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  1. Goody was there at the start but sneezed and he walked off oddly.
  2. This was my take on it. There wouldn’t have been a ‘story’ if we had the normal one week off before the GF. Unfortunately the media will need to find stories to cover for the extra time.
  3. It was meant to be taken as to hell and then back there (to hell).
  4. Don’t mind the honesty, at least he didn’t use the poo excuse like his coach did.
  5. Here’s a sneak peak. I feel for those that can’t make it, especially the old timers.
  6. @Bobby McKenzie, any luck getting tickets?
  7. Hi mate, just saw your message. I am chasing one but it’s not for a Demons supporter (although they’ll support us on the day). So definitely give it to a Melbourne supporter/member if you can.
  8. Isn’t that illegal? I thought the most you could ask for was 10% more than the value. Absolute scum.
  9. Does anyone have any barcodes still available? Asking for a mate so if there’s other Demon’s supporters still looking please help them out first.
  10. I got my tickets. I’m going to the Granny!! Yewwwwwwwwwwwwww!! Section 141 for any other Demonlander’s attending.
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