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  1. First goal: Petracca Norm Smith: Kozzie Most goals: Ben Brown Margin: 7 goals
  2. While Goody coaching us through to the GF warrants the accolades, what I’m loving are all the things in motion now to further improve us in the future… Things like giving the whole squad a taste of the GF build up and sense of inclusion, resigning Weid, trawling for Cerra, etc… He, and the club, are intent on building a dynasty, and one facet of our history that’s been overlooked with the focus on the 57 year drought, is that when we win one 🏆 we generally win several. very impressive by Simon and the club. Fingers crossed for Saturday, but should the gods not favour us, I’ll be content, as Simon has led us across the Rubicon and further good times await. Go Demons!
  3. Glad that was cleared up. Maybe that was why Eddie was keen to come to WA, and watch his investment at work..?
  4. So in this era of salary caps, equalisation and a supposedly "level" playing field in footy, how do the Doggies get an additional $300,000 in player payments on the field this saturday? Treloar's deal has us not only playing the Doggies in the GF, but also the 1.5 million (over 5 years) the Pies are tipping in to assist them... Not in the spirit of the game, i'd suggest. Funny at the time, less so now. Thoughts?
  5. Any chance we can get Freo to pay part of his salary going forward if he comes to us..? ;) aka Treloar at Doggies..
  6. Until the Blues appoint a coach, he'd be wise to hold off committing, especially if a Grand Finalist with the "Coach of the Year" is a possible alternative. A problem for next week.
  7. Uncharted water for me and the Demons, and after 50+ years, it will be a welcome surprise. I suspect I'll feel bulletproof, proud, optimistic and that anything is possible for the next 12 months. Thats what it always looked like for the other supporters whose teams won in. Go Demons.
  8. Given our ruck stocks are pretty solid at the moment, and for the next 3-5 years with Max, Luke and Bradke, and we appear to be in our premiership window, recruiting another prospective ruck whose unlikely to impact for 2-3+ years seems unwise, especially if we need to spend most of our draft capital to do so. I suspect he may drop down the draft order if only for the idea that a 70kg ruck has probable 20+ kg required to be added to be able to hold ground in that position... Trust our team will make the right call on Mac.
  9. Leave it alone. The premiership is won by winning the last game in September (against the second best team of the season). This win is scared, rare and special, and for every player, winning and performing well in this game will be the pinnacle of their career, and the realisation of something they’ve dreamed of since their childhood. So can we please honour the players who win this game with the premiership medals, and the legacy. The club that gets these 22/23 players to the final game get the cup and legacy. The club honours it’s list in many ways. On those who miss out, get close, should have been, but weren’t… that’s part of the drama of footy, and for every Nathan Jones there’s a Jake Bowey. Life is not always fair or flat or able to be made sense of, it’s an adventure with highs and lows. If our team of 22/23 players win us the flag next week, they will be immortalised for achieving something very special for the club and us. Let’s not profane that special achievement by trying to spread the awards so thin they become meaningless, or more tragically, ordinary. Go demons.
  10. Jack Viney looks primed and ready to deliver on two generations of desire to win this game, and his brand of hard, hard pressure and body work should fear no repercussions on GF day. Shall hunt and hurt Libba and pop up for three clutch goals from contested ball in forward line... plus digging it out to Trac and Oliver to run riot.
  11. New club, work on rehabbing his body over the preseason could work wonders for Jake. If he decides to move on, ok with it and thankful for that great goal vs Hawks to finish them in 2018. Much appreciated.
  12. Wait till you see him holding the Cup up next to Max (should we win)..!
  13. I don’t think you can play all four of those down back as we’d lose too much with only having two/three of Salem, Rivers, Bowey, Hibberd, Hunt… and Smith.
  14. AF do you see Petty, Tomlinson, Lever and May in same backline come 2022?
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