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  1. Stupid award. Steven May 1 vote. 😂 Wines did not have his best year and did not deserve it. I think Clayton will win it sometime in the next few years. Hopefully that Marcellin chump Bont never does!
  2. Hopefully a Brownlow loss fires us up even more. Bontempelli will get a big head and so will all his Doggie mates!
  3. Can’t believe that [censored] Parish is polling so well!
  4. I shall definitely watch the match and probably go to Dan Andrews house (if we win) and paint it Red and Blue so that he can maybe absorb a little common sense, instead of being a Fascist who is ruining children’s education, destroying small business and stopping us from attending the match!
  5. Anyway I wrote to the club to demand a Demon destruction of the Bulldogs in response! Nothing less will do! Try to channel Will Minson’s cocky face a few years ago if you need incentive to bury them! These clowns have rubbed our nose in our losses frequently over the last 10 years or so!
  6. Well. They used to stand behind our Cheer Squad a few years ago and try to start fights whenever they were beating us. I have no love for the Bulldogs.They are just ruff!
  7. Some of them are filth! The first game I ever took my son to at the Etihad/Marvel a Bulldogs supporter king hit a Demons supporter much older than him, over a petty argument that had been started by his drunkenness. I asked him to leave the family area and he refused, in the minutes leading up to his cowardly punch. After their scummy attack on our Demons shrine in their territory, I want to bury the bastards in the Grand Final!
  8. Think Hunt needs to play, purely for his speed.
  9. Is this revenge for our darkest moment at Geelong?
  10. The message is that the AFL is not umpired by professionals. Make the umpires full time!
  11. Anyway for a country that is supposed to not take things too seriously there are far too many rules! The Poms are way more relaxed!
  12. Don’t get tribunals. What a waste of money paying stupid lawyers for this crap. Have a set ban and fines and it does away with all this nonsense which has nothing to do with AFL. Tribunals are an American idea and are just another example of Aussies adopting a poor model for doing things! Give him a standard 2 match ban amd let him play in the Grand Final. Stevic might be a complete pain for all we know!
  13. Yes. Clayton is my Brownlow winner. They may rob him because the Umps don’t love Melbourne enough. Rick Lever would have to be the equal best intercept defender in the league, along with that chunky bloke from West Coast. Stephen May is a beast defender. Max Gawn is easily the best ruckman! Jake Bowey should be best first year player. Trent Rivers best young defender in the League. Kosi Pickett, most unpredictable young player! Dogga Jackson, most country and complete all round ‘Aah Yeh’, Aussie bloke award in the league! Ed Langdon, most sophisticated and cultured player in the League. Angus Brayshaw, biggest fan of the Max Gawn Fan Club! Christian Petracca would have to get the award for being so big he would eat his whole family out of house and home! He might win the Brownlow too for being able to run through walls. Finally, Charlie Spargo gets an award for being as annoying as Stephen Milne for kicking sneaky, opportune goals but fortunately being a nice person, unlike Stephen Milne! No bias with these assertions!
  14. Finals are a completely different thing than home and away. Melksham, Weideman and Hibberd are all proven to perform at the pointy end of the year. I say Weideman for McDonald. Next year Smith could go to the forward line. He is a better forward than a back!
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