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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Nibbler was excellent last night. Credit where credit is due.
  2. Was a brilliant game of football. Glad the Demons won! But geez those Port Power supporters were ferals! 🤯
  3. Congratulations on 200 games Jack! A champion of the Melbourne Football Club. Just like his Father. Both tough as nails! Let's hope Jack Viney plays another 150+ games for the Melbourne Demons and wins a few more Premierships too! On ya Jack! A true Demon! 😎👍🔴🔵👹
  4. No urgency for Kalani White to make a decision. He should just go out and have fun and play footy. Learn to develop his skills. No pressure at this stage. However, I do hope he does choose the Demons though. It would be a wonderful Melbourne Demons tradition to continue with the Father-Son rule and his Father Jeff White would be incredibly proud. I can imagine it being an amazingly emotional and memorable moment to see Kalani get handed his Melbourne Demons guernsey by his Dad too! 🥺
  5. Was a good solid win by the Demons over the Bulldogs. Thought that Jack Billings was great. Kozzie was mercurial. Clarrie was fantastic. He really is an incredible player. Glad to have him back! 😊 Many more I could mention too. Overall, it was a great team performance. My only suggestion is for Fritta to lose the pink boots! If you're gonna stand out with fancy football boots then they need to be GOLD! 😁
  6. Was very impressed with Caleb Windsor. The young fella can play! 😎👍
  7. I understand the eternal bonds with our heritage at the MCG. However, I am now convinced that the Caulfield Racecourse is the most plausible option and we need to forge ahead with that. Regardless, of any news articles to the contrary. I would of loved the Jolimont Train Station project to succeed. To me, it was perfect. That would of been ideal. Unfortunately, that was scuttled. So unless a generous and eccentric billionaire comes along who wants to build the Melbourne Football Club a home base, we gotta face reality and hope we can make a deal at the Caulfield Racecourse. Besides winning more Premierships, a home base for the Melbourne Football Club must be a priority.
  8. In an ideal world we would get a top 5 AFL draft pick for the loss of Angus Brayshaw. It is what we rightfully deserve as compensation. But sadly the real world and the AFL doesn't work like that. We get shafted and Collingwood win a Flag with an act of vile thuggery going unpunished. Hopefully, with room in the salary cap we can lure a highly sort after Free Agent to the Demons? I am sure there's a few possibe star players we can enquire about.
  9. Agreed that all these dramas and series of unfortunate events at the Melbourne Football Club will have either two outcomes. We will either..... Crash and burn and have a horrible season due to all these distractions and sad news. Become galvanised and use all this adversity to rise up (like a phoenix from the ashes) and finally win a new Premiership at our ancestral home the MCG in front of all of us adoring fans and fanatical supporters who form the Demon faithful. Let's hope it's the latter outcome which comes to fruition! WIN THE FLAG FOR GUS!!! 🏆😎👍 GO DEMONS IN 2024!!!! 🔴🔵👹
  10. Was trying to have a break from Demonland until the 2024 AFL season started. This has absolutely gutted me! Very sad news, I wish Angus Brayshaw all the best. He will always be remembered as a Demons Premiership hero who helped end our 57 year Premiership drought. I will squarely lay the blame of this tragic set of circumstances with that piece of excrement and all-round knuckle dragging troglodyte Brayden "the thug" Maynard! Never forget that he is responsible for all this and Angus Brayshaw being forced to retire! Be sure to BOO him incessantly when we play the scum at Collingwood! 😡😡😡😡 I hope that Angus Brayshaw considers suing the AFL, Collingwood and Brayden Maynard for their lack of duty of care!
  11. Hopefully the football forum went well? Were pertinent questions answered satisfactorily? As much as we want explanations on our failed finals campaign I would have gone easy on Simon Goodwin and Clayton Oliver especially due to the despicable treatment they endured from the media over the last few months (years even for Simon Goodwin).
  12. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/1477323/melbourne-commences-caulfield-feasibility-study Hooray!!! Good to see something happening.....finally! Didn't former Melbourne President and legendary player Stuart Spencer talk about the possibility of Caulfield Racecourse in 1990?! It's only taken 33 years! Anyway, looking forward to seeing what this feasibility study entails and how much a Demons Home Base will actually cost?
  13. Any further news? Some tough questions need to be asked at the next MFC AGM regarding the progress (or lack thereof) for our Home Base.
  14. A kind of standard interview from Jason Taylor. He is a smooth operator who gives the expected responses and keeps his cards pretty close to his chest. As he says himself, the AFL National Draft is the "Grand Final Day" for AFL recruiting teams. Let's hope we get some genuine star players at the Demons! Especially players that are elite kicks and excellent decision makers! Fingers crossed! 🤞 Good luck to Jason Taylor and the rest of the MFC recruiting team. 😎👍
  15. I still reckon West Coast might be tempted by our offer for Draft pick #1. But I guess we will wait and see? Otherwise, I am happy with the Demons taking "best talent available" with Draft picks #6 and #11. I have faith in Jason Taylor and the MFC recruiting team! 🙏 I still reckon we will go Ryley Sanders and Connor O'Sullivan. That's my tip at least.
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