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  1. Collingwood's Doctor would have been in all sorts then, they had injuries in the 3 qtr in most games they played in this season.
  2. Congratulations Dees Premiers 2022, well done to Mick and his crew. Over to you Men be the first club to hold both the Womens and Mens comps. I hope the respective governments are watching this and give us the necessary funding to build a complex in our heartland all interstate and Melbourne members can enjoy. Our great club deserves this. Eliza West BOG.
  3. The Ground itself is still in use by the Crows AFL and AFLW teams, but the stadium has been torn down for a few years now.
  4. Surely we are one of the best 12 teams in the comp?
  5. They won't waste a showdown for Magic round. 6 of those games are slated for Adelaide Oval. The other 3 game will involve GWS, GC, Norf, etc, 1 will be at Norwood Oval, 1 in the Barossa Valley and the other is still not known, maybe south of the city Noarlunga Oval or regional SA (Riverland, McClaren Vale etc.
  6. Rick Lever was hobbling around in the Brisbane Semi, he wasn't right to play after his calf injury.
  7. Surely Staf isn't rolling around as Forward's coach in 2023?
  8. Those Powa figures are largely inflated/skewed due to the fact they played a home game against the Crows at Adelaide Oval on a Friday Night. That crowd was 20k, if you take that game and play it at Alberton Oval their home ground they would be lucky to get 5k.
  9. Didn't even read it to know this is the biggest load of [censored] I've ever seen.
  10. Apologies they did win one in 2018.
  11. He was a miserable [censored] that night Billy, was in the vicinity of a fellow Demon asking him what the score was and who won on the night. Did not like it one bit had his goons shew him away. Absolute sook.
  12. The failure of straight sets will drive this group and coaching staff to never experience that feeling again.
  13. Do the club have the 1989 Fosters World Cup on display?
  14. Safe to say that the World Cup after party would have got real messy.
  15. I reckon they are going to try Shaq down back, with Turner and Tommo providing adequate back line coverage, especially with either Gawn or Grundy playing a kick behind play surering up our defence. This could be the key to releasing Petty Forward.
  16. I reckon this might be what the long silenced delay has been all along SWYL. If this is the grand plan this would be magnificent. A Women's flag wouldn't hurt either to help aid our cause to go along with our AFL Premiership in 2021, would be the first club in Victoria to win both. Nice little kicker and talking point to lather up those pollies.
  17. It's worth a crack, I'd back in our footy department but judging by his tiktok account i reckon he wouldn't mind flying under the radar in Qld or NSW.
  18. Never right off T-mac, he is as strong willed as they come.
  19. Don't joke about it, they probably tapped him up 6 months ago.
  20. If we have our full compliment of KPF ie. Tmac, BBB, JVR and SHAQ ATTAK then i would suggest Petty is remained stationed to the backline. But and i mean BUT, if there is no plan for scenarios that happened in 2022 regarding our KPF then its just amateur league hour from our Coaching staff. If there is no tinkering of postions for a certain player who we know would make a right old fist of it as a "FORWARD" then i will be as alot of forceful questions of our Coaching staff.
  21. Will be remembered for delivering one of the best and fairest hip and shoulders to Vines in the 2019 Anzac Eve game. Absolutely knocked the stuffing out of him, the definition of a wasted talent.
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