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  1. Of all the goals in the 2nd half, Gus’s passion and reaction pumped me up the most. When Clarrie kicked that goal I knew we were home (and so did he). Loved how they engaged with the fans in the left pocket. They were telling us to come with them ❤️
  2. I’ve never felt so content with life. I pity those who think that its just a game. No……………..it’s the only game, and we are the reigning premiers! The champions until champions no more. p.s - [censored] i love the current video of the week
  3. The MFC would not be in the position it is today, without Nev. He played a huge part in forging the culture we currently have.
  4. Nev 2.0, was 10 times the player of Nev prior to his delisting/re-rookie-Ing. An absolute testament to his will and determination. In his prime, Nev was arguably one of our greatest ever small backs. Enjoy retirement you champion.
  5. Honestly who cares. MaCrae can have the GA Medal. Trac will just have to be content with a Premiership and Norm Smith Medal. No doubt Christian is shattered 😄
  6. I believe the only ones to have gone close was us against the cats in the PF. We kicked 3 in quick succession during the third of that game as well.
  7. Not going to be coming down from this high for a long time. The moment that final siren went, it felt as if a huge weight had been lifted. Funny, even after being in lockdown for so long, i've never felt so free.
  8. This is the photo i have always dreamed of, just never knew who would be holding up the cup.
  9. I wouldn’t say complete, but I can now at least die happy knowing I’ve seen a Dees flag.
  10. Haven’t taken the foot off, Dogs just changed to all out attack and put our backs under tons of pressure. May is fumbly and obviously not 100%, but that’s the risk you take playing injured players in a GF. This has virtually made Petty our #1 defender as May is limited (and he’s not coping). Forward line……………….Kossie, ANB, Spargo need to get to the fall of the ball, all MIA. TMAC WTF, you know it’s a GF, yeah? BB needs quick delivery. And our mids got well beaten. Get the clearance. Who is going with Bont when in F50, surely not Jack, he’s 20cm smaller. And who is meant to be on Daniel? Man him up, this should’ve been done right from the start. Surely we have a plan for fast ball movement. Time to lift.
  11. If we do go all the way (touchwood), I’ll be buying memorabilia out of my wazoo, with lots of $$$ going to the club.
  12. I’m nervous as hell because it’s out of my control. I’ve always held the attitude that if I was in any big game I’d use confidence as my energy, as opposed to nervous energy. Go out there and pull the trigger, cos even if you [censored] up you had taken the game on and not left with any what if questions. If you lose, you’d do so not playing within yourself (like Port in the PF). That way you can come off at the end of the game with no regrets and knowing you gave it your all and left nothing in the tank. And what will be will be. Play like DEMONS. Nervous as [censored], but I’ve been dreaming of getting back to this day since 2000. 21 years is a long time, 57………………well. Time to reset the clock back to 0.
  13. We finally arrive to the biggest day for our club in 57 years. Immortality awaits our Demons. Take it with both hands Dees, leave no doubt. 🏆
  14. I'm a bit of a teetotaler as well @faultydet, but if our boys get up i'll definitely be having a celebratory beer with my old man.
  15. The moment Max even looks like remonstrating it will be #freekickbulldogs
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