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  1. Look at our draw with multiple back up games early in the season now for instance. Can't have it both ways And please 1pm Sat or Sunday are commercially and inconveniently ugly for developing Club marketing and premiership team at least should be 2 pm start. Prime time allows others to watch ( who can't go) and fills our Club with greater money to prosper as we deserve. Sat or Friday night is kid friendly as no school next day.
  2. I think you can reasonably expect the Dees Round23 game in Brisbane to be Sat night as the majority of Lions games are in the Sat time slot at night. If not Sat then might just be Friday night or if AFL are off their mind and want this game almost last on the agenda fir excitement say for top etc. then 3.20 pm Sunday. But really it's about 80% certain of aSat night fixture. Starting around 7.30pm. IMO. PS I go to lions games as a Trust member if I aren't in Melb fir Dees matches.
  3. No complaints Titan as usual has answered the question. All is fair after all.!!
  4. Bate was never considered a KP player Dunn did at least get a real career after moving to defence and Newton was entirely a David Cordner clone who could jump but actually marking was beyond him. Should have been a high jumper in training for the Olympics was Juice. Jurrah was a freak like Jakovich or as we are lucky to see play for us now Bayley Fritsch who admittedly is only a third of his career into interestingly. Their careers were cut short unfortunately but a far better goal average than any over 190/192cm forward except for ex CHB Neiter and Schwarta who still were not 199cm I would not think. As for JVR I have seen more KP football skills in his pre draft highlights and half a dozen VFL Casey games to predict that he will be our best KPForward this century by halfway through this decade. That is given an injury free run and normal luck in his development irrespective of whether he stays at 193cm or extends to 195cms high. I remember sighting a first year David Schwartz in the Reserves about after 3 games and saying to my family that he was our next CHF. On the same basis JVR shows a wide range of skills but is not as flexible and agile as Schwartz ( yet) in His style but it is a very competitive rounded marking kicking and ground play package base for which to launch a career on. I hope I can get to see him live at Casey before too long when I am down from Qld for our next AFL game either Sydney or certainly Pies.
  5. Not sure LDV whether you are being a little flippant about the Eddie / Caro argument about the advantages ( benefits) of a day or twilight Grand Final on Wed Footy Classified or are in fact very serious. To say that Caro kept interrupting is a complete distortion of the facts. As usual when Eddie gets on his high horse about a matter he totally is biased or very strong about he raises his voice and shouts above all others until they generally just give up and he gets the limelight to pronounce with arrogance his opinion. Footy Classified with Eddie as compère always has an edge and underlying tone of unless the Compere can show off his "extra knowledge" or views no One else should comment as they don't in fact know enough about the subject. Its hard going as Eddie still snidely remarks about matters of the last 40 years of his life either in journalism or as Pies President or just a supporter. He needs to completely get out of the footy scene and leave others handle it or go for the AFL Commissioners or Gils CEO job. The flashing on the screen of him in the super box boring Gill by standing over him near his face at last weeks Friday night Pies vs Dogs game is so typical of Eddie. To be honest 4 year olds have better manners than this out dated and largely now disgraced ex President who is ruining whatever legacy he left in our great game back in the old grandstands at Victoria Park or somewhere in the Holden Centre.
  6. The WCEagles are racing towards the 10 losses on the trot. Have 6 since their upset win vs Pies in Round 4.
  7. In 1993 we lost to Sydney in Sydney and the great Ron Barassi unfortunately coached the Seans and I think they broke a fairly long losing streak.
  8. Wish I could be but have to wait fir Sydney QB and Brisbane's games to travel from interstate. Can't wait.
  9. Fat Tony JVR will make a player forward or back despite his 192/3/4 cm height. He has other skills like all players and will use them plus his jump and judgement.
  10. World won't end if JVR does'nt debut till 2023. What's most important is his improving confidence and skills snd experiencing the Melbourne brand while learning his craft and adding to his very wide skill base for a young forward. Giving debuts for debuts sake was exactly the problem with Petty that day. In 2018. Even when he played Hawthorn in Round5 last year replacing Maysie he was very nervous and was dropped for Anzac round and Kangas in Hobart Round7 then when Tommo injured himself Harry was mentally and physically ready for his third coming and he hasn't looked back since. JVR is 5th in line for a tall forwaRd spot and is putting the hard yards in learning and pressuring the other 3 plus resting rucks to play to their role and standards. Our forward setup is different to Blues as we have about 8/10 players that can Bob up with multiples and another half dozen who add to the scoreboard as the match progresses. No one is irreplaceable probably only Fritsch is close to that as he is so skilled and gets goals from spots no one else can on so many occasions and against any opponents. JVR is going nicely no need to hasten at this stage he will get his chance when the right time occurs as will Laurie probably only sooner if Bedford does not take his chances when they arrive. At some stage maybe Laurie might go past Bedford but that is another tale for another time.
  11. Fat Tony Nor Viney a rest. Is running on top of the ground never been fitter and playing his best most confident and cleanest footy ever. When on a roll stick to it. Also if without Harmes why would you rest another mid who is similar ?
  12. Something about the p..s in front of the week comes to mind also.
  13. In 2020 they did not have to win 4 Finals to get Flag but after losing the Qual Final at the Gabba to Lions they then won next 3 at Metricon Adelaide Oval and then the flag at the Gabba.
  14. And to rub salt into the wound look at that thug Lynch backhand his elbow in play and it's judged as reasonable under the circumstances. 1. AFL and MRO are not serious about stray elbows in or after play until one will injure the player in the cheekbone or the eye and two/three weeks results in the outcome. It is far too selective in not adding the potential for damage clause when only relatively minor injury or concussion occurs. 2. Ryan and Lynch are not novices at all with their errant elbows snd it seems that the younger more inexperienced players are fair game the first time they transgress 3. And further to have Hardwick say that it was a normal action in play shows how he regards the head of his opponents especially with Lynch in the area. Seems obsessed that Lynch's size and height are used as a reason for everyone to singles him out. 4. Would Dees have Any chance of reducing Kades 2 match down to one under the action ( ie tackle) being normal in and not unreasonable in general play? In other words just a very strong tackle with the result as part of the inconsistency. 5. The duty of care or lack thereof is in all cases IMO usable but MRO is so selective again but should be emphasised in appeals more I believe. Lets face it elbows thrown randomly shows no care at all but an enthusiastic strong tackle like Kades along with his attempt at care in completing it once he has realised any danger is a different case again.
  15. I was pointing out the futility of debating the question just like it was when D/Lers wanted to trade Clarry and Trac. That was the mentality of the post really. A waste of time fir the reasons I gave OD. I make a habit of supporting my opinions not just making motherhood or sweeping statements without evidence.
  16. Ridiculous question not even worth debating. It's an overrated call not a real smart call at all. Just the same as during 2019 and 2020 some D/Lers we're championing at some stages to trade either Clarry ( we won't miss him !!!) or Trac ( He is not performing as the sort of player he should be !!). Two years on and a drought breaking flag and 35 and a half wins and only 7 losses from Round 8, 2020 our last 43 games and retaining our Coach (with extra support) shows you don't give up any thing that you don't need to in this brutal competition. That's over 80% win ratio and challenging our all conquering glory days teams between 1954 and 1964. So much so we are on the track and cusp of starting to challenge the feats of Smithy's Invincibles. Star quality is oozing out of every inch if Doggas DNA and fora 20 YO is playing a role far in excess of his years. Your comparison with him and Weid is exactly the reason for retaining Jacko because he is value in so many ways to our team. While I believe Sam is a much improving player still with potential and is the ideal replacement for LJ or BBB or T Mac this only goes to show how freaky drafting is in this competition. Patience and a cool head and good development in coaching are necessary qualities which we are now benefiting from not throwing our potential babies out with the bath water, because we can't sort out our payments to all our stars. Some of those D/Lers don't even post now through embarrassment and on the subject of water accused many on our list of drinking too much of our own bath water after 2018. Our success is very grounded humble and respectful and appears as sustainable as our form has over the last 2 years snd into the future. No need to panic Werridee Dogga will be and should be one of the first selected in our team for years irrespective of your "best" teams which are like mine and everyone else's only on paper up for debate.
  17. Sorry but the ladder mostly and generally about right each year. Whether 10th 15 th or 18 th you are graded for the fixture the following year on a designed program formula as much as can be incorporated with local Derby's Q clashes and showdowns as well as marquee and blockbuster games. The Finsls then sorts out the best as you can't hide any more behind you home advantage like The Cats tend to do. With the higher sides bring the home teams that rewards excellence as a rule. I don't agree that the ladder is not a true reflection. It's W and L that count and we suffered in 2019 because we didn't win enough games. There are no asterisks attached to ladders or Flag winners so the runners are grinnetd and Rups and also tans c an please themselves.
  18. Well that is fact is it? We just get rid of Chandler Weid and Brsyshaw. First of all both Weid and Kade I believe are not out of contract till end id 2023. We know Angus'situation. Melky Baker and may be Hibbo to a rookie ( and a one year agsin but on a lower salary ) would be possible but surely we would retain Angus and Jacko with the coin from the difference in salary between the delisted players and new young draftees. This is terribly basic snd I am sure that the Club is well aware if it's situation. My point is how would we find money to pay for Amon for example but our Bean Counters/Footy Dept. are or seem to be on the job of recent times. We are in a good spot with our list due realistic contracts for our 6/8 stars or AA players so far however winning flags and the AFL policy and BPA will effect our Club differently no doubt in this potentially very successful era.
  19. Non members fo not get first option on tickets to Finals ( first 3 finals games not GFinal) but the usual ration of tickets up to 8 or 10 for Members I think allows tickets to be bought for non members ( Correct me if I am wrong there as I never have bought other than for members. Non members have to purchase when GAdmission tickets are on sale generally the next day. GF tickets are dominated by our GFG and then a ballot I think of members without the GFG, for the remaining allocation. The previous paragraph then is played out if any are remaining. Seems to me it would be easy to monitor the usage of Members tickets to keep a record for priority by the club for allocation in order.
  20. They didn't have the season that WC have and % wasn't in the low 50;s so the chitchat is entirely different.
  21. You have omitted our NT games and if you added then we would be about even. The AFL maybe taking that into account? Also if ladder positions are not reliable maybe percentage could be used or do you have another solution. Lucky Dip maybe?
  22. RPFC Have you actually have heard Angus say he prefers to play midfield and say since the premiership if he doesn't get his way he will leave and play elsewhere? I have not heard him say that and in fact more than ever he said it last week again after the Saints win that he is playing his role and that is what he is concentrating on. I have not heard ONCE yet that he has said he will leave. It is the minds of supporters (maybe very limited from the Press) that have have tried to put 2 and 2 together and are ending up with 5 perhaps. Same as others are indicating he wants more money and will leave also. I reckon he took a little convincing early last season that the wing was his position but once he was convinced he started calling it the Wingers Club. He now calls defense the Men's Club!!! I think we are blessed with Angus who goes under the radar and his footy is at the top of his game at the moment. Yes money and sometimes the grass is greener are motives but Angus has a much more rounded lifestyle and care about people more than anything I believe. He looks like a keeper to me but I might be reading the tea leaves wrong!!! PS I hope he doesn't leave as the any of the Brayshaws are top people and value Clubs and all values and things that make them great.
  23. Viney / Sparrow more alike
  24. Laurie can play in other tiles I think on ball firward pocket and wing and may even do a Bowser and end up a small back man to stop opposition smalls getting goals.
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