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  1. Can’t beat a half Carlton side. Time to realise this season is truly done and dusted.
  2. I’m in Czechia at the moment so might try and watch a replay, should start ramping up in the next few weeks.
  3. Add more deadlocks to the door, don’t let him in. Talent yep… still a massive no thanks.
  4. Surely you don’t buy a house then move your parents in with you at age 20… Is this a good sign?
  5. Gorgoroth


    I’m in. Been keen as for the season to start. Stafford already banged up, Van Jefferson out for a few weeks but keen as to see Allen Robinson play alongside Coop. Always some late big moves coming into the season. Should be fun!
  6. Which once again brings it back to rewarding Casey players and not trotting out the same out of form players. ANB, Sparrow, Spargo even just on the front third have been poor to average, Harmes has to come in for one of them, tbh I’d dump Melk, Sparrow and Nibbler for Harmes, Van Rooyen and try Chandler, sure they are supposedly our most pressure players etc but the ball waltzes out of our f50 these days.
  7. The biggest reason why I have thought we won’t win the flag this year is we have not evolved. We are expecting the same gameplan/style to be fine. Clarko always said each pre season you tweak it and it gets tweaked at least once during the year. We have a poor record vs top 8 teams this year to be a serious contender, we have won 4 out of 10 and we still roll our the same team and the same plan. We have the worst ability to hit targets inside 50 and poor leading patterns by our forwards (we should change forward coach at seasons end) Worst of all, no one fears us.
  8. All teams are. We have a game plan and Goodwin takes weeks to even think about tweaking. Teams only ever change when they are losing, we too 6 weeks to make some moves and we got back to some form, tonight tho under any other circumstance we win, they don’t kick that straight again. But in saying that, defensively if we get cut open there isn’t even plan A v2 let alone a plan B and kicking into f50 is only plan A.
  9. I disagree to a point, yes the club approves the interviews and they are media trained ie Told how to play the straight bat etc but the club wouldn’t tell him what he can and can’t say cos they wouldn’t know the questions. I reckon Goodwin who preaches respect wouldn’t have liked this that much, prob not overly worried but why give ammo if you just don’t need too.
  10. It’s not smart, I’d rather if he was going to say those things that we were A. In a good stretch of form, B. He actually got a kick and not slaughtered by a grandfather and C. Can actually take the hits he will get, he doesn’t bounce the best.
  11. I’ll be tuning in from the other side of the world.
  12. Sounds like a dream to me, All my family live in Victoria… I try and avoid them But seriously, enjoy that.
  13. The most telling thing for pig is he still has the turn of speed. Def another contract if he wants it.
  14. As I said, I really like Sparrow so I’m prob unfairly expecting more off him.
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