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  1. Gotta love a short retirement. Wonder if Lynden Dunn could reappear at the Hawks.
  2. I smell something slightly different here. I think they may have agreed to $300k per year, but as I posted earlier on before the trade, the real figure on the last 3 years could be well over $1m a year and maybe the Dogs weren’t aware of that. If they weren’t, they could suddenly be facing $700k-$900k a year for the last 3 years, even with the Pies contribution. Something has clearly gone wrong with the deal, or it has been improperly executed and/or misunderstood by a party or parties. It is great entertainment though for the viewers.
  3. Depends which club is their favourite.
  4. Simple solution. In law, where parties are not " ad Idem" or of" one mind", in other words where the terms of a contract are uncertain, it can where possible be set aside. Therefore the Trade is declared void and Treloar returns to the Pies. That threat, would bring a solution to the problem. Player Agents and the Players Association must be furious with the Pies.
  5. I am here already and have been sitting here talking to myself, with no one listening.
  6. Recently I might have as well, as lately I wouldn't.
  7. Don’t see him running for us. We already have a runner, who no one else wanted in trade week.
  8. Taylor could have an interesting draft this year, with some players being available at his picks, that he might be surprised at.
  9. Cats have beaten us and other clubs to an exciting young 202cm basketball talent Paul Tsapatolis. Fair month for the Cats, play in GF, get best forward in the competition and a couple of other players, sign the most chased young ruck prospect around and get a bucketload of extra cash from the State, to improve their massive home ground advantage stadium. It is easy to support some clubs.
  10. Yes, on another indigenous small forward, who becomes better than Cyril Rioli and plays 300 games for us, winning the Norm Smith 3 times and getting 5 flags with the Dees.
  11. Unless someone else gets in first, which I know is unlikely given his injuries.
  12. AFL has changed Draft Rules re points for matching bids this year only, which helps a few clubs, but guess which club will get no benefit?
  13. Actually, if he loses more weight as he is doing and gets his foot right, there is no reason he can’t play decent footy.
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