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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Petty looks six weeks off it and I don’t blame him, I think we rushed him back. But he doesn’t seem to be marking the pill, that’s slightly worry8ng, he was always such a good mark.
  2. I wish he would sharpen his one brain cells.
  3. He deserves 3 weeks for sheer stupidity. How he hasn't learnt is beyond me and he either doesn't listen to the club or worse, the club didn't tell him to get that out of his game. Players adapt quickly to new rules and I said weeks ago he would do this and get a lengthy suspension.
  4. And the desire to use it and use it through gut running, the chase down was great and will be highlighted but his long runs to make space to be an option used or not repeatedly is what caught my eye and even then, everything was done at pace. He is tracking nicely.
  5. I was coming on here to write something similar, he shows good skills, goes at the ball and the man and has elite speed. Once this kid gets 10 games under his belt he will go up a few notches, another pre season, a tank and some size and we have a real weapon in the making.
  6. Sure he would have had a bag if he kicks straight… but how often does he? I mean I would have had a bag too if I was 25 years younger, A foot taller and any good at kicking goals.
  7. Gorgoroth


    I mean I figured we would have just stayed with Wentz, but Jimmy is a step up on recent form. But I also hope to never see him on the field other than when we have won the game so convincing that they take off the starters.
  8. Gorgoroth


    Jimmy G is a Ram…
  9. Gorgoroth


    The GOAT has retired… l’m devastated.
  10. Love them. Great to see I can now eat them guilt free knowing I’m supporting the club 😃
  11. Whilst I get what you are saying @Little Goffy I disagree to a point. If we went 5-1 then it works, use that until it doesn’t then swap him out with Salem and do similar. We under used Salem for years. Making teams alter themselves to try and nullify one of our strengths is what you want, then see who wins or ensure we have a back up play the players know to switch to. Ie start Rivs at Hbf and he pushes up and Salem drops back etc. Spreading the load is great in theory, but we don’t have enough good kicks behind the ball to spread it around. Gotta be flexible.
  12. I thought we wanted better goal kicking…
  13. Gorgoroth


    I liked Floyd, he was good for us, now he is a traitorous barstool who was only good cos everyone worried about AD99. 😂
  14. Gorgoroth


    Barkley to the Eagles Singletary to the giants Russ Wilson to the Steelers Josh Jacobs to the Packers who also get Xavier McKinney Pollard to the titans
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