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  1. Yze needs to be the next MFC Coach and a succession plan for him to take over in 2025 after Goodwin 8th season
  2. Great talent … loose cannon & can only imagine him with May, culture destroying!
  3. Though disappointing & missed opportunity for our team this year the cats bombed out of finals for a decade whilst adjusting their list and were successful without falling off the cliff, the test for our team what they do over the next few seasons
  4. Cats played 1 less game than us in 2021 & an older list yet we had 7 second half fade-outs???
  5. Spot on we won a flag with BB who’s a lead up fwd & Tmac defender come fwd and was badly missed, need to find one who can take a contested mark as T mac injury is unknown
  6. We’re does Selwyn Griffiths and his fitness/conditioning coaches come into play after taking over from Burgess, surely the professionalism in this area would be to have a measured program to account for having played in a GF and longer season, though the cats played one less game than us and age demographic much older. If it’s been a balls up by them they need to move on!
  7. That’s the thing we we’re not fit & our 2nd half fade-outs derailed our season, the question is, is this at the feet of Selwyn Griffiths or method by the players?
  8. Let’s hope the review highlights why they lost 7 games in the same way, in particular the 2nd half fade-outs… Trak said they trained hard yet their fade-outs suggest either fitness or method
  9. Fair call , maybe taking the good times for granted transferred over to other parts, interested to see if they release any findings of their review in what caused thx fade-outs in 7 games they list the same way after leading at 1/2 time
  10. My apologies posted incorrectly
  11. Agree, unfortunately with covid & lockdowns December mcg celebrations just seemed to carry on on too long & sportsman’s nights players were doing.. ultimately the review will highlight & there’s a real concern on our fitness was it their program by Griffiths or player behaviour?
  12. Listening to Trac on 360 seemed as though the players may have taken their season for granted??
  13. Cripps said loyalty is important & stayed at Carlton and loves playing with his mates vs Jackson motivation???
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