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  1. My initial reaction on the night was negative. Was hoping for George. I just have my doubts Jefferson’s body shape will build up to where it needs to get to as he appears too slight in the shoulders for mine. He can certainly mark it. Highlights of his school footy show him playing with a lot more presence when compared to NAB league and VIC Metro which is a positive. Tall players are much harder to find and are highly sought after so I guess picking one up at pick 15 they are going to come with some question marks. Certainly fills a glaring list need so I think this is the probably the right pick. If his body can fill out he could make it.
  2. Very happy with Hunter. Smart player who is always in the right place on the outside to get used. Thought in 2020 when we were all bees to the honey pot he was exactly the player we needed. Will be a great partner for Langdon. To get him for a F3 only is a fantastic deal.
  3. Just watched all his goals in the VFL - Looks an absolute beauty to me. Great set of hands. Can jump too. Kicked a large number of goals in general play. Good set shot kicking action. Decent agility. Good pressure acts and just stays involved in the play. Those shoulders are huge. He will be an absolute tank. Can already hear the ‘Rooooooo’ calls at the G when he clunks one. Crowd favourite for sure. Sign him up Go Dees
  4. Goes forward and within seconds (it seemed) clunks a beauty and shows them how is it done. That was a wow moment for me. He is a dead set gun.
  5. In: Harmes Out: Rivers Brayshaw back to the backline. Brayshaw granted had 38 touches but think we need to make the midfield all about Tracc and Oliver - like in 2021.
  6. My Bomber mates went real hard at me for years. Very predictably (was paying $1.01) they have put up the white flag since our premiership. I have been been biding my time and haven't baited them much at all lately. Come 10pm Friday night I just want to send one word through on the group chat.......owen Come on Dees make it happen
  7. Good win. Tough conditions. Definite danger game going in and I was always just hoping for a grinding win. Conditions made it tough to pack mark. We could not get that intercept mark in the D50 or a mark down the line. Took away one of our great strengths. Happy to just get the points. Bowey and Jackson were very impressive.
  8. Yes spot on. How good is our connection inside 50 these days. No more just bombing it like the old days.
  9. Read some of the article but won't watch the video. With so many players crook did Barrett ask Scott why they only made one change at selection?
  10. Great grab from JVR! Love that left foot pass to Kozzie from Deakyn Smith. Assume that is his opposite
  11. We deserve to be favourites for the 2022 flag no doubt. People often question will we have the hunger to go again. But I haven’t heard many people mention the belief the playing group must now have after winning the flag. This must be huge for us. Then there is also the pressure release of not carrying the weight of that flag drought. 2021 is only the start. Enjoy the ride
  12. Yes it could well be. Vaguely remember something coming up about it a few years back. Might be just poorly umpired.
  13. In regards to concussion the AFL need to stop rewarding players with frees that get hit high when they choose to lead with their head. Doggies will be in trouble if this ever comes in. Jack McRae free in the GF against Viney - in 3rd Quarter (centre clearance just after the Brown goal) was a prime example of this. McRae was low and just ploughed his head at Vineys knees to draw a free. Unnecessary risk to his head. If no free he would be less likely to do it.
  14. Anyone know the reason for 2 Fri night games in round 3?
  15. News reports starting with “Demon Premiership Stars……” - will never get sick of hearing that.
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