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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden

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  1. Well, I dont rate either of JVR or Petty that highly, so I would make JUH a massive offer he could not refuse
  2. Didn't the club extend his contract recently??
  3. Mate of mine said Shack attack went of early with what looked like a broken collarbone, but came on and was very physical which is great!
  4. Gottanutha outa left field option.... MC VEE
  5. Has anyone EVER seen Treloar defend and run the other way??? Epitome of an avalanch downhill skier!
  6. Bevo is a very overated coach! 1 extremely flukey premiership, not a great media performer either, footascray almost cooked!
  7. Ok so I look out for Groucho Marx then ?🤣
  8. Yeah well suspected as much, but unless more damage was done last night, this should have been done SOONER🤯
  9. AMW I have been impressed with but seems to be perenially injured.Jeffo does something Van Rooyen doesn't. Takes consistent One grab marks
  10. Which means Motor Bike Cameron should get 3 weeks for the sling tackle but wont even be cited🤮
  11. Another Friggen bye in this preeeck of an Amateur competition🤮
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