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  1. The Maynard hit took away the career that Gus loved and richly deserved, and for many of us, it took away the love that we had for the game.
  2. What a brilliant heart and soul player Gus has been for us. Putting aside the impact this will have on the team on field, off field his presence will be irreplaceable. I don't think I will ever get over the Maynard incident. It still burns in my stomach, and my interest in football has not been the same since. I hope there is a special place waiting in hell for him. Washing Gus all the very best. He has a bright and long future ahead and he deserves to live out his life with a healthy body and mind. Thank you for always putting our club first. It's time you put your health first now.
  3. Supporters finding any and every reason to complain, dump their own issues on the club, and panic at everything. You are right, it really is business as usual.
  4. He’s already my new favourite Demon
  5. Great news and a big congrats to the Gawns. Would be greatly appreciated if George and Louis could both work on their forward craft ASAP
  6. I agree, and yet, we kick straight and we don't lose Gus out of the midfield rotation in the first five minutes, and we win that game. Pies came out hard, but losing Gus absolutely stuffed us through the middle. Clarry was hampered by a knee, and without Gus we were essentially a rotation down for the entire game in the most important part of the ground.
  7. Such wonderful news after such a tragic time for Brad and his kids. And the world is a better place with another Demon supporter in it!
  8. A sight for sore eyes! Can't wait to cheer on Gus in round 1!
  9. It is a 5 minute walk from my retired Dad's house. He has also confirmed that he will be turning his attention to full time stalking of training once we move in. In the meantime he will provide me with building progress updates. I know a lot of Melbourne supporters who live in and around Caulfield. It is a very good location that will service a massive chunk of our supporter base.
  10. It is the only way to keep your stars without wrecking your salary cap It is definitely a risk worth taking. Even if they sit out one year of an 8 year contract, the savings made by giving these guys long term deals is still enormous and allows you to pay other important players.
  11. Similar story for me; except it was 1999 and it was Robbo, Ooze and Woey
  12. I think I spotted Chandler in one of the clips the club posted today. Good to see him back on board!
  13. We need to move on from being near the MCG. We can continue to stomp our feet and demand a home base near the G for another 40 years, or we can get on with it and finally get a homebase in Caulfield.
  14. Sorry, are you annoyed about the sub situation from the semi finals? I couldn’t tell. It’s the first time you’ve ever mentioned it.
  15. Does anyone know why Chandler hasn't been to training yet? Or why Salem is in rehab again? Paging @WalkingCivilWar and @Dannyz with the good juice
  16. Sparrow is a totally different player to JJ. He is much more dynamic, much more damaging with his ball use, and has a good burst of speed. JJ lacks those things, which made him surplus to our needs. Accumulating possessions in our midfield is not a valued skill when you have the likes of Clarry and Viney getting 30+ touches a week every week. I wish JJ the absolute best at Sydney. He is a lovely, hard working kid and I totally get why he left.
  17. Fitness has never been an issue for Clarry. His hamstring aside, which we all now know took 3 months to heal thanks to another non related issue, he has been the model of physical resilience. No idea why anyone would question that now. He’s missed many early pre season sessions with off season surgeries, and never missed a beat in the season proper. He has had a minor knee procedure so was obviously limited to what he could do in terms of endurance training during the off season. I have no doubt he will be back to his peak fitness soon.
  18. This. Stop making it out like they’re friends or that Maynard is anything but a dirty thug.
  19. Gus is obviously in a "no contact" group, which is totally fair. Why risk him getting even the smallest head knock in December? Very good news that he is there and running. Nobody planning on retiring would volunteer to do a time trial in 29 degrees. Right? What is the deal with Salem? Hopefully no more thyroid issues and just precaution.
  20. Remember when champion data ranked our midfield bottom 4 at the start of the 2021 season? Good times were had by all 🙄😂
  21. I hate him too. But when you want a stupid smug face his always nails the vibe
  22. And people think he won't nominate under F/S. Laughable! We can change this thread to "Welcome to Demonland Kalani White"
  23. So basically post the Christmas break, which is pretty good. Shouldn't impact his season. Yes he had a minor knee operation Langdon is one of the fittest guys in the team. He is also someone who very much values and needs his time away from footy. Mental recovery is just as important for this guys as physical recovery.
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