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  1. Probably Mahoney's best performance over trade period to date. We are looking very well placed with 2 late first rounders, a decent second rounder and pick 50 which I believe we will try to consolidate into a better pick in coming days. Our last pick will be used to upgrade Lockhart to the senior list. Any talk of him moving on at the end of this year or next is just rubbish. Mahoney has shown his worth to the board with this masterstroke.
  2. So much for Bucks being a changed man. The way he has communicated not only to Treloar but Stephenson as well leaves much to be desired. Being told that the senior playing group don't value you (Treloar) and don't want you around is appalling. Add to that Stephenson was given the boot based on his former indiscretions (gambling) and bad form this year it just beggars belief that anyone would want to play for that club with that arrogant and narcissistic coach. I'm certain all 3 of the players traded will do great at their new clubs.
  3. Well if we lose Oliver next year we'll be knocking on their door to land Dunkley.
  4. It looks like we aren't landing a back up ruckman with 30 minutes to go in the trade period. We'll most likely pick up a delisted free agent. Could Sam (sauce) Jacobs be a chance with us next year? He was interviewed last week and mentioned he still has a year or two left in the tank.
  5. I believe so. But it could be worth getting in his ear. We will likely go deep into finals next year. It would be a nice finish for him as opposed to going to a rebuilding Essendon who's players are leaving in droves. Players at the end of their careers want success and a chance at lifting the cup.
  6. Could Stef Martin make his way back to the Demons? Seemingly on the outer at Brisbane and Mahoney has identified the need for a Ruck/Foward as Preuss is off to GWS. I think he'll be an option for us for a year or 2 playing 5 - 10 games a year. He will come cheap and suits our need as a backup option with good leadership and mentoring for our list.
  7. We need to look after our own players first with Oliver, Gawn, Salem, Jackson and Weideman coming out of contract next year. I imagine they'll all be wanting pay rises as they are all entering their prime. Gawn and Oliver could command upwards of $850k a season so we would need to do some very shrewd negotiating with Collingwood.
  8. Is your source comfortable that you're supplying demonlanders with intel? It seems your source is close to football management decisions. Secondly, do we have strong interest in Mihocek? if Brown falls through.
  9. I hope we can get 100 games out of Hibbo. Very courageous and gives his all every game. I wish we had a few more like him.
  10. Pass... I would rather put more time into Bedford and Spargo.
  11. Not if we give them T.Mac, who the pies are reportedly interested in. Then we could hopefully clear up cap space for Ben Brown.
  12. I had a chat with him at training during pre season. He's a nice guy, but hasn't been able to get his body right. I feel he needs to instil a bit of self belief within him and he'll improve dramatically. If he has a ripper pre season, I reckon he will be one of our most improved younger players. Good luck Oskar!
  13. Talent just doesn't leave you, I think he just needs a good run at it the same with Weid did and he'll show something. Bulldogs will take Jamarra Ugle-Hagan in the draft so you think we could swap Schache for Omac?
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