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  1. Gorgoroth


    @DemonDave Donald has been in career best form pretty much. Tbh our D has been quite good, weakness has been the run defence and tackling. But you guys seriously carved our D up.
  2. Gorgoroth


    Tackling especially behind the line was putrid. Goff was super putrid and threw it to the most horrible areas. The gaps in the secondary could have put the titanic. The amount of long gains the niners did is a massive kick in the guts. And the fact it happened time after time in the first half is an indictment of the defensive coaches and McVay who left cover zero which the niners were using with glee. Another missed PAT mean slowman must be cut. Can’t continually do miss FG and PAT. Havent even hot Garropollo all night, Donald has been irrelevant. Niners
  3. Gorgoroth


    Rams, Ravens, Packers
  4. Well that was the worst I’ve ever done at a Caulfield cup/ Everest day. One third, four fourths, 3 which were photos. Not my day, got a few more that play out Tonight and tomorrow on Brownlow night so whilst I’m down now, hoping for Recovery. Hope you all faired better than me.
  5. @Diamond_Jim Russian Camelot is the fav, Arcadia Queen not far behind it, will see the field drop numbers over the next few days. There are def some good value for some of the other horses right now, but it’s all going to depend of weather and I think it’s rain/storms forecast this far out.
  6. It’s official. I hate Master of Wine.
  7. Starelle 6th, made ground but had to work so hard to get from out of the middle after it pushed up from second last.
  8. I’ve landed on MoW in the cup, still think Veery Elegant is the one to beat and will add in a multi. But I’m giving master of wine another backing.
  9. As some one who lives down the Geelong way and works down there too I hope the Lions slaughter them unless we are guaranteed for the tigers to slaughter them in the GF.
  10. Prob with nature strip and Veery is they have both shown patchy form leading up. Both could easily win or finish midfield.
  11. I agree. Ox would have been one of the greats of the entire AFL history if not for the injuries. I would rate him the best I’ve ever seen, even better than Flower. If he stayed healthy Carey wouldn’t be held in as high regard and Neitz would have been a multiple AA CHB.
  12. In to $7.50 with Front page being scratched. Rumour around is it’s me is not certainly to start either
  13. Yeah Nature Strip worries me, it will win or finish 6+ After last Run I’m worried about Master of Wine bht yeah, lot of good horses running
  14. Gorgoroth


    Interesting stat I read this morning @titan_uranus Players on IR Rams 3 Niners 13 Ouch
  15. Randwick race 7, number 5 Behemoth $9/3 EW 1.5kg lighter than the last race. If it gets a clear run down the last stretch it can power home. I’m bullish on it EW and reckon it pushes for a win.
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