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  1. Not great if they both say they’re off to Freo.
  2. Artisan bench-top installer. Make of it what you will.
  3. Thank you LH, I hope you’ve been well. Firstly, I never joke. Secondly, Mel returned to the open house with a granite bench top supplier who had a tape measure and quote booklet. The plot, as they say, thickens.
  4. Mel and Steve watch: Mel and Steve have been spotted looking through an open house in Malvern. According to the anonymous source, Steve loved the double garage but Mel wasn’t keen on the copper bench tops in the kitchen (lemon is the key to cleaning them Mel). Make of this what you will.
  5. Pretty sure he’s going to stay after he gets this picture I drew him and also the 50 cent sealer I put in with it.
  6. Can confirm his Gran has put an offer in on a house in Cranbourne East. Make of this what you will.
  7. If it’s just a year or two contract, he may help us push for a three-peat in 2023.
  8. Hearing whispers Walker‘s Grandma has been spotted shopping for real estate in Melbourne. What.This.Space
  9. All those years ago. And was Josh Kennedy a gun then? If that’s the closest and most recent example, I suppose that goes to proving my point.
  10. Do you have photographic evidence of this? I’ve never heard of one being spotted in the wild.
  11. When was the last time a gun player was traded to a club for another gun player? Andrew Brayshaw extended his contract less than a year ago until the end of 2025, he isn’t going anywhere and I won’t be drawn into the hypothetical of “but what happens if he asks to go to Melbourne?” I will donate an eyeball to science if Andrew Brayshaw is involved in the trade of Luke Jackson (not that I think LJ is going anywhere. Your anxiety over the issue doesn’t mean he is leaving..)
  12. Mel and Steve have purchased a mansion in Toorak and LJ has a new set of diamond grillz. Make of this what you will…
  13. Any updates on this juicy goss LN?
  14. Uncanny. I was just about to create a thread asking if Ben Brown was shrinking.
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