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  1. The Fox Footy website: "Charlie Sparrow would be unlucky to go out of the side". Coaches have got a tough call to make, but I tend to agree. Spargs is pretty short so maybe we can get away with an extra player this week by having him sit on Tom Sparrow's shoulders?
  2. I can't help but think this is a bad idea, and honestly if we did get accused of resting players and then lose that week, David King is exactly the kind of media person to point the finger and say we're getting arrogant. This is why you have competition for places. The team we have on the park in 10 rounds time is going to be very different to the team now (as Goody says). Maxy is probably the only one I reckon where you might if he is carrying an injury, but otherwise you just gotta put the best team out there.
  3. There's no way Spargo goes out. He didn't get a ton of ball against Richmond, but he's one of the most savvy and composed users of the ball in the forward half. Every time he gets the ball he does something good with it and often picks a short target inside 50. Massively underrated I reckon. Plus he's part of that pressuring forward unit.
  4. So proud of the team so far this season. In previous seasons we might have dropped these past two games. GWS came out of the blocks and looked like their classy best, and we managed to claw it back and overrun them. We just didn't have the resolve in previous seasons. And one of the best parts is we have different players standing up each time. T-Mac was down, Oliver got tagged out but others stood up. That's definitely the hallmark of a good team. We just look look more team oriented at the moment. Bring on the Cats!
  5. Totally agree. When the Saints started stringing a few goals together I started worrying, but we held them off multiple times and stopped the run of play. Feels pretty significant. A mature win.
  6. We got the win, but let's hope we improve from here on in. Post game summary was bang on - it was a scrappy game and if we put in those kinds of performances against top 8 teams we've got no chance. Getting smashed in the midfield is a massive concern too. As is the fact that so many times on the break we broke down via a bad decision or misplaced kick or handball.
  7. He'd the mad to nominate the Saints. They're spoilt for pacey forward types at the moment. Why not go somewhere where you'd be highly valued (aka the Dees).
  8. I totally agree. Viney looks like a player willing to fight hard for the club and plays desperate, tough footy. Can't say the same for Brayshaw. He looks like too much of a joker that's happy cruising along.
  9. Gees Jackson is exciting. Some of the things he did tonight - diving for a half volley and then fishing a handball out, jumping at marks, and then when he carried the ball forward and spotted up a lead in the fwd line. Seriously when's the last time you saw a ruckman do that in his 5th game of AFL! Amazing.
  10. You could see Angus' confidence building as the game went on. First half he looked like a guy afraid of making a mistake, compared to the second half where he looked more like the Angus of old. Hopefully the whole team can build some form the next few games.
  11. I'm not sure if anyone feels the same way but I think one of the scary things for me has been how much influence Garry Lyon and others in the media had on the way we played when they called out our frantic play on style a few weeks back. We went from that to suddenly slowing the play down and playing on less. On one hand it's nice that Goody and co were able to take note and implement changes, but honestly how were they not already aware of that? Why did it take the media pointing it out for things to change? I don't buy the fact that it's just a coincidence either. Goody even acknowledged it on SEN after the Hawks win while chatting to Watson and Lyon. And they chatted about it during On the Couch. It's a real worry I reckon.
  12. I'm so excited about picking this kid up. He's going to terrify opposition defenders. I reckon the comparisons to Cyril are bang on.
  13. I don't think any organisation is immune honestly. We've only just come good after the work done by Jackson, Roos etc so I think it's just a case of being fresh in the mind where we've come from. I think you're right though in that we have good leaders so hopefully it works out well and we can turn this into a real coup.
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