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  1. I don't live near Caulfield, but I couldn't care less how inconvenient Caulfield is for some supporters. Players will never outwardly complain about driving 1-2 hours to Casey to train, but inwardly most would hate it. By choice, I've spent the past 20 years working within a 30 minute walk from home. And I've prepared to sacrifice money to do so. Having a home base within a short distance of the CBD will be a great selling point when trying to attract players, or even player retention. Get it done.
  2. Gold Coast and GWS don't have access to Father/Son picks like every other club. Given the number of players that these clubs seem to lose due to the "go home" factor, I have no issue with the academy picks.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but we traded out pick 42 which was a live pick. Maybe someone is getting upgraded from our rookie list.
  4. It would be hard to compare with so many AFL affiliated clubs in the VFL, and only 2 in the WAFL. The AFL affiliated clubs in the WAFL don't dominate, and the Eagles 2s didn't win a game this year. At VFL level, non-affiliated clubs like Werribee and Williamstown performed well this year.
  5. The same thing was said about Grundy. Every list spot is valuable, and we already have a bunch of experienced players who'll struggle to be best 22. Billings hasn't played well for 2 years. What makes you think he'll return to his best?
  6. Thought exactly the same thing. Both hold the ball well in front of them when handballing with their left. And both seem to glide across the ground.
  7. McAdam is a legitimate goal kicker with X factor. Billings recruitment is a headscratcher. Both are 28yo, so we still need to look to the future.
  8. Got an opinion from a mate involved with West Perth coaching dept. Said he's a very good player and compares him to Daniel Rich.
  9. Didn't make the trip to Melbourne for the draft because he wanted to spend it with his family. Flight risk. 😁
  10. How do we get WCE's future 1st?
  11. Only heard a snippet on Twitter in respect of visit to WA to meet Tholstrup. JT said that he's got 15 potential players at pick 11, and Tholstrup was the only one whose parents he hadn't met. He said it's important to meet at least one of the parents of potential draftees, and it was just circumstances that his visit to meet Tholstrup's parents was so recent. My take is that Tholstrup is not a lock to be taken if available at pick 11.
  12. Hopefully Harry Petty bucks that trend. With the Dees and not the Crows of course.
  13. That's fine. Then use the list spot on addressing a need, such as a mature aged ruckman.
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