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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Had nothing to do with the coach and everything to do with the effort from the players.
  2. Goodwin, great player but [censored] coach. He needs the sack!
  3. Would be surprised if Harmes left or we wanted him to. I am going to say he will sign a new contract. Just a feeling!
  4. Richmond are potential ‘Premiership Contenders’ according to Gerard Healy. I think he has said that at least 3 times on Foxtel during this match. What is he smoking? 🤣
  5. Think our fixture looks terrible. We have a bad opening to the season and a difficult run home.
  6. Garry was just doing his job. He was put in an awkward position. I think the show’s producer should be overseeing the 7 second delay to cut out offensive anti semitic slurs, not Garry Lyon. He may not have known what to say in response. Would any of us have behaved any better than Garry?
  7. Interesting to see that Harry Lemmey was considered a possible number 1 pick at the beginning of the year and then dropped off throughout 2022 until a strong finish playing in defence for West Adelaide.
  8. https://www.zerohanger.com/2022-afl-mock-draft-picks-1-20-first-edition-128946/amp/ They have us taking Phillipou.
  9. May go the pick before us. You don’t think we will take Phillipou?
  10. I don’t think WA is the problem. I think Peter Bell is. He just likes stealing our players. First Hogan and now Jackson. Hogan was a generational talent but after leaving us he became a not much. Maybe Jackson will also be a disappointment at Fremantle. They need to develop their own players instead of pinching ours.
  11. I think if it was a top 5 pick we would take best available. However, our drafting from 6-40 under Taylor sees him taking players that he identifies with certain stand out qualities. Pickett, Oliver, Jordon, Sparrow. I could go on. Other teams did not have those guys so high in the draft but were proven wrong by our drafting. I think we have to be looking for stand out qualities to know who we will take at pick 13.
  12. We are following the Melbourne tradition of going for left footers. Schache is a lefty too!
  13. Schache used to go to the school I worked at. He was not known for having a team first attitude. Was known for being a bit self involved.
  14. Given how bad our forward line was at times this year. I would just play Weideman and Van Rooyen up forward next year, if McDonald can’t get back. We just need tall marking targets, who can kick straight, to compliment our smalls.
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