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  1. It was utterly bizarre when we were planning on doing it, a clumsy situation when we tried it, a confusing mess when we abandoned it for worse options, and an apathetic catharsis when we moved him on for about what we paid for him. If failures can be measured in wasted time and effort - this was a failure.
  2. Yes, yes. I’m tired ok. I’m mixing my kids names up with the cats, it’s a thing.
  3. DE is a lie. JJ has no elite qualities as a mid. Sparrow has elite toughness over the footy and very penetrating kick. Hes no world beater but he’s better than Sparrow. Also we need to give minutes to Laurie and Howes.
  4. Hang on, so a thread in the ‘Melbourne Demons’ board on a WCE player is fine but a thread on the Melbourne Demons women’s team is moved from this thread and consigned to a board no one reads? Doesn't make sense to me.
  5. Can we put a pin in the ‘our culture can’t be too bad - we only lost by 9 points total in finals’? Its as stupid and irrelevant as those that equate giving away 50s and frees to having a bad culture. We have some challenges to overcome amongst the expectations on and of our playing group. And we are also a very talented list that had no effing idea how to deliver to the advantage of those ahead of them.
  6. He hopes. He hopes that they are all those describing words - pre-season just started.
  7. If we miss the 8, I will bite the bullet and teach everyone on here how to correctly use an ellipsis… 7 dots?! That ain’t it.
  8. Yes, as Shakespeare said ‘it’s better to have loved and lost, and then get the bag [censored]! PEACE’ They just don’t write like that anymore…
  9. The latest in ‘Things that didn’t happen’… Honestly, there is plenty evidence that we need to evolve - no one needs to make up [censored] like that.
  10. You didn’t, save for the fact that you have. #tensioncrisisondemonland
  11. Thanks @Axis of Bob. We all have our hobbies hey
  12. So we spun Jackson and our own first and second round picks into Jefferson, Windsor and Tholstrup. Time will tell whether Jackson, ND14 and ND35 was worth those three but from where we were - to get a top 7 pick and an obvious Taylor target in KT we can uncoil at least. Will bump the thread in 2028.
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