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  1. Goodwin said on 3AW before the game that Brown and Weideman are another week at Casey away from being a chance. Petty in for May. Melksham will be good for the run, and I prefer having some leadership in the forward line.
  2. Can someone go and collect what the Cats fans are saying? Live for those threads after a win. Call it K-rock of [censored] or something like that...
  3. I think he is on the cusp of being efficient. McDonald’s mild return to form, Gawn, and Jackson have been really good for Bayley. I think he will be even more effective when BBB spreads the attention further.
  4. Then effing learn to kick in driving rain... Again, you will not be learning technique to be repeated under the roof at Marvel or at the swirly contained G. What a ridiculous back and forth this is.
  5. You change how you drop the footy and your cadence to kick the footy. @sueis right. Technique is not learnt at windswept Casey
  6. No it isn’t. Salem has been consistent for years now and the game changing to suit him and his skills is nothing like a player that plays a good season when they are OOC.
  7. Rp back in Saw this one live and the Giants were up and about and we were coming even when they had their 22 up and about. Oliver fought hard, TMac is back to cinder blocks and Jackson is a jet from what I can see. Our drive from the back means we can win in multiple ways and not just through clearances, but with that game comes risk and daring and quick movement and not just the obligatory epithet that rings around the members; ‘kick it!1!!!1!’ All in all - excited and hopeful and Pickett is pretty good.
  8. I am going to be ‘that person’ in this convo about Kelli Underwoood - I thought she was fine and try to put yourself in her shoes when it comes to ‘her voice’ - it is not something she can change and it is very close to something that is inherent to her being female. So I don’t give a shut that your grievances have ‘nothing to do with that, m8!’ - just think twice about shutting on people. rp out
  9. The Anti-Oracle speaks and the opposite happens. So it is and always shall be. Amen.
  10. I would like to know how they determined these numbers. From what I can see - having a dominant ruck man is akin to having a state of the art fax machine. Grundy and Gawn just don’t rule like their glorified ancestors did.
  11. Clearances becoming less and less important as teams get most of their opportunities from turnovers in the backline or forward line. The biggest reason is the competitive nature of a stoppage means that kicks from there (most clearances) are going to be low percentage movements forward. Just compete in there and and don’t let a team walk out with it and then spread and get the footy going down the other side of the ground. Gruelling footy for mids but takes the pressure off to win the clearance stat.
  12. He’s great but he didn’t turn the game. Our defence kick started a bunch or chains from the back half that led to ANB, Pickett and Sparrow goals - then they continued that into the second half occasionally screwing up and letting Steele to kick goals. Love him but nah.
  13. One good season. Goodwin can double that this year, and if he does he is in the conversation to keep his job. The recent and relevant past does not spotlight Goodwin well. That is just reality. We can ignore it but it comes for us all the same.
  14. They are working him back into fitness in the AFL so they rate him and will stick with him as builds back.
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