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  1. I think he made some good points and agree with most of what he said.
  2. Scratch match: purpose is to condition the players bodies to the intensity of things to come. People gotta chill.
  3. I’m so worried about it that I no longer am.
  4. Wowsers… it’s a scratch match. Richmond giving away their game plan, we are not. Relax.
  5. Back when I had nerve damage, I use to get the nerves burned and frozen off. They’d grow back eventually but worked for a while. Just burn the nerves man, burn the nerves.
  6. WTF is even going on here? Gil: Ok, AFLX.. how are we going to promote this? intern: First, we need two dudes in women’s bathers from the 1950’s but with the chest area cut out. And then, we get one of the dudes to stand on the head of the other guy and get him to squat down.
  7. I liken her to crypto and other “pump and dump” scams. People are dumb, they’ll follow and want to be a part of anything that is hyped up enough. Regardless of whether or not that thing has any actual substance.
  8. If the option was to go to a Taylor Swift concert or cut off a finger, I’m losing a finger.
  9. I cringe at those types of clips. But I do understand people’s frustrations with our media department.
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