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  1. It was a good move to target him. I think he is their best extractor and accumulator. Everyone talks about Libba, but McRae is far more damaging, and also far more susceptible for physical attention, whereas Libba will just give it back. I
  2. Got mine on 26/9 and it still says awaiting fulfillment 😭
  3. It will presumably be our home game so no issues with getting the members in. Secondly Friday night might not be family friendly but it’s cash friendly. It brings loads of dollars and sponsor money. Thirdly I have stopped giving a crap about the opposition’s feelings when I realized they don’t care about ours. We will play the Dogs twice in the season anyway. Why not in round 1? The MFCSS is back… “oh but they’ll be motivated. We will lose. Let’s play an easy opponent”. How about our boys will be hella motivated to back up? How about it’s good to start the year with a really big challenge to set off the season right? We are goddamn premiers!
  4. I think he meant to say would likely have ONLY vaccinated crowds.
  5. The club has frozen all membership prices for 2022.
  6. Anyone knows what the go is with Oliver? He’s generally in shoulder surgery post season. Anyone with inside info on whether he’s having it done again this year?
  7. I just don’t understand how a health care professional who studied science and medicine can refuse to get vaccinated. You don’t deserve to look after people’s health if you don’t understand or believe in science. All of my friends who are in healthcare are literally waiting to be given the green light to get their booster shots. That’s how committed most healthcare workers are to protecting themselves and their patients. And so they should be!
  8. Special. Does special things in the air and on the ground. Just special.
  9. I watched the prelim last night. Geelong weren’t even bad. They just could not run and are so reliant on their older players. Literally their handful of younger players were absolutely putrid. Also their game plan doesn’t hold up in finals, but it’s the only game plan they can execute with the age and lack of speed on their list. They would die after 10 minutes playing manic two way running defense like we do.
  10. Zero chance the AFL is bending over backwards for 2 teams. WCE and Freo can come hub in Victoria or WA needs to open their borders / allow AFL exemptions. The AFL can't afford another season ruined by Covid.
  11. And thank god for that because the quality available was absolute rock bottom. Cerra and Dawson very good pick ups. The rest is just a lot of shuffling of deck chairs.
  12. What magical house costs that little in Melbourne? 🤣
  13. Must be in for a big payday. Property in Melbourne is a complete joke at the moment. Can't buy a toilet for less than half a million. Great news though!
  14. Wingard is the definition of a downhill skier. Skilled but soft as butter and lazy. The worst player to have in a young team trying to set standards. No wonder GWS wants him. Another selfish highly skilled player to add to the “me first” club.
  15. I put Trade Radio on and then immediately turned it off. I decided that supporters of premiership winning teams don't need to subject themselves to this level of peasantry
  16. Are these two weeks always this boring, or am I just never going to care about anything except flags anymore?
  17. We will get to 90% fully vaccinated in the 12+ population by the end of the year in Victoria. We are almost at 90% for 16+, and the 12-15 year olds are getting vaccinated faster than any other age group, and they are working on approval for Pfizer for 5 year olds and over. I assume that games will continue to be ticketed to an extent. If you have a membership you'll need to link it to your vax certificate to get into the ground. If you don't, you'll need to provide it when buying a ticket online or at the gate. There is no chance that we will continue to pause the state for 10% of people who are too stupid and selfish. Let them get sick and let them die of Covid. It is unfair to our incredible health care workers, but life has to go on for the sake of everyone's mental, financial and emotional health. Our case numbers are insanely high, but actually our hospitalisation numbers are well down on last year, where at our peak we had less than half the case numbers. Vaccines work, and they will enable us all to move on to a better future. I just hope that the absolute morons who think it is "their body their choice", don't come crying when their bodies are too sick to make the choice of breathing independently.
  18. I agree. However he finished second for goals in the competition this year if you include finals. Not bad for a medium forward. He’s definitely the best medium forward in the competition. But he is not a top 20 player. I would have him at around the 40 mark.
  19. Tex Walker shouldn’t even still be on AFL list.
  20. Essendon don’t have the defense to go all the way IMO. GWS have all the talent in the world. Something is not right with that club tho.
  21. Sydney are my dark horse. GWS would have been to but no Toby for 5 rounds will hurt them.
  22. Really? Hope they enjoyed getting thrashed in a game that meant something. God I despise that club. Hope they struggle for the rest of eternity.
  23. I would love to read the match day and post game threads from this game. I imagine I wasn’t very nice 😂
  24. My husband just said to me “maybe we should watch the grand final again”. God I married well.
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