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  1. Of all the "expert" predictions prior to the commencement of the 2019 season he was the only one who didn't have us playing Finals. Just sayin'.
  2. How on earth did I miss that? I'd also have Garry Baker comfortably ahead of Kelvin Templeton as the best from Footscray.
  3. My bad on Wilson. Forgot he came via North. He replaces Icke and is replaced by Kelvin Templeton. Phil Read is a great get.
  4. With all the forum speculation on who we should pick up from other clubs I thought I'd trawl my memory (and AFL Tables) for the best from each. Broken up into pre and post 2000. Only criteria is that they must have played senior footy before coming to the Dees. Andrew Leoncelli and Brett Lovett don't qualify. Adelaide - Anthony Ingerson (121 games), Bernie Vince (100 games). Crows are by far the most fertile breeding ground. Brisbane - Nick Carter (3), Joel MacDonald (44). Very limited for choice! Carlton - Philip Pinnell (28), Jeff Garlett (78). Collingwood - Peter Moore
  5. We'll just have to agree to disagree Dr. I actually rate Phillips and Thomas did finish last in the Grand Final sprint. Surely that closes the argument in my favour!
  6. This is absolutely rumour only but my Geelong contact reckons they have been in constant dialogue with Alex Rance for several months. Shaun Grigg is the conduit. Rance is currently living in Portarlington and keen to have another crack in the AFL. Could be complete BS as the text I saw claims interest in Isaac Smith is only a smokescreen...
  7. Hey Skuit, Hang in there. It is a great idea, pity the Benny Hill wannabe's got hold of it. In a futile attempt to get the thread back on track this is what I've heard. Some has been posted elsewhere. Ben Brown has been disenchanted at North for quite a while and is fed up with constant criticism from the powerbroker who wore #11. He has wanted out from very early this season. Collingwood were sniffing around Jeremy Cameron and were prepared to offload Treloar if they thought Cameron was a chance. Clayton Oliver will be at Melbourne in 2021.
  8. Apparently North are keen to chat to Voss about the top job so you'd think that would be his first port of call (apologies for the Port pun, blame lockdown fatigue).
  9. This is a great opportunity to revamp the competition but the AFL won't budge from 18 teams because of the TV money. My personal preference would be a 16 team competition with two divisions of eight. Play everyone in your own division twice and those in the other division once for a 22 game season. I'd even go as far as promotion/relegation. As for the two to go, logic dictates Suns and Giants. Of course there is the distinct possibility that when Western Australia secede President McGowan builds the border wall leaving West Coast and Freo to play in their own separate competit
  10. Agree. Hasn't been able to get out of second gear for weeks.
  11. Geelong finished 10 points and 27% ahead of them in a shortened season and had an extra two days rest coming into this game. Eddie's mob coming back from Perth after a taxing win. The result isn't a surprise, the ease of the win is.
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