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  1. OUT: Melksham, Dunstan IN: Bedford, Viney Lots of wait and see though with injuries and players potentially being available.
  2. Guessing - But looked like he possibly sprained his ankle twice. Not 100% sure if the same leg, or even if he just twinged the existing injury the second time. Reckon he'll be right to go, played out the game.
  3. Not sold on that mate. 7 touches, 1 tackle. Kicked a nice goal, but was invisible pretty much otherwise.
  4. Goody said Harmes would be out 2-3 weeks.
  5. Reckon he's been playing injured/sore since early in the year. Not sure at this stage this is a huge enough issue to be starting threads about. But it was a bit of a vanilla game again this week, so probs fair enough.
  6. I call five and now have the current highest bid.
  7. Yes really. I'm interested in why you think a footy team should look for 'payback' in the context of them learning that from Indigenous culture.
  8. Bizarre comment hey. Care to explain at all?
  9. It's the worst team in the leagues' home game...
  10. Wouldn't think so. Goody doesn't really bother with positions on the team sheet.
  11. In: J.Melksham Out: J.Harmes (hamstring), K.Chandler (suspension)
  12. Love everything the club has done with all this. Not a complaint, as I understand how delayed logistics are at the moment, but would have been great if they could have made the Narrm merch available a little earlier. I ordered some within minutes of it being made available and doesn't look like it will arrive in time to be worn for at least our first game and potentially the second. Would have been amazing to see Dees fans decked out in Narrm gear.
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