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  1. Scott will play the keepings off game & hope we just don't start bombing it in hope
  2. 1 goal for a prelim final was it raining? Mfc just don't have good history in prelims
  3. People forget what tiger supporters were saying about Hardwick at the end of 2016...... Part of footy and only more so with social media and supporter forums like this
  4. Get ready for " doesn't represent how we want to play" Dribble, dribble, dribble
  5. 2 x GF in 56 years and a combined lost of 150 pts After 2000 we failed to play finals the following year then making finals ever second year After 88 we hung around finals until 91 and continued to drop games against weaker opponents thus just making finals After 94 prelim we didn't play finals following year After 2018 prelim no finals Follow the pattern??? Just can't maintain the intensity and find a way to fall off the cliff!
  6. Very respectful of that era & one could only wish current members & supporters could witness those flags..our last premiership Captain just turned 85.....
  7. 2021 just gets better for the MFC.......the curse continues
  8. Im convinced...followed the club for 50 years we are cursed, jinxed
  9. Scully yet another early draft pick no longer playing.... how many top 10 picks Scully, Trengove, Watts, toumpas, Morton.....train wreck of our clubs recruiting & development/culture
  10. MFC members/supporters just know from our crap history of recruiting so called stars how it always ends in tears!
  11. Chocco Williams, Yze, Burgess, no more excuses full stop!
  12. The strategy of Casey whilst not current board decision is baffling when you consider they want a home base near the mcg....
  13. One of many players of the 18 clubs who get delisted every year.....We should respect the fact pulled on the jumper & represented the MFC...enough said
  14. Cats can have another 30+ yo
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