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  1. “Thicket” is also slang for the pubic hair which grows around a males crotch region.
  2. Wear it as a badge of honour! Didn’t even realise the draft was on tonight. Not long ago it was one of those things I wouldn’t have missed. Welcome Jeff.
  3. It definitely use to be the case Dazzler.
  4. I just got it, is it too late to submit my answer?
  5. Yup exactly this. Was told by a current players parents that we were “pretty badly beaten up” by the time the finals had come around.
  6. 1994 called… they want their poster back.
  7. The rules slightly changed on this if I remember correctly. If delisted, they can’t automatically be picked back up by us as rookies. They have to go through the rookie draft.
  8. I’m guessing his parents couldn’t settle on Greg or Bryan.
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