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  1. The Dons would be deluding themselves if they’re thinking they’ll be in contention in the next 3 years. They should be aiming at the draft and building a team to conTend in 5 yrs...
  2. Trump should be available soon...
  3. This... no surprise that the two most experienced outfits navigated CoVID season and junior upstarts to make it to the Grand final. in a season where teams couldn’t train, a decade playing together helps.
  4. Issue I'd have is you're data is heavily skewed by the players with Dixon, Hawkins, Lynch, Cameron providing their clubs with outstanding tall/small options and returns on them, in the past 2 years we're simply not had the tall (and small) talent. An area I think we're trying to address with Kozzie, and Jackson, with maybe Brown... going forward. Losing Hogan hurt.
  5. I disagree that we've been unable to attract quality targeted players (May, Langdon being the most recent successful examples). To your point though, in recent times we've chosen to keep our cards close to our chests during this period, until the deals are done and we've snared our targets. Contrary to your view, I find this Grandstanding by Carlton and Saint is reminiscent of North trying to snare Dusty (and others), it smacks of desperation, and is ill-considered given those deal can often fall through...
  6. Ahhh the joys of living in a social media “enhanced” world where players live inside a Fish bowl with the public scrutinising their every move... Do you think Wayne Carey, Garry Abblet Snr and Swartz had no demons To deal with, and never indulged in their preferred coping mechanism.. or two? But they did ok on the field, you could even argue it helped them... Jesse kicked 50+ with reduced games in the last season we made finals... has issues, yes. Would have him back in a heartbeat.
  7. Looks like "The Pharmacist" was doing a much better job at holding the Dons list together than he's been credited with... Lovely to see things coming apart.
  8. I heard the Saint Kilda CEO talk on the radio the other day and he said that the Saints were acknowledging and rewarding the support of their 2020 members by offering to upgrade (for no additional cost) to the next level of membership all members that renew their membership for 2021... I read Pert's email hoping for something similar, and was disappointed.
  9. Name a single radio or tv commentator that would not have Garry Ablett Snr in his top players of all time list? Just one, of the "many" will suffice... Weird angle you're working here.
  10. Such a stupid view to hold... Hall of fame players... without premierships Haydn Bunton Sr Roy Cazaly John Kennedy Sr (none as player) Tony Lockett Kevin Murray Bob Skilton And this was from the time when the rich clubs could buy the best players to add premierships to their names... And then there's those players in the cue to join the Hall of fame, including a player I rank as the best I've ever seen in Garry Ablett Sr... I reckon if your list of players you deem to be "not a true great." includes the above list of champions, it's ti
  11. When Goodwin traded our last quick player in Frosty our Defence got better. Speed is only valuable if used in the context of the game plan... My question on Hunt and his development this year is not about his speed or ability to kick goals, but his ability to complement and serve as a cog within the broader system Goodwins putting together. If not, like Frost, then trade him.
  12. I'd settle for 22 Std 20min (plus time on) per quarter games made up of 12 x 2:10 pm Saturday afternoons games at the G 1 x 2:10 pm Monday Queens Birthday at the G 1 x 7:10 pm Thursday ANZAC Eve Game at the G 2 x Friday night games 2 x Sat night games 4 x whatever whenever Like in the good Old Days...
  13. Those looking to exit Goodwin, would be wise to review the ten year journey of Damien Hardwick at Tigerland... (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richmond_Football_Club#Return_to_finals_(2013–2016)). Hardwick 2010 - 15th 2011 - 12th 2012 - 12th 2013 - 8th - eliminated first final 2014 - 8th - eliminated first final 2015 - 5th - eliminated first final 2016 - 9th 2017 - 3rd - Flag Notes on Richmond: prior to winning their first flag in 2017, the Tigers had not won a final. It took 8 seasons of consistent Hardwick coachin
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