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  1. For future reference. When Goody says this about Weid, "we're happy with how he's developing", it's code for "he's shown nothing at AFL level, and will be playing at Casey in the foreseeable future".
  2. Ideally we'd love to have the same structure as our Premiership team, but Weid hasn't shown he can play the T Mac role. So the selection panel need to decide whether Bedford offers more than Weid, regardless of structure. Against the Cats they'll go with Bedford IMO.
  3. Disagree. The journo talked about Weid's game last week in gushing terms. Goody just said that they are happy with Weid's development. I guess we'll see who's right.
  4. Reading between the lines, Weid will be omitted.
  5. Rosman has all the physical tools to be a good intercepting backman, but lacks the most important thing which is footy IQ. He doesn't read the play well enough and gets caught out of position. Do we persevere with him in that role at Casey when we have 4 KPBs who do read the play well in May, Petty, Lever and Turner? He started out on the wing but didn't get enough of it due once again to his footy IQ. He's 50/50 keep or delist.
  6. If you asked me 3 months ago, I'd be all in for Amon. But JJ's form stacks up against Amon. JJ averages only 1.5 possies less per game but has kicked more goals. I'd much rather keep Gus than pursue Amon.
  7. I go into a game thinking we will win if the following occurs: Key forwards: B.Brown, Fritta, T. Mac 6 goals Small Forwards: Kossie, Spargo, ANB 4 goals Rucks: Gawn, Jackson 2 Mids/Half Fwds 3 Our structure has changed with Bedford replacing T Mac, so split will change. But I can't see us losing many games kicking 15 goals. I don't care who kicks the goals so long as we get a contribution from each group.
  8. Stewie Dew clearly didn't worry about his diet like a professional sportsman should. Whilst you may not forgive Tex for his prior indiscretions, maybe the Melbourne players don't see themselves as perfect, and are more forgiving.
  9. If it's any consolation, one of Luke's closest mates Luke Travers was drafted into the NBA last week. So he won't be seeing much of him should he want to return to Perth.
  10. Fail to see why he'd be a culture killer. The Hawks recruited a 20kg overweight Stewie Dew, and he was largely responsible for winning them a flag.
  11. mo64

    Ben Brown

    If there was a midseason trade period, I'd get Tex in a heartbeat. But looking forward, I really want to see JVR in that role asap. As for the supposed no [censored] policy, we currently have a player who's twice been clocked by a teammate. TeX has served his punishment, and I'm sure the Dees players would be accepting, unless they are all Cancel Culturists.
  12. The West End supporters were satisfied with the umps. VB supporters not so much.
  13. Not sure why some people are bringing Ben Brown's form into the discussion. Weid hasn't shown he can play BBBs role when given opportunities. I have more confidence in BBB turning his form around than Weid playing as a KPF. Same thing applied when T Mac was struggling. Weid was an inadequate replacement, and T Mac came good.
  14. I'm led to believe that he'll be billeted by a host family by the name of Lever.
  15. Mitch Brown has been selected as Jackson's replacement. That's who should have been playing 2nd ruck at Casey last week.
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