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  1. Ah, I ALWAYS bring this up whenever I see Bradman discussed as GOAT BUT, he never ever played on the subcontinent, India, Pakistan, Sri, Lanka and from my point of view the jury will always be out based on this.
  2. Can I open the bowling and just say, has there ever been such a meteoric rise and richly deserved 100 games ever in MFC History?? What a Brilliant inside modern day Midfielder we have. Dual B&F, All Australian and we hope a Demon for ever more. Congratulations Young man Cheers and best of luck P.F
  3. Well IMO he is a fantastic player, but not yet near Neeta, The Ox, Gaddy Lyon, Stynes, even guys like Gary Hardeman, Stan Alves, Greg Wells, Ivor Warne Smith was, by all accounts a champion, then look at the Great Melbourne teams of the 50s and 60s even the Golden ages of the late 30s and 40s. He may get to top 5 at end of career but I doubt he would overtake Flower or Barassi !!
  4. NO WAY does he come anywhere near ROBERT FLOWER ...... Daylight BARRASI More daylight then some arguement Max around best 20 or so
  5. We still bomb,bomb,bomb into the forwardline indiscriminately!
  6. And if he is not then thats a MASSIVE FAILURE even by MFC standards. What do you base this statement on???
  7. Unquestionably our best player. Max, May,next in line! I'll leave it at that!
  8. FFS Clayton Oliver has been our BEST player for years.He has performed BEYOND standatd. Lets put pressure on those that have underperformed for years!! With more instinctive and creative champs like Clarry we would be well in the frame
  9. No not saying that at all ! Remember the Baby Bombers? Play em and blood them NOW No rebuild or remake or anything !! Time is NOW
  10. Well Ok ... Lets see how it pans out but, based on my observations, footy playing and coaching experience lets see how he goes for the year! Forget practice matches, I want to see if he has improved over the season. If he has.... I'll eat "Humble Pie" If not.. well, you know the rest! Cant get fairer than that! In my next training report, I will focus on him and report OK??
  11. Hunt offers a gazillion times more than Spargo surely!??
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