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  1. Stuff all besides the cap space it'll open up
  2. Looked good, but tough to take much out of it given the opposition
  3. I would have thought we'd be able to navigate it quite easily given Gus can play in defence
  4. @binman I don't know if you were talking strictly about Melbourne, but Nick Daicos, Jack Crisp, Jack Sinclair are half backs that go through the middle regularly. Rivers did it at times early last year. Jayden Short, Liam Duggan too. Goody catching up?
  5. Tom Sparrow 25 CBAS 73.5% No clearances Alex Neal-Bullen 22 CBAS 64.7% No clearances
  6. 65% CBAs for ANB 0% for Rivers Gonna be one of those years
  7. Tomlinson a shocker Brown ahead of Billings and Laurie
  8. That's exciting...what was the thing that impressed you most
  9. I think Twomey said leading up to the draft he thought he had "Judd like explosiveness"
  10. The most underrated forward in the comp is Bailey
  11. Suspect he'll play in the 5th, 6th, 7th 'quarters' when they play the younger guys, from what I recall that's what happened with these sort of games last year
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