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  1. I was more referring to Ben Brown having to play the role of a pack horse in the absence of T Mac. Ben Brown's strength is marking on the lead, but he wasn't allowed that luxury. Fritta is able to kick goals in a variety of ways. I'm not expecting Jefferson to play in a similar manner to Fritta. But I can see JVR being capable of scoring in different ways. As others have said, Jefferson looks like a project player.
  2. Cadman is at GWS. But if we continue with our game style of kicking it into the forward pocket on top of our key forwards head, then Jefferson will find it tough. There is no evidence of our superior mids giving our key forwards silver service. In fact Nick Larkey at North had it easier than our key forwards.
  3. Thanks Ben for all your hard work. The amount of content that you provided for both the men's and women's team was incredible.
  4. How did you find out about the "secret shows"? I walk past The Croc on my way to work, and always check to see who's playing. I was so [censored] off when I saw YouTube clips of their gig. Personally, I'd rather see them at a smaller venue than at a festival, but being able to see The Cosmic Psychos as well will make it worth while. I'm jealous that you're going to see Nick Cave. Does it include all the Bad Seeds, or just Nick and Warren Ellis?
  5. If you watch the replay, I think the ball would have ended up stopping 2 metres from the goal line. Regardless, it was poor by Ch 7 not to show it. Fantastic effort by all the girls, but our primary mids in Hanks, Purcell and West were incredible. After watching all the postgame speeches and interviews, the Lions AFLW team are now my most hated. The captain obviously had a winning speech prepared, and thought she may as well use it. The BOG winner of a losing team shouldn't be giving a speech. But Starcevich takes the cake in his postgame presser. He talked about how good the pregame entertainment was, even though he couldn't get to see it. Then said that it was probably better than the game at times. He wouldn't have said that if they won. He came across as a sore loser.
  6. Is the Coaches Award any different?
  7. So now you know how the rest of us feel when we received the Deemocracy email and mail. If you received an email from NT Tourism, then I'm assuming all members will receive it. How do you know the club supplied it? We do receive Spam emails based on Google searches.
  8. You and others still haven't answered the question. Why did he feel the need to access other members private details rather than convey his message through other means? I'm more wary of such an individual than the current board, who were democratically elected.
  9. I don't, because I'm not part of the Peter Lawrence cult. So once he had the addresses, did he not think that it's intrusive to utilise them? As others have said, he could have conveyed his message through other means.
  10. Did Peter Lawrence ever consider that the other 66,000 members didn't want their address and email address disclosed? I can assure you that the board would have felt a greater backlash if they did as Peter Lawrence requested without a court challenge.
  11. In your opinion. Should the club have also communicated his points that were non-related to the constitutional change? No organisation on this planet would bow down to an aggrieved member, and do as you say.
  12. I have little to no time for politics in sporting organizations. Because 99% of the time it's ego driven, rather than what's best for the club. I only started reading this thread last week, and read about the court case. The only reason I chose to vote was because Deemocracy had the temerity to seek access to my personal details. I actual thought that the Deemocracy correspondence came from the club. The email went to Spam, and the mail went straight into the recycle bin. I didn't read either. Deemocracy's court challenge also wasted the club's money in fighting the case. How can anyone think that they have the club's interests at heart? I'm sure I'm like 90% of supporters and ignored any correspondence they received, hence the low voting numbers.
  13. Spargo's "football smarts" are overrated. Sure, he can hit up a target from 30m, but his lack of football smarts means he can't find his own ball. In a team where our key forwards are instructed to bring the ball to ground if they can't mark it, Spargo's return of 10 goals is poor for a player that should be a crumbing forward. It would be disappointing if the likes of Chandler, Laurie and AMW weren't given the same opportunities that Spargo has had. Whilst I wasn't a huge Bedford fan, I could see that he had upside, but he's left for more opportunities. I fear that the other 3 could do the same if Spargo continues to get gifted games despite mediocre performances.
  14. That's a much younger me talking to Strawbs O'Dwyer on the ground at the end of the game. Not many Demonlanders can say that they've witnessed Melbourne winning a World Cup.
  15. Undoubtedly Demonstone's hardest challenge. My brain is scrambled.
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