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  1. Might be hoping for a record turnout, later on when Covid more under control.
  2. You are correct. Date of Birth: 18 Hope that fixes it up.
  3. Was disappointed that Caro said we are banning our players from the media. Said on the same day Salem is on all the channels news and AFL tonight. Harmes was on the Sunday footy show and Max, Tracc and others have done plenty of media. Cheap shot I thought. Then again no flag in 57 years and media want 24 hour access to the team. Yeah sure.
  4. That is understandable. Players want to play and others have gone past him and he is declining. It also could be part of the ammunition for a Cerra trade. TBH even if Hibbo plays in the GF, he could be tapped on the shoulder. He will be 32 in January. VDB will be another I would guess. That is all part of keeping a list strong and also giving players late in their careers, their best chance of getting a contract and regular games somewhere.
  5. Agree he is doing a very good job, but if say Tomlinson is back and Weid leaves and a key forward goes down, Petty is the next one they would try.
  6. It's not ridiculous at all. He has played forward and looked good. Probably just as ridiculous as those who said Tom Mac can't play forward either, when he was a defender spraying the ball everywhere and then turned into an accurate forward. What is ridiculous is pigeon holing all footballers.
  7. I want to see Nathan in a car with his family, being driven around the G before a big game next year, with the Premiership Cup on his lap, inscribed 2021 Premiership, Melbourne Football Club.
  8. There is a bald bloke with a beard playing for us, who played 39 games in his first 5 years on the list and kicked 18 goals, while often played forward. Yes he had injuries, as did Weid. I am not comparing the two, only that sometimes careers turn around after poor starts. I would move Weid on if we had a better replacement, but we don't and we have no ruck back up either, after the current two. So unless there is a great deal to be done, that gets us a better player and a ruck backup as well, he stays another year.
  9. Weid has rucked in the VFL and got a fair bit of ball around the ground. Who do we have after Max and LJ to ruck? Not saying he is a ruckman but he can pinch hit there and after BB and Tom who are the next key forwards? IMO he stays unless we have someone to replace him with.
  10. Congrats Nathan and Jerri on adding to the Jones and MFC families. Wish you happiness and health for the whole family and a Premiership in 11 days.
  11. First I don’t think we will risk 2 just recently injured players and May just has to play. To me that means no Smith. Hunt of course was injured weeks ago but really should be fully fit and it wasn’t a hamstring. IMO Hunt is the only possible change barring a training mishap and it could only be for Hibbo, JJ or Sparrow. Sparrow seems on the inner now and Hibbo played well on Cameron, who may have been ill. So I think it’s an outside chance of Hunt for JJ or Hibbo, or more likely no change.
  12. I can’t believe I am saying this, but physically Smith is a better matched opponent to Naughton than May. Naughton is far more athletic than May. May is more suited to the Hawkins types. Maybe Petty will get Naughton. Anyway, that said, I don’t think Smith will play. I think the only possible in is Hunt and it could be an unlucky JJ if that happened.
  13. Tom Morris just said he will play. Weightman back too. We need a few Dogs injuries to good players.
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