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  1. Weird and unexpected aspect of us sitting on top of the ladder…, is I don’t care about teams 5 wins below us playing for a slot in the final 8… used to really sweat that stuff, now it’s “meh” and 😃😃😃😃. hahahaaaaaaa Go Demons.
  2. Hogan is out of contract at years end, I believe... ;)
  3. I hope our boys can smell the blood in the water on Monday and act accordingly. Time for a 10+ goal win. Go Demons.
  4. Hey Andy, A suggestion that may help DL viability: that all Lifetime memberships end the day we win a flag, reset, as it will have been a lifetime most have been waiting... and in the post Flag euphoria, we're all bound to sign on for another "lifetime"..? ;)
  5. As usual, we are suffering due to the Key inability of all governments to make tough decisions beyond their next election. With CoVID, the Feds should have developed and communicated a plan and timeline as to when sufficient people will be vaccinated such that quarantine can be eased or removed... OR stated that Quarantine is here for good, vaccinations not really required and then proceeded to rapidly build medical grade quarantine centres etc... But choosing either path has issues, so they’ve chosen neither and we’re in no-mans-land with further lockdowns the inevitable and costly
  6. Maybe they should stop the season now, and award the Premiership to the team on top? 🤔
  7. Maybe Sam finds it hard to actually practice successful marking when paired up against May or Lever... at training. 😳
  8. No immanent WA election... all good.
  9. I found Dermutts "analysis" that, 'aside from 8 min in the first the teams were equal' was a bizarre negative spin to put on it. As we clearly jumped them, then held them to a losing position for the rest of the game... denying them their surges with amazing defence. Would be a valid spin if it was equal scores and pressure all game, and then we broke them in the last 8 minutes... Dislike Derm quite intensely...
  10. I'm in more familiar territory with the Demons tonight, low expectations, with a win pure bonus and a pleasant surprise given we're yet to click all over the ground this year, despite our win:loss ratio...
  11. "Half a league, half a league, Half a league onward, All in the valley of Death Rode the six hundred. “Forward, the Light Brigade! “Charge for the guns!” he said: Into the valley of Death Rode the six hundred."
  12. Agree, there’s work to stop them overlapping, or better coordination between them if they do overlap. I suspect it will just take time to gell.
  13. Only chance the crows have to beat us, given how solid our defence is, is to switch aggressively and try and move the ball quickly through the middle or non-dominant wing. Would risk exposing them to our counter punching, but the alternative of trying to move it along our preferred wing with May, Lever and Gawn set up to mark, is suicide by slow strangulation... Be a hard job coaching crow in this one... 😂😁 Go Demons
  14. I’d suggest that incident is the prime example of why Chandler was dropped, as I’m sure the coaches would have addressed that high long balls are primarily for the big boys, with the small s to be front and centre (unless you’re behind the pack and can see who’s likely and go if possible...). Experience issue for Chandler, and he’ll learn.
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