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  1. Wonderful! Suppose Petty goes back, JVR comes in, BBB out and we try Fullarton or Verrall forward and ruck chop out.
  2. Or we just played a poor game where our effort was down .
  3. He is a better player than Billings for starters.
  4. Petty won’t be dropped and may be needed down back. I thought he did ok in the ruck, actually hitting the ball to our mids, which I didn’t see Max doing.
  5. It is easy to suggest solutions, such as go and get every good player possible that we need, but of course that is not realistic. Obviously our list guys know our deficiencies and are doing their best to remedy them. I don’t think however there is a rule that says no fans stating the facts about our situation, which can imply criticism, unless a solution is also provided.
  6. I could give you my thoughts, but I am neither one of the knowledgeable list managers, nor one of the well paid officials tasked with the management of our list. I don’t say that as a criticism of them, but that they are in the position to fix the problem, not me, I just quoted a disappointing statistic, which possibly can’t be fixed within this season. Short term we need to fix our entries to F50, our goal kicking accuracy and our forward positioning for entries, to allow for more scoring. Our forward pressure also must lift. Long term we need to find a top key forward and hope that Jeffo can also make it. PS: interestingly and mid season draftee for the Eagles also outscored both our key forwards combined and had more possies than both of them combined. Maybe there is another out there.
  7. 2 Key Forwards of each side: Eagles 8.1 & 30 possies. Dees: 1.2 & 8 possies.
  8. Because he has poor disposal and we have too much of that already.
  9. If it is, it will be a miraculous get by JT. But seriously, learning the craft, getting plenty of game time, gaining confidence at a lower level and continuing to develop physically is what Kyah needs, to give him his best chance at making it in the AFL.
  10. I think that’s about right, but wouldn’t be surprised if it’s more. Pretty ordinary act.
  11. Don’t celebrate too soon. They have plenty of good young players including 2 good young bigs in Conway and Neale and unlimited farms to entice even more good players.
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