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  1. I hope they give Sparrow, Jordon and Harmes good minutes in the midfield tomorrow. Clarry has virtually had no body contact all pre-season due to his shoulder ops, and we need him cherry ripe for round 1. It'll definitely be a second tier starting midfield with Brayshaw and Viney to miss and Oliver will be in limited game time.
  2. I quite like having Brayshaw. I see him as a back up, if one of Petracca or Oliver requests a trade in the near future. As mentioned last year, Carlton and Essendon have shown strong interest in Oliver and will have another crack at him this year. Brayshaw may not be a star like the other two, but when playing as an inside mid he is very good.
  3. This is a training thread gents... not a new rule changes thread. Let's keep on track yea?
  4. @george_on_the_outer was Harmes at training today? and if so, did you see what group he was training with? thanks.
  5. Kobe wasn't noticeably different to Kossie and Spargo he's definitely 170+ when I saw them all standing next to each other. I have to say though... as much as I love the fairytale of a Farmer dominating our forward line. I just can't see it in Kobe. He just doesn't have elite attributes for a player his size. He was very tentative at training. If he has any chance at landing a spot on our list he needs to give it all his got.
  6. Hello dworship, I could tell he was a demonlander tragic like myself. I'm pictured here with the red cap by jeff's elbow. Hopefully i'll get to know some of you die hard supporters like myself in the future.
  7. He wasn't doing anything up forward last year so he probably needs to go back to the midfield to reinvent himself, even though we're already stacked in the midfield with players of his size and ability.
  8. Unfortunately I have to head back up to the border today so it will be up to others to continue with the reporting. But from what i've seen Tmac will play forward, Petty down back, Hunt I didn't see which group he was training with but he looks in really good shape I think he'll be a regular this year. Harmes was unsighted but I presume he will be a mix of forward and mid. AVB was training with the mids and Jackson was everywhere playing forward, back and doing stints with the mids Jacko could be anything... such a versatile player. In terms of positional changes I noticed Melksham with the mi
  9. Mainly with the Backs. But he played forward on occasion. I think he'll be our Mr. fix it if we are down on key talls.
  10. I arrived down at Casey (God's Country) around 9.15am and stayed until 11.30am. The players began with forward 50 entries, they were about 60 out and delivering it to leads near the goal square and forward pocket focusing on low bullet entries and then switched play to kicking out of forward line. Chocco was leading these drills and lead most of the drills all morning for the main group. Rehab we had Hibberd, Pickett, Brayshaw and Lockhart. Hibberd did the least of the group so he seems a fair way off, whatever his injury may be. Vanders and May joined the rehab group later in the
  11. At long last... a training report! Thank you for making your way down to "god's country" LH, and a good first up training report. Hopefully many more to come! I'm thinking of heading down on Monday to see the boys in action and take a few pics for us die hard supporters.
  12. This must be Vanders first pre-season in about 4 years not starting in the rehab group. Hopefully he and Nietschke will have uninterrupted pre-seasons this time around.
  13. I've been doing pre season reports for the past 5 years and it's usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday... starting at 9am but usually the players are out there by 8.45am getting taped, applying sunscreen, warming up.
  14. Lazy journalism... this article was done last year with minor updates. They couldn't even be bothered to update the games played with Jones. I believe he's currently sitting on 294 and Oliver is on 99 games not 82 as mentioned in the article.
  15. Absolutely he will. He's been gifted games for 2 seasons now with very very minimal output. We need to bite the bullet and give our former champions the title of '300' seeing as we only have Neitz who has achieved that milestone, and we're the oldest football club in the world. I know it's not the right way to go about it, but at the end of the day, no one can say Jonesy didn't deserve it... winning 3 club best and fairest and leading us through our darkest times as a club.
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