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  1. We haven't been playing good football for over a month now and the Giants just wanted it more. A bit of the pressure is off our backs now. I'm happy sitting in second place, the Dogs are playing like a side deserving of top spot. Also GWS have now put Richmond out of the 8 for now, and come finals time I know who I'd rather be playing. Perhaps maybe a bit of a silver lining.
  2. Yes the stats indicate that, but from watching the game the Bombers were much better. Nuff said.
  3. Our midfield needs a lot of work. We were beaten time and time again in centre clearances. We're meant to have one of the best midfields in the comp, and were well beaten IMV. Luckily our defence held strong, our back 7 all played brilliantly tonight and Brayshaw was sensational on the wing. Anyway bank the win Demons and move on to GWS. Also...can someone please show Pickett how to kick a bloody set shot on goal! he misses week in week out!
  4. Harmes needs to tag Lyons, he's their go to clearance winner and accumulator. Much like Libratore the week before. Zorko and Neale will match up well with Oliver and Petracca. Sparrow and Jordon are both good defensively minded players, so they will be able to stem the flow if either of the aforementioned players start to dominate for Brisbane. Melbourne by 17.
  5. Is she worth $150,000? absolutely not. Would she help us win our inaugural flag? absolutely! Bring her home.
  6. Good old 'Sweethearts' pizza joint. That place is always packed after all the army lads have had their drinking sesh at the 'Bended Elbow'. Fun times indeed!
  7. IMO it looks as though Jones, Jetta, Baker and AVB will be on the chopping block or traded come seasons end. I'd imagine Chandler and Bradtke will be elevated to the Senior list. Joel Smith, Hore and Neitschke are rated well among the coaching panel, so they may get another chance.
  8. I would like to see Harmes do a tagging job on Parker. By all reports, Parker has been their most damaging midfielder this year. Stop him and we'll go along way in getting first touch from clearances.
  9. Some players don't like having contracts hanging over their heads. They don't like the pressure it adds to their performance. Then journo's start writing articles and speculate why said person hasn't signed on etc. Better to sign early so you can just focus on your training and football and forgetting all that Fugazi.
  10. No DH policy at Melbourne for a while now. He just cost his club $20k for getting De goey to grab his phone for him. So a NO for me.
  11. I would say he's been given a significant pay rise seeing as he has been nearly best on ground in every game this season. It doesn't surprise me if he has now signed on with GWS. Credit to him.
  12. Tone it down LN. Your ego is writing checks your body can't cash...
  13. You know what I'm disgusted in some of the posters on this site namely @dazzledavey36and @Lord Nevwho like to pot other posters when they're trying to provide information to this group and they have nothing better to do than try and bring us down. And yet they provide next to nothing of their own. When was your last training report either of you? which one of you has driven 5 hours just to update their fellow Demonlanders. You blokes need to take a long hard look at yourselves. Disgusting behaviour.
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