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  1. Very interesting. Anyone know who he supported growing up?
  2. Richmond are a poor fantasy side (not sure about the Supercoach equivalent)
  3. Harmes - Fantasy POD btw (def status) Ben Brown Kozzie Jackson Weid
  4. Not sure about that, if he's undecided he doesn't sign an extension at all.
  5. Is it? Rivers is a lock, Pickett is too given his position. Jackson is too talented not to play (and his output justified getting games last year). If Laurie & Bowey kick and compete as advertised it’s hard to think they won’t be upgrades on the AVB, ANB & Jones’ of the world.
  6. Why is it? T Mac had only one great year up forward, Brown has been consistently elite, bar 2020. Maybe Brown never gets back to his bet, but it is a far safer bet on him doing so than it is for T Mac.
  7. I’d expect both Coll & GWS to slide to I thought the double up was favourable, but who knows
  8. Seems pretty favourable off first glance
  9. There’s no evidence to say that 5G didn’t cause Farmer’s height gain
  10. Had a crack - Spargo, Lockhart & Baker a bit stiff. They love Sparrow too so I'm sure he probably find his way in but no idea where he fits.
  11. Trac, May, Clarry, Kozzie, Max, Viney, Langdon, Ben Brown, Goodwin
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