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  1. Second that !...WCW you are now hall of fame stuff😇
  2. I still am peeved at why the ground is ALWAYS Locked, I mean its not as if I am a threat to security, I'm happy to provide a service with a bit of humour at no cosf to Demonland tragics like myself!
  3. Could have done something and was with a medico, but looked to be running freely
  4. STAR TREK CHRONICLES SPACE, THE FINAL FRONTIER, THESE ARE THE VOYAGES OF THE STARSHIP “ENTERPRISE” IT’S FIVE-YEAR MISSION TO EXPLORE STRANGE NEW WORLDS TO SEEK OUT NEW LIFE AND NEW CIVILIZATIONS…., TO BOLDLY GO WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE! SEGWAY MUSIC! SCENE 1 Captains log 12122351 We have been requested by Starfleet command to search for and bring back deranged, megalomanic, psychopath and madman Colli Feral. He fled homeworld Klingon prime and has found a way to go back in time to wreak havoc on the planet earth in the early 21st Century with his desire for power and to create a like race of people which are despised around the cosmos. Spock: Captain, I believe I have computed Colli Ferals last known location and have situated it in a place called Lulie St. I am, however, unable to get a precise location, however a resident in another location would be receptive to our efforts to locate and apprehend him and I have the coordinates locked into computer, his name is Picket Fence! Kirk: Is there any chance that we attempt time jump that we might be trapped in a time warp that we may never return? Spock: A time warp from which we may never return. Why captain I can’t believe my ears!! Kirk: Neither can we Spock , neither can we! Scotty, prepare for the time jump! Landing party Bones, Mr. Spock, Myself and Yeoman Smith Scotty: Aye Sir but I canna guarantee the ships integrity, we will be approaching Mega Warp! Kirk on my mark Spock, 3, 2, 1 Go. Scene 2 On arrival, Kirk: we seem to have made it! Landing Party to transformer room on the Double ENERGISE ! Kirk what an inhospitable place, Spock is this it? Spock: Indeed, it is captain, captain look at this sign!! Kirk, phasers on stun, full alert, wait who is that over there Spock?? According to tricorder readings that is Picket Fence!! Picket Fence thinking What a shocking day wind up, no ground access, passed two slitheras enroute all in the name of Demonland!! Wait, who is that? Oh, hold the phone is that who I think it is!! Kirk: We mean you no halm I am……….. Picket Fence: I know who you are James Tiberious Kirk, Mr. Spock, Bones Mc Coy, Scotty and Yeoman?? Yeoman: Yeoman Smith!! Picket Fence, of course you are!! I am Picket Fence. We know who you are P.F P.F How do you know that ? Never mind Its probably in the script which I haven’t read yet! Kirk: Probably but let’s get on with it, We have been requested by Starfleet command to search for and bring back deranged, megalomanic, psychopath and madman Colli Feral. He fled homeworld Klingon prime and has found a way to go back in time to wreak havoc on the planet earth in the early 21st Century with his desire for power and to create a like race of people which are despised around the cosmos. P.F Hnmm have you a Picture? Kirk: His name is Colli Feral and he has limited teeth, speaks in Guttural Language and wears Black and White clothing often do you know him? P.F Yeah I can narrow it down to about 100,000 people like that, but I reckon I can help, but first I have to complete my training report for Demonland! Spock: ah yes we have heard something about this in Earth Archives, Mind if I observe?? Of course and you as well Captain, ow watch out a slithera is about to climb on Mr. Spocks leg! Scotty: Aye Captain that would be a trouser snake! ( stifling laughter) It attaches to your leg, That’s what we called them in Scoootland! I’ll phaser it of! Buuuuz! Mr. Spock, Mister Scott why are you laughing! Bones Mc Coy: Its humor Spock , don’t you get it? Spock: Humor is a narrative with a humorous ending, no I don’t get it! Bones: Typical Vulcan response Spock you humorless moron! P.F Ok Captain I’ll help on one condition! Kirk: And what would that be? P.F I have an acquaintance that owns a Manor with staff needing new uniforms, could I have a couple of those Yeoman outfits for his perusal? Kirk: Of course, just send the coordinates and we will beam them to him! O’k lets observe this report of Training at Casey Fields of the Melbourne Dees, Tricorders ON PICKET FENCE TRAINING REPORT CASEY FIELDS 8/12/2023 Blustery day at Casey, Ground NOT OPEN?? and the only other people I saw were one bloke on the far side and another Man and Woman also watching around the south Goals, had a small pair of Binoculars but looking through the fence was problematic. NO SHOWS Clarry, Kade Chandler, Petty, and Melky REHAB GROUP Gus, Salem, Bailey Fritsch, and later ……. Koltyn Tholstrup! A group of young players including Caleb Windsor was also on light duties. OSERVATIONS, PLAYER WATCH AND DRILLS INFORMATION Drills were nothing new and involved overlaps, weaves, clean ball handling and picking the correct options. All players looked pretty fit and a few have put on some beef. Among them were Jefferson, Sestan, Farris White, Sparrow and I really liked the look of TRENT RIVERS! After exercises stretches players were practicing goal kicking from various angles, distance and combos of set shots and on the run pivots. After that came an almost full match simulations between Red Kicking with the wind and White kicking against. Reds DOMINATED; however, it was at times difficult to differentiate as quite a few players had different numbers on for example VINES wearing no 3? As well as standing on the outside looking in this set another level of challenge! From the Match sim I have this to report! BEN BROWN will play round 1 barring injury; He looked really good unhampered and ran far and wide kicked plenty of goals and looks a new man. TRENT RIVERS Wow just watching him develop was just mind bending , he has gone to another level with fitness, confidence, poise and belief ran through midfield at times and just shrugged opponents at will. SHANE MC ADAM What an excitement machine knows where to run, almost took the hanger of the year, and kicks the ball beautifully , he will also play round one. JACK BILLINGS What an astute pick up, clever, crafty, uses the ball very well and will slot in as high half forward or maybe wing and did some very nice things. KOZZY PICKET, Did the usual Kossy things. TOM FULLARTON, doesn’t look out of place and is a presence in Ruck and forward. JOSH SCHACHE Bit of a surprise packet for me today was involved kicked a couple of goals and was good in contest. MATHEW JEFFERSON, Has definitely bulked up and did a few nice things and kicked a couple of goals as well. BAILEY LAURIE Was also quite involved in general play, but I don’t know if he just lacks something is it breakaway pace? BLAKE HOWES, Also did some good things , took the game on , his disposal was good and he looked quite confident! Other than that T Mac played back but gee he looks slow and I’m not sure where he will sit this year in selections. A few players missed REGULATION goals for example Trac from 40 out directly in from and really this again would not want to be part of our conversion going forward. Was training intensity up or down compared to what I saw last year at this time? I would have to say Slightly less intense than same time and maybe just building gradually. Skills looked sharper and there was a propensity to pick the correct option and seemed to be more creative handball. There was little evidence of Bombing into forward 50, but then again, this needs to be tested at the coalface in games to see if there has been a more systematic entry and conversions that equate to wins. Will try to watch again next week if possible. Cheers P.F
  5. I saw that bloke at Casey Fields the other day with that Green Bag wondering what he was up to🤯😵‍💫😵😱
  6. LOL Comparing Tooronga Malvern pre season to M.F.C 🤣
  7. 2 Spargo's dont make a Sparget!
  8. I wanna GUEST APPEARANCE! Maybe with WCW and Uncle Bitter. C'mon Deemonland, you know ya wanna do it!!
  9. Another Filth tragedy someone else with a Shoulder Reco.......Really very S😁rry to hear this!
  10. I am both passionate and clinically insane WCW, just ask Uncle Bitter, comes with dodging Slitheras and working out new ways to break into Alcatraz AKA Casey. Might be able to take a squizz next Friday!🪂🪂🪂🛸🚀
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