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  1. News reports starting with “Demon Premiership Stars……” - will never get sick of hearing that.
  2. Bombers at the G on a Fri or Sat night would be the best I think. Bombers will be talked up all preseason no doubt. Up and comer against the champs. Dogs at the G has less appeal to me. Lets play them mid year again.
  3. ANB - I was def in favour of the trade talk back to SA at the time.
  4. Board must have bought the story that they had 6 players crook leading into the prelim hook line and sinker. Well played Chris. Still trying to work out how they got so close to us in round 23.
  5. Given the Blues handed over pick 8 for Saad I wonder what they will end up giving up for Cerra. No way we could have really got involved here without trading out a few premiership players. No thankyou.
  6. I wouldn’t say I was hollow but I know what you mean. My real emotion was when we when we kicked 3 quick ones to close to within a point in the 3rd after looking nearly gone. And then the other 3 goals in a min at the end of the 3rd. These patches will be my ever lasting memories of day we broke the drought.
  7. Do you think he wants to be a defensive wingman the rest of his career? He must be looking at a 300k paycut if he stays.
  8. Good players don't come cheap and we will need to give up something to get this done. You need to give to get. Brayshaw to me is the one that has some currency and may look to seek opportunities elsewhere. He signed for 4 years on the back of good year in 2018. He is probably being paid as one of our top 5-8 players where in reality for the role he is playing he is more in the 15+ bracket. His next contract if he stays will reflect this. He has a call to make.
  9. Always been a fan of the Weid but his inabiilty to take those one grab marks has me worried if he will make it. Hope he comes good.
  10. Don’t think Gunston is a free agent?
  11. If Kozzie was eligible where do you think he would finish?
  12. IIRC Smith played on Cameron in the round 22 game last year at the Gabba Happy to see how he goes against the Cats. We know what Hibberd can do if we need to bring him back in for finals.
  13. Jason Taylor what a star - the bloke has had more hits than the Beatles
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