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  1. This is where Geelong will come unstuck coming into Finals with a soft underbelly.
  2. It really doesn't matter they are playing St.Kilda next week they will belt them. If we want to stay in Melb we have to belt Bris by about 10 goals.
  3. Get them out of Victoria and the bubble bursts, suck CFC.
  4. There is a reason why its not an official stat. Riots in the stands imagine that stat coming up on the scoreboard.
  5. They had a player that should have been know where near the field of play.
  6. Everyone plays out of their skin against us. These f'wits were playing for there lives, they haven't played like that all season. Bunch of crooked, corrupt and arrogant tossers.
  7. Melk and Petty take a bow. Don't look at how Geelong are playing they are going in with soft lead up games into September. Massive character tonight.
  8. Everyone loves playing their best footy against us don't they?
  9. [censored] we miss TMac. We are too easy to defended against without another key forward, out numbered always at marking contests inside F50.
  10. Saints supporters won't like me saying this but they are going to have to considered a complete rebuild of their list. The way they have put it together is completely lopsided in favour of mature recruits not through the draft, this way has never worked previously. A complete waste of 5 years this will be, all this and their ever expanding debt, a club stuck in the wilderness.
  11. Nice little top up of the super one feels. Norf won't be contending for a while so I'm ok with it. Not particularly fond of Norf but I'm sure Todd will do a nice job.
  12. They stepped in with the Green bump on the ump decision.
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