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  1. Yep, wasn't great in 2020, but was very good in 2021 (lead the league in hitouts). But your argument was he had barely played for 2 years and you seemed to suggest he was injury prone. Bloke has averaged nearly 18 games a year through his career, which is massive considering he only played 7 in his first year and 6 this year. The injury argument is just not correct. For comparison, Gawn has averaged 15 games per year over his career.
  2. No, never said anything about Yze being a done deal at Essendon. You're that quick to trip over yourself trying to have a crack at me though. Might be time to move on from that champ, grow up a little bit maybe, or even just stick to the jokes. Cheers.
  3. For sure, and I'm 100% on the home base bandwagon, just think we need to realize that the lack of massive funds compared to other places is likely because we haven't put forward a feasible plan. The Yarra Park thing was a mess. I reckon we'll end up out at Casey anyway tbh.
  4. I've told you who the source was for this mate. Doesn't come much better than that. Nice troll bump though.
  5. I'm with you on the wait for a 'proper' home base, but your assertion was other clubs had been given millions from governments and we hadn't. There's literally 9.5 million right there. (You'll also note the article is from August 2019)
  6. Incorrect. Gosch's: The Government will kick in $2 million towards the redevelopment of Gosch’s Paddock oval, with the AFL and Melbourne combining to contribute $1 million. Demons and community to win from Gosch’s Paddock upgrade Casey: The upgrades are being jointly funded by the state government ($5 million), the City of Casey ($2.5 million) and the AFL ($500,000). Melbourne set to benefit from $8 million upgrade of Casey Fields in major AFLW investment
  7. Nah. Plus, pick 32 is ours not Freos. The Power is open to shuffling back several spots in the first round of the draft, which could see the club swap its pick 8 for Fremantle’s pick 14. Port Adelaide would receive at least one second-round pick from Fremantle as extra incentive to move six spots backwards in the first round. How Port can make or break the Jackson deal The Herald Sun reported on Tuesday night Port Adelaide, which holds Pick 8, is open to dropping down the draft order, meaning the Dockers could orchestrate a pick swap with the Power that would land the former an appropriate selection they could then send to Melbourne — along with a future first — for Jackson. Although the report stated the Power would only be prepared to shuffle back six spots and do a deal with Fremantle — which would see the Dockers also part with at least one second-round pick — if it felt the trade benefited them. How rival club can help Freo unlock Luke Jackson trade as likely compo for losing outgoing duo revealed
  8. I rate Sam Edmund, but he just seems a bit all over the place with this one to me. He says: “That is the ultimate catch-all clause." Then says: “I think Collingwood will – if they haven’t already – give some ground up when it comes to some specific behavioural clauses to this Jordan De Goey contract.” Is it a "catch-all" or is it very "specific"?
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