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  1. so Magpies paying 1.5 million for Treloar to play for Doggies..! fantastic.
  2. Reckon the whole exercise is an example of when to turn the box off and go for walk, come back when the results are in... they'd have us tuning in to the grass growing on the G it they could... Fight the power!!
  3. Another aspect of Williams wanting to, and now joining the MFC is that he’s an astute gauge of football talent and potential, and saw he could not only add value, but that there was sufficient talent there to go all the way. augers well
  4. Salem is the current player who most reminds me of Adem Yze... so maybe the new midfield coach can get the best out of him.
  5. And yet we played in the GF in 2000...
  6. Given we have three picks in this draft that all occur before we took Rivers last year, and the gun Rivers appears to be... I’m confident JT will find us some real value in this draft.
  7. He's a player who has a great boot, and whose delivery into our F50 will benefit massively from the addition of Ben Brown. I'd see him rotating with Trac and Melksham from Forward flank into middle, next year and beyond.
  8. Listening to Yze comments on our list, it was the lines a good collection of individual talents yet to gell as a system or team (paraphrased), that caught my attention. I think we have assembled the pieces/players, from which to construct a top 4 team, we now need to do it. Yze's role (and Goodwin's) seems to now be focused on bringing it all together into a team... team rules, game plan, culture, leadership, coaching all combining to delive a team. That Goodwin wanted Yze last year, shows he's been aware of the issue and challenge that he's looking for Adem to assist with. Rea
  9. No its not burst, and it is a worry. On freedom of movement, if I don't like my employer I can leave and find another employer. I don't see how we can deny professional footballers the same freedom. Player freedom mean clubs compete to offer the best program, facilities, support and culture to the player marketplace and they can pick. The period before the players become Free Agents, means clubs can reasonably reap their investment in the players they develop. The salary cap (and soft cap) are essential in restricting the few rich clubs from dominating the competition. I actuall
  10. Maybe its how we see things, I don't see an economy growing its employment (lowering the unemployment rate) by 2% over two years as a "stagnant" nor "inefficient". Its not running at full capacity, and there is an ongoing human cost which is unacceptable so we agree on that. Housing is a worry i agree, as soon as we closed the borders to new arrivals and foreign students we killed the golden goose of an ever expanding housing market (the bubble burst). So the question is when will a vaccine allow mass migration to recommence and foreign student to return..? my guess would be late 2021, s
  11. Hard to get a clear read on the media marketplace, as the past year has seen the emergence of more aggregation streaming platforms (Netflix, Stan, Apple, etc...) all looking to competing with Foxtel for subscribers, and Aussie Rules demands a premium in this context as it brings with it a very large and dedicated subscriber base. I.e. it's bankable.
  12. Rarely disagree with you AF on footy, but on the economy I think you're wrong. The Australian economy is well placed and will improve from here through 2021, and be back where we would have been in 2-3 years (i.e. forecast GDP, unemployment, trade, etc...). Data - https://www.rba.gov.au/publications/smp/2020/nov/economic-outlook.html
  13. With the addition of Ben Brown, Luke has the best learning environment and mentors for his development over the next 2-3 years, in each of those areas where he could grow and play... Tall forward - Ben Brown Ruck - Max Gawn Ruck rover/midfielder - Christian Petracca/ Clayton Oliver Add the coaches and opportunity to play in a team just starting to bloom into a finals regular (i know NOTHING is gauranteed), and he's in the best place he could be.
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