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  1. Higgins (Rich) Brodie Smith are my guesses
  2. Been well reported we'd ruled out Hogan I thought?
  3. 2x pick 12's might, but one alone certainly would not I can assure you!
  4. As per Tom Browne, Dunkley will request a trade to Essendon. Makes things interesting.
  5. Yep. If Saad nets Essendon pick 7, it'll be involved in any trade for Dunkley. You'd assume Finlay Macrae to the dogs would be a good chance to happen at that pick if no good key position defenders are left by that stage.
  6. Happy days if true. Can't believe some people are on the fence about this. If he was coming this time last year we'd all be doing cartwheels. I get there seems something odd about him being traded for only a 2nd rounder, but we don't usually like touching damaged goods so I might just put this one down to Norf's incompetence.
  7. It was mentioned we'd try to get rid of T Mac to ensure we could meet rivals contract offers for Brown. We must have a decent portion allocated to Brown regardless of the T Mac situation, however would prefer Tom to go to allow us to match something we haven't budgeted for is the way I read into it. Long story short, it would appear we do have a fair chunk of cash in the cap regardless.
  8. Judging by his highlights. He plays very similar to his brother, but at AFL level will be more suited to the wing given he's smaller, FWIW. Looks to be able to break the lines.
  9. More likely to be Preuss & 2021 first rounder
  10. Reckon Crouch is one of those guys who is a good player, looks good of paper, but makes your team no better
  11. Dogs have trialed it with Dunkley but it might actually work with Jackson
  12. Will rotate between half forward, full forward, wing and inside mid!
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