gives ‘the haters’ their Nonsense Ammunition but whatever the game is getting better so quickly and we are leading that charge. Footy comes first at this club and it shows. Well done to Daisy and Paxman and the others who fought to be where we are right now - champions of the game and of our club. Those Demons that chafe at that last statement will be soothed in time.
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