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Ten Things I Learned From the B&F 2017
Ten things from the I noticed from the 2017 Best and Fairest ...

1. Clarry is a star. Wins B&F in a landslide. He will only get better. Speech was raw but effective. 

2. Viney is loved by the coaches. Not at his best but his heart is huge. His raw determination and ability to play injured obviously got him votes. A true leader and I can see premiership drives this young man. 

3. Jack Trengove. A champion. A champion bloke. Sadly cruelled by injury. Very popular and all class. Overcome with emotions.  He will be missed. 

4. Close outcome from second to sixth. I thought Hibberd would be runner up but he was very unlucky as it was a handful of votes behind Jones, Lewis & Jetta. Surprised to see Lewis in 3rd but his value is more than just stats. 

5. Daisy Pearce is an absolute star. Hope the AFL and MFC appreciate her for what change she is leading and delivering.  We are lucky to have her in red and blue. 

6. Nathan Jones. Great speech. Brief ? Perhaps not but very very effective. Gotta love him. 

7. The coaching rhetoric of culture and standards. Clearly a message to all and what Goodwin demands. Not since Mark Neeld have we had such military style direction at the B&F. I think we are heading up unlike what Neeld created. 

8. Nev Jetta. What a player!! One of my favourites. Rarely rarely beaten one on one. Won us the game v Carlton.  Considering he was delisted then rookied, it is a great story. Great reward and well done.

9. Jack Watts is hugely popular amongst the supporters and players. It will be a sad day to see him in opposition colours. 

10. The disappointment of missing finals will hurt. It should. Jonesy’s speech showed how much it hurt. I felt a sense of ‘Bring it on in 2018’. Unleash hell !!! Go Demons
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