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  1. We need a Development Ruckman on our books with the Bradtke experiment coming to an end.
  2. Yes it does, can't wait to recieve mine, when did yours arrive DX?
  3. So does this mean were boycotting Wolf Blass wines? he is also of German heritage hailing from Adelaide.
  4. I think that would be me done after a 4 peat. That's the dream anyway.
  5. Absolute poetry from El Capitano. 🏆🥇
  6. A well orchestrated money dump by GC, they have no process in maintaining players and cap structure whatsoever. Clearing the decks to make room for Lukosius, King and Ranking but are they going to stay? Is there enough incentive to play in front of a Roaring Gold Coast Dj manufacturering the crowd atmosphere?
  7. That's the signs of a quality football club.
  8. Go you good thing, Giddy up.😂😂😂Gets better after the 110th viewing.
  9. Heart and Soul of the Club. Can't believe people were calling him out for a couple of years there.
  10. I've been saying it for years Dante, the sleeping giant has awoken.
  11. Did anyone get the full size replica Premiership Trophy?
  12. Did you get an actual GF Ball Chook?
  13. Very Elegant = its a grand old Flag. What a year 2021. First 4, Win and the place you fn little beauty.
  14. What a mess Norf have to clean up, 700k a year for another 2 years in the cap, money to burn in there cap. Unbelievable recruitment strategies by the Woos.
  15. I think the Club would prefer Friday Night aswell and so would the Sponsors 58er. Win, wins all round.
  16. Not anymore, time to strike when the iron is white hot.
  17. I would rather play a team coming off the same AFL mandate rest period and training schedule (Bulldogs) than one that has had over a month more Training loads and system based training development. Who iam i kidding who cares who we play, the players will want a W that night and send out a msg to the League that we want to live it all again in 2022.
  18. Perfect timing really if im playing Cricket Finals in March, can catch a 9am flight and be back in time for a 1pm game Brilliant Dees.
  19. My Wife hates me😂 You reckon she wants the Dees to go back2back?😂 I said to her we are no chance next year it was a fluke, so she doesn't hate me anymore than she does right now. 🏆🏆🥇🥇🇭🇹🍻
  20. I don't see why Hibbo wouldn't want to continue on next year, he's waited all his footballing life for success and now its stairing him right in the face. Not at anytime this year did he lose one on one battles with his direct opponent. If you noticed during the Grand Final especially Johannison was taking him to the square and Hibbo never wilted once, he won 3-4 crucial 1on 1 battles and still has his pace. Might not play the way he did as a rebounding defender but we have others to play that running role eg. Bowser, Hunty, Salem etc. Might not play 18-22 games for the whole season, 12-16 might be his sweet spot, but anyone who shows during a season they can take Dusty to the cleaners deserves everyone's respect. The lure of a Grand Final on the MCG might be the swansong he is long craving for along with the rest of the group.
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