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  1. 2 ACL's might be the reason he was overlooked.
  2. Of course. If you have Max Gawn rucking for you, then you can beat Bontempelli, MacRae, Libba, Hunter, Dunkley, Smith etc, even if you are Sparrow, playing in your first few games, Jordon, who has not played one senior game, ANB, who is not a mid or sure ball handler, or AVB, playing your first game in ages. They were our mids at many of the stoppages today.
  3. I can play a bit of tennis but will never win a game against any of the top 100 players in the world. Why is that I wonder?
  4. Yes. An undermanned side, with nearly its whole midfield not playing, in addition to missing its two key forwards and best distributor of the ball, will never beat a near full strength Dogs side, which has one of the best midfields in the AFL.
  5. With Tom our only key forward, why is he never up there leading out to the ball carrier? Fritsch is one out against 3 every time.
  6. Not my favourite Demon, but played a great first half and making me eat my words.
  7. Hard to do well when your whole first choice midfield isn’t playing to give you first use of the footy.
  8. With no midfield. We are lucky they haven’t scored with their opportunities. On the other hand we have done fairly well with limited ones.
  9. Was speaking to Whispering Jack the last few weeks and he was suggesting we look at Kaine Baldwin a very good player before 2 ACL's curtailed him. I then looked him up and got quite excited and was quietly hoping we would take him with one of our free Rookie spots. He has just been listed by Essendon, which has several new key position players taken and traded recently. We will see, but I fear he will be a better prospect than Daw and Declase or Farmer and Smith.
  10. Minimising turnovers alone will win us more games and as a result make us a better side.
  11. I go back to when Saad left GC and I pushed hard to get him and we were uninterested. While not a perfect defender, his run off the back flank, especially with the new manning the Mark rule, makes him a very valuable player in setting up scoring opportunities.
  12. You missed my point, which was that the blokes we might move on, are all in their last contracted year, meaning no need to pay out their contracts. In other words it could be a salary cap disaster, if the blokes you didn’t want, are all on longer contracts. It wasn’t the number of players we might turn over, but rather that nearly all of them will be uncontracted at the end of the year.
  13. FWIW, I agree with you that those 3 are the only MUST keeps on the 21 column. Of the rookies JJ will be uplifted and possibly Chandler and Bradtke should be kept. You could have 8-10 changes from those 2 lists ending this year, which to me demonstrates great list management, with most players you want to retain still contracted beyond this year.
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