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  1. It’s a great platform and wholly enjoyable to witness. Best win was Lions and Tigers with Dogs and Cats wins just behind them. I think we will need to go 6 and 3 at least to get a home final in the first week. As we have seen anyone can beat anyone; but GWS, Haw, Adel, and GC should be Ws if we bring our effort. Ess, PA, WB, WCE, and Geel we will need to bring our effort and execution to win but we can most definitely win a share of those. We should start to build into some form and it starts with Essendon.
  2. The Pod Bros on the Deebrief have been low on BBB and demanded Weed and now that Weed is not in form, they argue to not have a second tall at all! It’s laughable, they say ‘BB is not the answer’ based on nothing but their own biases and medical opinion. I really don’t think we can go anywhere in September with Fritsch as the second tall. Teams plan for him and run off him as if he were a cumbersome 6’6 yet if he were to be targeted like he was 6’6 in a final - we would be cooked.
  3. Make selection about list management strategy at your peril. This is not a rebuttal to your point but ‘selection integrity’ will be important in the next few years as we have a team that should be in the 8 at all stages and I am certain that W is playing as a way of convincing him to stay by saying - we have a spot for you and we rate you. I think it becomes untenable with another few weeks of him playing like this.
  4. Huh? He is the troll, and if he isn’t a troll - he uses troll like tactics. And I wasn’t referring to one poster reacting to him.
  5. I honestly don’t know why more don’t ignore this Dr.D. There is no desire for decent conversation - it is simply to get a rise out of you. You are spending your precious time talking about the Dees in an 11-2 year conversing with a troll. You may as well argue with a bot on Twitter.
  6. I was there; early in the game ANB got a great hit up from Petracca and turned to see W hovering behind Moore with Darcy basically saying ‘this will be a 50/50 with me in a bad spot’ and ANB said ‘yeah, nah’ but you know what was most damning? Sam never demanded the footy and didn’t want the 50/50. He didn’t want it quick and early. You can’t think like that. You have to think that I am going to even this contest and bring it down 25 out for Pickett and Spargo. There were a few other frustrating moments but the team was down across the board so I assume the team is ready for a break.
  7. I know this is simplistic but you would have a player on the list until at least 2024 based on a handful of games 7 seasons prior?
  8. Whether we place top 2 is entirely up to us so that isn’t a thing I care about. However, the cats didn’t move this from Geelong even though they would get a crowd in a different state. So for the good of the game I hope the Dogs win.
  9. It’s intimated - why such belief in Weideman? And there are many posters with that belief in W that reject Brown’s recent past.
  10. Brown can come in off training form, the fact there is no VFL is not an excuse for not picking players to come in. That’s really ridiculous if you take that to the logical conclusion that no one can get a call up without first playing VFL. I wouldn’t hesitate. And the way some Dees fans waive away Brown’s recent history in the Coleman race and yet call back to one game of Weideman three years ago is cognitive dissonance of the highest calibre - you have to try hard to be so obtuse…
  11. It’s obvious the FD rate him and I can see what they see but you can’t be so bereft of confidence that you go into your shell for a month. He was backed in by the MC and Goodwin and he couldn’t get there. I remember seeing him bashful and embarrassed after the Bulldogs win and I thought to myself - ‘really? You are upset with your own performance after that win? You can’t get out of your head for 5 mins and enjoy a great team win?’ He didn’t lose me after that because I think anyone can turn it around but he has a long way to go and it may be best for all parties if we move on. We h
  12. https://demonland.com/forums/topic/50284-postgame-rd-10-vs-adelaide/
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