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  1. Dunkley won't be there next year for this very reason.
  2. I heard the same from a very good source this morning Dazzle. Positive that Dusty won't be at Punt Rd. next year. Mail is usually on the money, I suppose we just have to wait and see.
  3. Wright for Melksham - if we go back to playing two talls, Merrett for Sparrow, Parish for Jordon. Take Draper for ruck depth. Who are your five at North QD?
  4. Whether Rutten can coach or not doesn't in any way excuse their behaviour this week. People management clearly not a top priority at the Bombers. They happily threw Mark Neeld under the bus in the middle of 2018 to protect their own. I hope they continue to rot for a long time.
  5. Bingo! Xavier Campbell needs to go too. Perhaps they should appoint Malthouse. He obviously rates the list or he wouldn't have tipped them to win the flag this year.
  6. Yep. Neale is the only one I'd want if I was a Brisbane fan. Maybe Marcus Adams if they're looking at someone from left field? Just a guess though, I really know SFA about his leadership qualities.
  7. Farewelling retiring players is something footy clubs do so well these days. Great scenes at the MCG and Adelaide Oval last night for two people who thoroughly deserved to be sent off in style. I didn't appreciate until this week just how serious Michael Hurley's injury was and Robbie Gray is right up there with favourite non MFC players.
  8. After we beat Carlton last year the bloke sitting next to us was belting out the theme song. We all looked at each other in amazement at how good his voice was. It was David Hobson.
  9. Poita, you're a brave man to question the Grammar Guru. Foolish, but brave. I like that.
  10. No risk any more PF. Still be two weeks.
  11. I'm expecting Freo to make a late change and bring in Terry Alderman. He will be impossible to keep out on that wing.
  12. If Clarrie doesn't win this I hope Touk Miller does. He is an absolute gun and I love that he has stayed fat with Gold Coast.
  13. Fyfe hamstring! They did beat us here without him so probably shouldn't get too excited.
  14. It would be nice for us if Essendon could get up in the clash of Evil v More Evil (doesn't matter which is which, they're interchangeable). I have a sneaky feeling they will do it.
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