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  1. Stability is the key. I’ll be taking on board the advice given (if a voting form appears.....nothing yet).
  2. Kozzie will be good. Brings a lot to the table but what most pleases me is his kicking. He is near technically perfect on both feet.
  3. With what they bring I can easily see Bowey and Laurie being best 22 next year. Could be as early as round 1.
  4. Good draw. More positives than negatives. Hard draw coming home but would rather that the other way. Get the win loss ledger in the right direction early and build from there. Looks like we have finally got the right outcome around our Alice and QB games. After the Alice game we will have a minimum 8 day break into QB. Then we have the bye after QB. Floating fixture allows for some decent timeslots if we are showing a bit. Also I see the Bombers have to play down at Geelong (first time in 28 years I believe). They are really on the nose these days. Nice.
  5. Good. A low key round 1 game at home. Won’t be a big build up to this and I think it is best we have a low key preseason. Get the work in for sure but we don’t need to tell the world how good we are tracking. Less emotion, less fanfare, more winning.
  6. If we move to Casey full time it wouldn’t be to grow our supporter base it would be to give our club the best chance to win a flag. Pert/Bartlett are on the new base close to the G ticket and I hope it happens. But I just wonder if it doesn’t get up in the next few years maybe they or the next CEO/President might have to look strongly at Casey. Be an absolute massive call but maybe the sensible one given our current setup and ongoing endless search.
  7. Lockhart May Lever Salem Petty Rivers Langdon Oliver TMac Fritsch Weideman Harmes Pickett Brown Jackson Gawn Petracca Viney Int - Brayshaw, Sparrow, Bowey, Laurie Emg - Chandler, Tomlinson, Hibberd, Spargo
  8. Negative - On the road again Positive - We play two weeks in a row and we get a Friday night game ( telecast into VIC)
  9. I stumbled upon and watched the GWS draft night video. Some observations - - Clubs didn't enter selections via computer, they rang them through - GWS didn't rate Cox or Perkins in their group of players they targeted. They must have rated Reid. They were happy to get Bruhn. (could sense some dislike towards the Bombers) - Chapman was on their list but Freo took him. They then took Stone who they rated. - They were going to select Laurie with pick 24. When we picked him they did a trade with Collingwood for their future 1st pick
  10. Really like what I see and read about Laurie. That step he has reminds me of Sam Mitchell.
  11. We had plenty of options at 21 & 22 and I like what we went for - ZIP!!!! Exactly what we needed. Don’t see these guys as small forwards in the Kozzie mould at all. Will add to our mix around the midfield/wing. And both look excellent kicks. I like this very much.
  12. I believe have 5 spots to fill on our list. It looks to me like it will play out like this - 3 tonight (National Draft) 1 in the rookie draft 1 spot to remain open for the midseason draft
  13. Not sure this is either good or bad. I suppose you just have to hope that Pert and Bartlett know what they are doing. Jackson wanted him to be our next CEO. 2018 is certainly long time ago for everyone.
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