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  1. I would like to see Harmes do a tagging job on Parker. By all reports, Parker has been their most damaging midfielder this year. Stop him and we'll go along way in getting first touch from clearances.
  2. Some players don't like having contracts hanging over their heads. They don't like the pressure it adds to their performance. Then journo's start writing articles and speculate why said person hasn't signed on etc. Better to sign early so you can just focus on your training and football and forgetting all that Fugazi.
  3. No DH policy at Melbourne for a while now. He just cost his club $20k for getting De goey to grab his phone for him. So a NO for me.
  4. I would say he's been given a significant pay rise seeing as he has been nearly best on ground in every game this season. It doesn't surprise me if he has now signed on with GWS. Credit to him.
  5. Tone it down LN. Your ego is writing checks your body can't cash...
  6. You know what I'm disgusted in some of the posters on this site namely @dazzledavey36and @Lord Nevwho like to pot other posters when they're trying to provide information to this group and they have nothing better to do than try and bring us down. And yet they provide next to nothing of their own. When was your last training report either of you? which one of you has driven 5 hours just to update their fellow Demonlanders. You blokes need to take a long hard look at yourselves. Disgusting behaviour.
  7. Not at all Deefiant, the fact that I heard this information between 5 senior coaches and one of them being adamant that he wanted out is no skin off my teeth. I was given information at that time and I reported it to my demonlanders... if people want to throw judgement on me for that than I believe it is more a poor reflection on them than it is me.
  8. Dazzle you talk more nonsense than anyone on this site so I wouldn't be throwing stones if I were you.
  9. Richmond really are poor losers. They played dirty all game targeting players all night because Melbourne were owning them in every facet of the game. I'm so glad we gave it right back to them. Even Martin couldn't handle the heat that Hibberd gave him and called it quits. Cotchin I didn't even notice was playing... he is one the most overrated footballer's in the game.
  10. Welcome to Hell! We are playing like ferocious Demons!
  11. Merely stating the coincidence that both Jordon and Jordan's player number was #23 but as you said this is a pedantry page...
  12. Nietschke, Fritsch and Bradtke I've noticed for some are hard to get right. Ironically Jordon is wearing number '23' which was made famous by Michael Jordan.
  13. You do realise both those places are not strong football communities and those clubs have been established only 10 years ago. Not a very solid argument you're making here. Try and do better mate. I would be more than happy to provide the source to you but seeing as I can't find the article which was posted only a few weeks ago, perhaps someone else can provide it for you. I know how you love sources... I'm sure someone else can back me up here having read that article so I can assure that i'm not making this up. Really? I had no idea. So every player is playing on weeke
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