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  1. Is our 3rd biggest goal kicker in last 2 years.
  2. Well he is 28 so if the body is ok you would get 3 years at least out of him. If he passed a medical, was not expensive and could be obtained cheaply, then yes I would have a serious look at him.
  3. Agree he is a very good player and they won’t let him go, if they can stop him.
  4. I don’t understand what you are saying. Are you saying should look at him or not?
  5. Unfortunately that is what many will say in a few years, as non champions are soon forgotten by fans of other clubs.
  6. Ross Lyon is close to Harley and he said on Footy Classified that he wouldn't get another contract from Melbourne and that he had problems away from footy to deal with. Given that statement Harley could be finished with AFL footy.
  7. Why are North pushing him out the door? Something must be wrong for them to actively get rid of a player who has kicked over 60 goals in each of 2017,18 & 19.
  8. I think that most people on here admire JV and the way he goes about his footy. The two criticisms of him most cite, are first, that he tries to barge through players, causing free kicks against him and turnovers, when he ultimately tries to get rid of the ball, while being tackled and second, that his disposal by hand and foot is not great. I agree with those two criticisms. If that then leads you to conclude that I and others who share the same view, have nfi when it comes to football intelligence, then right back at you, having nfi when it comes to football intelligence, and
  9. Good luck on your retirement Jack, you gave us a lot of joy in an ordinary side. He is a friendly approachable guy and was never up himself. Hope to see you at a Dees game in the future.
  10. Jye Caldwell? Don't know O'Halloran. Maybe both if they are better than what we have. Preuss is a valuable commodity now and there should be no fire sale.
  11. Will have to rookie an experienced ruckman if he goes, to allow LJ and Bradtke time to develop.
  12. ET stop posting here and get back to breaking trade news on the Trade Board. You are the man. You did say that Jack Watts has retired didn't you?
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