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  1. The Tribunal referenced other incidents in the JDG case. Yep change procedure again. Joke of a system.
  2. Got it thanks. Born in the wrong century.
  3. How do I get to the DL address and where is it.?
  4. My DL writing on iPhone has gone small. How do I get it back to what it was?
  5. You wonder how De Goey gets 3, for concussing his victim, putting him out of that game and the next and Kozzie gets 2 for no injury at all to his victim and he jumps up smiling and pats Kozzie on the bum. How is it only one more for De Goey in those circumstances? Surely it’s only 1 for Kozzie, or 4 at least for De Goey. No wonder the system is a farcical disaster.
  6. I wonder if these blokes are just shock jocks, or they think they are geniuses, who know more than everyone else. I don’t recall Thomas saying ANB was hard done by, for getting 4 weeks in a 17 game season, for a sling tackle that didn’t injure the victim.
  7. Grant Thomas says De Goey should get 1 week. Yep, say no more.
  8. Do you make charts or graphs for a living? I couldn't do it and wouldn't have the patience either. Well done.
  9. What's happening in December, besides Xmas? Is he dressing up as Santa?
  10. Just BTW, Schache kicked 4 and rucked as Bell went off injured fairly early for Casey. At 10cms taller than Smith and a good kick, maybe he is worth another game in the F50.
  11. Thanks didn’t realise they did VFL replays.
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