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  1. From someone who screwed their body in their mid-20’s and has to live with it, he’s absolutely making the best decision. Nothing is worse than struggling for the rest of your life over a few years of a certain type of (basically thankless) work when you’re older. Great decision that you won’t regret, thanks KK for pulling in the Dee’s jumper.
  2. Darren ‘Flighty’ Burgess is what I’m hearing.
  3. I’m hearing at this stage that Petracca is ‘flighty’.
  4. If you post a rumour and it’s doesn’t come into fruition, take it on the chin and move on. The Flighty LJ one was just extra funny that’s all.
  5. Jones gave that nickname to Jackson because he thought he looked like a King Cavalier dog.
  6. He’s done well to receive another contract and should be happy with himself. Hard work pays off.
  7. Luke ‘flighty’ Jackson Bahaha. Did lol.
  8. That all sounds a bit flighty to me.. who’s your source?
  9. #ETdoesitagain. No ‘flightiness’ in this lad, nice work LJ.
  10. Cue the usual suspects claiming inside knowledge that Collingwood are indeed hunting Petracca.
  11. The Port-a-loo we’re getting at Gosch’s isn’t coming cheap.
  12. Thanks Oscar, hope you can continue your career elsewhere.
  13. 100% this. I was down at EFFC last week and spoke with someone who has stayed in contact with LJ. He’s apparently very happy at the club and has no intention of returning home. People like to stir the pot and create false rumours to make themselves feel important.
  14. Last I heard was they were looking at 18 minute quarters. Dangerfield was advocating for it.
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