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  1. RFA in 2021 interesting Also got dropped from leadership group in 2019 Good player finds a heap of the ball. Would suit us. Hard to see us having the currency to satisfy.
  2. Didn’t think that much of him yesterday to be honest. Seems to just burst out of blocks and make it up as he goes Sam Frost style. Not sure that manic movement is what we need. Salem was awesome yesterday and really stood out with his composure and skills. Same with Rivers and these are the type of players we need not Saad in my opinion.
  3. I'd have him. Watched him last night. He is very outside and waits in space to get used as Landgon does. Fit perfectly for us. 4th club is a red flag but I believe Port very much wanted to keep him just North came up with a massive offer as they missed on everyone else they chased prior. Left Brisbane with not much form to return home.
  4. Haha Preuss does have some currency to the right club. GWS must be desperate. They could cough up something good - Jye Caldwell could be of interest to us if Viney/Brayshaw leave.
  5. He got dropped after the Carlton game - Media made some connection that he was supposed to play a defensive game on Cripps and Shaw didn't rate it. Assume they don't rate him defensively/team first attitude ect. He actually got coaches votes in that game. Assume only by Teague. To me he is the guy they Viney and Oliver would handball to after they gather the ball in close. He has a nice step and change of direction. I wouldnt give up much to get him but a swap of sorts with Tmac would work
  6. Essendon have offered him a 4 year deal. They want him. They won’t be letting him go unless they get way overs. I wouldn’t be getting involved.
  7. Send Tmac to North for Polec. Both contracted on good coin and on the outer.
  8. Saad would be ok but having to deal with Essendon on a trade I couldn't think of anything worse. Id rather leave it.
  9. Good to get back on the tier 1 grounds Great win - It was a tough week. Could have done without that last GWS goal. Was looking forward to a stress free last 30 secs. Not to be.
  10. List management nightmare. Guy on decent coin with multiple years left that can't get a game. Will have to pay some of his salary to move him on you would think.
  11. Goodwin said we need to be ruthless as a club. Jack Viney running around for someone else. Ruthless indeed. If so mixed feelings and anywhere but Essendon.
  12. Goodwin will be there in 2021 and I have faith he can turn it around. 2019 he assumed injuries put us where we were but 2020 has shown him otherwise albeit it has been far from a normal season. I think he will change his outlook. His ruthless comments showed he annoyance and I think he has set the scene for a few off season moves to raise some eyebrows. We desperately need to change our midfield mix and can see one of Brayshaw or Viney not being at the club. The Mac brothers will be shuffled off and Jones will retire. I hope we hold onto Harrison Petty, play him forward with Weid a
  13. Freo played with good system. We played with none. They made zero changes we made 7. We are spent. The season is a joke. Living in hubs, 4 days breaks, Dees travelling every game and playing on tier 2 grounds. The boys have had enough. They will look forward to getting back to their own beds. Be interesting to see our off field moves heading into 2021. List needs some tinkering and just wonder if we will trade out someone unexpected. We need to change our mix. I am going to back Goody in. Wake me up round 1 2021
  14. Out: Oscar, Jones, ANB, Smith, Wagner In: Kozzie, VDB, Hibberd, Lockhart, Bennell
  15. Played in the 2nds practice match last week so isn’t injured I’d be surprised if we saw him again this season. To me he has just the lacked physicality needed. Onto season 2021 with a solid preseason under his belt and hopefully we see the Harley of old.
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