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  1. I wonder where Oliver is. Hopefully he is fit.
  2. Ruckman are always a risk. Rarely do they go early in the draft (Jackson and NicNat are exceptions), and you can get a good one at pick 30, or pick 103. Nobody at 18 at 200cm and 9kgs soaking wet is going to show much more than some baby giraffe like athleticism. You gotta keep taking punts on these guys and see how they turn out. Low risk but high reward type stuff. We have had decades of being blessed with really phenomenal ruckman from Stynes all the way to Gawn and now Grundy. That doesn't mean we have to have another one in the ranks, as many teams have won flags with ordinary ruckman. It's just about how you play it.
  3. The haircuts on these kids are truly mortifying. What’s happened to humanity?
  4. These infants make me feel so old. He looks 12.
  5. Daisy is an absolute star. What she has done for women’s footy will go down in history.
  6. Well done girls. Beautifully played. Absolutely hard at it and determined. So proud of these ladies. Back to back for the mighty Dees!
  7. It looked like the ball hit the ground first on the replay. At the end of the day she needed to pass it to a free teammate in the square. It was poor awareness and great play for Brisbane. They are a fantastic team.
  8. Seems illogical given the massive shortage of quality umpires. Are you going to make umpires cover more games per week, or are we just going to add more rookie umpires to be crucified out there?
  9. Does that mean the season will start a week earlier? When does the fixture get released? It used to be October. I assume this garbage has delayed it.
  10. Excited to open my package today. It arrived yesterday but I’ve been overseas on a business trip. Have they sent the scarves this year too so we no longer need to pick them up at the G?
  11. Worth every cent. One of the greatest talents to ever pull on the red and blue.
  12. Probably will if he goes back to the old strategy of kick no scores.
  13. You are not wrong. I apologize for forgetting him. He was spectacular in that third quarter.
  14. Correct. That third quarter was won because of 4 players. Trac, Clarry, Viney and Fritta. The first three went beast mode and the last nailed the goals. We would have won that game even without Jackson, but we don't win it without the above 4. They were the real heroes.
  15. I think we want to hold onto next year's draft currency given it's meant to be a very good draft, and there are a few KPFs coming out of contract that we might want to lure. A strong hand next year gives us lots of options
  16. St Kilda suck. They’ve even made it hard for Ratten to get another job now because they left his sacking so late. Garbage club. They deserve Ross Lyon.
  17. You are also one of the OG's I signed up in 2005 to this particular platform as one of the 'test' users when Demonland migrated over, but I was on the old platform too, which I think you were as well? Hard to believe how much time has gone by. At least we finally got that flag! (But I am still a jaded biatch )
  18. I just sometimes can’t believe how f’ing long I’ve been posting here. I was in high school… now I am… the proud owner of back pain and mortgages.
  19. In other words: we just woke up yesterday and went "god we are just not good", and decided someone had to get sacked.
  20. A really lovely thank you note from Sam. Apart from Jackson's one liner and Bedford who hasn't posted at all, I thought the rest of the guys who have left said some very heartfelt things that really speak to their character. I am still very disappointed in how the whole Jackson thing ended. I know he is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but considering he is the only one who left from our premiership side, you'd expect a lot more gratitude. Anyway, it's done now and we move on.
  21. Still the most effortless and naturally talented player I have ever witnessed at Melbourne. Absolute freak the stuff he did. I wonder what his career would be like if he joined 2022 Melbourne.
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