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  1. They need to be full time, it's insane they officiate a billion dollar sport while having to work full time jobs, run businesses etc. I have sympathy for them tbh. Their job has gotten harder and harder, the demands have gone up and up as has the scrutiny, but they're still basically expected to do it as a hobby. Just think about the difference in fitness and skill from when footy players weren't full time to now.
  2. Burgess is (deservedly) paid more than enough to move his family if that was an option. It's not.
  3. But they do drop them. "Heart Beats True" post is completely incorrect.
  4. Fair enough. I think the only thing we differ on is the time frame and conclusion. I agree he's gone backwards, but I think it's only been over the last month and I believe he can turn that around to become a solid player over the journey.
  5. 1. For mine, premierships are built on good average players who play a role. Players like ANB, Spargo, Tomlinson, Hunt etc have been important to our performance so far. 2. Recency bias is affecting a lot of opinions IMO. Weid finished top 10 in the Bluey last year. Has been making progress, albeit interrupted by poorly timed injuries, with his last few games being a poor showing. 3. Gawn was on our list longer than 6 years before showing any kind of consistently decent form. Patience can pay off sometimes. Just think there's a fair bit of room between the 'spud or star' mentali
  6. Thanks mate! Appreciate the insights from someone actually there. The bye came a week late for us I reckon, just looked flat from the start and not able to recover.
  7. Haha yes true, kicking more goals might have given us a better chance! I'm not putting the blame for the loss on the forwards. The delivery was absolutely horrendous and meant Pies players were able to either intercept easily or be in best position to rebound. Hard to apply effective pressure in that situation let alone try and mark the ball. Would actually be keen to hear from people at the game. We only get to see the positioning once the ball is already inside 50, could potentially be that's why we bombed, but from watching on TV, and seeing how much we bombed it all over the grou
  8. Some overreactions going on about Weid IMO. Partly because he's been the new whipping boy since the start of the year, partly because footy forums/social media tend to make everyone make things black and white, but also because we had a poor loss and everyone looks for a singular blame point. Apparently, despite being smashed in disposals, tackles, marks, hitouts, clearances, and having horrendous ball use, that's all on Weid. He was poor, no doubt, likely to be dropped now for at least a few weeks, but the hysteria about him seems over the top. Reminds me of the 'Is Goodwin the
  9. Yes, and I posted it here a fair while back. Doesn't mean he's gone, but from what I've heard there is definitely something to it.
  10. Like when he broke the story Bartlett was stepping down? 🍬🍭
  11. Based on the fact you don't like it, or based on the fact he has strong connections with MFC and has been correct on numerous occasions about MFC things?
  12. Not sure why you're jumping around between different points and other peoples posts. Here is a reminder of what you said. Again, you can't just 'add a Kennedy, Hawkins, Walker...etc' You must give things up to get them.
  13. DON’T GO, LUKE There have been rumours swirling recently that Melbourne’s Luke Jackson is homesick and misses family and friends in Perth. These have been flatly denied and the Demons are not concerned about losing him any time soon given he’s contracted until the end of 2022, but they did put their foot down when he asked to move out recently. Man On The Mark understands Melbourne did not believe Jackson was ready to move away from host family – the Brayshaws – and made this point clear to him when he asked to change accommodation. The Brayshaw clan also have Trent Rivers
  14. There's give and take mate. You can't just 'add someone like Kennedy'.
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