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  1. I think it’s a coaching issue rather than a Jack Viney issue. We rarely have anyone near the outside of a pack waiting to receive the ball. Our mids are all see ball get ball.
  2. Geelong bound isn’t he? If not and if Jones doesn’t play on, why not? We don’t have many ‘mature’ steady hands.
  3. We're not in a position to take an injury riddled forward who has shown very little, we need a proven full-forward.
  4. A true hindsight hero is Olisik. Nice find DD.
  5. Who should we pick up in this years draft mate, who’s going to be the best?
  6. Jackson and Rivers are but Pickett isn’t.
  7. I’ve been told we’ll hear something official very very soon, some time within the next few weeks. Stay tuned. #ETthetradewhisperer.
  8. I broke that news last week. I believe the media reported on it just today.
  9. I read somewhere (apologies can’t remember where) that he was dropped following the Carlton game because he was suppose to tag Cripps the entire game. Instead he went against the coaches orders and stopped tagging him.
  10. I almost want Oliver to get traded purely to see your reaction Picket 😆
  11. That sounds like a walk in the park to be honest.
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