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  1. I've always rated Jayden Hunt when he plays forward. There's been a few games where he's kicked 3 or so goals playing either half-forward flank or forward pocket. I remember against Essendon twice he kicked a few goals. He also kicked that massive torpedo goal against Adelaide that time in Darwin. While his pace is a weapon, I tend to agree with others that he often fumbles and turns the ball over too much in the back line. At AFL level you definitely cannot risk too many turnovers in defence and Jayden Hunt is sadly a culprit of this. If we lose him to West Coast then so be it. I would rather play Jake Bowey in defence as at least you can trust his elite kicking. Anyway, that's just my 2 cents on Jayden Hunt.
  2. Exactly! It isn't about "stamping feet" and having a tantrum. We are adults here. I don't expect our home ground to be built in 12 months. I am realistic that things take time. Dealing with the Government is never an easy or swift process. All we want is to see some progress!
  3. Just wanted to ask people's opinions on who will win this year's Keith "Bluey" Truscott Trophy for 2022? There's an article about it found here: https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/1229898 Personally, I think it will be either Clayton Oliver or Christian Petracca with Steven May as a dark horse to win it. I definitely think it will be pretty close this year! My top 5 for the Demons Best & Fairest would be: 1) Clayton Oliver 2) Christian Petracca 3) Steven May 4) Max Gawn 5) Jack Viney Anyway, please let me know who you think will be your top 5 in the Melbourne Demons Best & Fairest for 2022 ok?
  4. All I will say is that I expect many Melbourne members to ask the hard questions to the MFC board about our home base being built in the MCG precinct and what the timeline will be. I am sure a number of us will do this at the upcoming MFC members forum (if it is happening?) as well as the MFC AGM. We must demand results and hold those MFC board members on the home base committee accountable. All we want is honesty and transparency about what is happening.
  5. Yes, absolutely. It all depends upon if a retired AFL player has the desire to coach as well. Garry Lyon probably would of become a brilliant AFL coach but he chose the media route and I don't think he regrets it. You gotta want to be an AFL coach.
  6. Lots of learnings for the Melbourne Demons. Hopefully, Simon Goodwin has a good break too and recharges his batteries. I want him and the rest of the coaching staff and players fully focused on having a successful season in 2023. GO DEMONS!
  7. Ideally I would like to keep Adem Yze at Melbourne. But he will get a senior AFL coaching job at another club eventually and we need to accept that. As long as we get good quality assistant coaches to replace Adem Yze then I won't be too worried.
  8. There are definitely a few retiring champions at other AFL Clubs that could become assistant coaches at the Demons. It will also be interesting what happens to some of the assistant coaches at Essendon depending upon who gets the vacant senior coaching role there. Both Blake Caracella and Daniel Giansiracusa are highly regarded. Additionally, there are lots of options for the Demons... 1) Stevie J aka Steve Johnson 2) Josh Kennedy from the Swans 3) Josh Kennedy from the Eagles 4) David Mundy from the Dockers 5) Gary Ablett Junior 6) Shaun Higgins from the Cats 7) Robbie Gray from Port Power 8) Shane Edwards from the Tigers 9) Jarryn Geary from the Saints 10) Liam Shiels from the Hawks Here are 10 suggestions of recently retired players we could at least consider having at the Melbourne Football Club as assistant coaches.
  9. With Ben "Truck" Rutten rejoining the Richmond coaching staff we will need to look at other options. Particularly, IF we end up losing Adem Yze if he is successful in getting the Essendon senior coaching role. As much as I am sure some here would disagree, I would definitely like the Melbourne Football Club to look to approach someone like Nathan Buckley. He would be an excellent midfield coach and could still do at least some of his media commitments. It would definitely be a tantalizing offer to get the chance to coach Clayton Oliver, Christian Petracca, Jack Viney and Max Gawn in the Demons midfield. Anyway, I guess we shall have to wait and see what happens during the off season. Additionally, I wouldn't mind asking Nick Riewoldt if he wanted to help out as a forwards coach either. Are there any other suggestions on who the Demons should consider pursuing to enhance our coaching staff?
  10. Hope that the feeling of disappointment and frustration burns in the guts for Max Gawn and the rest of the Melbourne players. Remember....as Ricky Bobby says in Talladega Nights..."If you ain't first, you're last!" Winning Premierships for the Melbourne Demons on the MCG is what really matters!
  11. I think the May Vs Melksham fight out the front of the restaurant definitely soured things within our culture a few months ago. May should never have been there drinking and also saying the nasty things which he did. Not that Melksham should be knocking people out either! Nevertheless, I am of the view that it has all been reconciled and they are all friends again....hopefully. Let's hope the humiliating exit from the 2022 finals in straight sets will galvanize the entire team so that they are determined to make a mends next season in 2023. Fingers crossed the Demons come back fit and firing for their first day of preseason in November or whenever it starts?
  12. Ok fair enough. Hopefully Judd McVee shows more improvement in 2023. I found most of the matches that I watched him playing for Casey Demons in the VFL a little underwhelming but time is on his side. Needs to get super fit and more of the ball.
  13. Isaac Keeler from North Adelaide definitely looks like an exciting prospect. Perhaps he would be a suitable replacement for Luke Jackson?
  14. Is Darcy Tucker a good kick? Personally, I would rather that the Demons chase after Hayden Young as part of a trade to Fremantle for Luke Jackson.
  15. Well we know that Majak Daw retired earlier in the year. Furthermore, we now know that Luke Jackson has sadly requested a trade back to WA. The question is....who else will be leaving the Demons in 2022? I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Sam Weideman is traded. I think his time is up at the Demons and it is time for him to have a fresh start at a new AFL Club. Whether or not Jayden Hunt stays is also an interesting scenario as I think he is now a free agent? In my view, I believe that Oskar Baker, Fraser Rosman, Mitch Brown and Judd McVee will all be delisted.
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