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  1. I think besides winning more AFL and AFLW Premierships the main priority for the Melbourne Football Club needs to be getting our home base sorted. Hopefully this matter will be addressed at the Melbourne Football Club's Annual General Meeting in a few weeks time? While it is absolutely wonderful that we have finally broken our Premiership drought after 57 years that doesn't mean we should rest on our laurels regarding this matter of a home base.
  2. Got my 2022 MFC Redlegs Membership in the mail today!
  3. Great to hear Ron Barassi has recovered! Looking forward to seeing Ron raise our Premiership Flag at Round 1 2022. It will be a fitting tribute to see him do that!
  4. Finally gotta photo with my Dad holding the Melbourne Demons 2021 AFL Premiership Cup today! Was a wonderful moment! Saw many other happy Melbourne Demons supporters with their families taking photos with our 57 year drought breaking Premiership Cup! It finally feels real! We are reigning Premiers! Go Demons! 😁👍🏻
  5. Imagine Patrick Dangerfield coming to the Demons in a last pitch effort to finally win a Premiership? That would be a huge news story! I doubt Patrick Dangerfield would do that though as I think he is very happy living down in Geelong.
  6. I know that this has been discussed before but I thought it was worth raising this topic again seeing as a lot of other AFL clubs are now allocating jumper numbers to their new recruits. From my understanding these are the 10 numbers currently available at the Melbourne Demons. 1) Number 2# (worn with great distinction by the late and great Robbie Flower, Stephen Tingay and the recently retired Nathan Jones) 2) Number 21# 3) Number 22# 4) Number 27# 5) Number 39# 6) Number 40# 7) Number 41# 8) Number 43# 9) Number 45# 10) Number 46# The following 6 players will need to be allocated numbers. 1) Luke Dunstan from St. Kilda Saints - Possibly numbers 21, 22 or 27? I reckon it will probably be number 21. 2) Blake Howes drafted from Sandringham Dragons - Possibly numbers 2, 21, 22 or 27? Maybe number 16 if Bailey Laurie wants to change him number and is able to get number 2. 3) Judd McVee drafted from East Fremantle Sharks - Probably a high number like 39, 40, 41, 43, 45 or 46 seeing as he is a rookie listed player. 4) Jacob Van Rooyen drafted from Claremont Tigers - Possibly number 2, 21, 22 or 27? It would be good to give a tall player number 2 for a change. Although I actually think number 27 would suit him. Worn by Sean Wight and Anthony Ingerson in the past. 5) Taj Woewodin drafted from East Fremantle Sharks - Being the son of Shane Woewodin, the 2000 Brownlow Medalist and having his Father's number 22 available for him to wear makes sense. However, Taj may not want that kind of pressure on him by wearing that number. Anyway, I hope he does choose 22 for the sake of tradition. But I am not fussed as to what number he wants to wear. 6) Andy Moniz-Wakefield drafted from Northern Territory Thunder - I think either Neville Jetta's number 39 or Matthew Whelan's number 45 would suit him appropriately. However, we will wait and see what number he receives. I expect it to be a high number seeing as he is a category B rookie.
  7. Who do you think is going to win the Keith "Bluey" Truscott Trophy tonight and be declared the winner of the 2021 Melbourne Demons Best & Fairest in a Premiership year? I reckon it would have to be Clayton Oliver. That's my very confident tip. He was the most consistent player the whole year. My top 5 is as follows... 1) Clayton Oliver 2) Christian Petracca 3) Max Gawn 4) Jake Lever 5) Christian Salem Anyway, it should be an enjoyable evening as I think the Melbourne Football Club is live-streaming the event?
  8. I wouldn't mind the Demons chasing Tim Taranto from GWS. Apparently he used to be a Melbourne Demons supporter as a kid.
  9. Finally got my tickets booked in to see the Melbourne Demon's 2021 AFL Premiership Cup with my 72 year old Dad on the weekend of the 18th and 19th December and take some photos. Gonna cry a little...but only tears of joy! It will definitely be an emotional experience for me and my Dad. 😭 The fact that we have survived 57 years in the wilderness before finally breaking our Premiership drought is absolutely incredible. Just being able to survive as an AFL Club in 2012 and 2013 was an achievement. I am glad that we finally have those dark days behind us and we can hopefully look forward to more sustained success and further Premiership glory!
  10. No worries. Thank you! I have booked in tickets for me and my Dad to go there over that weekend at the Australian Sports Museum and take photos with the Melbourne Demons' 2021 AFL Premiership Cup!
  11. Sadly never got to see the 2021 AFL Premiership Cup on Sunday. Does anybody know if the Demons Premiership Cup tour in continuing? Ideally in metropolitan Melbourne around either Glen Waverley or perhaps Blackburn? I just want to take my Dad to get a photo with it. My Dad isn't as mobile as he used to be and it would be a very special memory to get a photo of my Dad and I holding the Premiership Cup together. I may need to speak to the Club about it.
  12. Had a great time yesterday. Fantastic to see so many Melbourne Demons supporters! We didn't have to worry about winning or losing. It was just a big party! It was a bit of a joke and a laugh when I said to one fellow Demons supporter while waiting in line to get a coffee at the start of the 3rd quarter that things looked grim....do you think we will come back from here? 😂 Saw David Neitz and gave him the thumbs up! 👍 He's still a great bloke! Gotta love big Neita! My face got a little sunburnt even though I was wearing a hat. A bit of a mystery how that happened?! Took the train in with my Dad. Sadly we got there too late to get a photo with the 2021 AFL Premiership Cup. It had just left the Premiership Cups display when we arrived there. My Dad is 72 and has health issues so I can't really rush him to do things. Hopefully, I can arrange with the Club for another time to get a photo with my Dad and I holding the 2021 AFL Premiership Cup.
  13. I don't have the link, but I had friends show me videos on Tik-Tok (some social media video thingy) showing Luke Jackson training very hard with a personal trainer while he is currently over in Perth.
  14. Hope the great Ronald Dale Barassi and his Wife recover quickly. I also agree that RDB should unfurl the 2021 Premiership Flag at the Demons first home game at the MCG. It would be a fitting tribute. In place of RDB while he is unwell, I would actually like Hassa Mann as a remaining Demons Premiership player from 1964 and/or Nathan Jones to present the 2021 AFL Premiership Cup.
  15. I think Tom Sparrow should keep jumper number #32. Make it his own I reckon! Anyway these will be the ten jumper numbers available next year for new five Demon recruits. #2 #21 #22 #27 #39 #40 #41 #43 #45 #46
  16. I have been very pleased we somehow got Blake Howes with pick #39 in the Draft. It was basically a fluke that he slipped so far down. He was easily rated in the top 20 to top 25 players from what experts have said. So basically the Demons won a Premiership and still got two top 20 players in this year's AFL Draft in Jacob van Rooyen and Blake Howes. You gotta be happy with those results!
  17. I think Nathan Jones should decide what happens with highly esteemed number #2 jumper. Personally, I like the idea of Bailey Laurie getting number #2 as he used to wear it with the Oakleigh Chargers and number #16 hasn't been too lucky for Bailey so far with his injuries in 2021. Otherwise, either Jacob van Rooyen or Blake Howes could be worthy recipients of the number #2 jumper. One final cheeky suggestion is to wait until Tim Taranto leaves GWS and offer it to him when he comes to the Demons! 😁
  18. The Demons have definitely been keen on recruiting a few East Fremantle Sharks players recently! Luke Jackson Trent Rivers Taj Woewodin and now.... Judd McVee!
  19. If we can get at least one of those players you listed at pick 38 it would be wonderful. Especially, either Sam Butler, Judson Clarke, Toby Conway, Arlo Draper, Josh Goater, Blake Howes, Matthew Johnson, Mitch Knevitt, Matthew Roberts, Tyler Sonsie, Zac Taylor, Corey Warner, Jack Williams or Cooper Murley. I would be particularly over the moon if we are lucky enough to draft one of these 14 draftees.
  20. Fox Footy AFL Phantom Draft 2021 has the Demons picking Blake Howes with Draft pick #19. Other options are Campbell Chesser, Tom Brown, Darcy Wilmot and Sam Butler. Here is the link about it: https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/draft/afl-phantom-draft-2021-phantom-mock-draft-afl-2021-fox-footy-predictions-news-analysis-draft-order-hawthorn-fremantle/news-story/aa71fa4c430c71ed4483f7b36f441086
  21. It's certainly a weird feeling about this year's AFL National Draft. As a Melbourne supporter this is usually the highlight of the year with a top Draft pick! Especially as it would be due to having finished near the bottom of the ladder after another poor season. Now it's a bit of "shrug your shoulders" occasion due to being the 2021 AFL Premiers! What a luxury! Oh well, it's nice to not have to worry about hoping we get a top 5 Draft pick who will help turn around our Club. I remember many years ago watching the 1997 AFL Draft when it was on Channel 7 and we had the number 1# Draft pick that year and recruited Travis Johnstone from the Dandenong Stingrays! Nevertheless, I will still watch the 2021 AFL National Draft though as I do enjoy it. But I won't need to be stressed about it as I much as I have been over years gone by.
  22. For those interested, here is the video highlights package for Blake Howes.
  23. Far out! It's sobering stuff! We are so far behind every other AFL club due to not having a proper home ground (besides the MCG). It's an utter embarrassment. Besides winning more AFL Premierships as well as AFLW Premierships, the number one priority of the Melbourne Football Club needs to be getting a Home Base sorted. No more excuses. This must be paramount for the Melbourne Football Club Board to rectify and we as Melbourne members and supporters must demand that this matter is resolved!
  24. Got my tickets sorted for me and my Dad. Up in level 4 which is annoying. But I didn't get time to log in at 2:00pm due to work commitments. I also donated $10.00 to the Red & Blue Foundation. I think that just goes without saying to contribute a bit to the Club seeing as the tickets are free. I am genuinely excited about this event! I just gotta make sure I arrive at the MCG nice and early to get a photo holding the 2021 AFL Premiership Cup! I cannot wait to celebrate our 57 year drought breaking Premiership with all of the rest of you fellow Melbourne Demons supporters!!! GO DEMONS!!!! WE ARE PREMIERS!!! WE ARE NUMBER ONE!!!
  25. I will rate my top 5 goals of the 2021 AFL Grand Final in order. 1) Clayton Oliver's in the third quarter - Bang! Bang Bang Bang! Loved how he celebrated with his finger pointing to the crowd! We were on our way to winning the Flag then! 2) Christian Petracca's in the third quarter - That freakish bouncing goal from the boundary line! It was brilliant! Thanks also to Kozzie for the timely shepherd on Josh Dunkley! 3) Bayley Fritsch's 2nd goal in the third quarter - The attempted mark and then the cat-like poise to crumb the pack and kick a momentum shifting goal! It really got the crowd jumping too! 4) Angus Brayshaw's goal in the third quarter - The incredibly courageous diving mark and the clutch goal that needed to be kicked and was. It was very much awe inspiring and I loved how pumped he was after kicking that goal! 5) Tom Sparrow's goal in the third quarter - Was a great goal from outside 50 metres and was also excellent work by Tom McDonald to shepherd his Bulldogs opponent over the goal line so the goal could go through without being touched! But yeah, the third quarter was probably my favourite when it came to amazing goals. It isn't called the Premiership quarter for nothing! It really was unbelievable!
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