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  1. Perhaps Harrms is a possibility
  2. OUT: Lever, Billings, Howes IN: van Rooyen, Langdon, Woewodin Petty to defence
  3. James Jordon, we could do with a utility midfielder like him
  4. There are two games this year where Tom Sparrow has recorded 0 centre bounce attendances, round 1 against the Dogs, following our R0 loss against the Swans, and Round 10 against the eagles, following our loss against Carlton. Goodwin losing the faith?
  5. It's such a niche player to be linked to, it must be real...! A left-footer with silky skills, Ryan Angwin is a versatile footballer with a high footy IQ. After managing just one game in 2022 due to a fracture in his lower leg, Angwin added 15 games to his career tally in 2023, often used in a variety of roles by coach Adam Kingsley. A composed decision maker who is creative by foot, Angwin is also a great athlete, highlighted by his strong time for the 2km time trial.
  6. Jefferson and Seston very good for a quarter and a bit before fading, pretty much sums up Casey's day Hunter looks cooked, can't see Laurie playing much senior footy, aside from the occasional sub cameo
  7. Jefferson awarded a holding the ball free kick & shot on goal inside 50 from a run down tackle...narrowly misses his set shot
  8. Steele is very limited I reckon
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