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  2. It's Game Day and the Demons once again open the round of football with their annual clash against Richmond on ANZAC Eve. The Tigers, coached by former Dees champion and Premiership assistant coach Adem Yze have a plethora of stars missing due to injury but beware the wounded Tiger. The Dees will have to be switched on tonight. A win will keep them in the hunt for the Top 4 whilst a loss could see them fall out of the 8 for the first time since 2020.
  3. INS – Pickett, Turner, Laurie OUTS – Tholstrup, B.Brown (omitted), Salem (inj.)
  4. Who are you tipping this week?
  5. Demonland Trackwatcher Kev Martin ventured down to Gosch's Paddock to bring you his observations from this morning's Captain's Run including some hints at the changes for our ANZAC Eve clash against the Tigers. Sunny, though a touch windy, this morning, 23 of them no emergencies. Forwards out first. Harrison Petty, JvR, Jack Billings, Kade Chandler, Kozzy, Bayley Fritsch, and coach Stafford. The backs join them, Steven May, Jake Lever, Woey, Judd McVee, Blake Howes, Tom McDonald, Trent Rivers, Daniel Turner, and coach Chaplin. A trainer and Choco are on the fence talking. The mids are now making their way over. Clayton Oliver, Tracc, Bailey Laurie, Ed Langdon, Tom Sparrow, Max, Jack Viney, ANB and Caleb Windsor. Choco talking to the crew after the first drill. "They were excellent because of the way we set it up". Kicks between the mannequins, then one over the mannequins. He also said to Whelan, "Kozzy has shown me at least 10 pics of it, he is so happy". Goody is standing in the centre, watching the goings on, as they drill. The noise volume is great. Chaplin has been taking most of the talking and directional instructing. Goody pulls them into a centre circle and chats away. Ends with one structured sim and a week to backline set up after a point. The call, OK Boys, then a whistle, and back to the sheds. You are right. You are right. I think Turner is forward. When the backline gathered he wasn't with them. Choco is putting plenty of time into him as he kicks for goal at the end of the session. Those playing with Casey are now on the Paddock, 16 of them. Jake Bowey in the white cap. Ben Brown is with them, so is Shane McAdam, Tom Fullarton and Koltyn Tholstrup. Ben Brown and McAdam off to the side doing their own kick to kick with a trainer. Clarry looks fine, going about it with plenty of concentration and professionalism. Some strapping, I didn't notice any hinderances. With Casey. Looks like the mids for Laurie. Yes Bowey doing some high marking off the bag. Seems to be trusting his shoulders. He doesn't have any strapping on. Doing some tackling drills as well. Giving the shoulder a good test. Casey session just finished and they are off the paddock, except for Bowser and Farris-White (marking practice).
  6. 2 Defenders as key forwards. What could possibly go wrong. 😜
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