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  1. Reckon we'll get up by 15 goals if the group wants to keep Goodwin
  2. I'm all for the Tomlinson full back experiment.....will probs line up in the guts at the expense of Gus tho I'm sure!
  3. I like Lloyd but he has NFI half the time. Bit like when Essendon get over a bottom 4 team and he rates them as premiership contenders, just too reactionary a person.
  4. Surely Jones comes out for Bennell
  5. Jacko shows glimpses of an elite player, keep him in. Unlikely to have a major impact but neither will Tom!
  6. Want Goody out, also don't want to give Norf a pick 5 pick.....the dilemma!
  7. Jackson will kill the crows at ground level in the ruck
  8. Agree...way I look it at, you need a mid who is the extractor (Oliver), you need one who can break the lines and be extremely damaging (Trac) & you need the third to be a combination of both dependant on the situation (Brayshaw), with Viney in the mix, it upsets the balance.
  9. He’s worth a late first rounder to a team needing an inside mid. I’m sure they’d be aware being played out of position has reduced his impact and would be bullish enough to send a pick in the late teens over in hope of him recapturing his 18’ form as a permanent mid. Only problem is teams desperate for a player like that would probably have picks in the 1-10 mark which they certainly wouldn’t trade for him.
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