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  1. Yeah I can be very hit and miss there. I tend to also trust certain jockeys more at MV than others.
  2. I’m on Friday too. Race 1 no 7 Prowling $4.40 W
  3. Yeah the two favs don’t interest me unless I have two others and add one to try and bump the odds up slightly. Zaaki wins. Can’t see it not. I like Artorius at $9. Ive backed Portland Sky a lot along the journey and will look it’s way again I think.
  4. But he doesn’t try to be. He even said that. He can’t replicate Weg so he does his own thing. I don’t care, I just want the win so I can hang one in the house.
  5. Gorgoroth


    Offence is good. I mean until it got wet Goff was moving the ball down the field quite well.
  6. Hope you come back Ash, you were a good egg for a bomber 😃😁
  7. Gorgoroth


    I’ve not seen any of the niners games this year but both Packers games, packers D needs to lift in a big way. Did Jones end up hurt, I saw him come off but don’t know anything else and he was on fire!
  8. Gorgoroth


    Bloody chiefs. Cost me. Rams host the Bucs this week. Can’t wait to watch this one!
  9. Aus post is cooked. Unless you ordered express don’t expect normal mail for 2-3 weeks
  10. How many of those were Richmond tho? They never polled well and neither did the Hawks iirc But they were both the better side.
  11. Yeah I googled that last week. 7+ is showing it and via PlayStation console which is nice. If not I’m screwed
  12. And that’s just another channel 7 dumb decision. I can’t get channel 7 where I am, if it’s not on 7+ through the PlayStation then I’m cooked.
  13. No, not at all. It’s smart. All I meant was he looked fluid and under no duress on that footage. See his kick in game and how much it was hurting him. I want to see footage of Bont turning at pace and not in an arc. I don’t think he can do a sharp turn at the min.
  14. Worst choice, he butchered it all game long. Did not deserve it.
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