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  1. Cmon Adonskiman get ur A into G
  2. The Little Red Fire Engine was Blitzkreigenly good.
  3. Thats no spoiler... would be absolutely staggering if he didnt win 1 OLIVER 2 TRACC 3 MAX
  4. Agree and do you know who I would like to be Boundary rider/Special Comments man????????? our very own NATHAN JONES!! Speaks well , knows the game and players and would provide a sense of realism and brevity, not to mention current footballing knowledge!! Plus he is GENUINE! People relate to that!
  5. You don't need to be a poet to get "Poetic Justice" Agree wholeheartedly, and he provides a really great team orientation and brevity to the playing group, where I have been told he is a very popular member. I expect him and Mitch Brown to play some games next year!
  6. Seems like I have been comprimised with draft order somewhat hnmmmmm 🤔🙄😏🤨 Team Sheet, Im a lomg way of that!!🤔
  7. So I have Jeremy Cameron,correct??
  8. Hang on hang on, I thought I have picks 30 and 31 Sku?? Go back over and check the running sheet sans Buddy offer!!🤔
  9. Another 3 then gives him 4 That to my way of thinking is enough at this stage and I stress at this stage!!
  10. Might check and see if any footage exists of him, also Ross Dillon aaannd Diamond Jim Tillbrook.Anyone know of any doing the rounds?
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