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  1. I like this thread much better than the other one on the top four.
  2. Yes you tend to do a lot of lateral thinking. Maybe my pillows are too high at night and it affects the tilt of my head.
  3. Don't know if we would, but it now looks like Yze is gone. Apparently down to Mc Veigh, Kingsley and Yze for Giants.
  4. He can't resign or he loses his money. If they get Clarko he is gone and will have to be paid out. Probably gone now anyway, as they have backstabbed him. I would take him on as an Assistant Coach, at no salary, until his Bombers payment ends and then he could be paid by us for his role. We could perhaps pay some out of pocket expenses, to boost his salary a little, but he would be getting full Coaches' pay from the Bombers. How does that sound? He works for us and is paid by them. If Bombers don't like it, he could be listed by us as a Trainer.
  5. If we get Grundy, it will be part of a "deal". If we get Grundy to stand firm on Dees, or stay a Pie, then the deal swings our way. I would be happy to have Grundy, at around 2/3 of his reported salary, say $600-$650k, but no way would I give up a round one pick. So IMO, it's "deal or no deal" as they say on TV. They will deal, as they are after other players and now look like keeping De Goey. It's time we got on the right side of a Pies deal.
  6. I assume we both know we are being sarcastic.
  7. We should do that with players who might be leaving as well. Oh wait a minute.
  8. And in our game earlier, when Cripps played on outside the boundary, past the guy on the mark and then came into play and the umpire called play on. Love the inconsistency.
  9. Sounds like they wanted to have a go at Clarko and if he is already committed, then they are probably keeping Rutten.
  10. Sounds like Neil got it wrong.
  11. Not according to a lot of media. They are saying he is safe for now. Someone may have gone too early on this.
  12. This week's winner of "post of the week".
  13. Would love to know how many times we have then gone into our forward line from the contest. I would suggest it is a very low figure. Teams going end to end get easy goals and we simply don't because of this tactic. That is how Pies for example, beat Bombers in last minute.
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