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  1. With BBB, Salem and McAdam in, I’m looking for us to really connect forward of centre and dominate on the scoreboard. Hopefully this will allow us to reset and settle our offensive game so we can build cohesion for the rest of the h&a season. Looking for a 10 goal win with us keeping them to under 10. Go Demons.
  2. Given the volume of historical data on AFL player injury recovery times and ranges, these should be given next to a specific players estimated time to recover. would help educate… ie Turner - mild calf strain - 2-3 weeks (club estimate) - 2-6 weeks (AFL recovery range).
  3. Highly recommend Steven Colbert's - evening monologue for the latest crazy from the US political scene... Todays dose -
  4. The Dems didn't blow a gasket about the having sex with Stormy Daniels 10 years prior to 2016 election. They object to Trump ILLEGALLY breaching campaign finance laws to cover it up... Id have thought with your legal mind you'd be aware of this Red..?
  5. Fav game v Blues was back in 2004...
  6. I agree. Our defense/ contest game requires us switched on. Was more a point on what we lead with in terms of game strategy early. I think that for us to really complete our development of the offensive phase of our game we should be experimenting with starting with an offensive mindset early on, so as to stress test and develop that part of our game. We know we’ll defend well as it’s now in our DNA… but are we ready to see if our offensive overhaul is also ready to drive us to win games as well..?
  7. I think it’s fantastic and actual justice that Trump being put through it. The guy had an extramarital affair 4 month after the birth of his youngest son, and did some ILLEGAL things to cover it up when it broke after the Hollywood sex tapes dropped on his campaign in the lead up to the 2016 Presidential election. Not trivial. Political yes, he used devious and ILLEGAL means to catch and kill true stories about him being made public to deceive the US electors. such schaudenfreud… loving it. the guy is a creep and wannabe fascist. Rumour is he’s a massive Pies fan too… 😉
  8. I thought the Blues should have beaten the pies midfield and won comfortably given the outs of De Goey and Mitchell. Given they lost, it raises a big question for me about where they’re at? Are they too one dimensional? Can we shift our gears away from drawing them into a dour defensive arm wrestle from the outset ( which everyone is expecting) and come out aggressive and switched on in our midfield and offensive phases? Try to replicate Ali’s tactics vs Joe Frazier in the “rumble in the jungle” where Ali tried to knock ck Frasier out in the first… which failed and had him then adopt the “rope a dope” till late in the fight when Frasier punch himself out and Ali struck..
  9. Can we use this win to kill the phrase and argument “…. but if we play like that vs Geelong they’ll kill us.” Used by several on here to pour cold water on a regulation win vs a mediocre team, ie past couple of weeks. winners are grinners Go Demons
  10. Who called it on Harrison Petty! Go Dee’s
  11. Beat the Cats and we’re likely in 3rd spot..! so pumped!
  12. Harrison Petty to have a big game. Watch last week again and noted how he’s in the right spot, muffed a few shots but is really close to doing damage. Plus brings a defensive aggression to our forward line, ball to ground making space for Kozzie and the mids… looking forward to the game! Go demons!
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