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  1. If Harmes has midfield aspirations, and there's no reason why he shouldn't, then he'd be wise to be looking at other clubs who would be more likely to give him those extra minutes in the middle. No doubt, with Brayshaw, Oliver, Trac and Viney on or signing long term deals and clearly being our premier midfield squad, Harmes won't get a lot of midfield time for years to come. Salt of the earth Melbourne man, but may be time for him to test himself at another club.
  2. The founder of our club (and the code) Tom Wills, spent time in Queensland, where he was involved in an attack on Gayiri people in Queensland, in response to the murder of his father. Hopefully nothing since then. Sad sad stuff.
  3. Grundy/Gawn will allow us to try Petty (and Max) up forward while being able to cover talls down back (while Turner comes in for Hibberd) for next few years.
  4. Will take a 2008esque performance for the Swans to win it… Beware the flaw of hubris, Geelong.
  5. Couldn’t have asked for a better result.
  6. Seems kinda fitting, and may be the last time we can sing it for a while… https://youtu.be/04854XqcfCY
  7. Cannot understand why you'd suggest retiring Hibberd and Melksham, two top-22 players in a potential Grand Final team, whom to date have not shown the wear and tear you'd retire them for. Put both on 1 year rolling contracts and suggest the young kids knock them out of the team if they can. Both could be top-22 for several years yet.
  8. I think Gill means by "oversold" that we are better odds of winning the flag than many rate us... I took his quote as an endorsement that we are the close to favourite but not noticed... yet.
  9. Are there any baby Hibbos in the nursery, now that we get first dibbs..?
  10. Was thinking that the team made a bold promise to us fans at the flag celebration day last year, when they committed to winning a flag on the G for us. That they have now delivered a Qualifying and subsequent finals at the G, means they have delivered on the first part and set them selves for the second part, winning through to the GF and Premiership. Kudos to the club for putting it out there and delivering. Love this club. Go Demons
  11. I like that we have TMac on the come back, and likely to be back for the finals. Often under rated as to his value and impact on our forward line. Gotta beat Lions, but with Tommy back we'll be ready to have a red hot tilt at September irrespective. And... imagine the glory of winning it from 6th..! :)
  12. I must have missed something, what are we doing to spiders?
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