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  1. I am a bit annoyed that in the year that these new rules come in that we will probably miss out on Mac Andrew. Why have a Next Generation Academy (NGA) if we can't use it to our advantage? The Bulldogs got the 1# draft pick out of it last year! Anyway, no point whinging about it....but I would definitely ask the question to the AFL as to what benefit does it serve AFL Clubs to unearth talent if we cannot get first priority for these NGA players.
  2. Exactly! There are a lot of Melbourne haters out there. The only way to shut them up is to win! I have been quite pleased with Gary Pert as MFC CEO so far.
  3. In some ways this is an end of an era and a little sad, it was certainly nice for the Melbourne Football Club to own pubs/clubs. I have been to both the Bentleigh Club and the Leighoak in the past, but I understand that this was a prime opportunity to get into a strong financial position. Setting up a "future fund" is crucial for the long term survival of the Melbourne Football Club. Let's hope we can now focus on striving to win Premierships and getting our training and administration base built near Gosch's Paddock.
  4. Hold your horses! Let's hope the Demons win the Grand Final first! As for possible Norm Smith medalists take your pick from Clayton Oliver, Christian Petracca, Max Gawn, Jack Viney or Jake Lever.
  5. 57 years represents how much pain, humiliation, misery, suffering and disappointment we as Melbourne members and supporters have had to endure. Basically a life time of frustration. We nearly got merged out of existence in 1996. We also nearly became bankrupt a few times. I am sure we all remember Jimmy Stynes' "Debt Demolition" campaign. Then there was the embarrassment of the "tanking" allegations. If we weren't called the Melbourne Football Club and the oldest Football Club (established in 1858) we would probably not have had the resilience and the luck to still be around. We all want Norm Smith's curse to be lifted and for our Premiership drought to finish. Please hope that the drought finally ends in a flood of tears of joy. It is about time that the fortunes of the Melbourne Football Club change for the better. 1964 was many decades ago and fresh Premiership success is well overdue. It is time for this new batch of Demons players in 2021 to write their own history. GO DEMONS!!!
  6. Nathan Jones will retire as one of the most loved players to ever represent the Melbourne Football Club. He was totally inspirational and I am so proud that he was able to play over 300 games for the Demons. Nathan Jones was incredibly loyal and you need to honour and respect that he never turned his back on the Melbourne Football Club. He stuck with us and endured all the pain, heartache and humiliation that we as Melbourne members and supporters have been suffering for many years. I will genuinely miss watching Nathan Jones play. But I am glad that he as a former Captain and leader of the Melbourne Football Club is leaving the Club in a better place than when he started. We must never forget that Nathan Jones personifies the struggles we have faced for many years in the wilderness with the Demons. Nathan Jones was one of the reasons I would turn up to watch the Demons play because I knew that he would always give 100% effort on the field. When we as a Club were an absolute basket case and a joke to the rest of the AFL it was Nathan Jones flying the flag and doing his utmost to help the Demons win against the odds. Seeing Nathan Jones kicking that goal against Geelong in the 2018 finals series was sheer exhilaration. I remember the entire MCG erupting in celebration! To me the colours of red and blue aptly suited Nathan Jones as he gave his blood (red), sweat and tears (blue) to help the Demons. I hope that the Demons players find inspiration from what Nathan Jones has done for the Melbourne Football Club and they realise that you MUST take your opportunities when they are presented to you! The game of AFL can be ruthless and you can go your entire career playing in a crap side and not making the finals. But if you are determined enough and you have a good team around you that plays for each other and you are willing to win no matter what then you may be lucky enough to achieve success. There are quite a lot of similarities between Nathan Jones and Robbie Flower in missing out in the ultimate success. Nathan Jones got to play finals in 2006 (at the start of his career) and then again in 2018. I won't say that he played in finals in 2021 but he was definitely part of the support team. Robbie Flower on the other hand only got the chance to play finals only once in 1987 and as we all know that ended in immense disappointment with Hawthorn kicking that goal after the siren. It was a tragic ending for a club champion who deserved so much better. It is definitely a shame that Nathan Jones never got the opportunities to play in the current finals campaign in 2021. But I hope that his teammates realise that your career in football is all about chances and opportunities. I wanted more than anything to see Nathan Jones win a Premiership and hold up the Cup on Grand Final day! Nobody deserved a Premiership as much as Nathan Jones (and Robbie Flower) for the Demons. Thank you Nathan Jones. You were a magnificent servant of the Melbourne Football Club and I hope that your teammates can do you proud and win a Premiership in a few days time. We love you Nathan Jones and you will always be in the hearts of all Demons members and supporters.
  7. Not really fussed about a Brownlow Medal. If Clayton Oliver, Christian Petracca or Max Gawn win one it would be nice. However, I would much rather prefer them with Premiership medallions and one of them winning a Norm Smith Medal though!
  8. I am very excited about Kozzie Pickett and his enormous potential. That goal against St. Kilda earlier in the season was freakish! Let's hope Kozzie plays well in the Grand Final. I am sure he is keen and determined to show off his talents on the largest stage possible, which is the Grand Final. Hopefully his Uncle, Byron Pickett, the 2004 Norm Smith medalist, has a few wise words for him about how to play well in a Grand Final too.
  9. Agreed. I hope that this happens eventually. I am sure there are many others who would love to see a statue of Robbie Flower at the MCG.
  10. I am already feeling nervous and anxious. Got 2 weeks to go! I just wish this was being played at the MCG! I would have been there with my Dad. As embarrassing as it sounds, I will be crying at the end of the Grand Final if we win or if we lose.
  11. A Demons supporter since 1948! Wow! You have seen 7 Premierships. Impressive stuff! I wish you all the very best in obtaining a ticket Bobby. You should definitely consider writing an email to the Melbourne Football Club too and tell them about your current plight. Good luck and I hope you can find someone out there who can give you their membership number.
  12. I get the impression from Mark Knight's cartoons that he has quite a bit of contempt for the Demons. However, I do like the humour though. Notice the bloodied cat's tail on the antenna of the Range Rover? Hahahahaha! 😂
  13. Happy Birthday to Garry Lyon. Still a bit of a grumpy bugger! I remember you certainly weren't in the mood when my Dad asked you to sign my Melbourne jumper at the MFC family day back in the late 1990s. Hahahahaha! 😂 You were a great player though and a loyal Demon. Not to mention a great friend of the late and great Jimmy Stynes. Not a bad career highlights reel here!
  14. I had a very polite PM asking if I had a spare Grand Final ticket. That's fine by me. Unfortunately, I have given away my Grand Final tickets to WA friends who I have known for many years and adopted the Demons as their Victorian team well before 2021. While, I understand Demonlanders getting annoyed with new people wanting Grand Final tickets, I would ask any new WA people wanting Grand Final tickets to only PM those who say they have Grand Final tickets available and to be polite and respectful. Priority should go to family, friends, genuine Melbourne members and supporters and then lastly those who are willing to wear red and blue and barrack for the Demons at the Grand Final.
  15. Great stuff! That brought a big smile to my face! 😁 We definitely know Ron Barassi is fired up! However, I can imagine if Jimmy Stynes and Norm Smith were still alive today they would definitely be excited and wearing red and blue scarves proudly supporting the Demons. I am hopeful the MCC eventually put up a statue of Robbie Flower at the MCG. I think its about time to pay tribute to him.
  16. The COVID-19 lockdown has been tough here in Melbourne. I am sure we are all well and truly sick of it. I am hopeful there will be some semblance of normality next year? Fingers crossed. Anyway, I will definitely make sure I get a MFC Redlegs membership with reserved seating for me and my Dad next year. That way if the Demons are fortunate enough to make the Grand Final again, but this time at the MCG, I can take my Dad to the Grand Final. My Dad is 72 and I want to make sure I share a few more special memories together while we still can.
  17. I am unsure which former demons live in WA? I like the ideas of it being Shane Woewodin, Jeff Farmer (if he is back in Perth?) Ken Melville or even Garry Lyon. I understand the criticism of Garry Lyon. He is a grumpy bugger! But he has that connection with Jimmy Stynes which is quite important. No matter what you can tell Garry Lyon still loves the Melbourne Football Club. I doubt Neale Daniher or Ron Barassi will be able to make it across to WA due to quarantine restrictions unfortunately. Anyway, this is all hypothetical at this stage. We still have to get the job done first and be lucky enough to win the Grand Final against the Bulldogs.
  18. It will certainly be interesting what design Mark Knight does for the Demons. I have also been a fan of the old classic WEG posters. There's so much history and tradition about them all with that unique WEG cartoon "style".
  19. Fantastic news to hear about Jason Taylor. He certainly has an eye for picking good recruits! May he continue to do an excellent job spotting young talented footballers for the Melbourne Demons!
  20. Maxy has come a long way for a skinny tall kid from Ormond having a cheeky dart (smoke) on the way to footy training at the Demons.
  21. We definitely need to thank MFC National Recruiting Manager Jason Taylor. He has done a wonderful job so far!
  22. The top 2 teams remain for the AFL Grand Final. If the Demons are good enough they will win. You need to beat the best to be the best.
  23. I have a question. I am a Melbourne Demons Redlegs Member and I have a reserve seat at the MCG. Due to me being a Redlegs Member do I receive priority to purchase an AFL Grand Final ticket? Or does that cost extra? I wanted to give my ticket barcode to a friend of mine who lives in Perth.
  24. I am hopeful Steven May will be ok with a bit of rest. The "bye" before the AFL Grand Final may actually be a blessing in disguise? Have watched the highlights of the game a few times now. Max Gawn was unbelievably freakish in the things he did as a ruckman. It is definitely a surreal feeling watching a Melbourne team playing so well. Anyway, the job's not done yet...
  25. Completely different set of circumstances comparing what happened 10 years ago to now. All I will say is that Geelong players and supporters will be having nightmares about Max Gawn for a while.
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