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  1. Had to delete the thread last night because it was just titled Egan and the post was just “...”
  2. 2020 Player Reviews: #1 Steven May Made up for a poor start at the club last year by working hard over the summer and, as a result, stamped himself as a quality player and a leader of a strong defensive unit. Date of Birth: 10 January, 1992 Height: 193cm Weight: 100kg Games MFC 2020: 17 Career Total: 148 Goals MFC 2020: 1 Career Total: 23 Votes 2020 Keith 'Bluey' Truscott Memorial Trophy: 362 (Sid Anderson Trophy - Second) Votes 2020 Brownlow Medal: 4
  3. 2020 Player Reviews: #2 Nathan Jones The tired veteran is nearing the end but the club considers him worthy of an extra season as he inches towards 300 games. He has always had the necessary determination and will undoubtedly work his butt off to earn that honour rather than take it as a gift. Date of Birth: 20 January, 1988 Height: 180cm Weight: 87kg Games MFC 2020: 8 Career Total: 294 Goals MFC 2020: 1 Career Total: 139
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Brown_(footballer)
  5. I’m looking forward to having a forward that knows how to navigate the winds in Tasmania.
  6. The AFL will today unveil a December 9 national draft that will see AFL club recruiters remaining in their respective states and every national draft pick selected on a single night. But the league will make the event a two-day extravaganza by holding the pre-season and rookie drafts the following morning.
  7. 2020 Player Reviews: #3 Christian Salem As he matures, the versatile Salem continues a steady progression towards him becoming one of the team’s leading lights. Disposal by foot always a highlight. Date of Birth: 15 July, 1995 Height: 183cm Weight: 81kg Games MFC 2020: 16 Career Total: 106 Goals MFC 2020: 2 Career Total: 21 Votes 2020 Keith 'Bluey' Truscott Memorial Trophy: 208 (seventh)
  8. 2020 Player Reviews: #4 James Harmes This was the year when Coach Simon Goodwin decided to experiment with James Harmes using him as a defender but it failed. Hopefully, we will see a reinvigorated Harmes in 2021. Date of Birth: 5 October, 1995 Height: 185cm Weight: 82kg Games MFC 2020: 13 Career Total: 104 Goals MFC 2020: 2 Career Total: 58
  9. 2020 Player Reviews: #5 Christian Petracca After his big strides forward in 2019, Petracca added a extra dimension to his game in 2020 as he took a place among the top shelf of AFL footballers. His hard work in the off season paid dividends and he was dominant whether played in the midfield or up forward. The way he prepared himself this season should be an inspiration for his teammates. Date of Birth: 4 January, 1996 Height: 186cm Weight: 96kg Games MFC 2020: 17 Career Total: 102 Goals MFC 2020: 14 Career Total: 68 Votes 2020 Keith '
  10. AFL players will have their wages cut by only 3.5 per cent for the 2021 season. Reports from across the industry on Wednesday afternoon suggest there will be a nine per cent decrease in the Total Player Payments (TPP) in 2021, but the decrease in list sizes softens the cut. Players who signed a deal after the mid-year contract freeze will see no wage reduction. List sizes have also been confirmed, with list sizes reduced from between 38 and 47 to between 37 and 44. A maximum of 38 players on the senior list, down from 40 this year. Teams will only have to select one player
  11. 2020 Player Reviews: #6 Luke Jackson A prodigious talent who can play ruck, midfield or as a forward. Will be hard to match up on as he matured as a footballer. Date of Birth: 29 September, 2001 Height: 198cm Weight: 84kg Games MFC 2020: 6 Career Total: 6 Goals MFC 2020: 3 Career Total: 3 Votes 2020 Keith 'Bluey' Truscott Memorial Trophy: 79
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