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  1. Our interstate record is impeccable of late. Let’s hope it stays that way.
  2. Essendon running to get Clarkson like
  3. I don't know that May has the agility to go with Curnow. I thought Petty was superb on him. May has to find an extra gear before finals, because his form has been mediocre at best since Melksham punched him.
  4. That means you are dropping Spargo for him, which seems highly unlikely at round 22. Or you take out Sparrow, but then you are down a big bodied mid in the rotation, which is also unlikely to happen. I think Hunt showed on the weekend why his pace is so important down back, so he stays. For mine the only spot under consideration down back is Rivers, but frankly, Rivers has the body to compete one on one much better than Bowey does. He's 19 and has a long career ahead of him. I think he should train as a winger/forward in the off season and push for that role next season.
  5. GWS and St Kilda both have something to prove and will want to finish the season off well, especially the Saints after last week. Swans are in red hot form, but Saints might not get blown out of the water, and we might have another big win against the Lions. To suggest we are not finishing top 4 a week before the final 8 is settled, is frankly, just posting garbage for the sake of posting garbage.
  6. For a guy who has supposedly already signed a deal with Freo, he seems pretty invested. Was braving the wet at Casey to watch the VFL boys play, has been posting pics of the win on his Insta... I don't know, something doesn't add up. He could possibly have just 2 games left with the MFC, but he isn't acting like someone who has already checked out.
  7. Yep I am not a massive fan of Gus as an inside mid, because he racks them up but he isn't damaging. He is far more damaging as half back, but I understand that we have a plethora of players who can slot into that role
  8. The saddest part about the ongoing racial vilification we keep seeing, is that it has already caused us to lose some absolute stars and it will continue to rob us of wonderful indigenous (and Sudanese and Muslim and so on and so forth) players. They deserve better and so does the game of AFL. These guys are some of the best players to watch, yet small minded people want to keep making it harder and harder for them to front up and play the game they love. I hope Kosi feels plenty of love and support internally and that we keep the good from outweighing the bad, as I am sure these things hurt him deeply.
  9. He’s a terrible umpire and seems to have it in for us. So here’s hoping.
  10. Brain power is not the strong suit of racists in my experience.
  11. Humanity is at an all time low. Instead of making progress we’ve gone backwards.
  12. Suck it Collingwood. You average team. Luck has run out. Thank god.
  13. I’m embarrassed that we’ve lost to Collingwood twice. Sydney are proving that they’re a bloody ordinary side who have had a lot of luck.
  14. I literally think we are a better chance to beat Swans away than to win a final at the MCG, where we’ve been horrible for all of the second half of the year. Conversely we haven’t lost an interstate game yet.
  15. Wow umpiring at this level is just as bad. Good to see.
  16. Great goal Smith. I would seriously consider bringing him to play as a “tall” forward. He could cause some chaos, which is bad in the backline but could be good up forward.
  17. I know I’m probably very behind, but is that Jake Spencer rucking?
  18. He is an odd unit. Very active on the Instagram reposting Melbourne stuff too. Has he checked out? Or is he genuinely just vague?
  19. Carlton fans sooking about umpiring is interesting. On pure numbers maybe, but they got 3 freebies in front of goal. They lost the game because they [censored] their pants with a minute to go.
  20. We will make no changes. Fortune favours the brave. We took a punt on Bowey last year and it paid off. Can’t see us having the ball to take a punt on JVR.
  21. We came back from 40 points down in Geelong. Completely different. We had no right to win it and we did. This year we have lost 6 games while 4 goals or more up. That is the difference. We lost our energy and killer instinct. We are just going.
  22. You mean kicking it on top of a forward’s head who is triple teamed is not kicking to advantage? Well I’ll be damned.
  23. Wish we could say the same about May. Hasn’t been the same since.
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