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  1. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/1256003/2023-afl-player-numbers-revealed New Demon numbers: 2 – Jacob van Rooyen (from No.21) 6 – Brodie Grundy 12 – Lachie Hunter 19 – Josh Schache 21 – Matt Jefferson 26 – Jed Adams 28 – Will Verrall 29 – Joel Smith (from No.44) 38 – Oliver Sestan 43 – Kyah Farris-White
  2. 'Reach' didn't make it past the selection panel
  3. We manage to hit Fritsch on the chest multiple times a game, perhaps it is a leading/spacing issue with our forwards as much as a delivery issue?
  4. Woewodin looking like an Adonis Schache has put on a heap of size
  5. Freo bottom 5. Ominous. #deathride
  6. The more we have the ball the less the opposition does!
  7. I might need a helmet for the upcoming facepalms, but reckon free agent Darcy Parish could thrive in our midfield
  8. You're transcending time on all fronts tonight
  9. Question: With the AFL making a continual attempt to decongest the game through reducing interchanges, stand rule, etc, does JT feel like the value of the more balanced/outside mids are going to rise over the long term - given he has a tendency to gravitate towards contested bulls, how (if at all) will this effect his selections going forward? Observation: [redacted]
  10. Jackson's most exciting trait is that he doesn't know how good is he His biggest weakness is he doesn't know how good is he Not sure he has the swagger (as the kids say) to be as good as he could potentially be Time will tell
  11. Always liked the ideas of Rivers in the midfield, big bodied & explosive Would allow us to fit in a true line breaking half back too
  12. Wish it was on a Thursday so Tom Morris had a chance to break the news of Hunters debut
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