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  1. Poita has made another sweeping statement. He fails to realise that depth is not the same standard as the first picked player in a position. In a halfback flank which is Jaydens position Poita has just written off an aging AA, a very youthful Rising Star and a yes injury prone X factor player with considerable footy and athletic skills. He has also hurled a brick at our breakaway VFL Casey Demons Premiership team. Neither Bowey or Hibbo qualified ( too good ie too many senior games ) and Smithy saluted due to injury under the guidelines for the Finals. The backline included Turner considered a definite prospect for 2023 AFL Buntine a 70 game AFL GWS defender in their Finals years, Smithy, and a rookie on our list Judd McVee. Plus our 4thbest defender in Adam Tomlinson. We have the least total points in H and Away in 2021 ( 3 AA) and 2022 ( 2 AA with another 2 near AA defenders injured for much of 2022. Casey Dees had the tightest backline in the VFL so we have no depth!!! Hate to be in another team like Dogs or Tigers who had leakage issues all year. We don't know how lucky we are but We don't want to lose a best or near best 22 player at any time. Hunty has played some good footy over the 2 years but is under pressure as he is generally selected as the 6th or 7th defender. But to say we have no depth is both incorrect and totally misleading on results over the last 2 years where we have maintained the benchmark for defence in the AFL.
  2. What is "easier game time" please explain. I thought it was a 2 year deal but 3 is a real show of confidence. It's really frustrating as Toby for about 3/4 of his footy shows the required ability and skills. BUT he has not mastered the art of finishing and composure. Which is a fault of some of our role players. Thats why our disposal and goal kicking let's us down. Chico needs to get back on the disposal horse and repeat the 2021 lessons to a few. Toby is one of those. We do need his pace and perhaps his confidence about being an AFL regular is the other drawback to becoming a senior regular. Hopefully he stays and 2023 is his year.
  3. BBP If LJ was that poor why was he in the first ruck for a lot of games in the last half of the season.? Because Gawny was injured from QB on. LJ was not poor but his round the ground work rate and failure to mark first grab was crucial to those performances. But to say he played us is unfair as he also had some issues with his calf till the end of the season.
  4. One difference LJ was a positive Naughton a negative as he didn't ever threaten to score goals ( too far away from FF) like HD did early doors in replay at G in Round1. Stevie May got him agsin with Tmacs help.
  5. Wrong wrong wrong RJ Gary has one if the sharpest brains in footy and IMO should be an extra member of our " coaches" and Selectors who we can consult or he approach us as and when required. Like Roos did at North but better option with greater cattle to deal with!!
  6. Now only Howes but Gus is still there if we choose him on a wing!!!
  7. Can't believe you haven't bought a GF game copy for purpatuity.
  8. Exactly watched the incomparable 2021 Granny triumph on Sunday night and only 2 players different vs Lions in defeat on the Semi. Too many lucky to be selected really on form and fitness.! One error was that Bowey should have been selected and Tmac was only nearly ready for return. But too many underwhelming mainly role players played that night and did not get us across the line. Many had relatively poor seasons compared to 2021 and were not dropped and challenged to find form when our selection position snd Casey's form provided an opportunity. Lessons to be learnt by the Club.
  9. Quite right Durango too much loyalty afforded some of our 2021 heroes and although not public there is no doubt that our fitness levels prevented an all out assault to defend our premiership. Too many players carrying injuries others prematurely rushed back to Senior footy and our Casey side players not used deservedly nor strategically to assist our cause. Also BING 181 has completely missed the wisdom of Norm Smiths comments about new players each year. Dunstan as a sole recruit was never going to be enough and our improving players at Casey were largely overlooked when the injuries and hastened return proved critical in our run home. We now need SIX AFL standard recruits from draft trade and existing stocks of some young talent at Casey to launch a strong and purposeful assault on the 2023 Premiership. It is entirely achievable if the Coaches FD and players respond in the right manner. I believe we have all teams except Geelong covered if we do that and they may be like us and have one of those seasons that not quite right!
  10. Thanks Andy Not heard that as not up to date today with much footy news. Time after dinner to get into it. Cheers snd thanks for all your hard work snd assistance in 2022.
  11. Sorry there was info around about the Bulldogs being involved and thought it was what Jay Clark would be mentioning. BTW I hope Port aren't doing this to try and sweeten us about Kossie to go to them. Never know do we!!
  12. Bulldogs possibly through Freo trades and if Tommo ends up going to Dogs that is tied in to possible deals.
  13. This topic should be joined with "Welcome to Melbourne JVR" shouldn't it?
  14. Not a good year also for Jake L he kept getting "ankle issues in the play early in the first quarter" but stayed on the ground snd after the bye always was still selected! Form did suffer IMHO.
  15. The off season still is important for recruiting Drafting players and delisting plus injury surgeries and rehabilitation. It doesn't mean we should be deprived of information or updates on any matters. we thrive on this info and it makes us look forward to next season do much more!!
  16. What players gradings ( draft pick no's) are are what the Clubs and gurus think. In reality I am saying over a period of time thats not what the order plays out. Down the track judgements change due to performance. I don't know the current draftees well enough to grade them sorry.
  17. About the top tier of players to no 5 and 6 picks running out. You are entitled to your view but I don't agree and believe history is not that clear cut.
  18. Part of JJ is that he is not forceful enough about moving the ball and Spargs leads are probs oh so quiet he doesn't give enough sound or direction to the kicker. The Lachesis should be over all this and change it instantly.
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