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  1. I’m 40 odd minutes from Geelong and that paired with a 4am get up means I’ll miss a lot of home games. But such is the price of a nice country lifestyle.
  2. Early Last year I called him a tin can to some mates, by years end it was a runn8ng gag of what metal he was made of each week. This year he is titanium
  3. Don’t think that applies for this scenario, but with the MRP who bloody knows 😄 True, not sold on Petty, hasn’t had a real good run at it yet, but I reckon if they deem Weid or brown ready, the. Tmac back could be the go.
  4. Agree with all except sparrow. Half a game and had 5 tackles and seemed to be pressuring everyone.
  5. I can’t agree with those thinking Hawkins meant that. That was accidental. Onto other things I think Tmac to FB, Brown or Weid to FF.
  6. As some one that works in the Geelong area... Thank you Dees!!! Thank you!
  7. Goody needs to point out it’s raining and over handballing when not required is silly. We can and should win this. But as always we make it as hard as possible. Cmon dees!!!
  8. Anamoe killed it. Cascadian looked very good too. I was on the same two as you, also got Kiku and paulele early on. I flirted between Nature strip and Biovac and went the latter... seems every time I’m on NS it loses and when I go against it it bloody wins. 🤣 Had a photo with Grand promenade which ran quite well. Just couldn’t get there.
  9. Started the day of on fire, then went cold real quick. Both our choices didn’t salute but that’s racing. Hope you had a good day.
  10. In the 6th at Randwick Anamoe is fav, but lightsaber at $9.50 I believe is good value for a exacta/tri etc
  11. Let’s see if Jamie can dominate Randwick Race 10, #2 Macroura $6/2.25
  12. Sydney showing a heavy 9 at the moment, but weather looks ok Fri and Sat so hope it firms up a fair bit.
  13. I only wrote that cos I can’t remember his name 🤣
  14. You can say your ready for it, but Clarries loss of control mentally meant he did not deal with it at all. Getting frustrated and angry just invites every team to push the same buttons.
  15. I know it was only a BM64 or there about but with that turn of speed it will rise the ranks and do well, how high it goes, that’s the question. One to def watch for me. Mask of Zorro ran another good race yesterday too.
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