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  1. Put this in the wrong section. @Demonland would you mind moving please?
  2. AFL great Neale Daniher, who has helped raise tens of millions of dollars to fight motor neurone disease while battling it himself, will be honoured at the MCG. The former Essendon player and Melbourne coach will have a walkway in the MCG precinct named after him, reports Seven’s Tom Browne. The move was said to be driven by Victorian premier Daniel Andrews, assisted by the MCG.
  3. Might be a dumb question, but given the list minimum is 36 (37 inc. rookies) and we only have to use 1 pick this year, could there also be a chance we try to bundle up 18,19 and 28 into a top 10 pick and only take 1 draftee (aside from Lockhart)? Doesn't seem super likely, but it's another option yeah?
  4. Yeah, fair comment. I'll admit I do have them all blocked, but when you know the majority of their posts are having a crack at you it's hard to not be tempted to read them sometimes.
  5. Would be a far better forum without 'bait' wouldn't it though?
  6. No, I don't reply every time. But I get sick of the baiting tbh. I'm here to talk footy and there's a group of posters here who do it rarely. "If you continually bait certain posters you will be banned. No more warnings."
  7. You should probably move on mate. Not healthy to be so obsessive over people on the internet you've never met. It's a footy forum, perhaps time to remember that.
  8. - I never said LJ wouldn't re-sign. - I never said Oliver was going to Carlton. - I did say Goodwin had a minimum win amount set. Guess what? He reached it and is still there. - The Egan one I just posted the wrong thing, then came back to clarify it before anything was announced. Do you actually contribute anything here other than trolling? I'm yet to see it tbh. But sure, you and you're little troll mates just keep obsessing over anything I post. What a sad existence. #rentfreeindeed
  9. If you think I'm throwing darts then just block me. Simple. 👋
  10. 1. "The info wasn't that he was going, personally I think he's more likely to stay" 2. It's a one year extension. Doesn't exactly fill me with confidence yet. 3. Where are your comments from all the times I've posted spot on info? You and your troll mates only seem to pop up when you want to have a crack. Pathetic.
  11. Great news for our Nic Nat clone...
  12. Yeah it's a bit bizarre hey? They have over a week to get it done and then people are emailing at 7.29pm to get extra time.
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