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  1. Concur with everything above. Really did notice the noise of affirmation from our supporters on the tv. Fantastic stuff 👍❤️
  2. Agree. He played a good 5 minutes (which of course will be forever apppreciated). Id argue that Gus was our best player during the 2nd & 3rd quarters. He was immense those 2 quarters, never dropped his head.
  3. Petty is a more than capable defender, and with the likes of May and Lever, they form a very good defensive unit. Look what happened when Trac played more minutes forward, it freed him up and he broke the shackles. The same would happen with Gawn. Play Jacko #1 ruck for a while (if he kills it, it will only drive his trade price up if he goes), plus Gawn as relieving ruck is a daunting prospect, and would take heat off Brown in the forward line. Petty stays back
  4. Let’s worry about 2023 at the conclusion of 2022. We’ve got a premiership to defend after all.
  5. Would have to throw in Sean Darcy as steak knives as well 👍
  6. If Max spends more time up forward, he’ll have fewer defenders to deal with.
  7. Has to be a Dees supporter, smoking nearly as much as we are 😁. He’s not wrong though.
  8. Reminds a bit like Nate Jones early in his career, where if he had a clear path forwards he was much more damaging. Wouldnt mind seeing Gawn and Trac spend more time forward, with Dogga and Sparrow spending more time in the middle. Would definitely go a long way to fixing our forward issues.
  9. Like Imagining Max as the second ruckman. Like him even more as a KPF. Will prolong his career and would improve our forward line considerably
  10. He needs a clear run and jump at the ball. The slightest body contact throws him off…………….but he is the best KPF we have at the moment.
  11. The other, Donlon, has umpired over 300 games. Yet his last grand final was back in 2011, there’s a good reason why that is.
  12. They don’t deserve top dollar with those efforts. First they need to be made accountable for their performances, then comes the pay rise if they deserve them (by the looks of it, they seem to have already pocketed some extra cash from the filth and SA filth on tonight’s performances)
  13. How do you split BOG between a bloke with 33 possessions + 3 goals, or the other with 36 + 13 tackles?
  14. For a guy with the body size that he has, he sure doesn’t use it. Kosi is more of a physical presence than Weid. If no one else will say it, I will - Weideman is a soft footballer. He is definitely one pick that JT did not get right (thankfully he has nailed pretty much every other high pick)
  15. Boys will need to renew their tetanus shots when they arrive home
  16. Will get cited by Christian, his abs clearly charged at the Croms fist
  17. I’d rather save for a hitman. Take ‘em all out and get a decent discount surely. They say without umpires there’d be no game. I say it would be no worse off.
  18. We should be used to it by now. Better not ask HQ for clarification, I’d fear a $50k fine
  19. A goal to us? How did the umps let that happen?
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