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  1. And Viney does it a lot too, when you watch the best passages of play it’s when we take the first option on instinct.
  2. Go back and watch those games. They do it in there too, but on a smaller scale. This week was new level. It was an observation that is worrying that they have started reverting back to old habits.
  3. Taking the game on is different than not taking the first option. Multiple times Trac and Clarrie at centre bounces had Langdon out alone on the wing, they stopped, turned back in, tried to break tackles and got caught. On the wing Trac had a player 10-15 meters in the centre for a handball instead he ran at the tackler, tried a sidestep and ended up with a 1 meter handball that went no where. It happened all game. By all means when they get the ball on a fast play and run at the defenders or there is no option go for it. But the way we sliced teams earlier was but using those opti
  4. But we did have those two weeks, like we did cost ourselves chances years prior with late losses. That’s the problem its an on going thing. We have never been ruthless. We never decapitate teams across a season. Oh we will win and the occasional belting but ruthless we ain’t. Ruthless, strong teams don’t lose those games.
  5. The relapse has been creeping in for weeks. Yesterday it was back in all its glory. We so the same vs Essendon in 2 weeks and they will run that ball up the middle all day long.
  6. This isn’t Goodwin. We stuffed around with the ball, tried to do all the tricky, spectacular crap. Rivs seemed like he didn’t hit a target all day and plenty of mates with him. Clarrie and Trac reverted back to taking on the world and individual glory mode. Gawn hit it to the filths advantage nigh on all game. Ive been a big doubter if Goodwin, but today had very very little to do with him.
  7. And why could you see this a mile away… cause we have done it for decades. Go in favourites against average to poor teams and watch us capitulate. Tell me I’m wrong. Im not on a doomsday bandwagon, after a long long time im [censored] sick n tired of seeing results like this. Feel nervous going into games vs low teams, fine vs good teams. Sick of being on the bottom and when we do get near the top, don’t have the true desire to punish the low and dominate the league. Our year is far from over, but we have just shown those around the top that we are still vulnerable.
  8. True. It’s not the loss, it’s the manner of the loss. Same as how we played vs North for a big chunk of the game.
  9. This is why we don’t trust them. Petty is far from it. Weird is far from it. Trac and Oliver have reverted back to selfishness. Gawn is a shadow of himself and an reckon Jackson provides better clearances for the team. fritta ducks before he even takes the mark. Was telling filth supporters at work we would lose unless we bought our A game and we didn’t even bring our F game. And we did nothing during the game to try and even bring it up to a C game.
  10. Thought the umps kept us in it in the first 3/4, they prob deserve the votes. Then Jackson then who cares
  11. The players preached this early in the year and that it doesn’t matter how many touches you get etc. Well ask Oliver and Trac about it again cos they are torching everyone all game. We are playing selfish crud football. Win or lose this from 3/4 time this must be stamped out over the break.
  12. 1964 Padron is a cigar and a very nice one at that.
  13. My other choice was Odeum, I like that horse but either way, I would have chosen a loser 😂
  14. Sweet deal just had no go, was in a great spot but had no extra gear.
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