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  1. No pressure on the kid but I think depending on how we use Jackson, he could be the key. #Bigcall #Pressuremakesdiamonds
  2. I read your first two lines and felt sick. I thought he was out.
  3. Ahhhh nice one, there was some discussion the other day that it wasn’t going to be on 7+. Just didn’t want anyone missing out!
  4. I’m not sure if you were counting on watching the game tomorrow on 7plus but I believe it isn’t showing on that service.
  5. How absolutely uncouth and disgusting. Yes, yes I will be. Tickets to the event can be found online.
  6. I’ll be heading to work to do a desk-pop.
  7. I think if our players stick to their role and the game plan we won’t have a problem in containing any of the Bulldogs players. If we move away from the game plan and go the old “see ball, get ball”, McCrae will kill us on the outside.
  8. I had a really vivid dream last night about the Grand Final. The scores were 146 - 42 in the third quarter, Richmond were thumping us. I didn’t see how it ended because I left early. Apologies that I can’t report on the end result but my mate texted me and said Gary Ayres won the Norm Smith.
  9. Good work Sam. No need to rush his development or make him feel under pressure now that we have Ben Brown. It’s a smart move.
  10. That’s a six-peat. I’ll take that.
  11. Stevic….. it’s the Dogs GF to lose.
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