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  1. Do the Math, If Weeds improves by virtue of personal confidence and good coaching, not to mention Brown BEING by his side and kicks 30-35 goals and Brown kicks 35-40.. "Winner winner Chicken Dinner" we will be well on the way.. This also does not count the contributions of Fritscake, Kossy and others!! Happy Days!!
  2. Is a clearly in top 5 finish, EVEN BETTER top 4 with at least a Preliminary final playoff! IMV
  3. Who didn't ??? We were so underprepared and Poor, set the scene for the poor season we had!
  4. Re Mitch Brown, his first game was very average but so too were many others. His last two games were full of sparkle and polish, in particular his last game which recorded 2 Brownlow votes. I would play him any day of the week instead of Melksham who clearly was the coaches pet throughout a very disappointing 2020 and should have been dropped many times. I would not be surprised to see M Brown will feature more prominently as he is a very "Smart" footballer which is something we don't have a lot of!
  5. Clarry, Two time B & F and All Australian! Ah, what has Darcy Parish achieved???? Silence is deafening Clarry eats Parish every time. Of course though we could have got it wrong and drafted Parish instead and whilst he is a reasonably good player, I'm Happy with our excellent choice!
  6. If Spargo gets anywhere near our best 21 we will not have improved 1iota
  7. I would play Mitch Brown any day of the week in front of Melksham!!
  8. Ok I stand by my previous post, however, Oscar played 81 games more than I and did play some reasonably good games. He also played some shockers. If Melbourne are going to participate meaningfully and challenge for a flag players like Oscar cannot cut it. At the end of the day probably maximised what ability he had and 81 games is a good effort. I'll leave it at that!
  9. He displayed courage and footy smarts knowing where to go to provide options! We need Smart players and I believe he might be more than a bits part player in 2021
  10. Yeah what should have happened is Viney for a lot less than 5 Years and Jacko for 5!🤩
  11. Best 81 game player ever who really....couldn't play! End of rant!
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