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  1. Any doctors around who can give us a timeline for an infected blister?
  2. Old age. Happens to the best of us. I think they are managing his calf. He pulled up sore against Freo so they rested him against Carlton. I don't expect to see him much between rounds 20 and 23 when we play Richmond, North in Tassie, Carlton and Hawks. I suggest they'll give him a decent chunk of time off before finals to get himself cherry ripe.
  3. If you have friends who are Pies fans, you should find better friends 😂
  4. Maybe he’s doing extra stuff indoors to pass the fitness test?
  5. I will say this, if I see Pies fans sitting in our reserved seat area I will get them kicked out. It’s happened before and they were drunk and aggressive. I don’t pay hundreds of dollars a year to sit with filth!
  6. My husband’s favorite thing about me going every week, is that for 24 hours post game I lose my voice and so I’m silent. He calls it the “post match bliss” 🙄😂
  7. The man who said Gawn had no right to be sad about a potentially career ending ACL, is definitely the man to listen to on all matters.
  8. He also said we are not in his top 4 contenders this week…. Instead he put in Freo The man is a walking yo-yo
  9. Brilliant and well deserved. He’s going to be a special player.
  10. They all played ANZAC eve, but I agree. This is probably the biggest home and away match of 2023 given where both teams are at.
  11. I hope we request this from the AFL next season. It is beyond a joke that we've been screwed two years running, and I have no idea how the AFLPA has allowed this.
  12. Harmes deserved his week. Sparrow was borderline, but many other players have copped a week for similar tackles (unless they play for Carlton). The Hunter suspension was a downright joke.
  13. West Coast got on top of the Pies doing one thing very very well, dominating clearances. They were +10 for clearances at the end of the game and beat Pies in contested possessions. If we can be +10 for clearances on KB and win the contested possessions, and USE THE BALL EFFECTIVELY going forward, we will win.
  14. Not much different to if Trac or Clarry are injured in September. It's exactly the same for all teams. Pies bat very deep in their midfield, but like every side, if they lose their best players they struggle. Brisbane lose Neale or Port lose Butters or Rozee and that could be difference between them winning a flag or not. Likewise without Bont, Dogs are barely a top 8 side.
  15. Maybe they’re playing him at Casey to see how the knee pulls up to determine how much load he can take?
  16. I’m excited to see Clarry dominate. He’d be so mad he missed two games when they could have easily cut off his leg and he would have been fine 😂
  17. This is a wide open season. Much like last year and 2021. We were absolutely not seen as a serious contender halfway thru the season in 2021. Demonland was full of dreamers and non believers. Round 13 onwards is when things start to crystallize.
  18. He who stays fittest wins. A fit Melbourne wins the 2022 flag. A fit Melbourne could win the 2023 flag.
  19. Smith was playing a decoy role. All he needs to do is keep Moore away from the contest as much as possible to stop him from intercepting the ball. Being that he spent many seasons in defense, I would hope he could do that to some degree. While he didn’t impact the scoreboard, Weitering also didn’t have a dominant game so it was a win.
  20. Well in terms of how he’s been kicking them, it was low percentage and he had Chin free in the square. As I said I have no issues with him going for it because he needed it for his confidence. He’s been so off with his goal kicking these last 3 weeks. I also have no issues with Kosi going for those low percentage pocket kicks either. You just don’t want players doing it if they have a teammate standing alone in the goal square.
  21. Me too, BUT Fritta needed that goal. His goal kicking has gone off the rails and it has to be mental now. Kicking that low percentage one was good for his confidence and he was better all around after that shot went in.
  22. Again results have gone our way this week with Dogs and Adelaide losing. I think if we beat the Saints we will go a long way to securing a top 4 spot. Dogs and Saints have a very easy run home, but if we can get big wins against North and Hawks again we can ensure they can’t catch us on percentage. If you finish top 4 anything can happen. Finish 4th and we most likely play Pies in week one at the G. Finish 3rd and we probably end up in an away final in Brisbane or Adelaide. Finish 2nd, and we are laughing.
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