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  1. Are there white Demonland caps? If so, just saw a young fella wearing one down Beaufort St, Mt Lawley. If not, must have been the 2021 Premiers cap.
  2. Surprised how many couldn’t pick Grinter. Although he could be mistaken for Jimeoin.
  3. Are we talking about the same super-talented 21 year old Izak Rankine? Who has really flourished playing for the Gold Coast who started their career there, maybe Miller? Can’t believe people would pass on him if the opportunity came up.
  4. If certain pills were passed around at half-time… most likely performance enhancing. Either way, I midfield will be number 1.
  5. I wouldn’t include the ‘06 Eagles midfield/team. Not because they weren’t great but because of the ‘assistance’ that was being passed around.
  6. They look good. I especially like the ones with the individual players. I wonder if Petracca would advertise these on his Instagram? I imagine due to his sponsorship deals he may not be able to but would be great to see a player wearing one.
  7. Been there too, I have to agree, they’re definitely well polished.
  8. Is there a booby trap that goes off if you lift it, Indiana Jones style? You just need something of even weight to replace it with.
  9. I’m waiting until round 5 to renew. Sick of the false hope.
  10. I just received my premiership laser disc.
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