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  1. Yes and we’ll also take Yeo. Please and thanks.
  2. No idea, and won’t speculate. But we’re truly gutless and pathetic. It’s not just the losses to West Coast, Fremantle and Collingwood, it’s the way we performed (or lack thereof) and conducted ourselves in those games that make me think something isn’t right. What that is, I don’t know. Even Petracca’s pre-bounce “bro-style” handshake and pat on the back of Maynard was disgusting. It was easier to watch our losses in the Neald-era for mine; our list was full of C-graders and we landed talent. That’s not an excuse in these instances, ergo, something is wrong.
  3. Something is up. Something is not right.
  4. This post received a number of vomit and facepalm emoji’s. KDA isn’t wrong. Get your heads out of the clouds.
  5. I stand by my initial “blah blah” comment. Unfortunately, I’m a realist, not an MFC happy-clapper who feels all warm and fuzzy inside whenever I read a puff piece editorial.
  6. Don’t worry about the performance though: Goody spoke to the media during the week, exclaiming, “enough is enough!” That’s good enough for me.
  7. We’re a mess. Our defence has gone from one of the best, to one of the worst.
  8. Ahhh Sidebottom.. go on another bender and run around the streets naked, weirdo.
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