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  1. 6. Gawn 5. Petracca 4. Oliver 3. Lever 2. Fristch 1. Hunt
  2. Love him, want him to start hitting the scoreboard more to take the next step
  3. Think we may go small next week - Out: May, Jordon In: Hibberd, Sparrow (as a starter) Doubt Melk gets dropped but understand the calls for him to go Sparrow only played 17% less game time than Jordon, somehow.
  4. Spargo was great. A 200IQ footballer.
  5. Spargo another great game. Hunt even better than last week (safer with ball in hand today).
  6. Wouldn't be, he's their best 2nd tier mid if that makes sense
  7. Wonder if bottoming out was in their their player acquisition strategy. It must have been ! They know what they’re doing !
  8. The 'no changes to a winning side' mantra is so strange. If you can make the side better, you do.
  9. Sample space is small for Young but he doesn't meet the eye test for mine. Looks scared.
  10. Early days yet and rough to judge a player after only half a dozen games, but Hayden Young looks lost out there
  11. 6. Langdon 5. Brayshaw 4. Pickett 3. Gawn 2. Hunt 1. Rivers
  12. Yep. He's too strong & too good overhead for small defenders, a just quick enough for tall defenders not to be able to take him, a genuine game breaking player.
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