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  1. Could be a tie? Max and May, then Trac 1st?
  2. Few people are saying this was actually held last night as the players left the hub this morning. Truth or BS?
  3. Not a ton of them there. Looks like a pretty small, informal night. Plus, the on-stage mic wouldn't pick up much of the applause. Also, bloody love Mayzie.
  4. We have nailed the art of the lifeless corporate speak as a club. From the top down.
  5. Selections from an article in the Herald Sun... The Demons have shown some interest but are unlikely to part with more than a late draft pick to nab the speedster. Melbourne is also not prepared to overpay for Polec who signed a bumper deal to move from Port Adelaide to North Melbourne at the end of 2018. Melbourne is in the market for some more speed and polish to complement its hard nut midfield brigade as Simon Goodwin’s men attempt to break back into the top-eight next season. Polec could help improve the Demons’ delivery and finishing skills in the forward half of the
  6. Did he really just say 'the learnings we've learnt....'?
  7. Maybe I'm a classic Melbourne supporter, but hearing him mention Melbourne as part of it actually made me MORE interested in what was going on...
  8. Both have seemed like really hard workers and well liked teammates. Feel like it might be more these 'middle of the road' players that pay the price more for the list reductions. IMO priorities will be stars and then cheap backups.
  9. Watson on SEN: Speaking on SEN Breakfast, Watson was confident that Merrett would be a Bomber next year. “I got a call yesterday in the afternoon that concerned me a little bit, but I’ve been assured that he’s not going anywhere, he’ll be staying at Essendon, he does have a contract of course,” he said. “People read into this, the fact that he got left out of the leadership group and maybe he’s still unhappy there at Essendon, but I was told categorically that he would not be going anywhere. “There has been some scuttlebutt out there that he might want to go to Melbourne or
  10. I thought it was great. Well made, good insights, and absolutely wasn't trying to sell some kind of comeback story. But then, I actually watched it so what would I know...
  11. @deanox found it! We're 17th for tackle differential. Can't find a stoppage per game number anywhere there, which would be interesting in the context of what you brought up.
  12. 15th for uncontested possession differential. 12th for tackles inside 50 differential. 18th for least opponent turnovers. Couldn't find a tackle differential ranking, but we're 18th for tackles and 9th for opponent tackles. All paints a picture of a team that isn't applying much pressure.
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