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  1. The same Jesse Hogan who left the Dees for Freo while contracted?
  2. It's likely going to have to be someone contracted then, so either someone is going 'home' or we're forcing someone out. None of the uncontracted players we have at this stage have any trade value.
  3. Garry Lyon has interviewed 8 Dees players since the prelim. He said that 7 of them were really relaxed and looking forward to the challenge, one of them, an unnamed father son selection, looked like he was ready to kill somebody.
  4. Not ideal, but at least not contagious.
  5. Word coming from WA supporters at the open training is it was dodgy seafood not gastro. If true, that's obviously a lot better than gastro.
  6. Yes, quite. It's gone. Member Update | The Bentleigh Club
  7. Geez fair few low blows and uncalled for whacks going on in this thread. Expected Dees fans to have a bit more grace now we're 'successful'. Pull it in a bit I reckon.
  8. That's not what he said though, it's not a quote, that's just the newspaper editorializing on it.
  9. I believe it was Sam Edmund not McClure. And he didn't say potential move to Freo, he floated it as a question: “When it comes to Adam Cerra, (he) hasn’t nominated his club of choice yet because Melbourne have really come hard for him,” Edmund said on SEN. “They’ve made their pitch, it was a pitch that really impressed Adam Cerra. “Carlton are in the mix and the logical choice here but the Dees not having a pick until the second round… it’s going to take a player to make any trade possible here. Picks obviously aren’t going to get it done. Is it Angus Brayshaw?” https://thewest.com.au/sport/afl/afl-trades-could-angus-brayshaw-join-brother-andrew-at-fremantle-in-deal-for-adam-cerra-c-3960012?fbclid=IwAR2s3iWop9QAhwcS2tGCYXkBTveTGiaL5J7FGW7oC9wVfmSt6SEnnkB1PzY
  10. That seems a pretty sharp turn from all the talk (including from the club itself) during the year being about the Dees being keen to keep him but Weid weighing up his options. Things can change of course, but not totally sold on this report. Not that I wouldn't trust the Herald Sun of course...
  11. I thought it was more to do with 'Enter Sandman' personally...
  12. I'm not sure it would be Gaz. He's said a fair few times he feels uncomfortable about this kinda stuff, was even saying the other night he wasn't that keen to be in the rooms as he doesn't like the vibe of that whole former player trying to be involved scenario. Just gut feel, but reckon he wouldn't do it unless there wasn't really any other options. Personally, I think it will be Woey, and that would be a nice part of making that relationship with the club better.
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