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  1. We have given Sam Weideman a few weeks to try and cement a spot in the Demons side and he has failed to do so. It is now time to give Benny Brown a chance to play in the forward line for a few weeks. Benny Brown is a proven goal-kicker and just needs a good run and have players delivering the ball to him and he will do the rest. At least Benny Brown can take a mark! The most frustrating thing about Sam Weideman over the last few weeks has been his inability to do the fundamentals of football right and actually mark the ball. As harsh as it sounds if you are an AFL level forward then
  2. Taking the first option is definitely a factor. Decision making is another thing. We have been pretty good at decision making most of this season so far but it was poor against Collingwood. After a few days off with the bye and perhaps a good hard look at themselves I hope the Demons players will respond. We definitely did not play "the Melbourne way" against Collingwood and I hope we learn from that. Playing at the SCG was a mistake in hindsight as we couldn't play the way we would regularly play and zone off on a larger ground. Collingwood was certainly fired up with the emotion of
  3. In: Benny Brown and Jack Viney Out: Sam Weideman and Tom Sparrow Medical Substitute: Nathan Jones
  4. Losing games we are expected to win just isn't good enough! No, I won't trust them until the Demons are holding up that Premiership cup.
  5. Benny Brown will be back in after the Bye. Sam Weideman was barely sighted and needs to be dropped. Was an embarrassing effort by him.
  6. Absolutely disgraceful! We definitely drunk our own bath water before this game! The Demons need to take a good hard look at themselves if we want to be serious Premiership contenders. You don't lose games like this! Collingwood definitely wanted to see Nathan Buckley off with a win for his last game. Mostly disappointed we couldn't win the game for Neale Daniher. The players should be ashamed of themselves putting in such a flat passionless effort.
  7. HAHAHAHAHA! 😂 How times have changed! I can't imagine Ron Barassi when he was coach back in the early 1980s doing this with any Demons players.
  8. Former Port Power player and radio shock-jock Kane Cornes has suggested that Collingwood attempt to poach Mark "Choco" Williams from us here at Melbourne to team up with Hawthorn assistant coach Sam Mitchell as his apprentice. I am not happy about this at all! Here is the link to the news story: https://www.msn.com/en-au/sport/afl/radical-two-man-pies-plan-to-replace-buckley/ar-AAKT4oZ?ocid=mailsignout&li=AAgfLCP I hope that Mark "Choco" Williams stays at the Demons and I assume he has a contract with us? Especially as he has said that he has no desire to be a senior AFL coach an
  9. That's ok. All good! I listened and thought it was a great podcast as usual!
  10. This definitely makes it a "danger" game for the Demons. We need to withstand any onslaught from the Magpies as they will be emotionally charged for this game. Hopefully our players will be focused and just worry about playing well and aim to do what they need to do and play their roles so that we get the win. It is important that we don't underestimate a wounded Magpie!
  11. Glad to see that there has been a tiny bit more progress on this front about the Melbourne Football Club's Home Training Base. Besides the men's team breaking our Premiership drought the number one priority of the Melbourne Football Club Board needs to be getting this Home Base done! I am also not against the concept of a 3rd elite training base, for AFL, AFLW, VFL, VFLW and NGA as well as a member's social club for the Melbourne Football Club at Caulfield Racecourse. This would also be ideal right in the middle of the Demon's traditional heartland. Nevertheless, let's worry about ge
  12. I have 7 questions. 1) Will the new Melbourne Football Club President Kate Roffey be interviewed soon for the Demonland podcast perhaps later this season? 2) Is there a possibility of getting an interview with Head of Development Coach Mark "Choco" Williams on the Demonland podcast maybe during the bye? 3) What is the status on our new Home Ground situation? Are there any further updates? 4) How do we get Sam Weideman to take more marks and kick goals? Perhap this is a new challenge for Mark "Choco" Williams as Head of Development Coach? 5) How do the Demons players re
  13. Credit needs to go to all the MFC coaches at the moment. However, we are only half way through the AFL season at the moment and still have a long, long way to go! Loving the work done by Mark "Choco" Williams in particular. I am glad that the Demons players have responded well to him especially as he is known for his eccentricity. Nevertheless, Mark "Choco" Williams is a quality football person and to have him at the Melbourne Football Club is brilliant. Incidentally, I found this great interview that Mark "Choco" Williams did last year with Corey McKernan on his 'Fo
  14. I hope we don't underestimate Collingwood. They did make the finals last year and we didn't. Jamie Elliott is back in the side and in form after kicking a bag of goals for the Magpies. Playing at the SCG will be tricky as well as it is such a small ground. Anyway, I hope that our players are focused and ready for this game. We need to continue to "re-set" for every new game and fully be ready for anything Collingwood might throw at us. Trying to beat the Magpies must be our primary focus this week and not start thinking about anything beyond that. The Demons need to re
  15. It goes to show how important winning is. You win and your membership numbers increase! It is that simple! I am over the moon with 50,000+ Melbourne Demons members!
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