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  1. Yes,sadly we arrive at Metricon 2 hours before the bounce after 6 hours of travelling on Buses,planes,Buses,this will have a huge effect like the Cairns game against the Swans. Suns will win this.
  2. When i read Melbourne will be travelling under strict Qld Gov. Guidelines,i'm thinking the team is travelling up Saturday to avoid visiting a GC Hotel coming from a Red Zone,which means 5am wakeup,meeting at Airport,waiting an hour to board the plane,2 hours flight time,bus from GC Airport to Metricon (40 minutes) play the game,back to the airport for the flight to Perth. Last year we flew from Alice Springs into Cairns 4 days after playing the Saints,played 2 hours later and got flogged by the Swans,the players were as flat as. Please tell me the team is flying up here tomorrow.
  3. Lever on Naughton May on Hannan WTF???????????????????
  4. Weideman still in FMD!!! Game over It was nice at the top while it lasted.
  5. In-Zach Merrett,pay him what he wants,he would bring so much class around the contest to the Demons. Oh Ok,ins for next week,sorry had a few too many Scotches. BBB-He has only played 3 games by round 10,he needs to play every game possible before the finals,some games he won't kick any. Salem,Viney Out-Weid,i don't care if he's traded,he's not AFL standard. Jetta Jordan,turns it over so much Winner of Friday night takes top spot,Game On.
  6. Faaaaark Going to get smashed at the Broadbeach Blues Festival!!!
  7. Robbed!!! Deliberate out of bounds,10 seconds to go Umpire [censored] Himself!!!
  8. Hope Jeremy Howe was watching Karma Khant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. No 1. Tom Scully 2. Jack Trengove 3. Dustin Martin Was better
  10. Great win in the end,Hawks played well for 3 quarters but we didn't roll over like the last 20 years. Jones has bee good all year and put in a bad one,but plays his 300th next week!!! Imagine if we dropped players after a BAD one We'd have played our 2nd's team the last 30 years.
  11. Fritsch is useless,worst kick in the AFL by far!!!
  12. Happy with a Round 1 win,move on. So many whinging Flogs on here,yeah let's play precision Finals Footy with perfect foot skills in Round 1,something we NEVER DO,but we should've done it today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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