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  1. Or Goodwin just trusts Yze, Chaplin and Stafford to make adjustments. Lyon’s ego wouldn’t have that I am sure.
  2. Yes, and Adam is versatile too. He can play on any line in the AFL. He can find a role in this team. He should trim down a bit to save his knees and take Hibberd’s spot. Or he can compete on the wing or lead up forward. Petty needs to cement himself back and as an AFL player. If he can take the pressure off May, it extends his life as a footy player and keeps that window open a little bit longer.
  3. It’s intimated in that pod that positivelingers started out as a few of the boys taking the [censored] so I can see him not liking it. O love footy clubs that can house a bloke like Ed and let him thrive. He is a different cat and he is thoughtful and even said that he doesn’t play footy to win flags but ‘now that we’re here, I’m excited’ I think you need blokes like this in clubs to keep everyone from going insane but the Pat would have seen this drummed out of him or him drummed out of footy.
  4. Lyon predicted that Geelong would 'get it done' two weeks ago. And Fatso McCreary is the biggest contrarian in the media. Caro wants us to win and Lloyd is a talking wooden plank. So that leaves us nowhere - that's Classified for you...
  5. Win or lose I know we are going to 'play like Demons' on the last Saturday in September. Back where we belong. Checker Hughes would be smiling.
  6. At this point you just play and deal with the uptick in cases as the day that WA moved away from elimination strategy for the price of a GF. Going to have to do it at some point, vaccines available, plenty of time to prepare. Forward we March to a grand old flag.
  7. Felt it up here in Canberra. Hearing reports it just opened up the gates of hell. Fitting it was under Mt Buller. The demons and fallen angels are arriving for the big game at the G. Someone else can tell them...
  8. Good to see Billy Stretch is over there. And homicidal?
  9. Sliding doors moment. The alternate reality with Wines perhaps doesn’t have Oliver… How’s that for a nightmare ‘What If???’
  10. Remember it as the Melbourne footy club who made that decision… It was the darkest nadir that led us to rock bottom and eventually out and up to where we are now.
  11. Riewoldt is great after footy. Honest, funny and cogent. Brown is the first two but tends to eat and chew on any word with more than two syllables.
  12. Jones played in over 200 losses. The juxtaposition is there, CB. People are going to bring it up - we were a [censored] basket case.
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