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  1. Your creating a straw man argument there with the ‘bring the ball to ground’ being his only measure that you see some of us have on him. You are arguing that he will surely be dropped if he doesn’t perform while also agreeing that we just don’t have that many options even if he doesn’t. I don’t think he is playing especially well but I also don’t see him getting dropped IF he can continue to be a cog in us getting the ball down the field and getting enough scoring shots. And, as others have said, if he was not contributing, Sam W wouldn’t be playing Casey this weekend.
  2. He doesn’t need to ‘fire’ - he needs to play his role. No one else can with TMac out. That is his starting expectation and pass mark.
  3. Like this. Adapting the forward line to what can work in the absence of TMac. And a show of faith in Bedford.
  4. Love how the cats “haven’t used the ‘illness’ as an excuse” while using it as an excuse. They deserve to have a long losing run against us.
  5. The forward line is not a problem. Move along. Nothing to see here.
  6. Yes, yes, it’s interrelated but it’s not going to be ameliorated by having more energy on game day. It’s just not so black and white to lay the blame of the lack of forward connection on fatigue. And this is something considering it is me; but it is the height of arrogance to think it is just going to happen. We blaze away, we are leading to the same spots, we don’t make the most of space in the forward line, and we really have struggled on slow plays to move the ball without a dump kick being the best bet. My hope is that our pressure game continues to recover and get back to where it will need to be for this forward line to compete for a flag, because we won’t be snagging goals here and there like a Carlton, Geelong, or Lions. Our attack is dependent on our defence.
  7. Just listened to the podcast. On the topic of why loading doesn’t get more play in the media - clubs downplay the impact of training loads on performance and they aren’t exactly well known lest your opponent have an informational advantage. And can we have rule we stop talking about it after say Round 16? All teams expecting/preparing to play in a prelim are doing it. Don’t let it be a red herring for BL’s carelessness with footy, Freos inability to stop the transition from defence, or our lack of connection up forward.
  8. The stories I will tell about that game: Grandad, why is there no one at the game? ‘Well, Pfizer, it’s because the whole town of Geelong were locked out of events because they were a feral people. Terrible body odour and behaviour to match.’
  9. Let’s game this out; Petty moves forward for Brown. Tomlinson comes into backline. The midfield and half forwards continue to dump kicks in as the retooled forward line attempts to gel enough to lead into space and not each other. Meanwhile the backline is weakened somewhat without Petty. I am fine if we want to turn Perty into a TMac like swing man but he will need a preseason to give him a chance to succeed. I think the better option is to put it on the forward line to find form. Brown and Fritsch can do it in big games - I have literally seen it. Gawn is getting better as a forward and will create space for others but all this relies on two things; 1. Front half turnovers - give our forwards what they had last year. 2. Better decisions with ball into forward line.
  10. How are they comparable? I see the allure of a Walker. But the intangibles really worry me within what this team has built. Do we ask the leaders to manage another DH? Honestly, ask me again in 3 months after watching this forward line…
  11. Oh Max is playing? 30+ points better than them…
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