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  1. TBF if they even do judge it like that it's only out by a matter of hours. Incredibly unlucky if it happens.
  2. 12 days would take us to about 5.30pm Saturday 20th. Our game starts at 1.45pm on that day. Reckon he'd miss if it was concussion.
  3. More bad than good as a big picture, but IMO the positives would be: - May continuing his great form. - Lever looking like he's about to peak. - ANB some good moments as a linkup player and among the goals. - Chandler managed to snag one. Chance for round 1 maybe.
  4. Beating the premiers not good enough for ya? Far out, bit less caffeine for some of you blokes I reckon.
  5. I know we're footy starved, but let's keep things in perspective given it's a preseason game with a ton of our best players out. Not time to panic, yet anyway.
  6. Kid just lost his Mum, has come back from interstate and playing his first bit of footy for the year. Shut up.
  7. Yes, "toughen up" is working out great as a life philosophy for the over 2,500 men who commit suicide each year.
  8. Yeah, definitely a long shot, and agree he might not have the tank for the wing, which is why I'd would just try him out high hf with some periods on the wing. We've been bemoaning our forward delivery and long bombs for so long and I understand we had back half turnovers to worry about too, but the backline feels safer now so would be keen to get some of Salem's short kicks going inside 50, particularly once we have Ben Brown in there leading hard.
  9. Managed to complete your day pretty early today mate. Kudos.
  10. Still got (albeit slim) hopes of seeing Salem used maybe high hf/sometimes wing, so keen to see how the backline goes today without him there.
  11. We can pretty much guarantee all these ovals everyone is listing have been investigated somewhat by the club already. There's not going to be an 'aha' moment for Pert and co while perusing Demonland. It's going to be either a redeveloped/rejigged Gosch's configuration or it will be Casey.
  12. Pretty hefty invite list, but no females. Take from that what you will. I'm aware it's a private function, and I have no problem with the function or it's location. Again, as I've pointed out now numerous times despite your attempts to move the goal posts (kittens carwash and Clementine Ford, really?), my problem is with the blatant inconsistency from our club president.
  13. FB: Neville Jetta, Steven May, Adam Tomlinson HB: Trent Rivers, Jake Lever, Jayden Hunt C: Ed Langdon, James Harmes, Tom McDonald HF: Nathan Jones, Oskar Baker, Alex Neal-Bullen FF: Charlie Spargo, Luke Jackson, Bayley Fritsch RR: Max Gawn, James Jordon, Christian Petracca INT: Aaron vandenBerg, Tom Sparrow, Jay Lockhart, Kade Chandler, Toby Bedford, Jake Bowey, Bailey Laurie, Harrison Petty Emergencies: Kysaiah Pickett, Fraser Rosman, Angus Brayshaw, Austin Bradtke AAMI Community Series | Dees name 26-man squad
  14. That may be tested later in the year pending footy results...
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