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  1. Congratulations on Big Benny Brown reaching 150 AFL games! Well and truly deserved! Would love to see Big Benny Brown kick 10 goals against his old side North Melbourne! Which will probably be more than their entire team kicks.😁 But I will settle for 6 or 7 goals.
  2. Not surprised. I did think Jake Melksham would be likely to get a chance this week to replace James Harmes. They both play similar roles as midfielders and half forward flankers. However, I would of thought Toby Bedford would of been more likely to get the nod though. But I guess he will probably be the medi-sub again?
  3. I had a massive smile on my face watching that video snippet about the Demons. 😁 It really is incredible how the culture and the attitude of the Demons players has changed. You have to take your hat off to Simon Goodwin, the coaching staff and the entire team. What an enormous turnaround from the dark days when we would be regularly belted by 100+ points in a game only a few years ago.
  4. Jack Viney is definitely as tough as nails and more inspirational than ever. He doesn't have the burden of shouldering the entire team on his shoulders as he thought he needed to in his first few years at the Melbourne Football Club. Jack Viney is playing with a lot more freedom and you can tell he definitely enjoys his football now. Probably the best thing is how much his kicking has improved (probably thanks to Mark "Choco" Williams) over the last 12 months.
  5. I would definitely like to see Jacob Van Rooyen have his debut for the Demons soon. Not sure if it will be this week against the Kangaroos (especially as Sam Weideman also kicked 6 goals) though. Nevertheless, I think he will definitely get a chance this season if he continues to kick bags of goals for Casey at VFL level. The wonderful thing is that there is no pressure on him to come and play AFL when he isn't ready yet. As others have mentioned, it is certainly a far cry from the days of when Jack Watts was "thrown to the wolves" against Collingwood in this debut game on Queen's Birthday Monday back in 2009. I remember receiving the text message from the Melbourne Football Club announcing the debut of the 2008 number 1# draft pick as they were desperate to have Demons supporters attend the match at the MCG to get a decent crowd. How times have changed!
  6. After losing to North Melbourne for 14 games in a row (as I recall?) from about 2007 until 2018 I think it is about time we inflict a bit of pain back upon them. Fingers crossed for a 100+ point win just like the Casey Demons did against the North Melbourne reserves in the VFL over the weekend. Would love Big Benny Brown to kick 10 goals against his old side too!
  7. I remember Carlton in 1995 were a very dominant side. Was easily the best team all year and destroyed Geelong in the Grand Final. I think they were fired up after losing against us in the 1994 finals series. As for David Parkin, I always remember the veins in his neck bulging as he was screaming on the phone in the coaches box back in the day. 😂 Apparently he used to be a Melbourne supporter growing up as a kid before being recruited by Hawthorn. I cannot confirm this though just remember hearing about it. 🤔
  8. Disappointing to lose James "Chompers" Harmes. He has been in good form and his kicking has certainly improved over the last 12 months. I would love to see Bailey Laurie get a chance against the Kangaroos even just as a medical substitute. We definitely need to give our younger players a taste of AFL experience. However, I think Toby Bedford, Kade Chandler (if he isn't suspended) and Jake Melksham are the front-runners to replace James Harmes.
  9. Wow! Just amazing! 60,000 Melbourne Football Club members! What a wonderful milestone! It almost brings a tear to my eye. I remember when we were struggling to get to over 20,000 members back in the late 1990s. Well done and congratulations to all those paid up Melbourne Football Club members! Let's get to 65,000 members! That's the next achievement! GO DEMONS!!!
  10. After 57 years of pain and misery the "veil of negativity" is still somewhere deep in the lowest confinements of the Melbourne Football Club basement. A Premiership drought of that long scars you psychologically. The amount of times I had been disappointed and frustrated in the past really affected me. At times I thought we would never win another Premiership. I was over the moon to be proven wrong. Nevertheless, we still need to win a Premiership here at our spiritual home ground the MCG so we can all really experience it in Melbourne. After that, as others have said, we need to have long-term sustained success. Going on my own personal calculations we need to win at least another 5 Premierships (1 for each decade) to make up for 57 years. I think that's only fair. HAHAHAHAHA! 😁😆😂
  11. Angus Brayshaw played a magnificent game against the Saints. Probably one of his best ever games for the Demons. Fingers crossed Angus Brayshaw signs up with us soon! 🤞
  12. As much as it's fun to speculate I am going to continue to be humble and just take it one game at a time. As Simon Goodwin says...we need to respect the game and respect our opposition. The Demons now need to focus on West Coast and deal with a new challenge playing over in Perth at Optus Stadium. No point looking further than that.
  13. I don't expect any changes. If Jake Lever isn't 100% fit from his corkie we can always slot Adam Tomlinson back in who has shown good form in the VFL at Casey. If Max Gawn isn't 100% fit we can always play Majak Daw alongside Luke Jackson in the ruck. I know Majak Daw has been playing well in the ruck for Casey in the VFL too. It will be a case of one soldier out and one soldier in as long as that player follows their assigned role in the team. Anyway, both Jake Lever and Max Gawn have a few days to recuperate until our match against West Coast next Sunday evening in Perth.
  14. I am definitely still curious as to where the Collingwood, Essendon and Western Bulldogs cheersquads got their 1980s logos flags made. Frustratingly, I don't have a clue how to find out? I guess I could email the cheersquads and ask? I am assuming it must be a flag making company in Melbourne somewhere?
  15. Excellent news! A 2 year contract is reasonable considering the upcoming CBA. Now Simon Goodwin can focus on helping the Melbourne Demons achieve even greater heights! Let's hope that this inspires both Angus Brayshaw and Luke Jackson to also sign up. Time to build a new Demons Dynasty!
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