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  1. On Monday night, the Melbourne Football Club handed out four life memberships. Two of those awards went to men who are long gone. Charles ‘Chubby’ Forrester and James ‘Jas’ Byrne played for the club in the 1870s, even before the Victorian Football Association was formed. The other two are current skipper Max Gawn and swingman Tom McDonald, who almost left the club at the end of the pandemic-affected 2020 season. Some fans might have raised their eyebrows and wondered whether the emphasis on history might have been a subtle message to the two surviving players but on Friday morning, both of the
  2. Quarters 2 & 3 of the B game is on the official website. Not sure why Q1 isn't up.
  3. Some highlights from the B-Side Scratch Match
  4. Teams will quickly learn what other teams are doing and either copy or adjust. I guess practice matches are a good time to try out tactics like Geelong are doing. Good on them for thinking outside the box.
  5. Lockhart was playing. The rest are injured or in Kossie's case unavailable.
  6. Forward entries were putrid. They did not give the forwards much to work with.
  7. Full Time Melbourne 6.2.38 Richmond 11.5.71
  8. Another crumbing goal from Bedford. Need that in the 1s.
  9. Confirmed that physios were looking at Nietschke's knee.
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