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  1. Watching other top 4 teams put away bottom sides vs us struggling go figure
  2. Older supporters like myself who have seen brief final appearances and seen them climb the mountain so far but fall off the cliff....This is essentially the same group that blew it last year in Cairns debacle cost them finals and yes absolutely secure a top 4 spot this year and will give them credit but even more so winning the flag!
  3. If this group of players fall over the last 5 rounds and miss a top 4 chance and bow out of the finals, it will reinforce that nothing has changed at this club and another kick in the guts for their supporters
  4. Don't need 2004 to remind them, just look back to 2020 Cairns 2 game debacle and last round 2017 vs Pies which both cost them playing finals!
  5. This is a loss and hope the coach & players see it this way! Such a usual MFC result hey beat a top 4 side and lose to lower teams down the bottom! The fragility & mental toughness is still in question with this team as missed opportunity as we have history in 17 & 20 missing finals and even a top 4 spot in 18, lets hope it dosent cost them a top 4 spot or hosting a home final!
  6. Our structure was poor with no tall forwards to contest as Tom Mac was marking up the ground and kicking to Frisch with 2-3 defenders, were was Gawn or Jackson??? how do you expect Pickett or Spargo to crumb???.... Tom Mac needed to be in the forward line full stop, the mids need a rocket also! Im Panicking as too much history off getting burnt!
  7. The next 7 games will confirm either way! What the competition has shown that all teams in the top 8 have had flat periods with heavy loses inc today WC 90points, perhaps this is our period and saving grace is our biggest loss is 17 points so our defence is in good shape. Though as MFC supporters we have trust issues!
  8. We think we have problems.....Wc with thier gun fwds & mids lose by 90 points, my question is how do the swans find a way vs what we are serving up??
  9. Needs a tall Fwd who can create a contest and feed of the ball coming to ground, thats were he's at his best, oops we have 2 talls sitting in the VFL!!!
  10. Dont rate Brown as one trick pony and understand fitness via the VFL but Bremerton said once that playing in the reserves/vfl is not always the answer for certain players.
  11. We have lost to teams below us and yes GWS are not a poor side as lots off talent, but my concern is what will the stronger clubs do to us as they will simply look at these games we have lost.....
  12. Lets hope the normal script of falling of the cliff isn't follow & hate to say but many supporters/members will be thinking the same and our record against teams below us both present/past seasons have been crap we have 7 games left with 3 interstate Port, WC, GC and that horrible place Geelong and play Dogs, Hawks & Crows. All of a sudden question marks are starting to pop up???
  13. Dont rate Brown or Weids but want kick many winning scores with our current set up let alone finals, need to role the dice with at least one of them. Kossie is a great talent but needs to be dropped to find form Mids were beaten badly, 15 less clearances, 5 less centre clearances,10 less stoppage clearances and hit outs less 3...
  14. Have tried all games to book with my membership and can never find tickets available without having to pay extra to the point I chose kids tickets and the games I attended there were empty seats and crowd capacity no we’re near the reduced COVID capacity! Please explain
  15. Need a power forward as can’t rely on our hybrids an smaller forwards to kick a winning score in finals, though they did miss plenty of shots but time to try B Brown for what we got into the side
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