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  1. Positional settups are GARBAGE This grappling hold thing does my head in, lets try something different?? I know... what about backing the comps NO1 Ruck to win a clearance and have set plays and positioning that doesn't require GRAPPLING! This is Sheeeeeit!
  2. Plus he likes a Marlboro in his car
  3. Oh God NOOOOOOO ! I want Jeffo to get a gig or two this year but NOT with Fritta at Half back!
  4. Yep Fritsch was putrid and is a weak tackler, needs more desperation and needs a spell. BRING IN JEFFO! Time for a bold call Goody
  5. Langdon, May, Petty, Mc Vee, Billings thats it
  6. Yep agree he starts next week!
  7. Yeah I thought his best effort in a LONG while!!
  8. Ok, Ok, I know he missed a sitter from not far out and yes he had Covid last week but 14 Possesions in a side where delivery was about as good as any under 12s game in The Basin in sub zero temperatures and mud up to your knees?. Surely, he needs to play and see what he has got!?? Has shown he can take contested grabs and usually very reliable kick for goal ! Season is Shot so Simon..... Time to BLOOD JEFFO and it starts NEXT WEEK!
  9. And I reckon Uncle was very peeezed by the end of this debacle!!?😱😁🤩😎
  10. Gets game on forward pressute and not goals A complete joke
  11. This loss will come down to Goodwins stubborn REFUSAL to play a Ruckman!
  12. Yes, there will always be hiccups on the way and that miss was one such example. Missred last game with Covid, but has improved a lot this year!.Re weather, it bucketed down for much of the game Dazz!
  13. And look at the toothless ferals react 😅the brain cells of a worm between them
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