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  1. Gorgoroth


    I’m on delay, but I’m already frustrated, we run the ball 9 times d get to the 9 yard line and then try and throw it 3 times all incomplete… WTF McVay???
  2. Gorgoroth


    Texan Vikings invade Green Bay…. Got their geography wrong… we’re actually trying to get to Greenland… Stupid redneck Vikings.
  3. Gorgoroth


    Agree, the way the knee went and he buckled over the knee and ankle I was expecting weeks out. Lucky man, still would be sore, see how he goes this week if he plays.
  4. I love this!!! No way they giving him his medal back and all it’s done is re ignite the saltiness of every Bombers fan! early Xmas present!!! Yus!
  5. Gorgoroth


    Cracking game today, Lawrence got hurt and it didn’t look good. Browning keeps playing like this he is a starter on another team next year.
  6. Gorgoroth


    Love looked great today @Macca He looked as calm in the pocket as a vet.
  7. Gorgoroth


    Yeah… thanks… 😒
  8. Gorgoroth


    Gee Flacco looked good today for a guy who hasn’t played in 3/4 a year. Rams got another win which is nice and developing some good rookies that should hold them well in the coming years. Niners have only themselves to beat for the SB.
  9. Gorgoroth


    Is this the ultimate jinx???
  10. Gorgoroth


    Chiefs charging on top of Dolphins for the wins!
  11. Gorgoroth


    Don’t I get a bonus tip for choosing Taylor Swift? I mean I know who she is now… But seriously, welcome back Kyren Williams
  12. Gorgoroth


    Stafford was always good, but never had multiple good parts all at once at Detroit. For me, like Matt Ryan and Andrew Luck. Very good QB’s but never quite got the full arsenal at once, although Ryan should have won a SB.
  13. Gorgoroth


    Love is literally on a hiding to nothing, if he pretty much doesn’t become the greatest QB ever then he wasn’t worth letting Rodgers go. I truly feel for the kid, Smith and Goff are proving that QB’s can get better in the right location/scheme from time to time. The most impressive thing with Love has been his ability to put the ball in the exact right spot for the WR, not just the right area, but the right spot.
  14. Gorgoroth


    Love looked very good. The rest of this season and next will tell what sort of player you have. The Lions, well I think we can forgive this, teams have lulls during the season and off a short break is always hard for both teams. Goff still struggles at times with full on pressure and the packers bought it all game long. They couldn’t convert any fourth downs and that came back to bite them bad.
  15. Gorgoroth


    Agree but I can’t believe the Jets will get anywhere near Miami. All these prime time games cos they thought Rodgers was going to be marching the jets to the play offs.
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