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  1. For those who don't know, a "Creed" is something that can be a formal doctrine or set of beliefs or philosophy that an organisation can encapsulate what they stand for. The development of a "Creed" is something which can also help with driving the standards and culture of an organisation. A good example of a "Creed" is one that our new MFC Head of Development, Mark "Choco" Williams' Father, the late and great Fos Williams created for the Port Adelaide Football Club in 1962. Here is a link to it for those who haven't read it before: https://www.portadelaidefc.com.au/club/history/the-c
  2. As previously mentioned I am incredibly excited about the Demons recruiting Mark "Choco" Williams. He may be a bit eccentric but he is a brilliant coach and teacher. To have him as head of development will be fantastic. For those those who have some spare time over the Christmas holidays I highly recommend checking out Mark's "winning teams" YouTube channel found here: https://youtube.com/channel/UCdqLn6TslJwdR70ojbTXAUQ Having Mark teach players like Max Gawn, Angus Brayshaw, Clayton Oliver, Bayley Fritsch, and of course, Christian Petracca how to kick correctly in play
  3. I hope Kobe Farmer trains well and is doing extra skills and running during his Christmas holidays. If he does well enough he will earn a spot on our list. I definitely would like the son of "the wizard" Jeff Farmer running around playing for the Demons again. Jeff was an excitement machine and I always felt we missed our opportunity to win a Premiership when he left the Demons. Losing Jeff was a far bigger loss than we expected at the time. His son needs to be talented enough though.
  4. I am a bit late to this discussion but I thought I should give my 2 cents worth. This is something that needs to certainly be pursued by us as Demons supporters. We cannot let this fall down the memory hole of the AFL. It is vital that Melbourne Football Club Chairman Glen Bartlett follows up on this in relation to the Demons getting compensation for any loss of our NT Academy zone. Especially as this gives the Gold Coast Suns an unfair advantage obtaining the Darwin Indigenous zone. Outgoing Magpies President Eddie McGuire (love him or hate him) would be screaming b
  5. This is a great initiative to get Jonathan Brown who was a champion player at the Brisbane Lions to impart his wisdom and teach Sam Weideman how to play properly as an AFL forward for the Demons. I think one of Sam's biggest deficiencies has been lack of confidence. He needs to jump more for his marks no matter what is in his way and really focus on his goal kicking. Jonathan Brown will hopefully be a fine teacher for Sam and also teach him to toughen up a bit more.
  6. I unfortunately can't make it. Still super busy with work commitments. I have 2 questions and 1 statement. Question 1 - What is happening when the home training base? When will it be announced? Where will it exactly be? How much will it cost? Statement 1 - Congratulations on appointing Mark "Choco" Williams as Head of Development. We are over the moon about it and we are looking forward to him working closely with our Demons players and helping them develop. Question 2 - This is merely a suggestion but would it be possible to get the Demons players to look to creating a "Cr
  7. I am absolutely over the moon with this appointment of Mark "Choco" Williams as Head of Development! I was crying out for this for nearly 2 years! Finally! What a massive coup for the Demons to have someone of Mark's football IQ and calibre at the club! He was a great coach at Port Adelaide and also led them to their first AFL Premiership in 2004. I cannot wait for him to start at training with our Demons players and impart his wisdom, skills and knowledge upon them. This is a massive boost to our club! I am now genuinely excited about season 2021! Go Demons!
  8. Unfortunately, I have family commitments and cannot attend. I would definitely appreciate someone asking the Melbourne Football Club what is the status of our Home Base. I would like to know where it will exactly be, how much it will cost and when will building begin? Getting a Home Base should be our number one priority besides winning a Premiership.
  9. It's finals or bust. If we don't make the finals then Simon Goodwin will be sacked.
  10. I was pleasantly surprised with this pick swap. It puts us in a strong position as I was not expecting the Demons to have any picks in the first round of the 2020 AFL draft. There will still be plenty of talent around with picks #18 and #19 in the 2020 AFL draft. I know Archie Perkins has been spoken about, but not sure if he will slip down to us. However, you never know. Finlay McCrae would be very handy. Especially as he is supposed to be an excellent kick of the football and that is something that we are crying out for at the Demons. Personally, I am keen on Nik Cox who
  11. Quite pleased to be getting Ben Brown from the Kangaroos. He looks much better in a Demons jumper! 😁 Hope he has an excellent pre-season and gets nice and fit for the 2021! We just gotta make sure our midfielders lower their eyes and kick the ball to him on the lead. The next question will be if he will continue wearing the number 50 or choose a different number?
  12. Does that mean we traded pick 26 for Ben Brown but we kept pick 25? I admit I am a little confused. 🥴
  13. I thought Oscar McDonald played a good game against Hawthorn earlier in the year and he definitely played some good games in 2018. Sadly, his slow reactions, lack of strength in the contest, and continued turnovers made him a whipping boy here at the Demons. AFL is a tough caper and you either sink or swim. I would have to say I would prefer to keep his older brother Tom McDonald as a defender.
  14. Hopefully this trade gets sorted out tomorrow morning. It will be good to have another tall forward. The only challenge is having Demons players with kicking ability who can hit Ben Brown on the chest lace out.
  15. With Essendon losing Joe Daniher and Ben Brown wishing to join Melbourne you would think they would be keen on Tom McDonald too? Either way, it pushes up the asking price for Tom McDonald which is good for us if we do end up trading him or keeping him and playing him as a defender again. We have the advantage with this situation regarding Tom McDonald and we need to utilize it to benefit our list.
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