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  1. That dividend was paid in full on September 25th 2021
  2. On the contrary @Whispering_Jack. This presents as a fantastic opportunity to vastly improve the facilities at Elsternwick that would benefit many in the community, not just the MFC
  3. Too far from the G for this board
  4. It had to be either a handball or HTB for incorrect disposal. The umpire adjudicated ‘play on’, so by the letter of the law it was deemed a disposal by the umpire………as such Trac was robbed.
  5. Surely that’s affirming that we just aced the draft. Knigtmare hasn’t a [censored] clue!!!
  6. Adams reminds me more of May than Lever. Must be the left foot.
  7. if JVR and Jefferson don’t combine for 100+ goals next year
  8. Not so sure, could fly away in a stiff breeze
  9. Best pic was seeing TMAC running with footy boots on
  10. Get in quick if you want a nice piece of AFLW Premiership memorabilia. Only 100 available @ $395 officialmemorabilia.com.au
  11. And it will go every bit as long, Fox and the AFL will see to that
  12. Excellent, our training facility is finally being built!
  13. Yeah, but none of them are in the top 10 it seems
  14. Well we’ll need to find someone to replace Hibbo at the end of next year
  15. Would love for the club to release some premiership merchandise and memorabilia like the pay did last year. A Royal Selangor AFLW Premiership Cup would go very nicely with my 2021 one
  16. AFL HQ: “if Melbourne win, get the celebrations over quick. This is meant to be Brisbanes time”.
  17. I know if vote for em if they committed money to the building of a home base.
  18. Daicos did more in his first half of AFL footy than Toumpas did his whole career. No dig at Toumpas, some just aren’t made for AFL. Daicos is.
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