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  1. Backs well and truly against the wall. It will be one of the great triumphs of modern times if we salute in 24.
  2. Like the cut of Verrall's jib. Another talented SA boy.
  3. I liked the look of Verrall, another promising South Aussie product.
  4. We would want to get off to a good start to the year, that is all I'm going to say. # F M D
  5. We would want to get off to a good start to the year, that is all I'm going to say. # F M D
  6. The dream team for me would be Trac deep with Kozzie floating off the (striker) in Trac. Our own Batman and Robin combo. Trac's body use is second to none he would destroy teams but he obviously wants his midfield minutes. I would use this in a final if everyone was healthy and we could allow this to happen. This is what gets us back to the promise land i reckon. Don't see it happening unfortunately with team balance, Goody's preference.
  7. Kozzie in rotation with Tracc would be awesome, if the full compliment is on board Viney, Clarry, Gus and Sparrow.
  8. I'd like to see how a Collingwood, Carlton or Brisbane would go for that matter, if a Curnow, Mihocek or Daniher we out of their finals campaign. Add in one of their key midfielders getting knocked out 3 minutes into the 1st quarter in a Qualifying final. We are not far away at all my fellow Demonlanders. It's one scratch match hit out FFS. We beat ourselves last year, even with talent absent and Clarry and Fritta not 100%. Lady Luck shining down on us wouldn't go astray.
  9. Was very impressed by Kynan Brown, Caleb Windsor, Billo, Kozzie could be anything and Jack with his neat disposal by foot through the middle. Lots to work on and spots up for grabs especially in the forward half.
  10. What i took out of the hitout is that we were trying to take it on risky kicks inside which we normally wouldn't do from previous years. Which is better a more attacking approach as it opens up our scoring opportunities, better than the long up the line near the boundary. But as you know if you don't hit those kicks you'll get done going the other way. It was a typical scratchy not much pressure and we didn't apply our half ground press at all.
  11. This time last year we were smashing teams, flying out of the gate like a bull to a red rag. Lets see if a change in approach yields different results later on in the year. Youngsters show alot of promise great hit out, no injuries, Premiership aren't won in February.
  12. You didn't miss footy at all WCW? 😂 Great work.👍
  13. Never gets old that win, not in the slightest an upset, just a gutsy comeback win by the lads.
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