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  1. Not totally sure that's a critique we should be throwing around tbh...
  2. I'm sensing some kind of pattern here....
  3. If anyone at Casey today? Starting to see SSP signings happen now so would be interested if there's any clues to that with us.
  4. There's more to Pell's history though than that one court case. You'd be aware of that though I'm sure.
  5. What's the difference from when it was Gawn and Jackson?
  6. It's there, it's under the "Teams" tab.
  7. Wouldn't be surprised to see Howes play games early in the year (on the wing).
  8. Agree mate. Disagreements on reasons aside, let's hope we learned whatever we needed to and get another flag this year. Gotta make the most of the window we're in.
  9. No I haven't. There's a difference between looking back at things in hindsight and seeing likely mistakes to saying any of us nuffies know better than the experienced professionals.
  10. Guessing on this, but if he's asthmatic then due to the sudden temp change/storm last night it's close to the 'asthma storm' conditions they talk about so might have just been more prone to it.
  11. I don't think anyone has said they know better than the footy dept, but if you're happy with us falling apart as the year went on and getting bundled out in straight sets than you had lower expectations for 2022 than me. So? Hunt is gone too but we still played him. That's the point. You said only Bedford and Chandler were pushing for selection, that seems incorrect given the facts on who was listed in the emergencies, who was being talked about by the coaches and the fact Howes was inline to play the week he got injured. Disagree. You seem to be one of the very very few here who think there were no issues with our management and selection last year. For mine, the fact we fell apart in the later part of the year was due to those factors. From my perspective, the issue was about managing our sore and injured players and perhaps trying to 'do a 2021' with the management when our injury situation and preparation were different to the previous year. It's not about blooding young players or bringing in someone who's banging the door down, it's about using the depth on your list to sufficiently fulfill our role based system in a way that allows our best players to perform at their capacity for more of the year and at key times. Now that seems to be where we disagree, which is fine, but again, given how our year played out I find it strange you can be so firm with your "you are both wrong".
  12. Watch it LIVE: Daisy Pearce announcement from 10.30am AEDT
  13. But we didn't need 'walk up starts' or player to 'make a huge difference' we just needed good enough role players to allow us to manage injured players and compliment our 'difference makers' in players like Petracca, Oliver, May etc etc.. Exactly. We had depth there that would have allowed us to manage players better. That doesn't seem correct. Howes was in line to debut before being unlucky with injury (I believe Richo confirmed this at one stage), JVR was obviously extremely close to selection given Goody talked about it, Laurie would have been around the mark as would have a few others given they were emergencies a few times if I recall correctly. He didn't need to come in and tear a game apart, he was just needed to come in and play a role given TMac was injured, Jackson was sore and out of form and Brown was on one leg, if that, and just nowhere near it. We already have the core talent, I don't understand why there seems to be this angle of having young/VFL players come in and 'make a huge difference'. Find it strange you seem to be labeling all these as correct decisions when we fell apart at the end of the year and went out in straight sets.
  14. Like what? What would you suggest is more likely the reason?
  15. Buckley's now giving out salary cap advice...
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