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  1. Another undeserved Melksham drive-by. He ain’t keeping your boy out. Not any of your boys (generally waving at the rest of Demonland). Literally just played the worst role for the first two weeks that there is in the team; come on for 25 minutes to make an impact in a blowout, and… replace our generational AA ruckman and Captain… I have had my own critique of selection the last two years - but Jake doesn’t rate a mention in the Table of (dis)Contents…
  2. We will see. Frankly, I didn’t want to rude about Schache but he has never played ruck well at all and has only had glimpses of form in the backline. We have two kid rucks in reserve, and JVR who would be best avoiding that baptism, Brown can’t do it, who else is left? Which all leads to one statement: Thank Thor for Brodie Grundy…
  3. Schache would be behind TMac as a ruck option.
  4. It’s all about effort and mindset in any endeavour. Those that predict comfortable wins every week should keep that caveat in mind. And don’t give me the Gawn excuse. I am sorry, it didn’t make Clarry blast away or Langdon miss handballs or or or… They need to mentally show up - that’s a prerequisite to competitiveness - and they didn’t. Deal with it.
  5. What I pieced together was that we put a timer on it as it was late in the piece and then we nixed it when it didn’t come together quick enough.
  6. So many excuses and a lot of hand wringing. Personnel doesn’t lead to a performance like that. Smashed in the clearances meant we were on the back foot all the time and Oliver and Viney kicking out of contest like it’s 2019 didn’t help. Angus at least won the footy and that kick to Brown that set up a Bowey-Chandler-Fritsch ‘3 second drill’ was great. Aside from Bowey, had little dare back there.
  7. I smell a late change with May not being risked… No insider info, just a faint whiff of footy dept nonsense. 31. Tight calf. Friday night in Brisbane in March.
  8. They stole that from the Champion Data bloke that went on Sportsday with Gerard and Kane the night before. Crazy stat. Such a front runner.
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