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  1. I'm not sure about that. Recruited as a key forward and moved back because he's soft. He is very much in the Watts mould.
  2. KM falls in love with certain players and maintains that almost regardless of AFL transition and output A good example of this are his claims Jake Lukosius is the best player from the 2018 draft
  3. Knightmare article rating 2019 draft choices (dated 29/11/2019): Melbourne Traded wisely and secured value in their trade with Fremantle. The move back allowed Melbourne to add pick 28 and a future fourth round pick without a meaningful move back down the order from pick 8 to 10. While Melbourne's trade looks on paper like value was acquired, their first two picks of ruckman Luke Jackson and small forward pressure specialist Kysaiah Pickett are arguably reaches. Jackson, a sub 200cm ruckman is athletic, plays with aggression and follows up well but was arguably not the best available player. Similarly, Pickett while the forward pressure he applies is of a best in draft standard and he has speed and is damaging with ball in hand, his low scoreboard impact and product makes him a difficult sell so early on. Trent Rivers, who Melbourne secured thanks to their trade with Fremantle represents strong value at what after bidding became pick 32. Rivers is a classy ball user off half-back who moves well and can push through the midfield as a ball winner. Grade: C Collingwood Improved their draft hand slightly in the latter half of the draft to increase their involvement without losing a lot. Jay Rantall represents strong value as a basketball convert with elite endurance who does his best work inside winning the contested ball, distributing by hand and moving through traffic. Oakleigh premiership captain Trent Bianco is a second selection who represents strong value as one of the best kicks in the draft and the most advanced outside player in the pool. Trey Ruscoe at 192cm with his versatility to play defence, midfield or forward, is a third solid selection with his skills, mobility, ball winning capabilities and the way he reads the ball in flight and takes marks. Though the question of whether Collingwood should have retained pick 51 to draft key forward Jake Riccardi rather than trade it to GWS who used the pick to draft the VFL's Fothergill-Round-Mitchell Medal is a question that will be asked given Collingwood's lacking key position stocks. Grade: A Note: Rantall has already been delisted
  4. Van Rooooooo seems the opposite of a project type given his body looks AFL ready, as well as his versatility to play at either end
  5. I don’t think Weid, Langdon or Rivers have been spotted in any of the training footage have they?
  6. Any fantasy leagues for 2022?
  7. It's an impressive highlight package when you consider so much of the season was lost due to covid
  8. There's some extended footage of Howes here:
  9. Can't have covid if you don't get tested
  10. Bowey is already better than Hunt, and I think Hunt is still a reasonable player
  11. Jason Taylor didn’t even mean to pick him, he just saw his name on paper and felt compelled to say it out loud
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