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  1. I’d like us to start repaying 187 today, with interest... and venom.
  2. Daw appears more match fit than our returning forwards
  3. Given both BB and Weid, played less than a half, that they’re still a week or two off senior selection/match fitness...
  4. Thats really exciting Dr D!! We've gone from "very poor" to "average" to beating GWS with "3.5 quarters"... sounds like we're coming on beautifully, while beating everyone put in front of us... 😉
  5. only when they want to say they're involved but not committed (Thanks Picket)...
  6. The User Interface for the Ticketec system is lousey for the purposes (free club tickets) and can a bit of trial and error to generate a "sale" for the free tickets... be patient, re-read the club email, and keep trying... there is a way that works. See you at the game, it's gonna be a cracker!!! Go Demons
  7. In addition, and perhaps Jackson’s biggest asset, is he frees up Max to rest forward... loved Jack Vineys low hard kick into the forward pack and Max. It was considered and I suspect practiced by the forward (plus Max) group.
  8. Agree Lucifee, however without Brown and Weid, the extents to which we’ve “caught up” has been muted. in addition to the rule changes we also seem primed to fully benefit from the return to the longer game length that suits our fitness and conditioning, the shorter format being a major headwind for us last year...
  9. Clarry is a gun who’ll be a superstar when he can handle a hard tag.
  10. You mean the Hogan who left for Freo and is now at GWS. Good point...
  11. Bombay, we're 3-0, which means we have won every game, maybe the message is getting across...
  12. Yes scoring would have been a sweet response. I'd have thought he'd have had that attention previously, and it was predictable by GWS to do that to him, yet he seemed almost unprepared for it...
  13. I was concerned how effectively he was shut down by a tight tag, and how he lost his [censored] over it, instead of having cool confidence in his strategy to work his way through it... He's going to get tagged, and if he lets it's work as well as De Bore's job on him did, he'll be seeing it every week.
  14. With Saints going down to the hapless Dons, and the Blues towelling up Freo, I’m getting an uncomfortable feeling that beating both means little, and we may be in for a shock today... Gotta start well. Go Demons.
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