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  1. I reckon a Dee's flag might break the fabric of reality first
  2. Means a lot when Melbourne can choose not to trade him
  3. Macrae as good as he is isn't the one to lockdown A defensive forward on Daniel Brayshaw on Smith on the wing, or Hibberd to Smith if Baz goes forward is the play. Stop the run.
  4. I'm not sure the Weid has the value we may think he was unfortunately.
  5. Something good out of Collingwood? Wouldn't bet on it....
  6. I was told of two young players who may be involved in trades (neither are locks in our best 22, no-one from the 2019 draft trio) Take it with a grain of salt however, just passing on the message
  7. I've heard he's as good as ours from someone who would know (for whatever that's worth)
  8. This is a point I've even seen a bulldogs supporter raise. No Stringer, Picken, Morris in the current version of the dogs
  9. I've said before Cerra's value is largely weighted by the fact he went pick 5 a few years ago (and media hype, see Saad: pick 8 as an example). I can see us trading into the later parts of this years 1st round, and also trading our future 1st to him. I don't think at this point he's 'worth that', but if we win the flag it'll be seen almost like a free hit in a sense. And if we lose the grandfinal, it'll be viewed as the missing piece rightly or wrongly - only place Dogs have us is in midfield depth (rucks excluded). Both pretty strong motivating factors whichever way the game goes.
  10. Brown McDonald Fritsch Jackson All in the same forward line. We have one of the tallest forwardlines in the comp as it stands.
  11. He's requested a trade to the Eagles apparently
  12. Agreed, make 22 changes and play the B side imo
  13. Chuck Gawn in the goal square it'll have them in disarray
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