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  1. I hope we get Van Rooyen. With Woewodin jnr coming through as midfielder as a late pick, we should look at drafting a key forward. some have said Josh Rachele could be another option, but we already have Laurie with similar attributes and skill sets IMO.
  2. Same here. I went down to training several times this year and you notice this kid has something. He would lap players at training. Just and endurance beast like Langdon. We have Chocco, who is the best at developing young players so watch this space.
  3. I'm happy with Melk staying. He's a good leader for the forward line and is a nice back up option if any of our half forwards have long term injuries. I mentioned before that we have already let a lot of experience go in Jones, Jetta and Vanders with 500+ games so it's important to keep these kind of senior players like Melk to drive the standards and help the young kids coming through. It may be a long shot but I hope he can play 100 games for the club. He needs another 17 games.
  4. Selwyn is taking Burgo's role. He's been following him closely all year and knows all the planning and structures in place to keep the players in top condition. Apparently the players will be even fitter next year as we peak in fitness. Selwyn was a former sports and conditioning coach at Brisbane, so he's not new to the role. He also has an Osteopathy background.
  5. A lot of change afoot. I didn't expect to see 6 list changes so far, with more on the way with Melksham possibly leaving. Is Baker and M.Brown safe? It'll be a very interesting come trade period. Lots of opposition players will be trying to get to Melbourne now. Finally a destination club! Not happy with the Lockhart delisting. He's a good player!
  6. I can't argue with that. But I still have a bad feeling that we are letting go of too many experienced players. Jones, Jetta, Melksham, possibly AVB and Weideman. These are all guys who have been at our club for over 6 years and more, and we aren't exactly stocked with great draft pics to replace them. Even if we bring in new players from other clubs, they will still take time to adjust to the system as we've seen in cases with May and Brown arriving at the club and how poor their fitness and standards were. Melksham and Weideman need to be retained IMO.
  7. Majak I believe they will retain. I heard Goody mention earlier in the year that he is a multiple year proposition for us. Mitch Brown is a tough one. He's a handy back up but he's also 31 or nearing it. I guess it depends on whether Weideman wants to go or not.
  8. I feel like we will lose too many experienced players in our team if Melksham goes. Jones has already retired, Jetta will probably go with him and if Melk goes that's almost 650 games worth of experience walking out the door. We need these leaders there to drive the standards for the coming years. This situation happened in 2019 when we let go of to many senior/experienced players and we finished 17th.
  9. What a great way to wake up for my birthday... Melbourne heading into the Grand Final, whilst also giving Geelong a good thrashing. Gawn, Petracca, Oliver, Salem, Lever were amazing again last night, as they have been all year. But I was so impressed with Brayshaw's defensive efforts and Bowey's skill and composure from a 7 gamer in a big final. This kid is something! Soak this feeling up everyone. We don't experience these days often! Go Demons!
  10. I agree... GC would need a bit more, but on current output, Rankine has done nothing so far... he has all the talent and skill but has struggled since arriving there. I think if GC see a Weideman/King combo they would take it.
  11. He's considered more a gun defender but he can play forward. In any case, we can move Petty forward if need be.
  12. Just a thought on a possible 3 way trade. Melbourne send Weideman to Gold Coast. Gold Coast send Rankine to Adelaide. Adelaide send McAsey to Melbourne. Gold Coast are in need of a ready made key forward, while Melbourne have surplus key forwards and Weideman is kicking up a stink at not getting a game. While Rankine has been very underwhelming given where he was selected in the draft, and many have speculated a move back to his home town in Adelaide. I think it's a win win for all clubs. Fischer McAsey was taken #6 in the draft a couple of years ago and has barely had a look in at Adelaide as it's already been well stated that he wants to move back to Victoria. He's a gun key defender/forward and only 20 years of age so that gives us time to let him build in the reserves while Brown and McDonald are holding down the key forward posts in the firsts.
  13. Got my Chivas 18 year ready to go if we win tonight. Cheering us on from Wodonga!
  14. - 25. My dad's school teacher was a Melbourne player at the time. He got a photograph with all the players autographs on it. Sadly I believe it is lost these days.
  15. So proud of this team and i'm so happy for Max. Absolute clutch Captain's goal right there! Bravo!
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