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  1. It's all of the above. And that's why most on here were sadly mistaken when they said that we'd be unstoppable with a Gawn/Grundy ruck combination. Losing hit-outs are the easiest thing for an opposition coach to neutralise. Too many people got caught up with last week's game, in particular Gawn/Grundy. That reality was that Bevo did nothing to counteract Gawn's dominance over English, and nullify our mids. English broke even with Grundy. If Max is out long term, our coaching dept have a lot of work to do. Grundy can't play Max' role because he's useless as a contested mark. I honestly don't see what the answer is.
  2. And I'm sure the feeling's mutual. All 4 played in the final that we lost badly. I can't stand arrogant supporters especially after we were putrid for most of the game.
  3. You really think that the Lions coaching dept will be in a mad panic when they see Tomlinson run out instead of May? Every coach will tell you that late changes have zero impact on the opposition's game plan.
  4. People seem to forget that the Lions pantsed us in a final last year. They've added Dunkley and Ashcroft. Week 1 results often throw up odd results. I expect Lions to bounce back big-time. I expect us to win but it's 50/50. It's strange that nobody is mentioning how big a loss Kozzie is.
  5. Ditto. But back to the OP, we didn't swap Watts for Fritta. Every other club had the opportunity to draft Fritta before our pick. We obviously had some inside knowledge.
  6. It would be a huge mistake to move Gus back into the midfield, and bring in Salem. Gus is essential in our backline. Unless Bowey, Rivers or McVee drop in form, Salem needs to bide his time in the VFL.
  7. Why not just play Petty up forward if that's the case? At least he has recent form as a forward. Personally, I'd rather play JVR as a forward than Tomlinson.
  8. I'm in the rather exclusive Bailey Laurie fan club. I thinks he's got some football smarts and is handy around goal. Hope the kid does well, but I think he may be a sub.
  9. Well they can point the finger at the Cripps decision being overturned on legal grounds, if they want to prove negligence. And the Cotchin decision also proves that the AFL fall short when it comes to duty of care. I'm staggered that the AFL haven't overturned more MRP and Tribunal decisions. Maybe this is a wake up call.
  10. Have they checked behind the grassy knoll? I believe Picket Fence was seen lurking around there.
  11. This is awesome @WheeloRatings. I'm wondering if it could be pinned up the top because it's a fantastic reference.
  12. I had some inside knowledge.😁
  13. St. Bernard of Clairveaux is the patron saint of beekeepers and candles. 😁
  14. I'm assuming they're referring to Tom Morris the golfer, who won 4 British Opens. But at the age of 172, I think he's a bit old to be making a comeback.
  15. Congrats to @Mazer Rackham who takes bronze. The connection for all these players is that they attended St. Bernard's College West Essendon. Some players like James Cook and Daniel Cross came to the school after being recruited by their AFL club.
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