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  1. Also one of my targets, Jordan Clark of the Cats, looks headed home to the Dockers. Pity! I think he would have made a good winger for us.
  2. The [censored] who stuffed the May hands on the mark, paid htb against Sparrow who had kicked it away and a deliberate when it was hand balled to a Demon as well as the no htb on Blicavs which cost the lions the game. He is hopeless. Will probably get the GF.
  3. Where is the Weid that starred against the Cats in the first final in 2018. He has the ability, what has gone wrong. Unlike most of you, I refuse to write him off, now.
  4. My question is why has Weid gone so far backwards. Is it lost confidence, poor delivery, lack of leading or all three? Even when he gets his hands on the ball he drops it. He has played himself out of the side atm.
  5. They wouldn’t go near him off today’s game.
  6. And there it is. 65% efficiency is pathetic as is our lack of pressure. Fix that or we lose, end of story.
  7. Not at all. Probably the view of fans of all the other clubs in the AFL.
  8. Isn’t Nicholls retired? Haven’t seen him all year.
  9. I agree with that. The club is in turmoil and landing a big fish Coach, who declared he wanted stability, could stop the Board challenges and pacify the members. I posted that Clarkson has to be the primary target and he said what you would expect him to say. However, Mitchell is there wanting the senior job, with the Hawks desperate to keep him and Clarkson has one year left and a President who would happily let him go and then install Mitchell in the job. Why would Buckley go mid year, unless they were worried they would miss their target, if they waited? That to me excludes
  10. They did get a big forward in Spalding several years ago and he played well for them.
  11. Sounds like a late father/son pick if we want him. ( Meaning he won’t cost us a lot in terms of draft pick. )
  12. Don’t know much about him but worth a look. Is he not getting a run in Swans side? How has he played when he got in? One spot we can use is wing.
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