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  1. You do know that rumour = "a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth."..?
  2. The Footy Gods were never going to let us have an easy comfortable finals, but I'm hoping the team have been hardened and motivated by the horror of the last week and are on for the first, of three, steps to redemption and the holy land. I'm visualising a energised and prolific Demons coming out tonight and putting a collective shiver up the spines of both the Lions and the Pies, while putting the Blues to the sword. Go Demons
  3. A related aspect to Maynards cowardly assault on Gus is the impact it had on us winning that final, and the impact it may have on us in this finals series. Both detrimental. So if the AFL is serious about stamping this out, they should be considering a "sin-bin" rule where if a player is concussed in a manner that is reportable then the reported player is removed from the playing field (subbed out) for as long as the injured player is... After that hit, Maynard should not have been able to continue to play in that game. The fact he did, while Gus didn't, was impactful on the team (Melbourne) that didn't break the rules (and spirit) of the game. Still fuming. Go Dees
  4. Give them another 25 years in the wilderness, and lets see how those figures hold up...?
  5. I'm confused as only 36 players are in their list of 44 in the squad...?
  6. Would North have any interest in Grundy? Goldy, is 35 and slow. Could we offer Pick 5, 16 + Grundy for Harley Reid..?
  7. Clarko said they’d (Norf) be up for a trade to build their list. In delightful Clarko speak, he pondered “how many no#1 draft pick have won a flag? …. Three”. So everything is on the table.
  8. This is a team designed not for this week, but the QF most likely vs Pies. I like it. Go Demons..!
  9. Epic game! Well done Aussie ladies!!! 👊💥👊
  10. The pie are strutting off… [censored]-a-hoop! Firmly in the “if it’s not Melbourne, then anyone but Collingwood.” Camp. the 2018 GF almost wiped the pain of the prior eeek/week.
  11. Love that we have an AA quality mid in Clarry, and AA quality ruck in Grundy coming into a midfield/clearance group that is already humming. We should be able to maintain the momentum for longer, and simply grind teams down with high quality intense contested footy for all four quarters. Feels like we’re very well positioned as the season turns toward the final straight. Clarry to have a monster game…
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