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  1. Big problem is, Gus Brayshaw aint Robby Flower's bootlace as a winger. If he stays he needs to spend time in midfield!
  2. Paul is a HUGE demons man and is loving what we are producing at present!
  3. Well now Dazzle if u can say it I can as well, I thought Spargo was instrumental in our win tonight!🤩
  4. Wow if wet conditions don't suit Kossy then no conditions will. Should be "Small mans Paradise"!
  5. 6 5 T Mac 4 Salem 3 May 2 Harmes 1/2 SPARGO !!!! 1/2 Langdon JORDAN STIFF
  6. Melksham in our GF side?? Hnmm two presumptions which might seem speculative. OKAY but only if Melksham is BOG in the Prelim !! Assuming he lasts beyond this week!
  7. Well, I will back Demonlanders over the Selectors ANY DAY!!
  8. If 1 Quarter efforts are keeping Melksham in the side then if we advance far into finals then, we just cannot afford to play him! At any cost!
  9. What a deesgrace omitting Jones who was great last week and keeping flakey as hell Melksham in. DEESGRACE! DEEFLATED and not good enough! Also Sparrow is the future, get games into him, I like harmes BUT!
  10. Well I'll say it, His first half in his only game didn't fill me with any confidence at all. I would have played T Mac BACK and g iven Weeds a go! But what do I know??
  11. Not Happy? Im Ropeable! just when we get some synergy this comes along! Our Fringe players will be fuming!
  12. Best list in SFL, The Southern Footy League? WOW THAT IS SOME EFFORT🏉🤩😎
  13. In Weeds, Sparrow Out Tomlinson, Melksham (But I'm not confident these will be the changes) I also dont get the love for Petty, His first two quarters in his last game were heart in the mouth stuff I thought! Swing Tommy Mac back, Jones played a great game and deserves to stay. Melksham lazy and at times half hearted efforts needs to earn it back in magoos
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