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  1. Nice of Goody to give a thank you to the Wagner’s & Dunkley.
  2. I assume he is in Melbourne. Not all teams get Eddie special treatment.
  3. I would have thought 2018 would have made us hungry for success.
  4. Happy to see the 16 minute quarters gone. Not so sure about same day travel and the 4 day breaks. They were season killers for us.
  5. @Elegt no need to rehash the old threads. Keep delisting talk to this thread. Bringing up old threads just clogs up the board in an active time of the year and spreads out the same topic over multiple threads. Cheers.
  6. You'd think there would be a few players who will be delisted after they are shopped around.
  7. With Josh Wagner gone there is an opening for the Demonland Sponsorship. In 2017 I had a choice between Wagner and Harmes and chose Wagner.
  8. That’s a solid medieval wig.
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