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  1. Looking at their ins and outs, that is not a given. Lobb is a big loss, as is Mundy and Acres had his best season in 2022 as did Logue. Tucker was used in 14 games also. It will be very interesting to see how they go in 2023.
  2. Maybe Saints wanted to see him training. He will probably be added as supplemental player.
  3. The great comment from JT was that we don’t expect the draftees to play early, but rather to just develop their games. That is just so different to the old Melbourne, where we would say that hopefully draftees would play some games next year.
  4. Couldn’t agree more. Draft badly and win the flag and suddenly the bad draft was a brilliant one. Evaluating a draft is just ridiculous and even Shifter Sheahan says every player drafted is great and a potential star. Really?
  5. I detect a good sense of humour in his mum. See the Bistro sign on the kitchen window.
  6. Yes and that still leaves 36 goals in 6 games which is also impressive.
  7. Is he our Brayden George compo? An inside mid kicking 60 goals in 7 games is pretty impressive.
  8. No, we won’t use our last 2 picks because we only have one rookie spot after tonight. Keeping Hibbo and Melk limited our picks this year, but probably makes things easier next draft season.
  9. No reason to expect that. Pick 37 is like 2 new players for each club. You are not saying the 2nd new kid for each club, each year, will never make it, are you. Max was a pick in the 30’s and Tom Mac 54 and James MacDonald was a rookie as was Flash and the list goes on and on.
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