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  1. Any updates on where we are playing this weekend?
  2. And if so who do you think was tasked with that?
  3. And just another reason to ask the coach why he didnt put a hard tag on Daniels at the start when it is obvious to all that he starts the ball rolling from half back.
  4. Could Nev or Jones play Spargos role? Spargos 8 or so possesions is not inspiring me one little bit!
  5. Mono I have seen him at both training and at Casey.. he is ready..🧐 PF
  6. I dont think we have cattle or steet smarts unfortunatey too many ""iffys"
  7. To answer instigating question..... coz we wont even get close to a GF 😠
  8. I'll simplify it for everyone..... we will not finish top 4 BOOKMARK IT. If u cannot beat bottom teams when u should... ur future is laid out in front of u in vivid stark reality
  9. Mate he is still finding his feet and place in the team. He will be a very astute pick up for us
  10. Well I'm calling it it will be a Geelong/ Dogs GF judging on last night and todays games😵
  11. As astute a comment as there ever was on Demonland
  12. But Spargo was not that good last night and in my opinion Bowey has more going for him Time to blood him
  13. Is it hysterical that we have lost to Adelaide GWS Collingwood Draw vs Hawks ? Really good sides crush lower sides and kick big scores. We do the exact opposite and lose. Very very worrying and problematic at the pionty end of the year. I can see us easily missing out on a top 4 chance and going out in straight sets
  14. Because its not Goodys approach, it doesnt take a Brainiac to see that unless you put a hard tag on Daniels he sets up and runs amok which he did. Bont rang rings around us last night. You know who should have been picking up Bont when he was directly involved in those last couple of goals dont you. Yep go take a look
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