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  1. Our defenders had no chance given how little pressure our Fwds and mids provided
  2. No idea of his strike rate, nevertheless thought it was worth a share
  3. 6. May 5. Jackson 4. Salem 3. Lever 2. Petracca 1. Jordon
  4. https://twitter.com/6prfootball/status/1404311381172645890
  5. Yeah thought that may have been the case if he can't get a gig for young Swans side, very slim frame though, may take a bit to come on
  6. Dylan Stephens is out of contract for the Swan's, pick #5 from the 2019 draft where we picked up Jackson, etc: Think he racks it up at VFL level but seems to be in and out of the Swan's senior side.
  7. We can trade our future 1st as far as I'm aware, so we'd have to package up a 2nd rounder & future 1st if they have their heart set on moving well into this years 1st round
  8. Rozee might not kick 5 for another game in his career, and Port still lose!
  9. I'm not convinced he's actually good. One of the great footy myths this bloke.
  10. Think the club got a bit too cute dropping Brown. Brown can do very little yet still kick a couple (his game vs Norf a good example). When Weid does little, he does...nothing, and FWIW I rate Weid as a talent, but surely they'll flick the switch should he have a quiet game against the Pies. Not too fussed about the 'superior forward pressure' you get from from him vs Brown, if he isn't kicking goals.
  11. No one accused us of being slow in 2018. It's mostly about ball movement & workrate. Jayden Hunt playing every game this year has helped us add another quick player into the side however. I reckon we're still another natural winger short if you want to be very critical. I am a Gus fan though.
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