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  1. Feel bad for Jacko, don't think he realises what he's gotten himself into over there
  2. I should pray for something more meaningful cause they're all being answered tonight
  3. Norf running out of legs the concern here, but they're looked better than Freo
  4. Viney, Sparrow & Harmes all in the same midfield throws us off. Even with Hunter in the mix now, we're still another highly skilled mid away from bringing the balance back to where it should be. Given two of the three also play heavy minutes up forward, it'd flow on to cause our i50 inefficiency.
  5. Now that the distraction of Melbourne is over, time to turn your attention to Freo v Norf, 7:30 tonight
  6. IN: May, JVR, Jordon OUT: Tomlinson, Gawn, Harmes
  7. Missed a trick not trading Harmes to the bombers
  8. 6. Lever 5. Hunter 4. BBB 3. Spargo 2. Rivers 1. Sparrow
  9. Assume this game was moved to 7.55pm Friday night?
  10. Reckon we all thought the same about Fritsch last week but still won by 50. I think Fritsch returning & BBB seemingly back in form has cushioned the blow.
  11. Injury Update | Salem's return delayed
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