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  1. Agree and we should play him Round 1 and continue to play
  2. Not if we offered him a Contract, which doesn't appear to be the case. Would much rather keep, definately!
  3. WCW, I am concerned about you being there. We might have to call the Fire Brigade to dous your flames! Maybe myself and Uncle Bitter could be called on to chaperone you to ensure some propriety!
  4. Ok i'll play and I aint been Smokin "Wacky Tabacki" either.... 1 Whatever we get for Jackson, plus 2 Tomlinson 3 Plus another this years or next round?? Whatever For NAUGHTIN = DONE DEAL
  5. Too many on this site have been smokin "Wacky Tabacki" Aaron Naughton to Dees is Alice in Wonderland stuff!
  6. Buttery flake can lodge between your teeth, causing decay and extraction. AGAIN, NO THANKS!
  7. Grundy is sooooooo Peeezed of with Maggies ... no way known he will be there 2023!
  8. Ahhhhhh.... welcome premierships 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29...... U KNOW THE REST!!!
  9. JEELONG gets pick 16 in the first round. Thats right, reigning premiers pick 16. So much for equalisation!
  10. Soft as melting butter, you obviously like flakey players!? We are talking about Hill aren't we??
  11. Why not?? Lets talk him up, I liked what I saw at Casey and at training and I firmly believe he will be the next Schwarta at the Dees
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