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  1. Mate I dont have to take a good hard look! ! After supporting heart and soul, and personally knowing former players, and putting my hard earned into the club over many years without success then I reckon I like many on this site are OWED BLOODY BIG TIME! But over and over and over again this club CONTINUES to tease, torture and ultimately Underachieve time and time again! You want me to take a look? Yeah well the Admin,coaches and many players who OWE us need to take a bigger more introspective look. Dont knock me for passion! If I see underachievement and pizz weak efforts then Ill call
  2. Anyone who thinks J.V Had a better season than Clayton Oliver and Ed Langdon is fantasy land stuff. Yes played some solid games but not better than these two. Congrats Tracc and Steven May !
  3. But he was Captain in one game!! SURELY whoever thinks that this is satisfactory needs a reality check
  4. I think it says more who rate him highly than any opinion I might have
  5. Viney finishing 3rd is not a good sign for MFC
  6. Viney 3rd says a lot about WHY our club is where it is! Clayton Oliver and Ed Langdon had MUCH better seasons
  7. LOL Won the Ron Barassi leadership award but was sacked as captain!! REALLY???Consolation prize stuff IMO!
  8. It all leads to the same conclusion ... GET RID OF GOODWIN and assistants!
  9. On that basis he should be an absolute Monty for selection in the 22.
  10. Friggen Wheet Bix instead of May... OUTRAGEOUS
  11. Happier to play BOTH Jackson and Brown , Brown having shown versatility in last two games.
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